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WORKS PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION. Moral Hours, a Poem. By the Rev. J. Osmond, a Tale. By the Author of Jones, MA.

The Favorite of Nature. 3 Vols. 12mo. A Practical Treatise on Rural Orna- English Melodies, selected from the ment, which deduces the science from well- original Scores, and early printed Copies, known fixed principles. By Mr. Pontey. in the Library of W. Kitchiner, MD.

Essays on all the Scriptural Names and Journal of a Voyage to Greenland in Titles of Christ. By the Rev. W. Goode, 1821, with Graphic Illustrations. By MA., with a Memoir of the Author. 6 vols. Captain Manby. 1 Vol. 4to.

A New System of Arithmetic, on a Plan The Odyssey of Homer, translated in entirely Original, calculated to abridge the English Prose, as literally as the different Labour of the Tutor very considerably, Idioms of the Greek and English Lane and facilitate the Progress of the Pupil. guages will allow ; with explanatory Notes. By J. Walker. Also, a Key, or Exposi- By a Member of the University of Oxford tion of the New System, sold sealed up 2 Vols. 8vo. to Schoolmasters or Teachers only.

Hogg's Treatise on the Growth and Cule Military Memoirs of the Great Civil ture of the Carnation, Pink, Auricula, War, by John Gwynne; being an Account Polyarthus, Ranunculus, Tulip, &c. An of the Earl of Glencairn's Expedition, as improved Edition. 1 Vol. 12mo. General of his Majesty's Forces, in the An easy Course of Domestic Education, Highlands of Scotland, in the Years 1653 comprising a Series of Elementary Treatand 1654. By a Person who was Eye and ises on Juvenile Instruction; with Advice Ear Witness to every Transaction. With to Parents and Tutors for educating Child an Appendix. 1 Vol. 4to.

By W. J. Hort. 22 Vols. 18mo. Gems, principally from the Antique, Paterson's Roads of England and Wales, drawn and etched by R. Dagley; with and the Southern Part of Scotland. By Verse Illustrations by the Rev. G. Croiy, Mr. E. Mogg. 8vo. With Maps. A new AM. 1 Vol. foolscap 8vo. with 20 En. Edition. gravings.

A Description of the Strata and Organic Memoirs of George Heriot, Jeweller to Remains of Tilgate Forest ; with ObserJames VI., with an Historical Account of vations on the Beds of Limestone and Clay the Hospital founded by him at Edin that alternate in the Iron-sand of Sussex, burgh. With Engravings. 1 Vol. fools- and numerous representations of extraordi.

nary Fossils discovered. By Mr. Gideon An Account of the Lime Rocks of Ply- Mantell. mouth, with 10 Lithographic Prints of Dendrologia Britannica (trees and shrubs some of the Animal remains found in them. that will live in the open air of Britain.) By the Rev. Richard Hennab. I Vol. By Mr. P. Watson, of Hull. 8vo. Illus Royal 8vo.

trated with coloured Plates. The Life and Times of Daniel Defoe, Sermons, by the Rev. Jonathan Walton, with an Account of his Writings, and Rector of Birdbrook. 2 Vols. Anecdotes of several of his contemporaries. Travels into the Arkansa Territory, with By Mr. Walter Wilson.

Observations on the Manners of the Abo. The School for Mothers, or the Politics rigines. By Mr. Thomas Nuttall. Illusof a Village, a Novel. 3 Vols. 12mo. trated by a Map and other Engravings.


cap 8vo.



Landscape-gardening; including all the The Architectural Antiquities of Nor. latest Improvements, a general llistory of mandy: containing 100 Plates of the most Gardening in all Countries ; and a statisti. celebrated and most curious Remains of cal View of its present State, with Sugges. Antiquity in that Country. By John Sell tions for its future Progress, in the Britisk Cotman. In two Vols. Super Royal Folio, Isles. By J. C. Loudon, FLS. HS. &c. 12. 125. Large Paper, 211.

in One large Volume, 8vo. with 600 En

gravings on Wood, 21. 10s. Botany, fic.

