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which was joined by many who were tenue for the corresponding quarter afraid of anarchy, and by many who in 1821, by the sum of 622,0001. thought a republican form of govern- The claim of the East India Comment ill-suited to a country where pany also, which had been rated so there were so many privileged classes, high as five millions, was upon an and so many titled and wealthy. arbitration reduced to 1,300,000l. and

A commercial treaty, on the basis was in progress of arrangement, upon of mutual benefit, has been con- the basis of that estimate. cluded between France and the The Marriage Act Amendment Bill United States.

has passed into a law with all the reOur domestic intelligence for this trospective clauses unimpaired by * month is confined almost entirely to qualification. The Lord Chancellor, the state of Ireland and our parlia- Lord Stowell, Lord Redesdale, and mentary report. The famine in that several other noblemen have, howill-fated country, we lament to say, ever, entered protests on the journals, still continues, and is still met by the condemning the bill as likely to shake benevolent exertions of the people of the security of property in particular England. The subscription has accumulated to the great amount of According to a return laid before 200,0001. a most munificent national Parliament, the total amount of donation, and suitable in every way Bank of England notes in circulation, to the noble character of those from on the 25th of June, was 16,481,450l.; whom it emanated. While, however, of which 13,964,350l. were in notes we applaud as it deserves the gene- of 5l. and upwards ; 1,481,050). in rous conduct of the donors, we must Bank post bills; and 956,0501. in now add, that which we were un- notes under 51. willing to do while charity was in In consequence of some observathe full career of its benevolent exer- tions made in the House of Commons tion, namely, that such donations, by Mr. Abercrombie, relative to the so extended to Ireland, appear to trial of Mr. Stuart, and the affair of

to be nothing more than a the notorious Beacon Newspaper, a bounty on the mis-government of the correspondence took place between country. No one, who is at all ac- that gentleman and two Scotch Advoquainted with the state of its inhabi- cates, Mr. Menzies and Mr. Hope, tants, will venture to deny that, as which was construed by the House things now go, they will be subject- into a breach of privilege. The con. ed inevitably to at least a triennial sequence was, that Mr. Hope and visitation of these calamities. It is Mr. Menzies were brought by mesdreadful to think, that even in the sengers of the Honse to the bar; height and crisis of this misery, no having, however, expressed that they one permanent measure has been had no intention of offending against adopted to check its future recur- the rules of Parliament, they were rence. The question is now almost suffered to depart with a reprimand. come to this are there any states. But for these prompt measures, it is man-like means to be devised for the more than probable that a duel must useful employment of an unnaturally have ensued, as Mr. Abercrombie encreasing population, or are we to had set off for Edinburgh with a trust that Providence will come in friend avowedly for the purpose. aid of our Parliament, and diminish An attempt was made by Mr. them periodically by famine or typhus Hobhouse towards the repeal of the fever

window tax in England, but the moThe Chancellor of the Exchequer tion was negatived. has, since our last, unfolded the fi- We are happy to state that a bill nancial means of the country, in has passed the legislature, rendering what is technically termed the bud- cruelty to animals a crime and subget. His speculations are extremely ject to punishment to a certain exfavourable, as to the chance of re- tent, discretional in the magistrates. turning prosperity; and, indeed, he In our next, we expect to be able communicated one fact, which goes to announce the close of the session, strongly to confirm his statement, at which it is said the King will apnamely, that the revenue for the pear in person, and immediately after July quarter, 1822, exceeded the re- proceed on his royal visit to Scotland.




AUGUST I, 1822.


