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- 3 Sept. 3. Tabernacle

yal Oaks, Amherst -21---25 Brown's Chapel, Campbell Sept. 28 Oct. 1 Chesnut Chapel, Franklyn * 1805. Mar. 29. April 2 Oarleys Chapel, Bedford


1036 538 "In this great and glorious work, it may be observed, that at the close of two months, I numbered six hundred converted, and five hundred and twenty added to the church: and in the six months, and that principally at the meetings, the number converted amounted to eleven hundred and seventy-six, and eight hundred and fifty joined the Methodist episcopal church. With the preachers in the five circuits, Bedford, Bottetourt, Amherst, Cumberland and Franklin, each having one or more camp meetings, hundreds are brought to God, and into his militant church; and other denominations have shared largely the fruits of our labours, * « In this work it may be remarked, that I have baptized near one hundred adult believers from ten to twenty at a time; and after giving them the choice of the mode, there has not been one instance wherein they have chosen immersion; and the blessing of God has visibly attended the ordinance by effusion; and there are but a few who have joined, but what professed saving religion previous to their joining. Persecution has raged in proportion to the revival; but hitherto the Lord has helped us and we can say with the apostle, 2 Cor. vi. 6. By honour and dishonour, by evil report and good report, as deceivers and yet true : as unknown and yet well known : as dying and behold we live : as chastened and not killed: as sorrorful yet always rejoicing : as poor yet making many rich ; as having nothing yet possessing all things.


Extract of a Letter from WILLIAM HEATE to Eze- ;


LA Lynchburg, July 25th, 1804. € TO you, I suppose, it will be a matter of joy, to hear of the prosperity of Zion in these parts of the Lord's vineyard.

“ The camp-meetings, which have been usual, in the south and west for some years, never began with us till last spring.

“On the 23d of March, a camp-meeting was held by L. D.* in junction with a number of other preachers and ministers; at which fifty souls professed to find peace with God; from this the work of God spread in almost every direction, for many were awakened at this meeting, who afterwards found the pearl of great price. At the several meetings which were held at Flat-creek meet." ing-house, by the 16th of April twenty-four souls professed converting grace; and the work has continued more rapid at that place ever since: forty have joined the church there; and sixteen in the neighbourhood above that have professed conversion and planted a society among us. In the town and vicinity, from the beginning of the work in April until now, from six to twelve and sixteen, at a meeting, have professed to find the pearl of great price; so that from a class of twenty members, we have now one hundred and sixty. Bless the Lord, O my soul! and let all the people magnify his holy name!

“On the 5th of May, a meeting was appointed at a place fifteen miles above us, called the Tabernacle, to be held three days; but the work was so great, that it continued five days, day and night, with very little intermission : in which time one hundred were thought to obtain true conversion. From the 12th to the 15th of May, at a place called New-hope, five miles from town, we had another meeting, which continued also day and night, at which, there were about one hundred professed to get converted; and many are daily added to our numbers. From the 17th to the 22nd of May, meeting again, at Tabernacle meeting-house, at which place, the people encamped on the ground, and continued preaching, praying, and other godly exercises, night and day, for the five days, in which time, one hundred and fifty were thought to be savingly converted: and one hundred and forty joined the methodist church at that time and place. From the 8th to the 12th of June, another camp-meeting was held at Charity Chapel, Powatán, at. which one hundred souls were thought to obtain saving

Lorenzo Down

conversion, and sixty jvined the methodist church. From the 20th to the 24th of this month, we had a campmeeting in Bedford, at Lestwich's' meeting-house, at which one hundred and ten came forward, and gave testimony of their faith, that God had converted their souls. Very many are the prayer, class, and preaching meetings, not mentioned here, at which the Lord pours out his spirit in a wonderful manner. Considering the low ebb of religion among us, before the revival began, I can truly say, that I never saw or read of greater times : true, the times mentioned by brother Cox, in his letter to bishop Coke, in 1787, were great; but I was in the whole of that revival, as well as this, and it is my opinion, that this revival far exceeds that.

56. The glorious work is spreading in various directions, and extensively. It is chiefly among the Methodists; though our Presbyterian brethren are very friendly, and labour mightily with and among us. Indeed my brother, we hope, and at times are almost led to believe, that the glorious millenium is ushering on! Proclaim at your pleasure the contents of this, or any part.

