Εικόνες σελίδας
Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

Ellis, B. Leicester, koolstapler. [Holine, New. Wilkins, W. Ashby.de-la-Zonch, Leicester, wine inn. C.

and spirit-coerchant. [Loug, Gray's-inn. C. Farguharson, T. Lime-street, merchant. (Score, Tokophouse-yard. T.

July 13.-Barnard, W. Frampton-upon-Severn, Griífin, D. Walworth, draper. [Jones, Sise-lane, Gloucester, grocer. (Bousfield, Bouverie-street, Queen-street. T.

Fleet-stree'. C. Harris, J. Bristol, lithographer. [Bridges, Red Clay, G. Totnes, Devon, builder. [Blake, 156, Lion-square, C.

Great Surry-street, Blackfriars. C. Heydon, 1x. South Audiey-street, Hanover square, Granger, J. Tooke's.court, Cursitor.street, pressplumber and painter. [Greenwood, Manches- maker. (Timbreil, Macclesfield-street, Sohoter-street, Manchester-sgivare. T.

$care. T. Mendham, S. Bryanstone-street. Portman-square, Grign, T. R. Deal, apothecary. [Pearce, St. merchaut. [Eicke, 73, Cornhill. T.

Swithin's lane, Lombard streer. T. Ridgway, J. Chas. Old Kent-road. linen-draper. Llovi, G. Cumberland street, Marvlebone, brewer. (Shepherd, Bartlett's-buildings, Holborn. T. [Hill, We heck-street, Cavendish-square. T.

Matthews, D. Carlisle, Cumberland, inercer. July 2.- Abbott, H. R. Throgmorton-street, stock.

(Hurd. Temple. C. broker. Contriou, 12, King's Arms-garil, Cole- Oakley, J. Southampton, bricklayer. (Brundrett,

mall-street. T. Dicker, J. Crockernwell, Devon, innkeeper. Phene, w. jiin, and T. R. Gregg, Watling-street,

Temple. 1. [Addros, 38, Chancery-lane. C.

confectioners. (Foss, 36, Essex.st, Strand. T. Mingins, G., and J. Boothman, Carlisle, Cumber

Rider, J. Winchester-house, Broad-street, merland, hat-manufacturers. (Young, Charlotte- chant. (Lavie, Frederick's place, Old Jewry. T. row, Jansiou-bullse. C.

Robertson, c. Wapping, ship.chandier. (BourJuly 6.-Allen, J. S. Towcester, Northampton,

dillon, Breal.street, Cheapside. T. linen-draper. (Leigh, 2, Charlotte-house, Man

Robinson, R. North Walsham, Norfolk, lineasion-house. T.

draper. [Lvil:0, Esser-street, Strand. C. Brothers, F. and J. Leith, King-street, Covent

Saape, w. ('headle, Stafford, grocer. [Barbor,

Fetter-lane. C. garden, navy and army arents. [Whitaker, Broad-court, Long-Acre. T.

Thomson, J. Leman-street, Goodman's fields, oil

and colourman. Carter, J. W. Mercer-street, Lons-Acre, coach

[Glynes, Burr-street, East

Smithfield. T. plater. (Richardson, Golden-square. T. Cooper, J. Grosvenor-news, Bond-street, horse

Warner, W. jun. North Walsham, Norfolk, dealer. (Field, Clifford's inn. T.

serivener. (Tilbury, Falcon-street, Aldersgate. Davison, G. Upper Berkeley-street, Portman-sq.

street. C. uplo'sterer. fludros, 118, Chancery.Jane. T.

Williams, S. West Ham, Essex, broker. [Draper, Elwell, W. Westbromwich, Stailord, chemist,

2, Walcot-place, Lambeth. T. (Wheeler, 28. t'astle-street, Holborn. C.

Woolcroft, J. Cleveland-street, Fitzroy-square, Leich, J. Jeilery's.sgnare, St. Mary Axe, mer.

Jinen draper. (Niblett, New-court, Crutchedchant. (Knight, Basinshall.street. T.

friars. T. Leigh, T. Manchester, plumber and glazier. [Le. ver, 5, Gray's-inn-square. C.

July 16.-Rosisto, W. Reading, Berks, woollenLuck G. 59, Shoreditch, hosier and haberdasher.

draper. [Edmunds, Exchequer-office of Pleas, (Carter, Lord Mayor's-court-office, Royal Ex.

