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Pneumonia of the Apex-Union of Wounds.



LUNG. By Wm. BOLING, M.D. The experience of Dr. Boling is confirmatory of the opinion that, when pneumonia commences at the apex of the lung it is especially fatal; and his object in the present communication is to indicate a physical sign which may lead to its earlier diagnosis. “This is a fine mucous or crepitant rhonchus, seemingly seated in the larynx, loud enough to be heard distinctly at the distance of two or three feet from the patient, and so persistent, that it is not removeable, or but momentarily, by any effort to expectorate which the patient may make, while at the same time there are present none of the signs of bronchitis or laryngitis.” Though seeming to the by-stander to arise from mucus in the larynx, the indifference manifested by the patient proves this is not the case ; and on applying the stethoscope just above or below the clavicles it will be found to proceed from the apex of the inflamed lung. “ It would seem that the sound there produced in the pulmonary vesicles must be conveyed by the larger bronchial ramifications, numerous and superficial at this point, to the larynx, where, in consequence of the thinness of the tube, or rather the thinness of its covering, and its proximity to the surface, the deceptive impression of its production in this organ, from the presence of a small quantity of viscid mucus, is created. It is the indifference of the patient to the presence of the sound, but still more especially, its persistence, which constitutes its peculiar and distinctive feature, and upon which its value as an evidence of pneumonia commencing in the apex of the lung depends.”American Journal Med. Sciences, July 1847.


M. Amussat has of late procured the union of large wounds by the first intention by means of the following suture. He passes several very fine steel sewing needles through the cutaneous edges of the wound, and having twisted a waxen thread around them, breaks off their extremities by means of a forceps, and leaves them to fall out of themselves, which they do in a few days, just as ligatures of vessels are allowed to do.Gazette des Hopitaux, No. 69.

M. Baudens employs the following means for bringing together the edges of wounds. Speaking of that resulting from an amputation for example, he directs a circular bandage to be placed above the stump, and two strong pins fixed into this, one before and one bebind, in such a manner as to leave their heads and points exposed. A double point of support is thus got, around which strong cotton threads are passed; these are crossed over each other towards the face of the stump in such a manner as to draw the integuments together with any desired force, after the manner of an uniting bandage, terminating with a figure of eight, just as in the operation for hare-lip.-Comptes Rendus, T. 24,

p. 1018.


M. Cazenave recommends the following formula as of excellent service in chronic dartrous eruptions, as impetigo, eczema, lupus, and all diseases of the skin allied to the lymphatic and scrofulous constitutions. Crystallized Chloride of Lime .

15 parts.
Distilled Water

A tablespoonful three times daily in some bitter infusion.



The Readers of the Medico-CHIRUGICAL Review will perceive, by the

Prospectus which accompanies the present Number, that it has been de

termined to incorporate with it, in the future publication, The BRITISH

AND FOREIGN MEDICAL REVIEW, hitherto conducted by Dr. FORBES.

By this arrangement the Proprietors have the gratification of being able

to state, that the services of the most valued Contributors to both of

these Reviews will be combined—and that there is every reason to believe

that the result will be the production of a work second to none in Europe

for the soundness, depth, and variety of its Medical and Chirurgical



September 30, 1847.


Bibliographical Record.



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its attention to the valuable properties of the District Asylum for the Insane Poor of the

Nitrate of Silver, and especially to its power in Counties of Antrim and Down, and of the Town

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than he formerly deemed advisable; such mode

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water. So used, it is especially beneficial in

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the simple and efficient means of attaining this Dr. Ritchie has here drawn up a very excellent

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well adapted for a popular audience vailed in Scotland-in common with entire Eu

27. Consumption of the Lungs and Asthma, rope-during the late Spring. For reasons stated

arrested and cured, in the Majority of Cases, by in our Periscope we cannot however agree with

Inhalation and other Rational Means, By him in referring its production exclusively to de.

Daniel Carr, M.D. 12mo, pp. 200. London, fective diet, exposure to severe weather and the

1847. like ; and we are among those whom he speaks of as turning away from what is known and

A work that is altogether discreditable to the tangible, to seek the causes of the epidemie in the

writer (whose address is Birmingham), if he be unknown and impalpable obscurities of an aerial

a regularly-educated member of the profession. constitution.'

What shall we say of an M.D., who appends "a

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we say more respecting the style and purport of

the book? We are glad to observe that these Notes, &c." of a cotemporary and acquaintance of Sydenham 28. Theorie des Neuro-viscerites ou Fieyres himself have reached a second edition. Our

Primitives. Par Ant. Hugon. 8vo, pp. !11. readers are probably aware that the profession Paris, 1847. is indebted to Dr. Greenhill of Oxford for the possession of this little work. As a matter of

The author is a decided anti- Broussaist, and course, all the members of the Sydenham Society

an energetic advocate of the essentiality of severs. should have a copy of it.

His views are generally sound and practical, and

we have derived much pleasure from the perusal. 24. On the Duties of Physicians, resulting from the Physician. By the late Rev. Thomas

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In exchange. A re-print of a portion of the author's well. 30. L'Union Medicale. known and useful work, Enquiry into the

In exchange. Duties of Men in the higher and middle classes of Society in Great Britain, resulting from their

31. Dublin Medical Review. respective Stations, Professions, and Employ.

In exchange. ments," 6th Edit. 1811. We all stand in need of being reminded of our duties towards those who 32. Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal commit their health, and often their happiness for July. too, to our keeping. To those beginning the prac

In exchange. tice of the medical profession, much of the ad. vice in these pages may be truly useful.

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July. 25. A few Remarks on the Expectant Treat

In exchange. went of Diseases. By AKEXTH. Pp. 16.

These remarks are intended as a defence of 34, Edinburgh Monthly Journal of Medical legitimate medicine," and in answer to certain Science, for July, August, and September. recent heresies in a cotemporary Journal on the

In exchange. subject of what has been called the natural methodof treating diseases. We cannot con

ERRATUM. Dr. E. Kennedy's paper, referred to in page 405, appeared in the number of the Dublin Medical Journal for February, not May, last.



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