London Medical Gazette: Or, Journal of Practical Medicine, Τόμος 14


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Σελίδα 386 - Is there no balm in Gilead ; is there no physician there ? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered...
Σελίδα 207 - I can neither approve of that practice nor those delays ; because my father, brothers, and myself [though none else in Europe as I know] have, by God's blessing, and our industry, attained to, and long practised a way to deliver women in this case, without any prejudice to them or their infants ; though all others (being obliged, for want of such an expedient, to use the common way) do, and must endanger, if not destroy one or both with hooks.
Σελίδα 354 - He is without the sense of shame, or glory, as some men are without the sense of smelling ; and therefore, a good name to him, is no more than a precious ointment would be, to these.
Σελίδα 79 - I believethat the whole of these substances, one only excepted, act upon the womb through the excitement induced in the arterial system. They first stimulate the nervous, then the arterial, and through the medium of those systems, the uterus. Almost the only medicine now used as...
Σελίδα 379 - ... from the latter is homogeneous and uniform, resembling a water-colour laid smoothly on with a brush ; but a more important and distinctive peculiarity soon succeeds, for in less than two minutes the phosphoric yellow fades into a sad freen, and becomes gradually darker, and ultimately quite lack ; while, on the other hand, the arsenical yellow remains permanent, or nearly so, for some time, when it becomes brown.
Σελίδα 34 - AVe cannot cause the head to turn upon the neck, so as to approximate the chin to the chest, by pressure applied by the finger ; nor can we, indeed, succeed in producing the same alteration by the introduction of the hand over the vertex...
Σελίδα 215 - Cairo, where, as may certainly be inferred from the ferocious aspect of the keepers, and the appearance of the victims, lacerated and covered with wounds, scenes of suffering and cruelty cannot elsewhere be exhibited out of hell. In the centre of the court is a square pool, sometimes dignified with the name of a fountain ; but which, in smell and appearance, rather resembles a common sewer.
Σελίδα 238 - ... is at an end, and the mind " as much depressed as the body, they would both sink " together under the influence of such continued and
Σελίδα 240 - ... be entirely dilated, and the head must have come down into the pelvis sufficiently low to enable us to feel one or both ears distinctly. It is necessary to touch one or both ears, because they become the guide to the proper adaptation of the blades." Again, at page 228, the same author observes, " If no progress have been made for a number of hours, and, especially, if impaction should have existed for four hours, then, provided an ear can be felt, and the parts are not so rigid as to endanger...
Σελίδα 102 - ... made to lose it by extension, and if the great trochanter turns on the axis of the femur, or on the extremity of the lever. If the shortening is only some lines, it is difficult to distinguish it from that which is produced by an upward movement of the pelvis, caused by the cortusion: the diagnosis becomes more evident if it extends to half an inch or more.

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