Lincoln's-ion. C. change. T.

Cuzner, S. and A. Joyce, Deckington, Somerset, Pritchard, T. Chepstow, Monmouth, linen and grocers. (Perkins, 2, Holboru-court, Gray'swoollen-Traper. "[Hilliard, Grårs-inn-89. C.

inn. C. Pycoch, J. Doncaster, hosier. [Taylor, 14, John.

Gray, W., and E. Birmingham, nail-ironmongers. street, Bedford.row. C.

(Norton, 3, Grav's-inn-square. c. Rangeley, J. and E. H. Diggles, Stone, Stafford,

Powell, T. Oldforge, Hereford, corn-dealer. iron-founders. [Adlinkton, Bedford-rov. (.

[Pugh, Bernard-street, Russell-square. C. Rothwell J. Mortbeld Bleachworks, Lancaster,

Waterhouse, J. and John Green, Rope-makerswhitster. [Niblett, 2, New-court, Crutched.

street, London, builders. (Shuter, Milbankfriars T.

street, Westminster. T. Sannders, W. Beckington, Somerset, schoolmas

ter. [Bridges, Red Lion-square, C. July 9.-Friend, D. Ramsgate, Kent, shipwright.

SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS. [Bicy, Southampton-bui dings, Chancery.lane.

Gazette--June 25 to July 16. Harrison, T. Princez.street, Rotherhithe, master.

inariwer. [Robinson, 19, Justin Friars. T. 11.Nicoll, R. merchant, Glasgow. Lovegrove, J. Cranhain, Gloucester, timber.dealer. Wilson, J. grain-nierchant, Renfrew. (Williams, Lincoln's inn. C.

Inches, J. jun. wood-merchant, Stenton. Parker, J., and J. Ellison, Belmount, Lancaster,

Anderson, A. merchant, Edinburgh. calico printers. [Miine. Temple. ..

Morison, j. merchant, Edinburgh. Smith, J. Rugby, Warwick, coul and corn-mer. San leman, T. and Co., manufacturers, Perth.

chant. [Fuller, Carlton-chainbers, Regent Sandeman, W. and H., merchants, Perth. street. C.

Panton, W. and J. Smith, jun. manufacturers, Twamley, S. Aston-road, Birmingham, miller. Edinburgh.

[Wheeler, 28, ('astle-street. Holborn. c. Sandeman, W. and Co. merchants, Edinburgh. Watts, J. sea. Semington, Wills, dealer. (Poole, M'Craken, J. merchant, Ayr.

Gray's-ina. C.

a son.

BIRTHS. Juce 23.- At Brighton, the lady of Dr. Blair, a son. 26. The lary of Thoinas Deuman, Esq.MP. Con.

mon Serjeant of the City of London, a daughter. 29. At Eagleburst, Viscountess Kilcoursie, a son. July 2.-it Langton, the lady of James John Far.

qubarson, Esq. a son. 5. At looburn.place, Russell.sqnare, the lady of

Wm. Lumley Sclater, Esq a son. 6. At the Royal Terrace, Adelphi, the lady of Ho

ratio Legali, Esq. a son. 7. At Bellerue Cottage, Romsey, the lady of the

Rey, Craven Ord, a daughter.

- In Gower-street, the lady of Jobu Walford, Esq. 8. In Cleveland-row, the lady of Captain Fred.

Marrvat, HN. as n. 9. At Mrs. Nasıyth's, Harley-street, the lady of

Jarnes Irvinz. Esq. of Jamaica, a son and heir. 17. At Audley End, Lady Jaue Nevill, a daughter.

At Castle Fraser, the lady of Colonel Fraser, a son.

At St. Petersburgh, the Hon. Lady Bagot, a son,
at Rotterdam, the lady of James Henry Turing.

Esq. a daughter.


13. At Mary-le-bone Church, by the Rev. Wm

Long, Canon of Windsor, Charles Devon, Esq. June 21.-At St. Mary-le-bone's, David Pennant, of Rackenford, in the county of Devon to Mary,

Esq. of Downing, in the county of Flint, to Lady eldest daughter of Edward Long, Esq. of HampCaroline Spencer Charchill, only daughter of ton-lodze, in the county of Surrey. the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough.

