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piece, from the French (this is the acting, and twice felt struck with theatre for French dishes)-called the neatness of the dialogue, yet Love among the Roses, (what a sum- we are still faithful to the title, and mer title ! *) Mr. Beazley, we be- cannot get out of the intricacies of lieve, was the translator, and we have the plot. There are two masters, to thank him for a very sprightly two ladies, and two servants, and little opera. Wrench, in a sort of they shuffle and cut through two acts, Rover character, was all life and spi- like half a pack of cards. We posirits. Miss Carew made love like an tively, however, can give no account angel. Mr. Bennett (are there two of the play, although we have seen Blanchards ? for this is assuredly it so excessively: some critics would one) was an alderman to the very out-do us doubly, and give an accalf of the leg.- But Wilkinson as a count of what they had never seen gardener -- as Timothy Hollyhock,- at all. expanded like a sun-flower. He was The following is one of the songs not up to his name, poor little man, out of the new opera of Gil Blas, but he was full of his calling, and which will be undergoing its trial seemed one vast everlasting sweet- about the time our readers are underpea. In his joy, he was verily like going our Magazine. A printed copy a broad banging dog-rose ; and in his of the songs has been sent to us, and pathos, he indeed made you weep we dip into it at a venture. like a watering-pot. If he plays this part for his benefit he will draw a At Evening's close, at Evening's close, great audience from the grounds

The ladye-spirit that haunts the rose

Her fragrant web of slumber weaves, about Fulham and the King's Road, -and the pit will be one sheet of

And foldeth up her hundred leaves.

At Evening's close, at Evening's close, Dr. Kitchener composed for the The fairy-ladye, whose repose piece ; but we prefer his meat to his Is in the water-lily's shell, music.

Shuts her white bower, and sleepeth well. At the same house, a piece called At Evening's closc, at Evening's close, All in the Dark was successfully My heart forsakes the budded rose ; brought out; but although we have Forgets the lily's placid breast, twice seen it, and twice adroired the And wakes and w ander s while theyre st!

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The state of Spain presents the be said to have been generated by first and most important feature in the recent political events of Europe, our foreign summary for this month. the lovers of constitutional monarchy Movements have taken place in the and regulated freedom, inclining a capital of a very decisive nature, little, and not unnaturally, from their which recall strongly to memory the hatred of, and sufferingsunder, the old events which preluded the French corruption, rather to the side of rerevolution. Our readers are aware publicanism. The bitterness of those that Madrid, and indeed almost all two political bodies has long been Spain, is divided into two parties; the overflowing, and an opportunity was one is composed of the friends of the only wanting to give it operation. old regime; the sticklers for legiti- This opportunity presented itself on macy and the inquisition; and, in the prorogation of the Cortes by the short, of men who can see nothing King, on the 30th of June. His Maeither of freedom or of wisdom, ex- jesty proceeded to close the session, cept in the extremes of despotism and which he did in a very constitutional priestcraft; to this party, the beloved speech, echoed in a similar spirit by Ferdinand is supposed most sincerely the president of the Assembly. On though secretly to incline : the o- his Majesty's proceeding to the ther party consists of men who may Cortes, and on his return, serious


• The reading of a bill at this house is a romantic pleasure. One evening it ran thus-Love's DREAM; THE RENDEZVous; and LOVE AMONG THE Roses.

