Reports of Cases Determined in the Appellate Courts of Illinois, Τόμος 182


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Σελίδα 92 - Act to recover damages for personal injuries to an employee, or where such injuries have resulted in his death, the fact that the employee may have been guilty of contributory negligence shall not bar a recovery, but the damages shall be diminished by the jury in proportion to the amount of negligence attributable to such employee...
Σελίδα 203 - The proposition which these recognised cases suggest, and which is, therefore, to be deduced from them, is that whenever one person is by circumstances placed in such a position with regard to another that everyone of ordinary sense who did think would at once recognise that if he did not use ordinary care and skill in his own conduct with regard to those circumstances he would cause danger of injury to the person or property of the other, a duty arises to use ordinary care and skill to avoid such...
Σελίδα 48 - It must dwell in the place of its creation, and cannot migrate to another sovereignty. But although it must live and have its being in that State only, yet it does not by any means follow that its existence there will not be recognized in other places; and its residence in one State creates no insuperable objection to its power of contracting in another.
Σελίδα 439 - Under the insuring clause of this form of policy the company agrees to indemnify the assured against loss from the liability imposed by law upon the assured for damages...
Σελίδα 82 - ... when the negligent act complained of arises out of and is the direct result of the exercise of the authority conferred upon him by the master over his co-laborers, the master will be liable.
Σελίδα 589 - In such cases, courts of equity act sometimes by analogy to the law, and sometimes act upon their own inherent doctrine of discouraging, for the peace of society, antiquated demands, by refusing to interfere when there has been gross laches in prosecuting rights, or long and unreasonable acquiescence in the assertion of adverse rights.
Σελίδα 85 - A master is liable to a servant when he orders the latter to perform a dangerous work, unless the danger is so imminent that no man of ordinary prudence would incur it.
Σελίδα 49 - This statement has been often reaffirmed by this court, with some change of phrase, but always retaining the idea that the legal existence, the home, the domicile, the habitat, the residence, the citizenship of the corporation can only be in the state by which it was created, although it may do business in other states whose laws permit it.
Σελίδα 44 - Section 1. The management of the Association shall be vested in a board of twenty governors, each of whom shall be a member of the Association.
Σελίδα 233 - The same idea had been expressed by Lord Mansfield in Robinson v. Bland, 2 Burr. 1077, 1078, 'the law of the place,' he said, 'can never be the rule where the transaction is entered into with an express view to the law of another country, as the rule by which it is to be governed.

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