15. At Mary-le-bone Church, by the Bishop of 25. At Corslam, Wills, the Rev. John Andrew

Oxford, Samuel Crawley, Esq. of Stookwood, in Methuen, Vicar of Corsham, yonnger son of the the county of Bedford, MP. for Honiton, to Malate Paul Cobb Methuen, Esq. to Louisa Maria, ria, eldest daughter of Christopber Musgrave, youngest daughter of John Fuller, Esq. of Nes.

Esq. of Rocks, in the county of Susser. ton-park, in the county of Wilts.

- Ai St. George's, Hanover-square, Horatio, only 27. At Dover, Kent, by the Dean of Canterbury, son of Richard Vachell, Esy. of Cop old.hall,

John Bailey, Esq. eldest son of the Hon. Mr. Essex, to Marv, eldest danghter of the late Wm. Justice Bailey, to Charlotte Mary, second

Honevwood, Esq. MP. for the county of Kent. daughter of the late John Fector Minet, Esq. of 16. At St. George's, Hanover-square. by the Rev. Dover, and of Kernsey-abbey, in the same John Dolphin, Prebendary of York, Vernon county.

Dolphin, Esq. of E; ford, in the county of Glog. 29. Francis Newman Rogers, Esq. to Julia Elea

cester, to Mary Ann, daughter of the late nora, third daughter of the late William Walter

Thomas Payne, Esq. of Edslaston hoase, in the Lea, Esq of Pyriand hall, Somersetshire.

county of Salop. - William Heaili Petch, Esq. of Red Lion-square, Lately, Robert Robinson, Esq. younger son of the

to Miss Phillips, daughter of Sir Richard Phil. late General Robinson, of Denston-hall, Suf. lips of Bridge-street, blackfriars.

folk, and nephew to the Farl of Puwis, to Cle. Geoffry Nightingale, Esg. of the Grenadier

mentina Constantia, third laughter of the Rev. Guards, youngest son of the late Sir E. Nightin

Richard Bingham, locuinbent of Gosport Chagale, Bari. of Kneesworth-hall, Cambridgeshire,

pel, and Prebendary of Chichester. io Mary, only daughter of the late T. Kuowlys,

Esq. of Stockwell, Surrey.
July 1.-At St. Andrew's, Holborn, Sir John St.

At Brussels, Andrew Peterson, Esq. to Miss Jane

Gunnis. Aubyn, Bart. to lirs, Vinicombe. 3. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Richard Adol.

At Halitax, North America, Major Taylor, of the phis Musgrave, Esg. fourth son of the late Sir

8lsi Regt. nephew of the Very Rev. the ArchJames Musgrave, Bart. of Barnsley-park, in the

deacon of Dorset, to Miss George, daughter of county of Gloucester, to Catherine, second

Sir Rupert George, KCB. daughter of Colonel James Lowther.

By special license, at St. Philip's Church, Sydney,

New South Wales, by the Rev. William Cowper, 4. By Special License, at Montague-house, Privy. gardens, Lord Stopford, son of the Earl of

John Oxley, Esq. Surveyor-veneral of that ter. Courtown, to Lady Ann Montague Scott, daugh. ritory, to Emma, youngest daughter of Joha ter of the late Duke of Buccleugh. Immediate

Norton, Esq. Fairlight-place, district of Brin. ly after the ceremony the new-married couple

gelly. set off for Lord Sydney's seat, Frognall, Kent.

DEATAS. - Peter Browne. Esq. NP. second son of the June 24.-In ber 28th year, at Ivy-cottage, Rydal,

Right Hon. Denis Browne, Esq. MP. of Mount Wes moreland, Jemima Anne Deborah, wife of Browne, in the county of Mayo, to Catherine Eduard Quillivan, Esq. and second daughter of Esther, eldest danghier of the late John Puget, Sir Egerton Brydges, Burt. Her death was occaEsq. of To'teridge, Hants.

sioned by her clothes catching fare a fortnight 5. Ai St. George ile Martyr, Queen-sqnare, Sir before.

George Atkinson, of Hillsborough, in ihe coun. - Al her residence, Bolton-row, Emilv, relict of ty of Iown, to Hannah, only surviving danch. the late Edward Jerningham, Esq. and daughter ter of the late Richard Scott, Esq. of Henton. o the late Nathaniel Middleton, of Town Hill, hou-e. in the county of Durham.