disturbances took place, one party sentations as to the state of the cashouting “ Long live the absolute," pital, upon which his Majesty anand the other, “ the constitutional nounced that he would attend in perKing.”—The violence of Ferdinand's son a new council to be held on the guards manifested itself in the most evening of the 5th. The result of outrageous acts, and one of their own this sitting was not known until the officers fell a victim to the intemper- evening of the 6th, during the entire ance which he sought in vain to re- of which day the guards continued press. To this tumult a gloomy calm their mutinous negociations. At three of two days succeeded—a calm, how- o'clock, however, on the morning of ever, but too plainly not in the course the 7th, the four battalions who had of nature, but rather the precursor of encamped on the Prado threw down a storm. Rumours were industrious- one of the city gates, and penetrated ly circulated by the Court party that into the capital. Their plan, as it the King considered his life in dan- appears, was to form themselves into ger, and had determined to take re- three divisions, one of which was to fuge in the Prado, which is a royal attack the park of artillery; another palace, situated about two leagues to disarm the national militia which from Madrid; on the other hand, the had encamped in the Square of the liberal papers indulged in the sever- Constitution ; and the third to take est invectives against the Court, and possession of the Puerta del Sol, and the temper and spirit of the house- to guard the streets which led to it. hold troops. Thus things remained The government, it seems, were aptill the evening of the 2d of July, prized of the determination of the when four battalions, amounting to mutineers; and the militia and armed between 1500 and 2000 men, evinced inhabitants under General Morillo, symptoms of insubordination, and, assisted by Generals Ballasteros and after displaying much disorder and Riego, assembled to oppose them. tumult, raised the standard of revolt. The part which General Morillo acted As if by previous concert, they de- upon this occasion is particularly reserted the posts where they were markable, and fully proves the opistationed on guard ; and two batta- nion which, at least, he entertains as lions from the quarter of St. Isabel the permanency of the old system. met two battalions from other quar- Our readers cannot forget that this ters; and having first taken up a was the distinguished officer who had hostile position on the parade ground fought for Ferdinand during all the of the guards, they proceeded to the Peninsular campaigns, and who had Prado. Here the mutineers, after subsequently, with a comparatively

. having massacred several of their small force, supported the royalist own officers whom they suspected of cause of Old Spain against the revolt being too constitutional, not only re- of Bolivar The King had, on the fused the general amnesty which was 2d, appointed him Colonel of the two offered them, but actually proceeded regiments of foot guards (the mutito dictate terms. In the mean time, neers), under the idea, no doubt, of their cause was joined by two other the leaning which he might naturally battalions, who were on guard in the be supposed to have against the conpalace, and may be said to have had stitutional system. Morillo accordthe whole Royal Family in a state of, ingly presented himself to the troops if not bondage, at least surveillance. of the Prado and of the palace in As it was thought that the King's pre- order to take their command; they, sence in the palace rather encouraged however, obstinately refused to rethe mutineers, it was resolved in a ceive him unless he entered into their Council of State to invite his Majesty views, upon which, after courageousto separate himself from his mutinous ly remonstrating with them on their guards, and repair with his family to rebellion, he repaired to the capital. the hall of the Municipality. To the Riego, who had returned to Madrid surprise of every one, however, Fer- on the 2d, wished for an immediate dinand answered, “ My guards are attack on the mutineers, which was, not mutinous ; let me put myself at however, suspended at the request of their head, and you will see whether Morillo, in order to give him an opthey do not obey me.” The council, portunity of making this fruitless upon this, made the strongest repre- personal appeal. Xll negociations


