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MINISTERS, PUBLIC:7*: Their compensation ascertained


MINT: Approbation for the purchafe of copper

fuiz på 127 Part of bullion deposited, to be retained, for the expense of refining

f. 2. p. 127 To remain at Philadelphia, until the 4th March 1803.tiny

chap. go. P: 207. & f. 1. p. 2797 Certain duties in relation to it, to be performed by the district judge

and district attorney of Pennsylvania and the commisfiöner of loans for the state of Pennsylvania

f. 2. p. 2797 MISSISSIPPI TERRITORY. Organization of a general afsembly therein f. 1;&c. p. 164 The commissioners of the United States may settle' with Georgia by compromise, respecting it

Mini Topo 166 They may inquire into the claims of individuals f. 1o.p.167 NARAGANSET. See Buoys.

NAVY. See Saltage. Commanders of public armed vessels to stop vessels fufpected of illicit commerce with the French poffeflions

f. 8.p. 20 Rank and pay of the commanding oficers of the marine corps 192

chap. 29. p. 93 Commissioned vessels to flop such as contravene the laws against the llave trade

B 4. p. 159 Appropriations for the navy in the year 1800 chap. 57. p. 188

in the year 1801

chap. 102. P:30+ The President may cause certain of the public thips to be fuld

Rho fata pi 280 Six of the frigates to be retained in service and the rest to be laid up

1. f02.pi2577 Component parts of a ration on the reduced ehablishment

f. 3. p. 2776 Number of officers to be retained Four months extra-pay to be allowed to those discharged

2. 3. p. 248+ NAVY, GOVERNMENT OF. Scé Courts Martial Naval.com

hef. 4. 7. 2787


Couris of Enquiry, Naval. ;,.. Exemplary conduA incumbent on the officers of the navy f. s.p. 108 Divine fervice to be performed, &c.

-ibid Punishment of certain fcandalous offences

ibid Penalties on the breach of duty in respect to attack and battle

p.1109 Papers respecting captures to be transmitted

ibid Penalty on pillaging a prize or mal treating the crew Intercourse with enemies and rebels

pinna Mutiny and fedition

ibid Disobedience of orders and affault on a superior officer Quarrelling, defertion


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p. 112



and men

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f. 6. p. 124

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S. 8. p. 125

f.9. p. 126

Offences on shore

p. 112, & p. 115 Frauds against the United States

p. 113 Improper and unskilful navigation of vessels, negligence in the performance of duty. Murder. Convoy

ibid Penalty on receiving merchandise on bard: Walte, embezzlement, &c. of public property

p. 11Theft. Detection and apprehenfion of offenders. Mufter-rolls and ships books. Inspection of provisions

ils Officers and men detached from the ships to be fornilbed with certain

statements Rules for the government of the navy to be hung up and read.I reatment of the sick. Paying off. Treatment ofinferior officers

ibid Mafter-at-arms' duty. Punishment of crimes pot specified. Who are petty officers. Allignment of wages and prize money

117 In case of the loss of a vessel the command of the officers shall remain in force

f. 3. p. 122 Pay of captives to continue

1. 4. p. 123 To whom the proceeds of prizes Mall accrue

. 5. p. 123 of Bounty in case of finking the enemy

f.7.P. 125 Pensions to perfons disabled in the service Fund for the payment of pensions and half pay

To be a manager of the navy fund for pensions and half pay

f. io. p. 12 NEW BEDFORD Created a port of entry for vessels from the Cape of Good Hope or ci: beyond the fame

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chap. 77. p. 260 NEW CASTLE. Vedels may unload, in certain cases, at New-Castle in Maine

f. 2. p. 162 NEW LONDON. See Light House. -Lyme annexed to it

f. 3. p. 162 NEW ORLEANS. See Drawback. NEW POINT COMFORT. See Light House.

NORTH CAROLINA. Alteration of the time of holding the district court in

chap. 16. p. 43 : Secretary of state authorised to transmit certain laws to that face

P 210 NORTH WESTERN TERRITORY. Part of it constituted a new territory to be called the Indiana

Territory Seat of its government after the separation Privilege of franking letters allowed to its delegate f. 1. & 2 p. 227 His compensation

f. 3. p. 237

f. 1 p. 139 f. 6. p. 141

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Certain suits revived in the divifions of the territory ?

chap. 87. p. 274 NOVA 'SCOTIA. See Refugees from. OATH., See Prisonete Census-Bankrupi--Patent-udiciary, Court

Martial Narial-Court of Enquiry Navül. PAGODA. See Duties,

PALMYRA. District of, abolished

chap. 88: p. 275 PATENT. See Virginia Military Lands. Persons having refided two years within the United States may receive Patents for useful inventions

s. i. p. 88 Oath to be taken by such aliens

ibid The legal representative of a deceased inventor may receive a pa

f. 2.'p. 899 Damages for breaches of patent-rights

f. 3. p. 89Repeal of part of the former act

f. 4. p. go PAYMASTER GENERAL, His compensation and rank

chap. 26. p. 90: PENALTY. See Bankrupt. Navy, Government of On an insolvent debror saking a false oath.

