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vahere, I believe, the Lord will give me to see good days, in that weary, disturbed, distressed land: Lord! increase my faith, to put my confidence in Thee, and feel more resigned to Thy will and disposal, that when I come to die, I may be able to lay my hand upon my heart and say, “I have spent my time as I would try if I were to do again."

Many think that ministers have no trials. I am confident this is a mistake; there is no life more trying, yet none on earth more happy, as Nancy Douglas said, " it is not the thing itself that is the trial, but the impression it hath on the mind;" for some have great disappointments and yet but little trials, whilst others with less misfortunes break their hearts with grief: therefore what a fine thing is faith in the order of God, and submission to His disposal, who can and will overrule all our unavoidable trials for our spiritual and eternal good; but, alas! where shall the wicked and careless find strength and repose from danger in the time of trouble? Lord! how dismal is the thought to have no God to test upon, seeing cursed is he that trusteth in the arm of flesh.

16th. My horse was brought to me; rode twenty miles, to Watson's meeting-house, where I spoke to a listening multitude: the bench on which I stood, suddenly let me down out of sight of the people; recovering dexterously, I observed it was a loud call to sinners to be in readiness, lest they should sink lower than the grave. My pilot being of an airy turn, I said, as something is to be given for something, and as you have come to favour me, I will pay thee, and pointing to him, directed my discourse from Solomon's irony, and concluded from Rev. xvi. 15.

Sunday 17th. Spoke in Danville in the open air, and then at Allen Waddel's. : 18th. Was awakened by a singular dream, (about one o'clock) that I had disappointed the people through my neglect, and as my sleep departed, I roused the family,got some refreshment, and took my departure : overtaking: some people on the road, who were going to the meeting, was informed of the distance being nine miles beyond my expectation, which otherwise I should have

disappointed the people, the road also being intricate.I spoke to hundreds, and also the next day at Halifax coúrt-house, where some A-double-L-part people got angry, and attempted to kick up a dust. Hence to Charlotte and Prince Edward, where I spoke, and arrived at papa Hobson's, in Cumberland county late in the evening on the 22d.

23d. Some people say that I am grown Jazy since my marriage, as once I had no rest time in this country, but now could rest a day.

Sunday 24th, I met about three thousand at the Bold-spring Meeting-house. I addressed them from the death in the pot, and Paul's going to revisit his brethren. The night following my mind was much deprest, (unaccountable for on natural principles) so that my sleep departed, and I was convinced that some storm was gathering, though I could not tell from what quarter it would originate, and the trials come. Next day I exchanged a Spanish breeding mare for a travelling one; then we proceeded two hundred miles to the city of Washington, where a gentleman offered me gratis a spot of ground in a central place for a meeting-house..

My mare being taken lane from an old infirmity, I took the stage to Fredericksburg, being unwilling to disappoint the people. S. M departing for the north.

Being denied passage in the stage, I left my cloak and walked thirty-four miles to prevent future disappointments. On this journey I experienced a great contrast; on the one side friendship and favour, and on the other contempt and ridicule, without any particular provocation but the foresight of satan, who in the invisible syorld could discover the movements of providence, and view the danger of his kingdom; which reminds me of the scripture which saith, the devil is come down in great wrarb, knowing that his time will be short.

Wednesday, March 6th. Saw one whom the Lord gave me as a spiritual daughter, in Richmond; and after visiting some others in Manchester, proceeded to Petersburg, where I received a letter from J. Lee, that my appointment was countermanded, and I must not at.

tend it, he assigning as the reasons, 1st, he did not like my appointing meetings of such magnitude; 2nd. the season of the year being too early, and 3dly, it was too soon after conference: but I could not in conscience falsify my engagement, seeing I was within a few miles of the ground. This meeting was appointed some time before the alteration of the time of the Conference.