The Scottish Cryptogamic Flora: or 00An Encyclopædia of Gardening ; com- loured Figures, and Descriptions of Crype prising the Theory and Practice of Horti- togamic Plants growing in Scotland, and culture, Floriculture, Arboriculture, and belonging chiefly to the Order Fungi. By

Work's lately Published,

Robert Kaye Greville, Esq. FRSE. MWS. A Gazetteer of the most Remarkable
&c. &c. Royal 8vo. No. II. Price 4s. Places in the World, with brief Notices of

Lectures on the Elements of Botany. the principal historical Erents, and of the Part I. By Anthony Todd Thomson, most celebrated Persons connected with FLS. Member of the Royal College of them. By Thomas Bourn. Price 18s. bd. Surgeons, &c. &c. in 8vo. Vol. I. Part I. Sketches of the Philosophy of Morals. with numerous Wood Cuts and Copper By Sir T. C. Morgan, MD. 8vo. Price 14s. Plates. Il. 8s. boards.

Recreative Hours. By Geo. E. Linley, Hortus Anglicus; or, the Modern En- Esq. Foolscap 8vo. Price 5s. glish Garden : containing a familiar De- Letters from Spain. By Don Leucadia soription of all the Plants which are culti. Doblado. 8vo. Price 15s. vated in the Climate of Great Britain. By Sketches and Fragnients. By the Authe Author of “ The British Botanist.” thor of “ The Magic Lantern.” Foolscap 2 Vols. 12mo. 16s.

8vo. Price 7s.

The Book of Fate, formerly in the Pos-

session of Napoleon, late Emperor of The French Primer, &c. containing a

France ; and now first rendered into Engcopious Vocabulary of familiar Words, with lish, from a German Translation of an 250 Engravings. By Mad Douin. 'Price ancient Egyptian Manuscript, found in the

Year 1801, by M. Sonnini, in one of the ls. sewed, 18. Gd. bound. The Second French Book, containing Upper Egypt. By H. Hirchenhoffer. 8vo.

Royal Tombs, near Mourt Hibycus, in short Phrases and easy Reading Lessons, Price 5s. with 100 Engravings. By the same. Price

An Introduction to the Study of Fossil ls. 6d. An Epitome of Roman Antiquities. By in the British Strata : intended to aid the

Organic Remains, especially of those found
C. Irving, LLD. and FSA. 12mo. 8s.

Student in his Enquiries respecting the Na-
An Abridgement of Blackstone's Com.

ture of Fossils, and their Connexion with mentaries on the Laws of England, in a

the Formation of the Earth. By James
Series of Letters from a father to his
Daughter.. By a Barrister at Law. 12mo. Parkinson, Fellow of the Royal College of
Price 58.

Surgeons, &c. 12s.

Novels and Tales.
Chronological Notes of Scottish Affairs,

Traditional Tales of the English and from 1680 till 1701, being chiefly taken Scottish Peasantry. By Allan Cunningfrom the Diary of Lord Fountainhall. ham, Author of Sir Marmaduke Maxwell, I Vol. 4to. Price 11. 16s.

&c. 2 Vols. 12mo. 12s.

Roche-Blanche; or, the Hunter of the Medicine.

Pyrenees. A Romance. By Miss A. M. Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, Vol. Porter. 3 Vols. 17. 4s. 12. 8vo. 9s.