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The condition of the proprietor and ginning to show themselves, is to be found the cultivator of the soil has undergone no in the defalcation of the assessed taxes to alteration for the better since our last re- the amount of 136,0001., about one-twenport. If, indeed, it has suffered any change, tieth part of the whole ; and as the effect of such change is probably for the worse. such reductions in domestic establishments Mr. Western, with a view to the ameliora- is only visible after the expiration of a tion of the landed interest, or rather per- year, and in the Midsummer quarter, we can haps to what he deems the justice of the not but anticipate a still greater deficiency case, has again brought the subject of the in the years 1823 and 1824. Here then currency under the consideration of the le. lies the difficulty to reconcile a failing gislature. By Mr. Peel's Bill," he as- revenue with a necessity for a still further serted, an immense proportion, nearly reduction of taxation. two-thirds, of that valuable class the cul. The timely fall of rain, which happened tivators of the soil had been rendered insol- immediately after we last wrote, may be

The Jandholders,” he said, “ would said to have changed the face of the counsoon be involved in the same ruin ; they try; even the most thirsty soils have drunk were now only beginning to suffer, and these bounteous showers, and the vegetamany estates at this moment did not pay tion is revived to a degree alnıost incredible. 20 per cent. of their rent. Noblemen and The barleys, which in the eastern districts gentlemen by the effect of this dreadful particularly seemed to be dried up and pemeasure would be dragged down from their rished, have shot out; and many a field proud elevation, and would have to endure which scarcely appeared to promise a reà confiscation of their property unex- turn of the seed, now exhibits, all circumampled in this or in any other country.” stances considered, a tolerably fair promise. The remedy proposed by Mr. Western The wheats are every where excellent, and was an increased paper currency ; it met, will afford, to speak in the lowest possible however, with no success, and but little terms, at least a good average crop. In support. To mitigated taxation, we must Berkshire, and the midland counties, and therefore look for relief, and a reduction, even in the eastern extremity of the kingin fact, of sufficient extent to bring things dom, wheat will have been cut and harvestto the condition of 1792.


ed some days before this meets the public We altogether doubt the policy upon eye; and if the weather continues as prowhich the late Corn Bill proceeds, except pitious as it is now, and has been, the crop it be intended by Ministers, as we must will be got up a full month before the presume it is, to slope and soften the gra- usual time. This is very important, inasdual descent to the prices of the Continent. much as it will add to the glut which the If we suppose that Ministers intend to con- markets have exhibited, and are more likely sider the rate of importation they have than ever to exhibit for some time to come. fixed (seventy shillings) as the general Sowing turnips has gone on, and is still price, or if we assume with Opposition that proceeding very advantageously, although fifty-two shillings (the present cost of a in some few instances they who were deterquarter of wheat upon the Continent, with mined to be soon enough, at all events, the importation duty) will be the level rate have lost some of those which were very hereafter, the people of this country will early in the ground, by the fly. We then pay nearly double the price at which scarcely know a more convincing proof the inhabitants of the Continent are fed. of tardiness and reluctance to improveWe therefore doubt altogether the possi- ments, which are but too justly attribility of sustaining this high price, and buted to farmers in general, than is given keeping the capital and the arts of the in the cultivation of this most indispensable country at home. At present, the tenant article of husbandry. It has been shown is unquestionably sinking his capital, a most clearly, theoretically, and practically, state of things which cannot long continue ; at the Holkham meetings for some years while the landlord is abating his rents, and past, that the ridge system of planting not consequently contemplating a contraction only raises the most abundant crops, but of his cxpenditure which must in time protects the nascent leaves the most effecaffect the revenue. The most striking proof tually from the fly, by pushing on the of these results, which are now only be. growth in so rapid a manner as scarcely to Vol. VI.-Mon. Reg.


18 Commercial Report.

afford the insect time for their destruction, and there can be no question that he walks while this method secures the turnip from in some degree by the light of their counother evil after-consequences. Mr. Coke sel. We put it then to the most serious was accustomed to assert, that improve. consideration of the Agriculturists and of ments, supposing them to travel from a the country at large, what must be the point, and extend themselves equally in all state of things when such a man, acting directions, did not add above one mile an- under such advice, abandons the first obo zually to the circumference of the circle. ject of his long and useful life, a meeting In this case, although one of the most which brought together the scientific of all useful in its consequences, the system lands, for the purpose of participating their seems scarcely to have been diffused even knowledge and their discoveries in the in this small proportion. And here we most beneficial of arts-what must be the cannot recur to these meetings without no- state of things when such a man abandons ticing that they are this year suspended. in despair so brilliant and so admirable an Thač Mr. Coke should have thought it no

