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T HE first fifteen years of my life were as lost, not

I being devoted to God; though more sober and steady than most at that age; which was remarked by many. · When in my sixteenth year, I becaine acquainted with the comforts of religion, which hath kept me out of many a hurtful snare. About eighteen I commenced my itinerant career; which is more than eighteen years since. Various are the scenes through which I have been preserved since, by land and water--in those dif ferent climes where my lot hath been cast-arising from the different custom, interests, and the prejudice of education. There is a family likeness, so there may be a family tenper--and likewise a family cducation. Hence the various MODES give rise to various prejudices and those that predominate will infest and taint whole societies or neighbourhoods, over whose influence they controul.

Little minds are capable of little things and hence to see an exaltation, is apt to produce a jealousy-which when admitted begets envy: and friendship and respect degenerates into hatred, malice, and ill will. . Every person supposes himself to be in the middle of the world, and his way to be the most RIGHT, as a criterion, and the summit of perfection. A difference of course to be an crror, which should be cured--hence he bears testimony against it with all the zeal, acrimony, and bitter censoriousness imaginable. Why? because it varies from his views—without allowing others the same liberty that he takes; to think, and judge, and act for himself but all are in error who do not come to his rule, founded upon bigotry and the prejudice of educa tion. For, the most ignorant are generally the most tude, saucy, impertinent and positive in their assertions ----not knowing how to state a proposition, nor draw a right conclusion-but think that assertion is argument, and so take it for granted that it proves the point .

Those persons who have sprung out of the ashes, and have been raised in the corner, when they get into office and power, become the most important, self-exalted, imperious, and tyrannical of any persons whatever; and domineer over those with a vengeance, that come within their power and displeasure ;* from which good Lord deliver the EARTH!

I perceive all things below the sun to be of a fleeting naturem-nothing permanent but Divinity and Immortality! And to feel the love of the former brightens up the prospects of the latter; and inspires the heart with "hope" beyond this life! sI have not an acre of ground I call my own upon earth-and but a small pittance of this world's goods in any shape or form. But am without bouse or home of my own and but very few on whose friendship to depend.

The last seven years of my life have been a scene of trials ; but they have been a school. During this time, I have not received from other people in my travels, what would bear one half of my necessary expenses--and yet there is no time nor place in Europe or America, that any person can point out, when or where I asked for a “CONTRIBUTION,” for “ myself," either directly or indirectly—though I have taken a few, made by other people, in some cases of extreme necessity, or to prevent doing harm by hurting the feel. ings of some well wishers, in the course of those eighteen years--but have by far declined the bigger part-perhaps teg to one. I

The profits of my books I derived no real advan

** This is observable in petty understrappers ***** as well as in the black overseers in the West-Indies. .. | The narrow contracted Tyrant-condemned such a VARIETY of heights--thought to be “uniform” would be for the best

and choosing his own height for the model, had an “ IRON bedstead” erected for the criterion--and all the longer must be “cut off," and all that were shorter must be stretched which neither nature nor grace admit. .

# I have now and then rode up to a house, and asked for a bit of bread and some few things of the like necessity, &c.

tage from, before I went to Europe the last time and by the “ JOURNAL” I gunk about one thousand dollars; by engaging too many to meeting-houses, before the work was done at one of which there happened to lack twenty-five of eight hundred; and hence twenty-five dollars in cash was demanded, and paid from other pub. lications so that I had but about ten dollars, when I embarked for Europe.

But hitherto the Lord hath belped and brought me through, and gently cleared my way. I feel a sweet inward peace of mind a blessing I have never lost since I saw " Calvin Wooster.” What is before me I know not--trials I expect ever await me, while upon the Journey of Life on these mortal shores but the anticipation of a better and happier world, attracts my mind to surmount every. obstacle by “FAITH IN JESUS,” to gain that bright abode--and strive by every possible means to regenerate the earth by the knowledge of Godthat " moral evil may be expelled the world, the Kingdom of Christ become general, and rule over ALL...

