Primary Arithmetic, Or, Mental Operations in Numbers: Being an Introduction to the Revised Edition of Adams's New Arithmetic

J.W. Prentiss & Company, 1848 - 180 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 71 - DRILL — st rest most last fist must nest post fast wrist dust 1 one 2 two 3 three 4 four 5 five 6 six 7 seven 8 eight 9 nine 10 ten 11 eleven 12 twelve 13 thirteen 14 fourteen 15 fifteen 16 sixteen 17 seventeen...
Σελίδα 102 - The number to be divided is called the dividend. The number by which we divide is called the divisor. The number which shows how many times the divisor is contained in the dividend is called the quotient.
Σελίδα 150 - A man owning £ of a ship, sold ^ of his share ; what part of the whole ship did he sell ? What part had he left?
Σελίδα 86 - SIGN. A short horizontal line, — , is the sign of subtraction. It is usually read minus, which is a Latin word signifying less. It shows that the number after it is to be taken from the number before it.
Σελίδα 123 - ... Denominator, because it gives name to the parts. The number above the line is called the Numerator, because it numbers the parts. The denominator shows into how many parts a thing or unit is divided ; and The numerator shows how many of these parts are contained in the fraction. Thus, in the fraction f , the denominator, 8, shows that the unit or whole thing is divided into 8 equal parts, and the numerator, 3, shows that 3 of these parts are contained in the fraction. The numerator, 3, numbers...
Σελίδα 64 - In one dollar are 6 shillings ; how many shillings in 3 dollars ? in 300 dollars ? in 467 dollars ? . 14. Two men, A and B, start from the same place at the same time, and travel the same way ; A travels 52 miles a day, and B 44 miles a day ; how far apart will they be at the end of 10 days ? 15.
Σελίδα 94 - The number thus added to itself, or the number to be multiplied, is called the multiplicand. The number which shows how many times the multiplicand is to be taken, or the number by which we multiply, is called the multiplier.
Σελίδα 116 - When any number or thing is divided into two equal parts, one of the parts is called one half, and is written thus: £. 2.
Σελίδα 64 - If 2 men start from the same place and travel in opposite directions, one at the rate of 4 miles an hour, and the other at the rate of 5 miles an hour, how far apart will they be at the end of 1 hour ? At the end of 2 hours ? 5 hours?
Σελίδα 2 - In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Northern District of New York.

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