The Scrinium. By Rebecca Edridge. The Scats and Causes of Diseases inves. 2 Vols. 12mo. 15s. tigated by Anatomy, containing a great

The Three Periis of Man ; or, War, Variety of Dissections, and accompanied Women, and Witchcraft. A Border Rowith Remarks. By John Laptist Morgag- mance. By James Hogg. 3 Vols. 12mo. ni. Abridged, and elucidated with copious 17. 48. Notes, by William Cooke, Member of the Vargas; a Tale of Spain. 3 Vols. 18sa Royal College of Surgeons, London. 2 Body and Soul. Consisting of a Series Vols. 8vo.

of lively and pathetic Stories, calculated to

excite the attention and interest of the ReMiscellaneous.

ligious World. In post 8vo. 12s. Napoleon in Exile; or a Voice from St. Malpas ; or Le Poursuivant D'Amour; Helena. The Opinions and Reflections of

a Romance. By the Author of the CavaNapoleon on the most iinportant Events lier. In 3 Vols. 12mo. 11. 1s. boards. of his Life and Government, in his own Werds. By Barry E. O'Mcara, Esq. his

Poetry and the Drama. late Surgeon. 2 Vols. 8vo. Price 11. 8s. Grimaldi ; a Tragedy, in five Acts. By

Memoirs of Benvenuto Cellini, a Floren- William Bailey. 8vo. 38. 6d. tine Artist. Written by himself. Edited Theatrical Portraits, with other Poems. ty Thomas Roscoe, Esq. 2 Vols. 8vo. By Harry Stoe Van Dyk. Foolscap 8vo. 68. Price 11. 4s.

Julian, the Apostate ; a Dramatic Poem Elements of the Game of Chess : or, a By Sir Aubrey De Vere Hunt, Bart. 8vo. New Method of Instruction in that cele- 8s. 6d. brated Game, founded on scientific Prin- The River Derwent, Part the First; and ciples. By W. Lewis, Teacher of Chess. Other Poems. By William Branwhite 12mo. Price 78.

Clarke, B. A. 8vo. 6s. 6d.


The Influence of Protestant Missionary Sermons on Subjects Doctrinal and Prac. Establishments, in developing the Physical tical. By the Rev. H. G. White, AM. and Moral Condition of Man, and elucidatCurate of Allhallows Barking, Tower- ing the Dark Regions of the Globe, briefly street. 2 Vols. 8vo. 248.

delineated. By Thomas Myers, AM, of An Examination of the Remonstrance the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. addressed to the Bishop of St. David's,

Price 3s. with Answers to the Questions addressed to

The Epistles of Paul the Apostle transTrinitarians generally, by Captain James lated, with

an Exposition, and Notes. By Gifford, RN. By a Trinitarian. 8vo. Es.

the Rev. Thomas Belsham. 4 Vols. 8vo.

21. 12s. Od. Baptism Discussed; containing Scripture Principles, Precepts, and Precedents, in

The Works of James Arminius, DD. favour of the Baptism of Infants and Chil- formerly Professor of Divinity in the Unidren. By Daniel Isaac. 12mo. 48. 6d.

versity of Leyden. Translated from the A Treatise on Love to God, considered Latin. With an Account of his Life and as the Perfection of Christian Morals. By

Character, &c. In 8vo. Parts I. and II. Rev. James Joyce, AM. 8vo. 78. 6d.

4s. each. Letters and Essays on Subjects connected with the Conversion and National Restora

Voyages, Travcls, and Topography. tion of Israel. First published in the Jew- Inquiry concerning the Site of Ancient ish Expositor. By William Cunninghame, Palibothra, Part IV. containing a Tour Esq. 8vo. 8s.

from Bhaugulpoor to Mandar, from thence Observation on the Metrical Version of to Corruckpoor, and a Circuit of the Hills, the Psalms, made by Sternhold, Hopkins, with an Account of the Site of the Ancient and others: with a View to illustrate the City of Jey Nuggur, and some remarks on Authority with which this Collection was the Jeyne Worship; with a Map, Views, at first admitted. With Notices of other &c. By William Francklin, LieutenantEnglish metrical Versions of the Psalms. Colonel in the Service of the Hon. EastBy the Rev. H. J, Todd, MA. FSA. 8vo. India Company. 4to. 15s. boards. 48.

A View of the Present State of the Scilly Three Sermons on St. Paul's Doctrine Islands : exhibiting their vast Importance of l. Justification by Faith : 2. Original to Great Britain ;-the Improvements of Sin: 3. Predestination : with Notes. By which they are susceptible. By the Rev. the Rev. Thomas Young, AM. 2d Edit. George Woodley, Missionary from the enlarged, 8vo. 9s.