institution ? longer useful to continue so illustrious, so The county reports generally speak well beneficial, and so widely-extending an as- of the crop of grass, and indeed in most sembly of propagandists, for such in truth instances are favourable ; though while they were, is a fact that speaks volumes. they recount the details of this abundance, The anniversary of 1821 was the forty- they consider it rather as an evil than as a third. Mr. Coke is so liberal in all that blessing. The Yorkshire markets have relates to money matters, that we are satis- been glutted with wool, and prices are fied pecuniary considerations did not at all rather lower, varying from 16s. to 12s. per enter among the reasons which induced stone of 164 lbs. In the east, on the conhim to suspend a festival that formed, in trary, this commodity has been selling a its preparations and its completion, so large little better than most articles of farm proa portion of his employment and of his duce. The trade in Smithfield has been happiness, and so bright a consummation brisk, and the prices improved ; in beef, to his agricultural character. He is sur- for good qualities, 3s. 6d. was obtained, and rounded by gentlemen who enjoy the most for mutton, (good small sheep) 38. and per. enlarged acquaintance with the subject, haps rather more.



(London, July 23.) Having stated at some length in our pre- Cotion.—The Cotton market has been ceding report the alterations introduced dull and heavy during the last month, and into our commercial system, we shall not the whole sales from the 21st of last month have occasion at presení to offer any farther up to the 16th instant were only about remarks on the subject. With respect to 2,500 bags. The depression was fur. foreign countries, the French Chambers ther increased by the unfavourable accounts have passed the new tariff of duties and pro- from Liverpool. The arrivals at Liverpool hibitions, that are likely to be productive of from 18th June to 20th July, were 72,000 no small inconvenience, notwithstanding bags, the sales in the same five weeks the opposition of some members who re- 50,500 bags. commended a more liberal system, espe- The accounts from Liverpool of the 20th cially with respect to the German States, were favourable ; 16,700 bags had been which have adopted measures of retaliation sold in the preceding week. The imagainst France. The inhabitants of the Ne- provement in the demand and in the prices therlands also loudly complain of the in- of Cotton at Liverpool has little effect on creased rigour of the French system, which this market, and during the last week India they say affects them more than other coun- descriptions were offered at a small reductries. On the 10th of this month, a report tion without facilitating sales. The purwas presented to the Portuguese Cortes, chases are entirely for export; nearly 750 upon the commercial treaty with Great bags were sold, all in bond, viz. 100 Britain, and on the remonstrance of the Pernams, good 114d. and 118d.; 20 British Chargé d'Affaires, complaining of Bowed, middling 8d.; 6 ditto good 8d.; the Portuguese having raised the duty on 5 stained Sea Islands, middling 7 d.; 400 certain British goods from 15 to 30 per Bengals, very ordinary 5d., fair 5 d., good cent. This report is drawn up in terms fair 5 d. and 52 d., good 6d., and very good that may be thought offensive, and reflecting 6ļd., 200 Surats, middling 6d. a 6 d. and on the British Chargé d'Affaires. It is ex- 6 d. good fair. pected to become a subject of animadver- The Cotton market is particularly heavy, con with the English Government. notwithstanding the favourable accounts re

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ceived from Liverpool and Glasgow. A port duties; no alteration will take place in public sale was attempted; for 173 bags Muscovades, but the Planters will be allow. fair quality Berbice, no offers whatevered to clay sugars in the West-Indics, and were made; 20 bags Pernambuco (duty the import duty on Molasses will be repaid) were taken in at 11d. ; 31 Orleans duced from 108. to ls. per cwt. at 8 d. and 8d.

Average prices of raw Sugars from GaSugar. There has been considerable zette. hustle in the sugar market; at the close of June 29.

.29s. 01. last month, the demand was brisk and ex

July 6.

.28s. 5d. tensive, and prices improved 2s. per cwt.