Hauts. 9. At (heltenham, the Rev. James W. Arnold, 25. At Yarmouth, in Norfolk, very suddenly, of

MA. son of the late George Arnold, Esq. of an aneurism of the beart, Thomas Girdlestone, Ashby-lodge, Northain ptonshire, and of Mi. MD. an eminent Physician of that place for 30 rables in the Isle of Wight, to Laly Mary Ho. years. He was born at Holt in that county in ward, third daughter of the Earl of Wicklow. 1758. Besides a number of paper: inserted in - At St. James' Church, Henry Livdesey Be. different Medical Journals, and some separate

therne, Esq. of Kilconqular, in the county of professional publications, Dr. 6. produced a Fife, Knight of the First Class of the Persian Or. Translation of Anacreon, a Work on the Author der of the Lion and Sun, to Miss Coutts Trotter, of Junius's Letters, &c. eldest daughter of John Coutts Trotter, Esq. of At Gordon's Hotel, Hunter Blair. Esg. MP.

Durhain.park, in the county of Hertford. - in Devonshire-square, Lady Maria Blizard, - Al St. George's, Hanover-square, R. Nichol. wife of Sir William Blizard.

son Bruce, Esq. of Stratford-piace, to Harriet, - At Islington, Mr T. Headen, in his 24th year. eldest daughter of Richard Williams, Esq. of 26. A Falınouth, on his return from the lovian Albemarle.streel.

Islands, Capi. Moody, of the 36h Kegiment. At Mary.le-bone Church, the Rev. Johp Geo. At the Pulteney Hotel, Piccadilly, after a long Stone, Rector of Stow Maria, Essex, to Eliza. illness, the lady of H. P. Collins, Esq. late of beth, eldest daughter of Sir John Peony, Bart. Hatch court, near Taunton, and sister of Sir of Meinbland-house, Devonshire.

T.B. Lethbridge, Bart. - At St. George's, Hanover-square, the Rev. W. 30. In Baker-street, Julia, eldest daughter of Ri

Gooch, son of Colonel W. Gooch, and grandson cbard Rush, Envoy Extraordinarv, and Minister of Sir Thomas Gooch, Bart. of Benacre-hall, Plenipotentiary from the United States. Suffolk, to Apne, daughter of the late Herbert July 2. At Kingsbridge, in her 76th year, Apn Newton Jarrilt, Esq. of Grove-place, near South- Pollixfen Prossor, widow of the late Captain banipton, and of Golden Grove, Jamaica.

Prossor, of the Plymouth Division of Marines, 10. At Walcot Church, Bath, Henry Edmund and last surviving child of John Drake, Esq.

Goodridge, Esq. Architect, to Matilda, youngest Iate Collector of the Customs at Plymoth, sis. daughter of the late Samuel Yockney, Esq. of Up- ter to Sir John Savery Drake, Bart (at whose per East Hayes, Bath.

death the title became extinct) and lineal de11. At St. Martin's in-the-Fields, Major Charles scendant of the great Sir Francis Drake, the

Wayth, of the 17th Light Drayoons, to anse, first circumnavigator. only dau:hter of the late James Jacobson, Esq. - At Ray-house. Woolford, after a lingering illof Mail-tone.

ness, aged 18, Henry, third son of J. P. Parrier, - At East Barnet, Herts, Samuel Cole Shawe, Esq.

Esq. second son of the late William Cunliffe - John Reid, MD, of Grenville-street, BrunsShawe, of Souibgate, to Mary, eldest daughter

wick senare. of Edward Fran, fsq. of Ussage-house.

- Mrs. Hewlett, wife of the Rev, John Hewlett, - At St. Mary's in the Strand, by the Rev. Richard BD. Rector of Hilgav, and Morning Preacher at

Lowndes, William Henry Sharp, Esq. of Wey- the Foundling Hospital. mouth-street, to Miss Ann Lowndes, third daugh- At Chester, in his 420 year, Mr. Bcult, Tobacco ter of Williain Lowndes Stone, Esq. of Brighi. manufacturer of that city; his death was occawell, Oxfordshire,

sioned by the bursting of a steam-engine four

days before, while himself and four of bis men 13. At Shaw.place, near Newbury, Mrs. Elizabeth were standing near it. Mr. B. was thrown with Ann Andrews, only sister to the late Sir Joseph his breast upon a grindstone, and while in this Andrews, Bait. and the last of his name and situation, a heavy beam fell upon his back. family. The explosion was so tremendous that it shat. - In his 71st year, James Oldham Oldbam, Esq. tered the windows of all the adjoining houses, of Holborn, universally known for his immense one of the men, Richard Wildman, was so hart wealth (about 400,0001.), and the conspicuous that he expired the evening before Mr. B. and situation which he filled as Executor of the late it is very doubtful whether the others will re- Countess of Huntingdon, who entrusted to his cover. The accident was occasioned by the charge the superintendance of all the Chapels safety valve being overloaded.