Friday, March 8th. Laroson Dunnington fell in with me, and carried me in his chair to Stoney-Creek meeting-house, where the Camp-meeting was appointed, and I found two preaching stands erected, a number of wooden cabips, tents, covered waggons, carriages, &c. The meeting lasted four days, in which time the Lord gave us extraordinary fine weather; and although the preachers did not arrive from conference, several local ones joined with me heart and hand in the work; about five thousand people attended, and about thirty souls were hopefully converted to God; sinners were alarmed, backsliders reclaimed,christiansquickened, and good was done in the name of the Lord : and notwithstanding that the weather at this season is generally inclement, and was so now until we arrived on the ground, when the sun beamed forth the warmth of his influential rays; and so the weather continued until about three hours after the meeting broke, which caused some to say, I will tell J. Lee that God is able to send fine weather in the fore-part of March, as in April : These before bad been prejudiced against me. The wicked observed the weather suitable to our convenience so extraordinary, that they said, it was in answer to prayer. The trustees requested me to occupy the meeting-house, but I refused, Jest I should give offence, considering the countermand, but desired the local preachers to occupy it within, and I would officiate without, so the cause might not be wounded: hence the Lord raised me up friends to aid me on through my appointments to papa Hobson's in Cumberland.

Friday 15th. I went in their carriage, and spoke on a funeral occasion.

16th. We went to another vicinity, where, standing on the carriage box, I addressed a large congregation

from Solomon's irony, in which I shewed the contrast of a gentleman and fool deist, with an address to the magistrates and candidates: here I parted with my friends, and rode to squire Evans's, who hath three daughters and a son, whom the Lord gave me at à Camp-meeting, after I had begged them of their father, greatly to the mortification of the daughters, who with inward reluctance, attended to prevent their father's displeasure. I perceiving uncommon tranquility and felicity in this family, desired the father to tell me holy it was that his children were so respectful, he replied, 5 when they are little stubs of things, I take the switch and let them know that they must submit, so I have but little difficulty with them when growing up."

Sunday 17th. I spoke to about two thousand, near Hendrick's new store, and then proceeded around the country, near one hundred miles : spoke at Amelia court-house, and Chinkapin church, where the congre. gation was a third larger than I had ever seen there before. It being court time, the auditory at Petersville church was not so large as it otherwise would have been, however, what few there were, were solemn and tender; amongst whom were some of the twenty-five men who had, in vain, combined to flog me at the Camp-meeting. I spoke at Columbia and Fluviana; also at NewCanton, where I found some given me in the Lord. Bidding farewell to my friends bereabout, I started for the west, on Tuesday.

26th. In company with Brother Mead, but having returned my borrowed horse, I was on foot when a young gentleman, who, having finished his studies at Philadelphia, was on his way home, dismounted, and constrained me to ride; thus we three spelled each other alternately. When I came to Lynchburg, I found the brick meeting-house was in a fair way, and engaged 30). worth of books more for its aid : had a good time, and went to New-London.

Friday 29th. Camp-ineeting began at Ebenezer; the inclemency of the weather retarded many; however, we continued the meeting, and God sent off, in some degree, the clouds which threatened us : being invited to a local preacher's tent, I at first hesitated,

till they agreed to give me their daughter to give to my master, which greatly mortified the young woman, and prepared the way for conversion : I found two young men and another young woman in the tent, with whom I conversed about their souls; the young woman was turbulent; I told her that Old Sam would pay her a visit, which reminded her of my description of a character some months before, pointing to her and saying, “ you young woman, with the green bow on your bonnet, I mean." Here conviction ran to her heart; her shrieks became piercing, and the three others also, which gathered the christians around to wrestle with God in prayer, and he set their souls at liberty : prejadice had been conceived in the minds of some, which was removed by my relating in pubiic the particulars of my marriage. I bought me a new horse for 451. and continued my journey.

Sunday April 7th. I feel unwell, having travelled in the rain near an hundred miles expeditiously, to get on to this chain of appointments, which began this day in Abington: Here I spoke to hundreds at 11 o'clock in the sun : at 3 at Crawford's Meeting-house, thence five miles: spoke by candle-light.

3th. Arose at two, proceeded to Royal-oak, and spoke at 8: the day before, a man was buried moving from Powhatan to Kentucky : I could but pity his disdisconsolate widow, who requested me to speak something over her husband : Oh! how uncertain is life!! I proceeded to Wyth, and spoke in the Court-house : my horse was taken lame, so that I was constrained to leave him and borrow another, and proceeded to my evening appointment, which was to begin at 9: being appointed about thirteen months: This day I had travel Jed seventy miles, and spoke three times. I was disappointed of near one hundred dollars which were to have been sent to me.

9th. Spoke at Montgomery court-house, to a large auditory; and in Saleni at night; having travelled fiftyfive miles, and good I think was done.

10th. Left my borrowed horse with a friend to be returned, and my lame one to be disposed of: but my directions being not followed was a great detriment to

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