..30s. 8d. partly from an expectation that some change

20. ......3ls, ld. on the duty would take place, and an Coffel.—The market has been improving additional bounty be given on refined sugar during the whole of this month, and the exported. This expectation, however, was prices have in general risen considerably. completely disappointed, when a communi. The following is the report of the market cation from the Government was received for the week ending the 23d instant. to this effect : “ The state of the revenue The demand during the last week was would not allow of any reduction of the brisk and very extensive; 1537 casks, and duty on importation, and as to an additional 836 bags, were brought forward, and notbounty on refined exported, the House of withstanding the sales being continued till Commons had evinced a decided determi. an unusually late hour. yet the biddings nation against bounties of every description; were animated, and higher prices were geand under these circumstances no alteration nerally obtained at the close of the sales whatever would take place.” Though this than at the commencement ; the market communication of course made an unfa. was rather higher. There were three pubvourable impression, it seems not to have lic sales again brought forward this forehad the effect upon the market that was noon, 416 casks and 844 bags, consisting anticipated from it: for in the succeeding of Demerara and Berbice, Jamaica, Sto week the purchases were nearly 5,000 hogs- Domingo, and Brazil descriptions ; the beads, and the prices rather higher than whole sold with briskness, the fine at the otherwise.

previous prices, the ordinary, good, and The value of refined sugars exported to fine ordinary at higher rates ; 158 bags St. the 1st of July this year was 775,0002. Domingo, fine ordinary coloury 1078. 6d.

There was a plentiful supply of new and 108s.; good ordinary 104s. 6d.; good Sugars on show this morning, and a great ordinary Brazil 1038. 6d. ; fine ordiproportion of good quality; the consequence nary Jamaica realised 118s. Cd.; good has been a full attendance of buyers, and middling 136s. a 140s. Gencrally the contrary to the general expectation there have coffee market may be stated 28. higher been rather extensive purchases, and at than on Tuesday last; and notwithstanding prices a shade higher; the Refiners have the large sales brought forward, the dea appeared at market, and have to-day pure mand continues brisk and extensive. chased rather freely. The estimated sales Tea. The differences with China being to-day, 1200 hhds. The public sale of adjusted, the market has receded to the Barbadoes this forenoon, 124 hhds 14tierces, prices at the late India sale. sold with some briskness at higher prices Oils. There are no certain accounts of than last week, nearly recovering the de. the fishery, but prices have rather declined. pression we have noticed. The supply of A Greenland whaler, that arrived at Hamrefined goods is very limited, and it is be- burgh on the 20th June, brought very falieved the quantity for some weeks to come vourable accounts. will be quite inconsiderable; the demand is Indigo bears a small premium on the however on a very confined scale.

prices of the late sale. Considerable par. Import Dutyon West India Producc.- cels of Spanish, lately arrived, sell at high The West-India Committee have again prices. applied to government respecting the im

Corr.--By the new Corn Act, the following are to be in future the restrictive prices and duties on importation of foreign corn, viz. :

Wheat. Oats. Barley. Beans and Peas. Per Gazette average.

.70s. Od. 258. Od. 3ās, Od. 468. Od. Canada

....59s. Od. 205. Od. 30s. Od. 39s. Od. Duty.....

...12s. Od. 4s. Od. 68. Od. 8s. 04. And additional for the first three months 53. Od. 2s. Od. 23. 60. 3s. 6d.

At which rates the stocks now in bond are to be in preference adınitter fo: homeconsumption : but the ports are not to open the first time for fresh imports until the everages per Gazette have attained 80s. on Wheat, 28s. on Oats, 40s. on Barley, 53s. on Beans and Peas ; and each article is then to pay the duties stated.

