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the most favoured nations. But if any such con. sul shall exercise commerce, they shall be subinitted to the same laws and usages, to which the private individuals of their nation are submitted in the same place.


abounarinn onemose

Favours granted to others to be extended to the parties,


If either party shall hereafrer grant to any other nation, any particular favour in navigation or commerce, it shall immediately become common to the other party, freely, where it is freely granted to such other nation, or on yielding the same compensation when the grant is conditional.


His Majesty the king of Prussia and the United Limitation of a ekse treaty

States of America agree: that this treaty shall be in force during the term of ten year from the exchange of the ratifications; and if the expiration of that term should happen during the course of a war between them, then the articles before provided for the regulation of their conduct during such a war, shall continue in force until the conclusion of the treaty, which shall restore peace.

This treaty shall be ratified on both sides, and the ratifications exchanged within one year from the day of its signature, or sooner if possible.

In testimony whereof the Plenipotentiaries before mentioned have hereto subscribed their names and affixed their feals. Done at Berlin the eleventh of July in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine.

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(L. S.) John Quincy Adanis. (L. S.) Charles Guillaume Comte de Finkenstein. (L. S.) Philippe Charles d'Alvenseben. (LS.) Chretien Henri Gurce Comte d'Haugwiz.

mêmes privileges et pouvoirs dont jouiffent ceux des nations les plus favorisées. Mais dans le cas où tel ou autre de ces consuls veuille faire le commerce, il sera soumis au mêmes loix et usages auxquels sont soumis les particuliers de la nation à l'endroit ou il réside.

ARTICLE XXVI. Lorsque l'une des deux parties contradates accordera dans la suite quelque faveur particuliere en fait de navigation ou de commerce à d'autres nations,elle deviendra aussitôt commune à l'autre partie contractante, et celle-ci jouira de cette faveur gratuitement, fi la concession est gratuite, ou en accordant la même compensation si la conceffion est conditionelle.

ARTICLE XXVII. Sa Majesté le Roi de Prusse et les Etats Unis de l'Amerique font convenus que le present traité aura fon plein effet pendant l'espace de dix années à compter du jour de l'echange des ratifications, et que si l'expiration de ce terme arrivoit dans le cours d'une guerre entre-eux, les articles ci-dessus stipulés pourregler leur conduite en tems de guerre conserveront toute leur force jusqu' a la conclusion du traité qui retablira la paix.

Le present traité sera ratifi éde part et d'autre, et les ratifications seront echangées dans l'espece d'une année à compter du jour de la signature, ou plutôt fi faire se peut.

En foi de quoi les plenipotentiaires sus nommés ont signé le présent traité et y ont apposé le cachet de leurs armes. Fait à Berlin le onze Juillet, l'an mille sept cents quatre vingt dix neuf.

(L. S.) John Quincy Adams. (L. S.) Charles Guillaume Comte de Finkenstein. (L. S.) Philippe Charles d'Alvensleben. (L. S.) Chretien Henri Curce Comte de Haugwi.

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AND WHEREAŞ the said Treaty has by me on the one part, by and with the advice and "consent of the Senate of the United States, and by his Majesty the King of Pruffia, on the other part, been duly approved and ratified: And whereas the ratifications thereof, were duly ex. changed at Berlin, on the twenty-second day of June last part': NOW THEREFORE, to the end that the said Treaty may be executed and observed with pun&tuality and the moit fincere regard to good faith, on the part of the United States; I DO HEREBY made known the premifes, and enjoin and require all persons bearing office, civil or military, within the United States, and all others, citizens or inhabitants thereof, or being within the same, to execute and observe the fäid Treaty accordingly.'"',. Dat is ous i 'E

.. 51,7%} $t i $121 *IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have

caused the Seal of the United States of

America to be affixed to thele présents. 5" and figned the same with my hand. Done

at the City of Washington, the fourth day of November, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred, and

of the Independence of the United States *. 'the twenty-fifth: ?


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PACE. A Nact extending the privilege of franking let. A ters to the delegate from the territory of i

the United States, northwest of the river Ohio;

and making provisions for his compensation, 227 An act for the relief of Solomon Boston, An act to provide for the erection and support

of a Light House on Cape Poge, at the northeasterly part of Martha's vineyard,

229 An act to provide for the more convenient orga

nisation of the courts of the United States, 230 An act regulating the grants of land appropriated

for the refugees from the British Provinces of Canada and Nova Scotia,

257 An act making the port of Biddeford and Pepper

relborough and the port of New Bedford in Massachusetts, ports of entry for ships or vefsels arriving from the Cape of Good Hope

and from places beyond the fame,
An act to establish the district of Bristol, and to

annex the towns of Kittery and Berwick to the
distriet of Portsmouth,

260 An act to discharge Samuel Lewis, fen. from his imprisonment,

262 An act freeing from postage all letters and packets

to John Adams,
An act for the relief of Nathaniel Holmes,
An act to continue in force the acts laying duties

on licenses for selling wines and foreign dis-
tilled fpirits by retail, and so much of the act
laying certain duties on snuff and refined su-
gar, as respects a duty on refined sugar, on
property fold at auction, and on carriages for
the conveyance of persons,

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Z a

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An act declaring the consent of Congrels to an

act of the state of Maryland, passed the twöntyle eighth day of December, one thousand feven 5 hundred and ninety-three for the appointment

of a Health Officer,
An act to allow the transportation of goods, wares

and merchandise, to and from Philadelphia
and Baltimore by the way of Appoquinimink"
and Sassafras,

260 An act for the relief of Arnold Henry Dorhiman,

or his legal representatives, An act concerning the district of Columbia, 268 An act supplementary to an act entituled, “An .

act to divide the territory of the United States,
north-west of the Ohio, into two separate go-

- 274 An act to add to the district of Mafsac on the Ohio,

and to discontinue the district of Palmyra in
the state of Tennessee, and therein to amend
the act entituled “ An act to regulate the col-"' .

lection of duties on imports and torinaġe," !!275 An act making appropriations for the military

establishments of the United States, for the
year 1801,

is.96841276 An aci to amend the act, entituled, “ An act

establish a general stamp office," . An act providing for a naval peace establishment and for other purposes,

i , 280 An act concerning the mint, An act authorising the Secretary of the Treasury

to employ clerks for completing the abstracts P! of the valuation of lands and dwelling houses,

and the enumeration of slavés, **!! 286+ An act giving a right of pre-emption to certain ...

persons who have contracted with John Cleve's li Syinmes or his affociates, for lands lying beri tween the Miami Rivers in the territory of the United States north-west of the Ohio,


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