in her connexion throughout the kingdom, and 8. The Rer. Charles Proby, Rector of Stanwick, also of the College at Cheshunt; a trust which

in the County of Northampion, and a Pre- he continued to execute tili his death. bendary of the Cathedral of Lincoln.

- Mr. Joha Fry, Bookseller of Bristol. His ex- Mr. John White, formerly of Nottingham, and tensive acquaintance with old English literature

father of the late Henry Kirke White, aged 72. bad procured him no inconsiderable character 4. At Rotherhithe, Surrey, the lady of Daniel among the Bibliographers of the present dar.

Brent, Esq. of Mount Hall, New Sanford, in the Lately, Lady Arbuthnoi, wife of Colonel Sir Robt. County of Suffolk, aged 13.

Arbuthnot, of the Coldstream Guards. e In Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury-square, Aun, Relict of tine Rev. Thomas Hirst, late

IN SCOTLAND. Rector of Bosworth, in Cambridgeshire.

At Porto-bello, near Edinburch, Sir John Mac. - In his 821 year, the Rev. Colston Carr, LLB. Vicar of Ealing.

gregor Murray, Bart. of Ļauwick Castle, Perth

shire, of au inflammation of the bowels. 8. At Chester, the Rev. James Ireland, MA. of Trinity College, Cambridge, Head Master of

IN IRELAND. the Grammar-school in Chester, Rector of

At Roebuck Castle, in the ('ounty of Dublin, Thurstaston, and one of the Minor Canons of the Cathedral; and Uncle of the Rev. George Ire

Lonisa, second daughter of James Croftoa, Esq. land, of Westbury, Wilts.

aged 18. 9. In Arlington-street, Lady Frances Pratt eldest

ABROAD. daughter of the Marquis of Camden. Her Lady- At Rouen, as he was proceeding to Paris, for the ship died very suddenly; the Marquis had leit benefit of his healtlı, Abraham Lud ow, Esq. of town that day with his three younger daughters Heywood-house. Wiltshire, for which County and Lord Brecknock, for his seat, the Wilder. he served the office of High Sheriff in 1810, and ness, Kent, soon after which she was seized acted as one of His Majesty's Justices of the with a violent shivering fit, sopposed to have Peace for upwards of twenty years, with the been occasioned by walking in the garden with greatest ability and integrity. thin shoes; from this, however, she recovered, At Madras, Major Gen. Fras. Aiskell, of the Hon. but was attacked about 5 o'clock with ano her Company's Service. fit, and expired in an hour afterwards in the At Grimsby. Upper Canada, in his 321 year, the presence of her amicted mother.

Rev. William Sampson, of University College, - At Brompton, aged 18, Jessy Philadelphia, el. Oxford, eldest son of the Rev. Dr. Sampson, of dest daughter of Major Gen. Sir Thomas Sydney Petersham, Surrey. Beckwith, KCB.

At Madeira, whither he went for the benefit of his 11. At the Attorney General's, Whitehall-place, health, William, eldest son of Jolia Wells, Esq.

Marianne Elizabeth, the wife of Algernon Lang- of Bickley-house, Kent. ton, Esq.

At St. Denis, on his way to Boulogne, Thomas At Croydon, Samuel Chatfield, Esq.

Foster, Esq. of Clim Estate, Jamaica, and for. 12. Julia, eldest daughter of George Henry Crutch- moriy of the Grove, Bucks, in his 70th year. lev, Esq. ot Sunninc-hill, Park.

At Florence, the infant, and only son, of Lord and - At Salcombe-house, Sidinoutli. Magdalene the Lady Kendlesham, who was Co-heir to the

lady of Henry Harvey, Esq. and daughter of Sir Thellusson property with the son of Mr. Cbaries James Hall, Bart.


ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS, &c. The Rev. T. Calvert, BD. Fellow of St. John's, der Librariaus of the Bodleian, vice the Rev, Cambridge, and Norrisian Professor of Divinity, to Alex. Nicoll, MA, now Regius Professor of Hethe Rectory of Holme, with the Vicarage of brew, and Canon of Christ Church, Vice, Dr. LauHolme in Spalding Moor, annexel. Patrons, clie rence, promoted to the Archbishopric of Cashel. Master and Fellows of St. John's. -The Rev. S. Bennett, MA. to the Rectory of Walton on the

CAMBRIDGE.-The Annual Prizes of Fifteen

Guineas each, given by the Representatives in Hill, Surrey. Patron, Mrs. Gee, of Bedington Park, Surrey.-The Rer. George Ludford Harvey,

Parliament of this University, for the best DisserBA. of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and one

tations in Latin prose, were adjudged as follows:

Populis Diversis Eadem Instituua parum coure. of the Domestic Chaplains of His Royal Highness the Duke of York, to the Vicarage of Dilworth in

Tiinni. Arthur Karoo, and Ralph Lyon, Scholars Lancashire. Patrons, the Worshipful Company

of Trinity College. of Haberdashers.--The Rer. William Tindall, and J. Alexander Barnes, ditto ditto.

Astronomiæ Laus et Utilitas. Alfred Ollivant, MA. Head Master of Wolverhampton Free Gram

Sir William Browne's Medal for the Greek and mar School, to the Perpetual Curacy of Holme, Lancashire.-- The Rev. H. Pepys, BD, rellow of Trinity College; subjects :--Greek Ode, Pyra.

Latin Epigrams, obtained by William Praed, of St. John's, Cambridge, presented by the Master and Fellows of that College to the Rectory of

mides Ægyptiacæs Greek Epigram, EpW TE ONT* Moreton, Essex, vacated by the death of the Rev. x'sx epw; Latin ditto, Nugæ seria Ducunt. W. Wilson, BD.-The Rev. John Lonsdale, M.A. The Person Prize, subject froin Shakspeare's late Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, and Julius Cæsar, to Mr. W. Brabam, of Trinity Colnow Domestic Chaplain to His Grace the Arch- lege bishop of Canterbury, to the Rectory of Mersham, WINCHESTER COLLEGE.- His Majesty's Kent, vacated by the death of the Rev. Dr. Law. Gold and Silver Medals were adjudged as follows, rence, promoted to the Archbishopric of Cashel.- on the 17th of July. The Rev. J. Hal!, to the Living of Great Bedwin, English Verse : Subjection to Vice is Essential Wilts.-The Rev. C. Hemming. MA. late of Mer. Slavery. Mr. Sewell, Gold Medal. ton College, Oxford, to the Rectory of Thunders- Latin Prose : Georgins Quartus Brit. Rer Coroleys, Essex.The Rev. A. Loftus, BA, to the Rec- natus. Mr. Smith. Gold Medal. tory of Helboughton, with Rainham St. Martin, Galgaci Oratio ad Militis. Mr. Moberly, Silver Norfolk.

Medal. OXFORD.-The Rev. Philip Bliss, PCL, and Lord Siraflord's Speech beforc Sentence. Mr. Fellow of St. John's, Oxfurd, to be one of the un- Hall, Silver Medal.

Kept at the Obscrvatory of the Naval Academy, Gosport.
The units under "Clouds” represent the days on which each modification of cloud has appeared.






Evaporation in

luches, &c.

Raip in Inches, &c.


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Phases of the Moon. 31202 TSI - CeroDays of the Month



33 101010 '020

1401 10


40 30



010 00095

130:34 3.25 3 310 7+ 53 6333

30 33 302 30310 72 56 61 30:32 30 28 30 300 75 57 66 3030 30 24 30 270 50 62 71 30 20 30 21 30 210 83 60 72.0 30.27 3.33 30.250 85 58 71.5

30.24 3020 30.220 75 56 65.5 8 2017 3:10.531110.177 6170.5 9 303 29-01/29 93 83 60 71 5 10 3111 30 05 30 (18083 60 71:5 11 321 30:18 130:19.5 871 57 72 12 ( 30-26 30 20130230 75 5163 13 3:28 318:02:

00 33 613
30.10 29-86 20 920180 62 71
15 59 170.5
16 30.07 299 200290-72153625
17 30:32 30 26 30 20 70 50 03
18 311:34 30 20 30 270 69 52 01:5
19 30 10 30.00 30.050 78 53 63
20 30 153.03 003) 175 51 61.5
21 30 27 30 21 30.25 0 52 160)

