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A-double-L-partism and proposed a covenant to the auditory, to meet me at the throne of grace, for a limited period of time; which the gentlemen observing General Stewart to arise, followed his example, as a sign of their compliance with the proposal; which I observed they were bound by the principles of honour and veracity to keep...,

Whilst I was preaching, I pointed out the duty of rulers, as stewards for God and guardians to the people; that vice might be suppressed; and virtue encouraged : Whilst speaking also, I perceived the chair on which I stood on the writing table, to move twice or thrice, the cause of which I could not then ascertain; but sat down to prevent my falling: After meeting a young German having observed a Baptist preacher to put his foot on my chair twice or thrice, apparently with a design to tilt me over and set the house in a laughter, (who was an A-double-L-part man) went and shook his fist in his face, intimating that (if he had him out of doors) he would pay him for his insult to the stranger.

The A-double-L-part man being a member of the Legis. lature, complained of the young man to the House for having insulted him: The House ordered the young man to prison, and the next day to trial; as no member might be insulted whilst sitting in the House: The young man pleaded that the member was not sitting at the time and so was acquitted: This cost him about 30 dollars, and the State about 600; as the trial lasted two days: It was a few days after this, that I received a recommendation, as a preacher of the gospel to the world of mankind, signed by the Governor, Secretary, and twenty-eight members of the Legislature with the great seal of the


Bishop Asbury's appointments being given out, and it being uncertain, whether he would attend; Stith Mead, who was presiding elder of the district, thougbt proper to send me on his own appointments, to St. Mary's Quarter meeting; whilst he intended taking the Bishop's plan.

25th, The high waters retarded; but to prevent disappointing the people, in my circuitous rout I made the greatest speed. and a gentleman traveller, supposing

(from my speed) that I was some murderer, clapped spurs to bis horse and pursued me to a meeting, where God's power was manifested among us.

26. I held a two days meeting at Union meetinghouse; where there was some quickening; but the A-double-L-part people were in this part also raking my character.

Hence to Kenootchy creek; and so to Tabor's creek; and Captain Mitchell (in whose house I held meeting) so interrupted, that we removed into the street: then he ordered me down from the stage; so we retired to a neighbouring plantation : but he took his horse and pis, tols; and interrupted us here also: Oh! the sin of drunkenness, which leads to murder.

My evening appointment was not given out, near the Goose-ponds, and I found it almost impossible to get a place to lodge.

Decenaber 3d, I crossed the Altamaha, and met brother Isaac Cooke; who came missionary from Conference here; the most dismal marshy part I ever was in; I found he had good success; though he was not without his enemies; but God for his indefatigable labours gave him upwards of a hundred inembers this year; and he had two meeting-houses erected, for the connexion.

A clear conscience, is like a clear sky without a cloud; Oh! may I never live to be useless : I remember Doctor Johnson said, “ thou hast an ulceror defect **s in thy liver, with which thou wast born into the " world; and if thou livest high or intemperate, or « bringest slight condemnation or burthen on thy mind, " or dost not labour hard, &c. &c. the nature of thy dis“ order is such thou wilt be in danger of being suddenly

cut off; but if thou art prudent, &c. thou mayest live 6 as long as most others, unless some contagious disorder « shall lay hold on thee:” the propriety of these remarks, I am convinced of from experience.

We took our departure from Savannah, where we parted; and I spent a few days. The curse of God seems to rest about here since the days in which they treated John Wesley ill, and confiscated the property of George Whitfield, which was appropriated to religious and char. itable purposeg.

Hence to Tuckissaking where old father Boston liv. ed, who received me as I left Savannah the first time I came to Georgia. Last night as Brother Cooke was preaching, a black woman was struck under conviction, with the power of God: Her body was cold as a corpse, and laid aside sixteen hours as in a sweet sleep or state of insensibility; and no symptoms of life except a regular pulse: Some thought that she never would come to: however she revived, praising God. I spoke; and we had a refreshing time in the woods.

I sent an appointment to Lanear's ferry on the Ogeechee river: on my arrival I found a stage erected in the woods; and a vast concourse of people; few of whom had ever seen me before.

As I began meeting, I perceived a man uneasy ; he got up and sat down, and up and down again, and walked round; which denoted some unusual uneasiness in his mind.