Society for promoting Christian KnowThe Collects prefixed to the Epistles and ledge. 8vo. 12s. Gospels, in the Liturgy of the United A Description of the Scenery of the Church of England and Ireland, catechetic Lakes in the North of England. By W'. cally explained. By the Rev. John Rad. Wordsworth, Esq. in 18mo. With a Map. cliffe, MA. Rector of St. Anne, Lime- 58. 6d. sewed. house. 12mo. 58.


Where the Town or City in rhich the Bankrupi resides is not expressed, it rrill be alunys in London or the
Neighbourhood. So also of the Residences of the Attorneys, whose names are placed after a [.
T distinguishes London Commissions, C those of the country.

Told, W. and F. W. Courthope, Langbourn-
Gazette -June 22 to July 16.

chambers, Fenchurch-street, tiiber.merchants. June 22.-Bedsoli, T. and R. Bishop, Aston, Bir

[Hodgson, St. Mildred's-court. T. mingbam, brass-founders. (Edmunds, Ex

W'estron, M. Wellington, Somerset, draper. chequer-office of Pleas, Lincoln's-inn. C.

(Adams, Old Jewry. T. Bell, G. Brampton, Cuinberlaud, grocer. (Bell, June 25. Davies, J. Carmarthen, spirit-mer. Bow Church.yard. C.

chant. [Clarke, Chancery-inne. C. Cross, J. Halewood, Lancaster, brewer. (Ad- Garrod, s. Paldinsion-street, Marylebone, book. lington, Bedtord row. C.

seller and stationer. [Hill, Weibeck-street, Gayleard, J. New Bond-street, habit-maker. Cavendish-square. T.

(Bull, 21, Hollis.street, Cavendish-square. T. Lucas, R. and H. Lucas, Southampton, linenHarland, J. Bedford-house, Tottenham-court- drapers. [Clarke, Warnford-court.' c.

road, haberdasher. (Smith, Basinghall-street. Reeve, G, W. Craven-buildings, Drury-lane, deaT.

ler in music. [Hubert, New Clements-iniHarris, E. Coptball-buildings, broker. (Hartley, chambers, Clements-inn. T. New Bridge-street, Blackfr ars. T.

June 29.-Cattell, W. ('otton-end, Warwick, meal. Lidster, J. jun. Stockport, Chester, inoney-scri. man. (Richardson, 62, Lincoln's.inn. fields. T.

vener. [Back, Church-court, Temple. C. Cragr. J. Whitehaven, Cumberland, ironmonger. Nathao, L. Villiers-street, Strand, pen and guill (Clennell, 7, Staple's-inn. C.

manufacturer.. (Isaacs, Mansell-street, Good. Deighton, T. Davies-street, Berkeley-square, sadman's fields. T.

dler. (Hunt, Surry.street, Strand. T.

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Ellis, B. Leicester, woolstapler. [Holme, New- Wilkins, W. Ashby.de-la-Zonch, Leicester, wine inn. C.

and spirit-merchant. (Long, Gray's-inn. c. Fargoharron, T. Lime-street, merchant. (Score, Tokenhouse-yard. T.

July 13.–Barnard, W. Frampton-upon-Severa,
Griffin, D. Walworth, draper. [Jones, Sise-lane, Gloucester, grocer. (Bousfield, Bouverie-street,
Queen-street. T.

Fleet-street, C.
Harris, J. Bristol, lithographer. [Bridges, Red Clay, G. Totnes, Devon, builder. [Blake, 156,
Lion-square. c.

Great Surry-street, Blackfriars. C.
Heydon, W. South Audley-street, Hanover.square, Granger, J. Tooke's.court, Cursitor street, press-

plumber and painter. [Greenwood, Manches. maker. {Timbrell, Macclesfield-street, Soho-
ter-street, Manchester-square. T.

square. T. Mendiam, S. Bryanstone-street. Portman-square, Gregg, T. R. Deal, apothecary. [Pearce, St. merchaut. (Eicke, 73, Cornbill. T.