30 22 30.18 30201178 6)69
301 30.12 30-130 181 101 70-5
31) 20:30-173185 178 61 60 5

30:23 30.21 | 302081 56 68:5
► 2018 30 12 30-150 1174 57 65-5

3)31 30 21 30.00 177 55 66
30 28 3008 30120 79 57 63

30 21 30 1430 175 171 50 60.5 30 30 15 305 30 100 176 52 64



40 50 54 43 11 12 42 44 36 46

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NE to SE

W to E
E to NE
Eto SE
E to NW
N to SE
E to NE
E to se





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W to SIV
S to NW

SW' to NV

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2721 26 7 23 10 8 8.75 -385

30:34 2978 39:168750 60.85 438 42:3 542

The observations in each line of this Table, under Barometer, Thermometer, Wind, and Rain, are for a period of 24 hours, beginning at 8 AN.


( Maximum...... 30:34 June 1st, Wind NW.

Miniman...... 29.78 Do. 15th, Do. W.
Range of the Mercury ........ 0:56
Mean barometrical pressure for the Month

...... 30.103 for the lunar period, ending the 19:h instavi...

... 3:.196 for 16 days, with the Moon in Norti, declination

.... 30.162 for 14 days, with the Moon in South declination

... 30-230 Spaces described by the rising and falling of the Mercury ......

4.250 Greatest variation in 24 hours ...

0-350 Number of Changes, caused by the variations in the Weight of the Atmosphere....

29 THERMOMETER Minimum .. Maximum

871 June Ilth, Wind Ne.

.... 50 Ditto 29th, Do. NW. Range.

....... 37 Mean temperature of the Air..

66 85 for 81 days with the Sun in Gemini.... 67.69 Greatest variation in 24 hours....

80.00 Mean temperature of spring water at 8 AM.

..., 53.09 DE LUC'S WHALEBONE HYGROMETER. Greatest humidity of the Air

81° in the evening of the 28th. Greatest dryness of Ditto

... 29 in the afternoon of the 5th. Range of the Irdex.

52 Mean at 2 o'clock PM.

42 3 at 8 Do... AM.

48.8 -- at 8 Do... PM.

54.2 -- of 3 observations each day at 8, 2, and 8 o'clock 481 Evaporation for the month ...

8.750 inch. Rain for Dirto with the cause near the ground..

0.385 ditto. Ditto with ditto 23 feet hig!ı

0-325 ditto. Prevailing Winds, E and SE.

A SUMMARY OF THE WEATHER. A clear sky. 7; fair, with various modifications of clouds, 16; an overcast sky without rain, 5; rain, 2—Tota!, 30 days.

Cirrus, Cirrocumulus, Cirrostratus, Stratus, Cumulus, Cumulostratus, Nimbus.
27 21

7 23


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FOR JUNE, 1822.

Naval Academy, Gosport.

GENERAL REPORT. This month has been fair, dry, and un- ing the springs a little here. The mean usually hot - the rain amounting only to do temperature of spring water has this month of an inch, and the mean temperature of increased upwards of 14°, and it is 20 the air to 27° higher than in any June warmer than at this time last year. So during the last seven years, and 50 higher great and uninterrupted has been the heat than the mean of the same months in that of the sun's rays, that we have on several period. The mean thormometrical heat of evenings observed a radiation, like a stream June, 1818, comes nearest to that of the of vapour, emanate from a long brick wall, present month. The maximum heat of facing the west, till sunset. The abundant this month, in reference to our Journal, is crops of hay were got in under the most faalso unprecedented, it being on the Ilth, vourable weather in and about this neigh871° in the shade. Notwithstanding the bourhood the early part of the month ; and prevalence of upper and under currents of a few fields had been cut and carried by air, and the hot weather the first part of the last day of May, being 5 or 6 weeks the month, this neighbourhood, indeed the sooner than the time of haymaking last county o: Hampshire generally, has escaped summer. the effects of those dreadful thunder. Both flying and stationary gossamer has storms that visited other parts of the coun- again been prevalent; and the insects have try, Ireland, Scotland, and France ; but been abundant and injurious to vegetation; the electrical appearances of the compound perhaps a more genial winter and spring modifications of clouds in the day-time for their increase have not been known for often forboded the gathering of storms. many years past. The wind having prevailed two-thirds of The atmospheric and meteoric phæno. the month from the eastern side of the meri. mena that have come within our observa. dian, the evaporation on that account, con- tion this month are 2 parhelia, 7 solar sidering also the small quantity of rain and halos, 14 meteors, 1 rainbow, sheet lightthe high mean temperature, is very great, ning on three different evenings, twice acnamely, 8f inches in depth, 24 of which companied by distant thunder; and 6 gales were absorbed by the influence of the sun- of wind, or days on which they have preshine and dry winds in the first six days. vailed, namely, 2 from NE. 3 from SW. This has already been the means of lower- and 1 from the W.