p Ad for mitigating penalties partly, repealed and partly revived

chap. 6. p. 12 Under the act suspending intercourse with France may be mitigated, &c,

f. 9. P. 21 Distriburion of such peralties

idid Punalty on certain correspondence with the Indians

f. 1. & 2. p. 10 & II on do,

with foreign powers in relation to the Indians

f. 3. p. I'I on having certain commercial intercourse with France

f. 3. p. 9

f. 1. p. 15

f. 6. p. 31

Forfeiture of vessels coming from France, &c. .f.4.& 5. 6. 18 & 19 Penalty on marshals' asliftants making no return of their enumeration, or a false one

f. 2. p. 23 - on inarsha!s in relation to their returns with respect to the celisus

1. 3. p. 28 giving information to the marshals' amiftants Penalty on forging or uttering certain receipts.or certificates relacive to Italips

1.8. p. 98 On furging, &c. flamps provided for by the act of 23d April 1800

f. 11. p. 100 Alt in addition to the act for the punishment of certain crimes againit

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the United States, continued in force Penalty on enticing or einploying work men from the public arsenals or armorics

f. 2. p. 147 Pinalty on certain misconduct of such workmen to go p. 148

p. 128

1.3. p. 129

On having an intereft in veffels employed in the flave trade is

f. 1. p. 167 On serving on board such vessels 4

f. 2. p. 168 Distribution of Penalties incurred in the two cases last inentioned

f. 7. p. 170 PENNSYLVANIA. Proceedings in the circuit court for, revived

cbap. 1. p. 3 PENSION. To be allowed to persons disabled in the naval service

PETERSBURG. A new district to be erectes, to be called the district of Perersburg

f. 4. p. 162. chap. 96. p. 261 POGE, CAPE. See Light-Houfe.

PORTSMOUTH, (N. H.) Kittery and Berwick, annexed so it as a district

Privilege of franking allowed to W. H. Harrison

10 Mrs. Washington
to the superintenjant of stamps


f. 2. p. 261

s. 1.p. +


f. 2. p. 95

to the delegate fron the North Weitern Territory

chap. 2. p. 4.

to John Adams, late President of die United States

chap. &o. p. 263. f. 3.P. 316 Discontinuance of certain post-roads f. v. p. 101. f. 1. p. 313 Sundry new Pust-Roads eftablished f. 2. p. 102. f. 2. p. 313

PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. May remit the prohibition of intercourse with France

f. 6. p. 20 Maz instruct the public armed ships to stop vessels suspected of carrying on illicit intercourse withi the French possessions

f. 8. P. 20 May permit certain vessels to enter from and clear to French ports

f. 4. p. 18. & f, 10. p. 21 May direct the removal of the offices in Washington Ciry Appropriations for the purchale of furniture for his house

f. 2. p. 130 Authorised to accept a cession of the Western Reserve of Connecticut on certain conditions

p. 133 Authorised to borrow 3,500,cco dollars

f. 1. p. 142 To cause accounts of expenditures for contingent expenses of foreign intercourse to be annually fertled

f. 2.A: 188 May provide for the expenses of Indian visits chap. 68. p. 20+ To reduce the army

chap. 69. p. 205 Ads to be done relative: to the death of general George Walda ington

p. 208-9 To present a medal to capt. Truxton


f. 1. p. 130

p. 211

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p. 211


f. 1. p. 7

f. 2. p. 7 1.


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To employ an agent to enquire relative to copper-mines on Lake

Superior May cause certain of the public ihips to be sold f. 1. p. 280 To retain a certain number of officers of the navy,

4: P. 27.86 To appoint two commissioners to ascertain the rights of perfons

claiming rights of pre-emption under J. C. Symmes f. 4. p. 282 Disposal of the furniture of President Adam's

chap. 91. p: 303 PRISONER. Prisoners entitled to the limits of goals

in execution may have an oath of infolvency administered to them, &c. be removed to facilitate proceedings

3. p. 9 penalev on their taking a false oath

. --- may have the benefit of the act in certain cases, though they be not in executioa may be removed in case of danger

f. 19. P. 243 PROVIDENCE. The Collector of Providence may remit the duties on teas imported in the thips Resource and Ann and Hope chap:97: p. 293

PRUSSIA. Treaty with

p. 318 RECAPTURE, See Salvage. RECEIVERS OF PUBLIC MONIES. See Land Office.


chap 76. 2 $7 REGISTER. Ste Lord Office. REGISTERS. See Land.

RHODE ISLAND COLLEGE. Aa for the relief of the corporation of

chap. 14. p. 87 REMOVAL See Washington City. REPEAL. See 4c1s. RESOURCE, SHIP. See Providence.

RICHMOND. A new district to be erected, to be called the district of Richmond

f, 4. p. 162. chap. 96p, 29 ROAD. Sce Post Office and Post Road. RUPEE. See Duties. SALARYSee Compensation.

SALT. “ Act laying an additional duty on falt," &c. continued in force.

chap. 43. p. 144

SALVAGE: On recaptured property, claimed by citizens of the United States

f. 1. p. 38 Compensation to be made for recaptured property, belonging to the

United States Salvage on re-captured property claimed by alien friends f. 3. p. 40 Distribution of falvage

f. 4. p. 41

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f. 2. p. 39

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