Swithin's. Jane, Lombard street. T. Ridgway, J. Chas, Old Kent-road. linen-draper. Llosa, G. Cumberland street, Marylebone, brewer. (Shepherd, Bartiett's-buildings, Holborn. T. [Hill, We heck-street, Cavendish-square. T.

Matthews, D. Carlisle, Cumberland, inercer. July ?:-Abbott, H. R. Throkmorton-street, stock

(Hurd. Temple. C. broker. [Montriou, 12, King's Arins-yard, Cole.

Oakley. J. Southampton, bricklayer. [Brundrett, mai)-street. T.

Temple. l'. Dicker, J. ('rockernwell, Devon, innkeeper. Phene,' w. j. and T. R. Grege, Watling-street, [Andros, 38, Chancery-lane. C.

confectioners. (Foss, 36, Essex.st. Strand. T. Mingins, 6., and J. Boothman, Carlisle, Cumber

Rider, J. Winchester-house, Broad-street, merland, hat manufacturers. [Young, Charlotte

chant. (Lavie, Frederick's.place, Old Jewry. T. row, Jiansion-house, C.

Robertson, ti. Tapping, ship.chandler. (BourJuly 6.-Allen, J. S. Towcester, Northampton,

dillon, Bread-strrel, Cheapside. T. linen.draper. [Leigh, 2, Charlotte-house, Man

Robinson, R. North Walsham, Norfolk, linension-house. T.

draper. [Lyth:0", Esser-street, Strand C. Brothers, F. and J. Leith, King-street, Covent

Snape, w. Cheadle, Stafford, grocer. [Barbor,

Fetter-lane. C. garden, navy and army agents. [Whitaker, Thomson, J. Leman-street, Goodman's.fields, oil

Broad-court, Long-Acre. T.
Carter, J. W. Mercer-street, Long-Acre, coach-

and colourman. [Glynes, Burr-street, East

Smithfield. T. plater. (Richardson, Golden-square. T. Cooper, J. Grosvenor-mews, Bond.street, horse

Warner, W. jan. North Walsham, Norfolk, dealer. [tield, Clifford's-in. T.

scrivener. (Tilbury, Falcon-street, AldersgateDavison, G. Upper Berkeley.street, Portman-sq.

streel. c. uplo sterer. landros. 58. Chancery.Jane. T.

Williams, S. West Ham, Essex, broker. [Draper, Elwell, W. Westbromwich, Stord, chemist.

2. Walcot-place, Lambeth. T. [Wheeler, 28. Castle-street. Holborn. C.

Woolcroft, J. Cleveland-street, Fitzroy-sqnare. Leigh, J. Jetlery’s-square, St. Mary Axe, mer.

linen draper. (Niblett, New-court, Crutched chant (Knight, Businchall-street. T.

friars. T. Leich, T. Manchester, plumber and glazier. [Le. July 16.–Bosisto, W. Reading, Berks, woollen

ver, 5, (iray's-inn-square. c. Lock. G. 59, Shoreditch, hosier and haberdasher.

draper. (Edmunds, Exchequer-office of Pleas,

Lincoln's.inn. C. [Carter, Lord Mayor's-court-office, Royal Exchange. T.

Cuzner, S. and A. Joyce, Deckington, Somerset, Pritchard, T. Chepstow, Monmouth, linen and

grocers. [Perkins, 2, Holboru-court, Gray's

inn. C. woollen-craper. (Hilliard, Grars-inn-89. C. Pycock, J. Poucaster, hosier. (Taylor, 14, John.

Gray, W., and E. Birmingham, nail.ironmongers. street, Bedford-row. C.

(Norton, 3, Gray's-inn-square C. Rangeley, J. and F. H. Diggles, Stone, Staiford,

Powell, T. Old forge. Hereford, corn dealer. iron-founders. [lin:toll, Bedford rov. C.