DAILY REMARKS. Junc). A bright sunny day, with light air froin compass; the clouds very red at sunset, followed the westward : Seratus in the adjoining field soon by one loud clap of thunder, rain, and a strong after sapset, an orange twilight, and a clear moon. gale from NE. light night.

12. A continuation of the gale, and a consider2. Fair, with a brisk SE. wind. A faint parhe. able decrease in the temperature of the air: AM. lion appeared on the north side of the sun at 7 cloudy and fine; and a clear sky by night. PM, at the edge of a Cirrostratus cloud: the 13. Nothing could exceed the grandeur and bril. night as the preceding.

liancy with which the planets Jupiter, Venus, 8. As the preceding day and night. One small Saturn, and the Moon shone in a line from the meteor passed near the star Castor at 10 PM. Sun, at 3 o'clock this morning, when the solar rays

4. straties early, and a coloured parhelion with had alreadly given a red tinge to the falling dew a white train on the north side of the sun from 8 in the NE. horizon. Venus and Saturn were in till 9 AM. when iis altitude was upwards of 40°. conjunction, the latter having the appearance of a A fair day and night.

star of the 2nd or 3rd magnitude, with all its beau5. A dense Stratus before sunrise, followed by a ties bidden from the naked eye, and was only a fair and hot day, with prevailing Cirrocumulus few minutes to the south of the former. Fair and clouds in a dark blue sky: clear and dewy by night cloudless, except low distant Cirrus. In turning

6. A Stratus early, and a fair morning, with hot from the planei Mercury soon after 9 PM. a bright sunshine : PM. mostly overcast with the two meteor was observed to pass under the planet strata of clours, very sultry, and 3 bright meteors. Mars in an almost perpendicular direction, and

7. A fair and clear day and night, except it few the moment it disappeared, it was surrounded by Cumuli at noon, and a refreshing breeze from NE. a faint red Hash-2 smail lofty meteors appeared The maximum heat in the Sun's rays to-day was in the evening. The night as the preceding. 112°, equal to fever heat.

14. Fine, except an hour's light rain in the morn8. 'A cloudless day, and the wind as yesterday, ing, the clouds which produced it from W. hav. Immediately after sunset two strata of clouds came ing been repelled by a strong breeze from SE: up from the southwari, froin which quarter they lightning in the horizon to he southward in the discharged their electrical contents incessantly evening, followed by a veil of Cirrostratus. through the night; and it terminated only in a 15. AM. overcast, and gentle showers, with few drips of rain. From the position of the vane, wind from SW. PM. fine. the winds from the South and East alternately 16. AM. overcast and windy: a suans afterreigned.

noon, and a clear sky by night. 9. Generally overcast, light showers, and dis- 17. AM. mostly overcast and windy: a fine attant thunder in the morning : PM. fine and calm, ternoon, and two winds, the upper one from NE. and vivid lightning for several hours behind the a clear sky after sunset. clouds in the NE. horizon.

18. A cloudless day and night, except nascent 10. AM. fair, with two winds, and a solar halo: Cumuli in the northern part of the horizon in the in the afternoon undulated Cirrostratus, followed forenoon, and coloured haze at sunset. by a light shower of rain: a fine night, and light- 19. Sunshine with nearly opposite winds, and ning for several hours to the eastward.

various modifications of clonds, the Cirrocumuli il. A fair and very hot dav, with various modi. having been formed by lofty Cirri: a cloudy night fications of clouds, particularly lofty Cirrus, in and some dew. which a solar halo was formed, and the lower 20. The sun rose with a large halo around itwind repeatedly blew froin every quarter of the an overcast sky through the day, yet pleasant: the

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