were at last abruptly concluded by balcony of the great square, in the the movement of the household troops, presence of the national militia and who relied, no doubt, upon their su- the garrison, to whom he afterwards perior discipline against the hastily gave the benediction. A Te Deum organised militia and citizens op- for this grand constitutional victory posed to them. They, in their first was then chaunted, at which the irruption, having dislodged the guard whole population of Madrid may be at the post-office, charged into the said to have been present. Ferdigreat square, where there were two nand showed himself at one of the thousand of the national militia post- balconies of the palace, and made a ed, with two pieces of artillery. They profound obeisance to the national were immediately fired with troops. Thus ended this extraordidreadful effect, and obliged, afternary aggression, which is supposed the loss of one hundred men, to re- to have had a much deeper source treat upon the palace, where, it will than the mere discontentment of a be remembered, the two other mu- few battalions. Private letters say, tinous battalions had taken up their that it was the result of a wellposition. In the mean time, all the planned conspiracy, at the head of avenues to this position were pos- which was no less a personage than sessed and carefully guarded by the the Duke del Infantado, one of the patriotic levies. In this critical situ- principal grandees of Spain. This ation of affairs, the permanent depu- nobleman, and 128 of his accomtation of the Cortes, who were sepa- plices, are said to have been arrested. rated from the King's ministers, that. The liberal party, indeed, hesitate had been shut up in the palace from not to state, that the Duke was the preceding day, convoked a junta, countenanced by still higher authocomposed of some councillors of rity;—that it was the last struggle state and others, in order to delibe- of expiring despotism ;-the dying rate upon a message to the King, to grasp of the monster ABSOLUTE LEterminate in some way the horrors GITIMACY. If this be true, the para which surrounded them. The object tizans of this exploded system must of this message was a request to the now clearly see that they have no King, to order the mutineers to lay longer any room for hope ;-the last down their arms, but this was con- fires of the inquisition have been sidered inconsistent with the Royal quenched in the blood of the mutidignity. In the end, however, the neers. Nothing, indeed, appears King agreed, that the four battalions more remarkable throughout this conwho had committed the hostile ag- vulsion, than the concert exhibited gression should immediately surren- between the national militia and the der their arms, and that the other municipal authorities, except, pertwo might be permitted to leave the haps, the coolness of the latter in-this capital with their arms, but divided trying emergency ;-this, and the defrom each other, and forced to give cided adhesion of Morillo to the cause up to punishment such of their body of the constitution, must convince as were participators in the murder Ferdinand, that his only chance of of their officer, on the day of the retaining the name of King is the prorogation of the Cortes. Orders relinquishment of any future attempt having been accordingly given to this to erase the name of the people. The effect, the battalions who were con- municipality of Madrid have, indeed, demned to the surrender of their spoken out in a language which even arms took to flight. A detachment the Embroiderer cannot misunderof artillery, militia, and cavalry, stand, as our readers will see from were sent in pursuit of them; they the following extract from an address were soon overtaken ; many were left presented by that body to the King dead on the field, and more than a on the 9th of July. “ It is still time, third part were taken prisoners. On Sire, but perhaps it is the last time, the morning of the 8th, the small to remedy the evil. The means are party of the guards which had es- simple, and being once adopted, the caped on the preceding night pre- social edifice will stand on such solid sented themselves, and sued for par foundations, that neither the present don. At ten o'clock the auxiliary generation, nor that which will reBishop of Dladrid said mass, in the place our grandchildren, shall ever see it shaken. But the first and the and the unequivocal declarations of chief means consists in your Ma- the French ultras, give but too much jesty's becoming, at last, convinced, reason to suppose that the holy althat the real friends to your life and liance fraternity have ramifications your glory are the defenders of the in their various neighbourhoods, acfundamental laws which guarantee tive enough in the promotion of their them both; and in your placing anti-philanthropic objects. Accordyourself with sincerity at the head of ingly, we find M. Gilbert des Voisons the cause of the country, and giving in the sitting of the French Chamber public and particular pledges, that of Deputies, of the 15th, openly you consider yourself identified with charging the administration with it. In order to give the first proof supplying means for the Spanish that your Majesty has sincerely em- counter-revolution. Indeed, the sitbraced that cause, nothing is so ne- tings of the French Chamber present, cessary as to appoint, in replacing in the conduct of the triumphant ulthe retired ministers, men known to tras, a striking contrast to the mobe illustrious, and to be devoted to deration displayed in Spain by the the system, and endowed with an liberal party during their recent sucenergy and an activity capable of cesses. Every debate teems with re-animating the public body, now the vilest personal invective, and languid and weak, through the bad evinces but too plainly that in the faith of a great number, and through minds of Louis's legitimate advisers the indolence and intemperance of might and right are convertible others. Your court, Sire, or rather terms. If we are to credit the auyour domestic circle, is composed (such thority of private letters from Paris, is the public conviction) of permanent it would seem as if the French Ulconspirators against liberiy!"-Such tras were infatuated enough to think was the language which Ferdinand of declaring actual war upon Spain; was compelled to hear after these a contract, they say, has been just events, which it has been seen were concluded by the Government for followed by the immediate resigna- 10,000 artillery horses, all the absent tion of his cabinet. It behoves him officers have been ordered to their well to attend to ii-when a people, posts, and the conscripts for the year after such acts, speak such language, 1821 commanded to join the army. it is plain enough, that they are de- Notwithstanding all this, Spain has termined not to be trifled with. The but little to fear, in our opinion, priests and ultras seem, however, from these efforts, to dictate a subdetermined not to surrender their mission to despotism to her people. mammoth Moloch without a strug- The conspiracy to which we algle. Every effort was made by luded in our last as having taken them, through their corrupt press, place in Portugal, has received no to show that these disturbances took fresh elucidation. The Cortes applace through the machinations of pear to have been chiefly occupied the liberal party, and by the ma- on the important question of giving næuvres of secret societies connected independance to the Brazils, and with them. In order to give a co- very warm debates have taken place lour to such misrepresentations, a upon the subject. The committee apmeeting is stated to have taken place, pointed to draw up the Brazilian at the hotel of the British Ambassa- constitution have given it as their dor, of all the foreign representatives opinion, that an union between the at the Court of Madrid, and a note two kingdoms was an utter imposto the effect alluded to was proposed sibility ; that the legislature must, for their signature. The American for certain affairs, be necessarily difMinister, however, with that dig- ferent in each of the kingdoms; that nified determination worthy the re- the executive power cannot act in presentative of a free people, not Brazil without a permanent and only refused his concurrence, but ample delegation, and that all its raopenly declared that if any such do- mifications must be free from every cument were issued, he would in- dependance on Portugal. Such is stantly meet it with his official con- the opinion of the committee, but no tradiction. Indeed the unnecessary decision appears as yet to have been continuance of the Cordon Sanitaire, come to by the legislature itself.

