Fur Seal Abitration, Τόμος 15

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1895

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Σελίδα 165 - Pacific Ocean," as used in the treaty of 1825 between Great Britain and Russia, and what rights, if any, in the Behring Sea were held and exclusively exercised by Russia after said treaty ? 4.
Σελίδα 312 - Sea, the Arbitrators shall then determine what concurrent Regulations outside the jurisdictional limits of the respective Governments are necessary, and over what waters such Regulations should extend...
Σελίδα 171 - This pretension is to be considered, not only with reference to the question of territorial right, but also to that prohibition to the Vessels of other Nations, including those of The United States, to approach within 100 Italian miles of the Coasts. From the period of the existence of The United States as an Independent Nation, their Vessels have freely navigated those Seas, and the right to navigate them is a part of that Independence.
Σελίδα 49 - International law consists in certain rules of conduct which modern civilized states regard as being binding on them in their relations with one another with a force comparable in nature and degree to that binding the conscientious person to obey the laws of his country, and which they also regard as being enforceable by appropriate means in case of infringement.
Σελίδα 173 - ... that during a term of ten years. counting from the signature of the present convention, the ships of both Powers, or which belong to their citizens or subjects respectively, may reciprocally frequent, without any hindrance whatever. the interior seas, gulfs, harbors, and creeks, upon the coast mentioned in the preceding article, for the purpose of fishing and trading with the natives of the country.
Σελίδα 173 - It is moreover agreed that hereafter there shall not be formed by the citizens of the United States, or under the authority of the said States, any establishment upon the Northwest Coast...
Σελίδα 311 - If the determination of the foregoing questions as to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States shall leave the subject in such position that the concurrence of Great Britain is necessary to the establishment of Regulations...
Σελίδα 157 - We think it must be regarded as established that, as between nations, the minimum limit of the territorial jurisdiction of a nation over tide-waters is a marine league from its coast; that bays' wholly within its territory not exceeding two marine leagues in width at the mouth are within this limit; and that included in this territorial jurisdiction is the right of control over fisheries, whether the fish be migratory, free-swimming fish, or free-moving fish, or fish attached to or embedded in the...
Σελίδα 224 - Considering the great extent of the line of the American coasts, we have a right to claim, for fiscal and defensive regulations, a liberal extension of maritime jurisdiction, and it would not be unreasonable, as I apprehend, to assume for domestic purposes connected with our safety and welfare...
Σελίδα 48 - International Law, as understood among civilized nations, may be defined as consisting of those rules of conduct which reason deduces, as consonant to justice, from the nature of the society existing among independent nations ; with such definitions and modifications as may be established by general consent.

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