FOREIGN COMMERCE. Germany. The conferences of the de band at 27.; cut Badstub at 36 r. has paties of the southern States of Germany, more buyers than sellers. - Hemp, the de assembled at Darmstadt, for the purpose of mand is much slacker, and the prices may agreeing on an uniform commercial system, be quoted as follows: Ukraine clean, 100 having been protracted far beyond expec- to 99 r. ; Polish ditto, 102 to 101 r. $ tation ; some of these States have judged Ukraine Outshot, 90 r. ; Polish ditto, it necessary to adopt measures to protect 92 r. ; Ukraine Pass, 80 r. ; Polish ditto, their subjects in the meantime. The re- 82. Torse, 49 to 48 r.--Hemp Oil, first commendation of the States of Baden has quality may be had at 90 r. per ship lb. been immediately attended to by the Go- Potashes, Polish Crown have been bought vernment, which has prohibited French wines, at 114r.–Tallow. Yellow candle, crown, &c. Similar measures have been adopted has been sold at 110 r. the nominal price by the Kings of Bavaria and W'urtemberg, of white, of which our stock is small, is and likewise by some of the Swiss Cantons. 115r. These measures, which it is to be observed, Gothenburg, 3 July.-- Since the middle are directly aimed at France by way of re- of May, about 70,000 ship pounds of iron taliation for the severe enactments of its have been exported, while our importation prohibitory code, are understood to be tem- from Wermeland and some ports in the porary, till the negociations at Darmstadt Baltic has been only 54,000 ship pounds ; shall have led to the adoption of an uniform so that, with a few exceptions, the price system. Meantime, the French Govern- has remained at 175 rix dollars; as the ment does not at all seem disposed to con. demand is at this moment slack, a small code any thing in favour of its neighbours, decline in the price is probable, but only yet in the debates in the Chamber of De- for a short time, because many orders puties, many members have not only af- are still unexecuted, and others expected, fected to be surprised at the reprisals now and the arrear of the regular supply is only used against the French commerce, but 30 to 40,000 ship pounds. have even taxed the German States with Hamburg, 13th July.-Cotton remains ingratitude to France, which has done without request, and some sorts might per. 30 much to secure their independence; haps be had on lower terms.- Coffee is still an assertion which has excited no small much in demand, and the high prices of surprise in Germany, which well remem- last week are fully supported.--Dye Woods, bers what kind of independence it was that fc. The greater part of the logwood lately it lost by the overthrow of the French ty- arrived has already been sold at reduced ranny.

prices. There has been a brisk demand The Rhenish West India Company for indigo this week, and a parcel which having had every reason to be satisfied has arrived direct, speedily found pur. with the success of its first consignments to chasers, being of remarkably fine quality : Hayti, has now equipped a vessel for in general, this article is held at higher Mexico, with every prospect of a similar prices. We have received some cochineal result. While we are far from thinking direct, but the price is not yet fixed. that the competition of the German manu- Corn. The change of weather which has facturers can be any injury to those of lately taken place just in time for the harEngland, we would earnestly recomiend vest has rather abated the demand, and to our merchants to act, at least to a certain prices have given way, except of rape seed, extent, with the prudence that has been which is readily purchased at 80 to 81 rix shown by the Germans. They, who have dollars - Spices. The sale of pepper is no thousands, and tens of thousands to risk rather limited, yet the prices are tirmer.on hazardous speculations, have taken care Rice. Old rice in particular is much sought, to assort their cargoes with the most scru. but the prices of all kinds are very firm.pulous regard to the wants of the country Tobacco. Except yellow Maryland, which to which they are consigned, and to act

becomes more and more scarce, our marupon the information of persons fully qua- ket is well supplied with all descriptions of lified by their experience and local know. this article. — Tea. The Ann and Hope ledge to give proper advice. We shall has brought a cargo from Canton direct, certainly not find them sending chests of --Sugars. The sale of Hamburg refined acates to the torrid zone, or ship loads of is very limited, but the prices, as well as of luxuries, or costly finery to countries which treacle are unchanged. Strong middling have been desolated by a long and san- lumps have been sold at 8 d., but inferior guinary intestine warfare, or where three- qualities will not fetch above 8d. In raw fourths of the inhabitants are slaves, or sugars so little is doing, that the prices can

not be stated, and are, in fact, nominal. Riga, 3d July-Flax lias been more in Hitherto the importation is estimated at demand this week, and the prices are more only twenty-six millions of pounds; whereas steady. Thiesenhausen and Druiania Rack- last year, at this time, it amounted to sixtyitzer are held at 40 r. and Risten Three- three million pounds.

half naked savages.

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