[Pugh, Bernard-street, Russeil-square. C. Rothwell J. Mortheld Bleachworks, Lancaster,

Waterhouse, J. and John Green, Rope-makerswhitster. (Niblett, 2, New-court, Crutched. street, London, brilders. (Shuter, Milbankfriars. T.

street, Westminster. T. Saunders, W'. Beckinton, Somerset, schoolmas.

ter. [Bridges, Red Lion-square. C. July 9,-Friend, D. Ramsgate, Kent, shipwright.

SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS. (Bigg, Southampton-bui dings, Chancery.lane.

Gazette-June 25 to July 16. Harrison, T. Princes-street, Rotherhithe, master.

mariner, [Robinson, 19, Justin Friars, T. M.Nicoll, R. merchant, Glasgow. Lovegrove, J. Cranhain, Gloucester, timber.dealer. Wilson, J. gruin-merchant, Renfrew. (Wilianis, Lincoln's iun. C.

Inches, J. jun. wood-herchant, Stenton. Parker, J., and J, Ellison, Belmount, Lancaster, Anderson, A. merchant, Edinburgh. calico-printers, (line, Temple. !.

Morison, j. merchant, Edinburgli. Smith, J. Rugby, Warwick, coal and cora-mer- San leman, T. and ('o., manufacturers, Perth.

chant. [Fuller, Carlton-chambers, Regent. Sandeman, W. and H., merchants, Perth. street. C.

Panton, W. and J. Smith, jun. manufacturers, Twamley, S. Aston-road, Birmingham, miller. Edinburgh.

(Wheeler, 28. Castle-street. Holborn. c. Sandeman, w, and Co. merchants, Edinburgh. Watts, J. sen. Semington, Wills, dealer. [Poole, M'Craken, J. merchant, Ayr.

Gray's-inn. C.

a son.

BIRTHS. Juce 23.-At Brichton, the lady of Dr. Blair, a son. 26. The larly of Thomas Denman, Esq.MP. ('om

mop Serjeant of the City of London, a daughter. 29. At Eazichurst, Viscountess Kilcoursie, it son. July 2.- At Langton, the lady of James Jolin Far.

quharsoa, Esq. a son. 5. At Wooburn-place, Russell-sqnare, the lady of

Wm. Lumley Sclater, Esq a sou. 6. At the Royal Terrace, Adelphi, the lady of Ho

ratio legat, Esq. a son. 7. At Bellevue Cottage. Romsey, the lady of the

Rev. Cruyen Ord, a daughter.

- In Gower-street, the lady of Jobu Walford, Esq. 8. In Cleveland-row, the lady of Captain Fred.

Marrvat, RN, a su. 9. At Mrs. Nasmyth's, Harley-street, the lady of

James Irving. Esq. of Jamaica, a son and beir. 17. At Audley End, Lady Jane Nevill, a daughter.

At Castle Fraser, the lady of Colonel Fraser, a son.

At St. Petersburgh, the Hon. Lady Bagot, a son,
At Rotterdam, the lady of James Henry Turing.

Esq. a daughter.

1822.] Marriages-Deaths.


13. At Mary-le-bone Church, by the Rev. Wm

Long, Canon of Windsor, Charles Devon, Esq.
June 21.-At St. Mary-le-bone's, David Pennant, of Rackenford, in the county of Devon to Mary,

Esg. of Downing, in the county of Flint, to Lady eldest daughter of Edward Long, Esq. of Hamp-
Caroline Spencer Charchill, only daughter of ton-lodge, in the county of Surrey.

the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough. 15. At Mary-le-bone Church, by the Bishop of 25. At Corsham, Wilts, the Rey. John Andrew Oxford, Samuel Crawley, Esg. of Stookwood, in

Methuen, Vicar of Corsham, younger son of the the county of Bedford, MP. for Honiton, to Ma-
late Paul Cobb Methuen, Esq. to Louisa Maria, ria, eldest daughter of Christopber Musgrave,
youngest daughter of John Fuller, Esq. of Nes- Esq. of Rocks, in the county of Sussex.
ton-park, in the county of Wilts.

