The travels of ... father Montfaucon from Paris thro' Italy. Made Engl. [by J. Henley.].


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Σελίδα 439 - Zobenica, at Venice, leans considerably to one side. So also at Ravenna, I took notice of another stooping tower, occasioned by the ground on that side giving way a little. In the way from Ferrara to Venice, where the soil is marshy, we see a structure of great antiquity leaning to one side. When the whole structure of the Garisenda stooped, much of it fell, as appears by the top.
Σελίδα 302 - Senatus Populusque Romanus Imp. Caesari Divi Nervae f. Nervae Traiano Aug. Germ. Dacico Pontif. Maximo trib. pot. XVII. Imp. VI. Cos. VI. PP ad declarandum quantae altitudinis mons et locus tan(tis ope)ribus sit egestus.
Σελίδα 436 - ... Dominican Fathers. But in regard that the said jewel is locked up under two keys, one of which is kept by the magistrates, and the other by the friars, they took care to have them both brought; and produced a vast volume or roll. It is a calf-skin dressed and pliable, containing, not the book of Ezra, as many give out, but the Pentateuch, in the nature of the books still preserved in the Synagogues of the Jews : I took notice of some few marginal notes by a more modern hand. The letters have...
Σελίδα 167 - His empty can, with ears half worn away, Was hung on high, to boast the triumph of the day. Invaded thus, for want...
Σελίδα 385 - Lord Charles, by the grace of God King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c.
Σελίδα 415 - ... wholly unreliable, and therefore, before proceeding further, these should be dismissed as fabulous. The numerous remains are now left to guide us, and, after consulting various comparative epochs in Brahmanical architecture, I would assign the erection of the oldest among the Deo-Barundrak temples to about the end of the ninth, or beginning of the tenth, century...
Σελίδα 3 - Vienne. décréta decurionum flaminica Viennae, tegulas aeneas auratas cum carpusculis et vestituris basium, et signa Castoris et Pollucis cum equis , et signa Herculis et...
Σελίδα 437 - This appears by the character," says. Montfaucon, "to have been written in the days of Aymericus, general of the order, who enjoyed that dignity in the year of our Lord 1308. This makes it plain, that they are much mistaken who think there are no Hebrew Bibles written above four hundred years ago. For it is four hundred years since this manuscript was presented to Aymericus, which was then looked upon as so very ancient ; and though what they say of its being written by Ezra's own hand looks like...
Σελίδα 5 - One of them was a piece of cloth with a hole " in the middle to put the head through," and long enough to reach from the shoulder to the knee.
Σελίδα 412 - ... a kind of wood particularly odoriferous and valuable. In the library of St. Mary, at Florence, is the whole New Testament on silk, with the Liturgy, and short Martyrology ; at the end of it there is written in Greek, " By the hand of the sinner and most unworthy mark ; in the year of the World, 6840, (that is, of Christ, 1332,) Monday, Dec. the 22nd."* Some of the Greek MSS.

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