I verily believe these are the last days of trouble some times and will continue to grow worse and worse

and rise bigher and higher, until after the “ FALL OF BABYLON”—which I expect cannot be far off and the “ Beast and False Prophet” be taken awaythen the Divine Government will be acknowledged-natural justice attended to-moral obligation performed has the golden rule of practice, as injoined by the VICEGERENT of the world!

Whoever will read the xxviii. of Dicut. and compare it with the history of the Jerus, and our Lord's prediction, with Josephus, must be at least rationally. Convinced of the doctrine of Providence in nature and grace. And whosoever is convinced, and looks at the signs" may discern the “ TIMES"-" For the light of the moon is becoming as the light of the sun when compared with the last centuries:-and " The light of the sun shall betome seven fold as the light of SEVEN DAYS"-saith the inspiration of the Almighty Then “ the House of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountain, and exalted above the bille"

*and all nations shall flow unto it”--then “ the wolf and the lamb shall dwell together"--and the “nations learn war no more"-for “the NAME of the LORD alone shall be EXALTED in that day"--and natural evil will be expelled the world and the earth restored to its paradisical states until the thousand years be ended”-whether a common thousand-prophetic or apostolic-when Christ shall reign on earth, and bring his saints with him but after the loosing of satan, then there will be a falling away ; and shortly will come the general judgment moral evil” having contaminated the earth again and hence it is inconsistent with the nature and government of the Almighty to continue * the world in being any longer-then we arrive to the « CONSUMMATION" of all things.

This world is fitted to man's body, but not to his mind

the love of God is the only principle that can satisfy the MIND, and make him happy. Man is ever aspiring for new and greater things-now this principle is not wrong-being implanted by the AUTHOR of nature, as an inherent principle that is innate the evil consists in the pursuits of improper objects-objects that can never satisfy--and so become idolaters, to the neglecting the Author of all goodthe privation of which is misery-as He is the only fountain of perfect and lasting happincss ! * This world is man's beginning place, like a state of embryom-he being a candidate for future happinesshence the other world is his place of destination For 56 moral cvil" brought “natural evil” into this worldman is degenerate--hence the necessity of " regeneration" by the Divine Spirit-called the “ New Birth." - The kingdom of Heaven was prepared for man,” not from all eternity--but “from the foundation of the world"-whereas “ the lake of fire and brimstone" was never made for man, but was prepared for the devil and his angels." · The pleasure" of the Lord was the moving cause of “ creation." " Love” was the moving cause of “redemption”mand « faithis the instrumental cause of

s salvation."--But “SIN," man's own ACT, is the CAUSE of his “ damnation."

Therefore the necessity of secking the Lord by faith, to find that knowledge of him which will give an evi. dence of pardon, and bring peace to the mind.

The“ divisions” of the human family into “nations, has its advantages--to cause a balance of power and a refuge for the oppressed people.

The variety of “ denoihinations" also in those nations. have an advantage that no one shall have the preeminence to domipeer over others in matters of " con science;" there being so little real piety in the world. Union of form and ceremony is not religion in a moral point of view--for by it with the addition of power the world hath been imposed upon-and taken the shell for the kernel in their awful delusive ignorance—which hath driven men to deism and infidelily, as common sense began to wake up and see the imposition. And doubtless will continue so to do more and more hence the propriety of those words--" When the son of man cometh shall be find faith on the earth?

But a aniont of HEART in the spirit of the gospel of CHRIST, is a necessary thing to promote peace, and convince the world of the reality of the religion of JeBus being founded in Divinity--that they may embrace it by faith and “ knon" its blessed enjoyments.

Let brotherly love contipue for where bitter contention is, is every evil work and instead of judging and striving for a party and using the devil's tools with which to do the Almighty's work, strive to excel in love-evidencing your "faith in Christ by WORKS" bringing forth those fruits of Christianity that will be the evidence on which will turn your eternal “ justification” forever, in the day of final retribution !

The glory of God our object, the WILL of God our lan--His SPIRIT our guide, and the Bible our rule, that Heaven may be our END-Hence we must - watch and pray.--endure to the end to receive the “ Crown of Life" ---Where is pleasare without pain--for evermore!

Then the storins of life are forever over, and this joarney is drawn to a close; wheze there is glory and

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