- Ai St. George's, Hanover-square, Horatio, only 27. At Dover, Kent, by the Dean of Canterbury, son of Richard Vachell, Esq. of Copfold.hall,

John Bailey, Esq. eldest son of the Hon. Mr. Essex, to Mary, eldest danghter of the late Wm. Justice Bailey, to Charlotte Mary, second Honeywood, Esq. MP. for the county of Kent. daughter of the late John Fector Minet, Esg. of 16. At St. George's, Hanover-square, by the Rev. Dover, and of Kernsey-abbey, in the same John Dolphin, Prebendary of York, Vernon county,

Dolphin, Esq. of Exford, in the county of Glon29. Fralicis Newman Rogers, Esq. to Julia Elea

cester, to Mary Ann, daughter of the late nora, third daughter of the late William Walter

Thomas Payne, Esq. of Edstaston-house, in the Lea, Esq of Pyrland-hall, Somersetshire. - William Heath Petch, Esq. of Red Lion-square, Lately, Robert Robinson, Esq. younger son of the

county of Salop. to Miss Phillips, daughter of Sir Richard Phil late General Robinson, of Denston-ball, Suflips of Bridge-street, Blackfriars.

folk, and nephew to the Earl of Powis, to CleGeoffry Nightingale, Esq. of the Grenadier mentina Constantia, third daughter of the Rev. Guards, youngest son of the late Sir E. Nightin- Richard Bingham, incombent of Gosport Chagale, Bari. of Kneesworth-hall, Cambridgeshire,

pel, and Prebendary of Chichester. to Mary, only daughter of the late T. Kuowlys,

Esq. of Stockwell, Surrey.
July 1.-At St. Andrew's, Holborn, Sir John St.

At Brussels, Andrew Peterson, Esq. to Miss Jane

Gunnis. Aubyn, Bart. to Mrs. Vinicombe.

At Halifax, North America, Major Taylor, of the 3. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Richard Adolphis Musgrave, Esg. fourth son of the late Sir

81st Regt. nephew of the Very Rev. the ArchJames Musgrave, Bart. of Barnsley-park, in the

deacon of Dorset, to Miss George, daughter of county of Gloucester, to Catherine, second

Sir Rupert George, KCB. daughter of Colonel James L.owther.

By special license, at St. Philip's Church, Sydney, 4. By Special License, at Montague-house, Privy

New South Wales, by the Rev. William Cowper, gardeis, Lord Stopford, son of the Earl of

John Oxley, Esq. Surveyor-general of that terCourtown, to Lady Ann Montague Scott, daugh

ritory, to Emma, youngest daughter of John ter of the late Duke of Buccleugh. Immediate

Norton, Esq. Fairlight-place, district of Brin. ly after the ceremony the new-married couple

gelly. set off for Lord Sydney's seat, Frognall, Kent.

DEATHS. - Peter Browne, Esq. MP. second son of the June 24.-In her 28th year, at Ivy-cottage, Rydal,

Right Hon. Denis Browne, Esq. MP. of Mount Wes moreland, Jemima Anne Deborah, wife of
Browne, in the county of Mayo, to Catherine Edward Quillinan, Esg. and second daughter of
Esther, eldest daughter of the late John Puget, Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart. Her death was occa-
Esq. of Tofteridge, Hants.

sioned by her clothes catching fire a fortnight 5. At St. George the Martyr, Queen-square, Sir before.

George Atkinson, of Hillsborough, in the coun. - At her residence, Bolton-row, Emily, relict of ty of Down, to Hannah, only surviving daugh. the late Edward Jerningham, Esq. and danghter ter of the late Richard Scott, Esq. of Henton- of the late Nathaniel Middleton, of Town Hill, house. in the county of Durham.