I amin the best of bonds,
.. “ Thine, &c.

“WILLIAM HEATH.” I was unwell the latter part of this meeting, from an unusual incident, but after the meeting broke up, I rode in a walk thirty miles, and lay down upon a table with a blanket and pillow, and spoke to several hundreds in the open air at night: I had been necessiated to alight several times, and rest laying upon the ground in the course of the day. . .

28. I rode in great misery eleven miles and spoke to handreds, an hour by sun in the morning. Thence to Franklin court-house at twelve o'clock, and some were offended, but good I trust was done. In the evening I spoke twelve miles off; but was grieved with the fam ily: could not eat with them, but next morning quitted them betimes, and went to Henry court-house; spoke to about fifteen hundred people; and stayed with General Martin at night, where we had a good time

- 30th. I started this morning an hour before day, and rode thirty miles to Pittsylvania court-house. Here were several of my spiritual children, amongst whom was Polly Callaway; wbom I once had pointed at whilst preaching, the prst time sbe ever saw me, and God struck her under conviction; she ran away thirty miles to a camp-meeting where God get her soul at liberty; and almost the whole of her father's family have been brougbt to God; and her brother is become an itinerant preacher. Cne soul was set at Jiberty to-day, some mocked and caused interruption, but good was done during the three meetings.

It is eight years this morning since I parted with my parents, on the errand in which I am now engaged : 1 still feel, “ noc is me if I preach not the gospel." Hitherto I have been preserved (through the providence of God, by land and sea, through storms and afflictions, with the temptations of friends and foes; but the Lord hath kept me, glory to his holy name!

31st. I held meeting sun half-hour high, and then rode eighteen miles to Wilson's meeting-house; these were tender times-eight miles bence I spoke at night.

Sunday, April 1st. I spoke at Rockingham court. house, N. Carolina, to fifteen or sixteen hundred peo ple, who appeared in general solemn and well behared, considering the inconvenience of standing in the freezing air and falling spow, more than two hours. I rode twelve miles and spoke at night.

2nd. I spoke in Danville to about two thousand : this was the seat of Satan's kingdom, yet I believe II shall one day see good times in this quarter. Some children were brought forward, for me to pray for them, instead of offering them up in baptism, which I had ney. er seen before.

3d. I rode thirty miles to Halifax, Virginia, where I spoke to about two thousand, and in general good at. : tention. A family of A-double-L-part people without my knowledge or consent, appointed me a meeting, and (to excuse the matter,) said they would pilot me a road live miles, shorter to my next day's meeting, To pre... yent disappointing the people I complied, but on my ars rval before I entered the house, I inquired whether I

"might feel at home whilst I stayed ? they replied, “yes." I then observed, that I had come forty miles, and would de glad of a cup of tea or coffee, as I could not take food without them. They took their dinner, and prepared *aot mine, until it was time to begin meeting; but as I would suffer nothing to clash with my appointments, and finding the people talkative, I got on a table by the porch out of doors, in the dark unseen; and with & stamp, as if I would have stove the table through, and clapping my hands at the same instant with all my might, I cried with exertion, “ Hush," which caused & solema silence amongst the people, and then began meeting; having told the family if my food was ready, I would take it when I had done.

When I had finished, I found it not ready and cold; and being so weary I was unable to sit up, and retired to rest, observing, I must be off betimes in the morning, and they must accommodate my breakfast accordingly, which however was not ready until I had got on my horse, neither did they procure me a pilot; thus I went tiventy-three miles to Charlotte court-house, got some breakfast, and spoke.

The above family after I was gone, told lies about me, and one of their preachers appeared friendly to my face, but acted like them behind my back; saying, that I said, '“ Jesus Christ was a liar, &c." Next year when I came this way again, this family had made another appointment for me, but as it happened, before the son who had come to meeting, delivered his invitation, I prayed to God to have mercy on those who had told lies about me, which caused shame to prevent him from doo ing his errand: 80 they had to look to the disappointment themselves..

April 5th. A Presbytery was sitting at Prince Edi ward, and many lawyers were here; (it being Court time,) I spoke to about three thousand people, (standing upon the stocks or pillory,) on the subject of predestination and deism, shewing the one to be the foundation of the other. The Court adjourned whilst I spoke. I added, "a man present bath some books, which contain "the essence of what I spoke, if any of you should desire si to procure then." A minister (observing the atten

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