After meeting I set off for my evening's appointment: several were going the same way: I abruptly spoke to one, “are you not sorry you came to meeting ? (not recollecting him to be the above man:) He replied, " Yes, and I believe it would have been better for me si to have stayed at home and my horse eating grass :" I understand said he you can tell fortunes : and if you can tell what is to come, you can tell what is past : tell me, did I ever kill any body? if I did I'll confess it before the people !

Thus he twice or thrice strove to make nie answer the question : it made a solemn impression on my mind; 80 that I did not speak: but looking him in the face as we rode a distance; viewing it necessary to be guarded in my conduct as the company were strangers to me; I inquired his name as we parted at the forks of the road : however it made such an impression on my mind, that I could not but relate it to the congregation in Springfield Court house : after meeting, the gentleman where I lodged informed me that this Squire H was supposed to be concerned in a murder, with a man who was under sentence of death: it appears from the best accounts I could collect that this H was an A-double-L-part man, and believed, once in grace and always in grace;

which brought me to reflection, (from the horrible circumstance,).what dangerous sentiments, these are; not only in a religious point of view; to lull people to sleep; but also in a civil and political respect : for if one falls into public scandal and retaining an idea of being secured unchangeably in the favor of God, he cannot be under the influence of the principles of honour; nor yet the idea of future reward and punishment; and of course hath nothing to restrain him ; wherefore he is a dangerous citizen and subject : D This is the truth and it cannot be confuted.

I left my horse and cloak ; expecting they would be sent to me; and with difficulty I reached the town of Augusta ; where the Conference was beginning to sit.

Here I met Dr. Coke ; who replied, “ how do you do, “ Brother Dow? I am glad to see you ; your warning

to the people of Dublin, had like to have proved too 66 true.”

Here Stith Mead brought me the parchment of recommendation from the Governor, &c. and I gave him a testimonial of my sincerity and attachment to the Methodist body, and my approbation of the general tenor of their conduct, &c. Here I was talked over in Conference; and after some conversation the Dr. observed, that I had done the Methodist Societies no injury that he knew of; but in sundry instances to the reverse.

Bishop Asbury directed the Preachers to publish for me to preach in the meeting-house during the sitting of Conference; which was done, and I gave my farewel to the people: and also my thoughts, on different religious subjects ; (which were published under the title of, The Chain of Lorenzo, by the request of his friends, as his farewell to Georgia) as a present to the meeting-house which was in debt.

The cause of this publication originated from the false reports, and dust which the A-double-L-part people had raised against me: but my friends advised me to it, that the unprejudiced might judge for themselves, where the truth lay, and so tbus the cloven foot be, drawn out, and cut clear off: that when God had killed the old stock, there should be none to carry the news, and thus A-double-L-partinm be driven from the land; which

concern had drawn me from Ireland, that precious souls might escape as from the snare of the forler. ;iss

I sold my watch for printing some religious hand-bills, Rules for holy living ; which I distributed around the town: and got some also printed on silk for the higher elass (lest paper would be too much neglected:) one of which I had framed, and the Dr. tied it up for me in paper and superscribed it for his Excellency the Governor, which I left with an attorney to deliver; as I delivered one of my silk bills. Thus I left the Conference who had agreed not to hedge up my way) with weeping eyes and aching heart; and took my departure to South-Carolina: With difficulty I crossed Savannah river; and a man who crossed with me, took me behind him on his horse; and carried me over several runs of water: I got assistance to where my horse was ; having several good times and the A-double-L-part people looked sour. A fresh had been in the river, so I could not get my cloak; neither had I a second shirt at this time: But my trust is in God, who hath helped hitberto.

On my way to Charleston I spoke in an old Methodist meeting house; and at Cossahatchee : here was Mr C. Once an itinerant sensible preacher, but now cold in religion: Mr. B. heard me also; but has quitted the Methodists, and preaches A-double-L-part.

Monday January 9th, 1804. I rode 52 miles, and arrived at Charleston late in the evening; and put up with W. Turpin Esq. who received me when I first was in this place; and procured me picked meetings at his house : I find Mr. Hamet has gone to a world of spirits, to answer for the deeds done in the body: As it respects his division it appears his motives were impure, arising from a desire of popularity; in consequence of which there was a breach of confidence by him as respected the incorporation of the house : awful to relate, it appears he died drunk. ::

I spoke in his house called Trinity Church; also is the Methodist meeting house: Here I saw Dr. Coke; who informed me, that he saw a recommendation for me at the house of Brother John Harpur signed by some of the members of the Legislature and the Governor of the State; which has not yet fallen into my hands ;

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