Hants. 9. At Cheltenham, the Rev. James W. Arnold, 25. At Yarmouth, in Norfolk, very suddenly, of

MA. son of the late George Arnold, Esq. of an aneurism of the heart, Thomas Girdlestone, Ashby-lodge, Northamptonshire, and of Mi. MD. an eminent Physician of that place for 30 rables in the Isle of Wight, to Lady Mary Ho. years. He was born at Holt in that county in

ward, third daughter of the Earl of Wicklow. 1758. Besides a number of papers inserted in - At St. James' Church, Henry Lindesey Be- different Medical Journals, and some separate

therne, Esg. of Kilconqular, in the county of professional publications, Dr. G. produced a
Fife, Knight of the First Class of the Persian Or- Translation of Anacreon, a Work on the Author
der of the Lion and Sun, to Miss Coutts Trotter, of Junius's Letters, &c.
eldest daughter of John Coutts Trotter, Esq. of - At Gordon's Hotel, Hunter Blair. Esg. MP.
Durham-park, in the county of Hertford.

In Devonshire-square, Lady Maria Blizard, - At St. George's, Hanover-square, R. Nichol. wife of Sir William Blizard.

son Bruce, Esq. of Stratford-place, to Harriet, At Islington, Mr. T. Headen, in his 24th year. eldest daughter of Richard Williams, Esq. of 26. At Falmouth, on his return from the lovian Albemarle-streel.

Islands, Capt. Moody, of the 36th Regiment. - At Mary-le-bone Church, the Rey. Joho Geo. - At the Pulteney Hotel, Piccadilly, aiter a long

Stone, Rector of Stow Maria, Essex, to Eliza. illness, the lady of H. P. Collins, Esq. Jate of beth, eldest daughter of Sir John Penny, Bart. Hatch-court, near Taunton, and sister of Sir of Membland-house, Devonshire.

T. B. Lethbridge, Bart. - At St. George's, Hanover-square, the Rev. W. 30. In Baker-street, Julia, eldest daughter of Ri

Gooch, son of Colonel W, Gooch, and grandson chard Rush, Envoy Extraordinarv, and Minister of Sir Thomas Gooch, Bart. of Benacre-hall, Plenipotentiary from the United States. Suffolk, to Anne, daughter of the late Herbert July 2.' At Kingsbridge, in her 76th year, Apn Newton Jarritt, Esq.of Grove-place, near South- Pollixfen Prossor, widow of the late Captain bampton, and of Golden Grove, Jamaica.

Prossor, of the Plymouth Division of Marines, 10. AL Walcot Church, Bath, Henry Edmund and last surviving child of Joby Drake, Esq. Goodridge, Esq. Architect, to Matilda, youngest late Collector of the Customs at Plymouth, sis. daughter of the late Samuel Yoekney, Esq. of Up- ter to Sir John Savery Drake, Bart (at whose per East Hayes, Batb.

death the title became extinct) and lineal de11. At St. Martin's in-the-Fields, Major Charles scendant of the great Sir Francis Drake, the

Wayth, of the 17th Light Dragoons, to Ánxe, first Circumnavigator. only daughter of the late James Jacobson, Esq. -- At Ray-house, Woodford, after a lingering illof Maidstone.

ness, aged 18, Henry, third son of J. P. Parrier, - At East Barnet, Herts, Samuel Cole Shawe,

Esq. Esq. second son of the late William Cunliffe John Reid, MD, of Grenville-street, Bruns. Shawe, of Southgate, to Mary, eldest daughter

wiek square. of Edward Fgan, Esq. of Ussage-house.

Mrs. Hewlett, wife of the Rev. John Hewlett, - At St. Mary's in the Strand, by the Rev. Richard BD. Rector of Hilgay, and Morning Preacher at

Lowndes, William Henry Sharp, Esq. of Wey- the Foundling Hospital. mouth-street, to Miss Ann Lowndes, third daugh- - At Chester, in his 420 year, Mr. Bcult, Tobacco ter of William Lowndes Stone, Esq. of Bright- manufacturer of that city; his death was occawell, Oxfordshire.

sioned by the bursting of a steam-engine four

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