The National CV of Britain: A non-PC history of Britain.

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Each of us can tell our personal story via a CV (curriculum vitae), so why not a nation? This is The National CV of Britain, a pioneering document which summarises the achievements of the Influential Islanders in a brief, upbeat and rigorous way, never before attempted. Britain has made a wildly disproportionate contribution to civilisation and this work celebrates the fact with verve and intellectual fireworks.

The CV sets out to make the story of Britain easy and fun to access, for young and old alike, with a fully interactive format. Itself just 30 pages long, the CV comes with an inbuilt database over ten times as long. This is The National CVpedia of Britain. Click on a CV claim that seems to you improbable and you will be whisked to the evidence behind it. Browse, delve, imbibe, devour - whatever way you want to interact with the CV, you will find an abundance of facts, figures and delightful anecdotes to interest and astound.

The National CV of Britain is a unique forward-looking history that has the Influential Islanders ‘Applying for the future’.

This is a fully interactive book, and we recommend it to be used with a Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire or iPad.


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CVpedia of Britain

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