No great difference seems to have rage could suggest. An article from taken place within the last month in Corfu states, that their Government the relative situation of Turkey and had adopted a new mode of paying Russia. The war, however, between the troops fighting for the independ the Greeks and the Sultan still con- ence of their country. This was the tinues, and continues daily to as- substitution of land for money, and sume, if possible, a still deeper die of was to be effected by the sequeshorror and atrocity. The capture of tration of the Turkish estates. It Scio by the Turks, and the treató is calculated that the domains bement of its wretched inhabitants, are longing to the Sultan, the Vakoufs, almost unparalleled in the annals of and the mosques, afford an extent of human depravity! This beautiful and territory more than sufficient to pay fertile island has been literally left a a large army for a number of years. desart ruin by these barbarians By a decree issued at Corinth, on every building has been prostrated, the 19th of May last, the soldiers alevery garden dug up, every soul ready enrolled, and those who may butchered or sent into captivity! On hereafter enlist, are to receive an the 10th of May, the number of slain acre of land a month, as long as they amounted to 25,000, the captives to continue to serve the state ; those 30,000! The few who escaped im- who may be called upon to serve bemediate butchery were obliged to yond the Morea, are to receive an lurk without food or raiment among acre and a half; and the rights of the mountains, where famine must those killed in battle will descend to. soon inevitably finish what the knife their heirs, who will receive for the. and the sabre had left unconsum- whole amount of the time which. mated! All the women were sent those killed had engaged to serve; into slavery: the men and male chil- those incapacitated by wounds are to dren above twelve years of age were be considered as having completed massacred, and those under that age, their engagements. This decree is of both sexes, were sent off under a thought to be admirably suited to guard of Turkish soldiery to Con- the character and circumstances of stantinople by way of Smyrna. One the country; and, indeed, its policy horrible fact, related in a private let- is illustrated by the fact of 5000 ter from one of the survivors, will Morean recruits having instantly enspeak more than volumes could, the rolled themselves in the army. Most character of these atrocities. Two sincerely and devoutly do we say to regiments of Turks (says the writer) this sacred causemi pede fausto, had assembled, and shut up in the In South America the hopes of country about 700 persons, chiefly Old Spain daily decline. Bolivar has peasants, whom they meant to divide entered Quito in triumph, after deamongst themselves as slaves; but feating what may be said to be the not being able to agree in the partition, last remnant of the Royalists; and they began disputing. A priest, more General Iturbide has been proclaimed humane than the rest, began expos- Emperor of Mexico! This fortunate tulating with them on their dissen- adventurer was once a lieutenant ! sions, and exhorted them to concord; He was elected by a majority of when one of those savage brutes votes in the Congress, and is said to exclaimed, that the only way to avoid have been long aiming at this eledissension was to put them all to the vation, for which he had paved the sword; and in less than half an hour way, as usual, by gaining an ascendall these innocent men were butcher- ancy over the minds of the troops. ed!! Others of these wretches had in The Congress commenced their detheir possession four families of dis- liberations on the subject the motinction; the women and children ment they were made acquainted they sent to the City—the men they with the decree of the Spanish Gobled to death.Such is the account vernment, disarowing the treaty given on but too good authority — made with O'Donoju, and consesurely all comment on such atrocities quently rejecting the offer of rewould be vain.— The Greeks (to the ceiving a member of Ferdinand's eternal disgrace of all christendom, family as the future sovereign of still without an ally) were making Mexico. This decree gave adliti such resistance as despair and cou- onal strength to Iturbide's party,

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