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SEPTEMBER 1, 1822.

AGRICULTURAL REPORT. THE average price of wheat for the week mated at 58. making together 378. 6d., the ending August 3, was 42s. 5d. The re. next averages will probably exhibit a price ports given by the corn letters on Monday, very little above the continental level. August 5, notified the arrival of large The vast influx of corn into Mark-lane, quantities of grain, (of wheat 10,113 at a period so immediately succeeding the quarters) and a reduction of the price of harvest, can indeed only be accounted for old wheat from 2s. to 38. a quarter. On by necessity, and we fear that necessity will Monday, August 12, the supply of the be increased by the pressure which the preceding week was stated to be no less landlords themselves feel, and by the nathan 19,624 quarters. So vast a quantity, tural desire which they must entertain to while it inundated the market, and com- have their arrears paid up, while the barns pletely exceeded the natural demand, pa- are full, and while the demands of the clerralysed at the same time the buyers, by gyman, the tax-gatherer, and of other crethe eagerness to gain possession of the ditors, not being yet enforced, leave to the market, which it evinced on the part of the farmer the means of satisfying his more sellers, for which necessity alone can ra- patient landlord. This is a terrible state tionally account. The effect was commen. of things, but we know positively that in surate to the cause; wheat fell from 8s. to many counties it is the true state. We are 10s. a quarter, and even at this reduction, acquainted with some of the largest land the buyers were indisposed to purchase, so owners in the kingdom, who have recovered that scarcely any sales could be effected. large arrears by the circumstance of their Yesterday displayed phænomena scarce- tenants becoming insolvent, and being ly less appalling to the suffering agricul- broken up at the instance of less merciful turist. The supply was 10,475 quarters,

connexions. These gentlemen had not the in the face of the glut and reduction of heart to bring affairs to a crisis ; but of last week; and new wheat again fell 68. a course when it became merely a question quarter. It is, however, a curious fact, between one creditor and another, they that while this diminution of price took scrupled not to use the advantage which place, the general average on the 10th of the law assigns to the landlord ; nay, August has risen 6d. it being 42s. 11d. more, we have been lately assured by men This, however, is to be accounted for by of the first landed connexions, and of the the great proportion of superior quality sold first information in one of the counties rein Mark-lane, where 9,773 quarters were puted to be the most opulent in respect to delivered in the previous week, producing its agriculturists, that if the concerns of the an average of 475. 5d. These are curious whole agricultural community in that counfacts, for which we are not quite prepared ty could be made up, and brought into one to account.

balance sheet, they would exhibit an insol. In the mean time, the depression in the vency of at least three-fourths of the whole price obliterates at once, in a single fort- - the farmers not being able to pay more night, all the advantages the occupiers of than 5s. in the pound. We have heard the soil are imagined to have derived during this statement from so many, and such rethe past year from abatements in rent, tithe, spectable quarters, that we can no longer and taxation. Here is a diminution of 14s., withhold our reluctant belief to the verity taking the aggregate of the two weeks, of the fact. Deplorable indeed must be upon an article which averaged about 42s. the issue to the individuals, and all conas its entire price, or a reduction of some- nected with them. Yet since we can but thing more than 33


cent. The ground regard cheap subsistence as the greatest we have taken in all our arguments upon blessing a nation can enjoy, the only useful this subject, since the first agitation of the inference we can draw, the only good we agricultural question in parliament, is thus can extract from the evil - is to instil and very nearly realized.

We have always an- to corroborate the maxim which must now ticipated, our readers will recollect, that the be the only sure guide to prosperity ; nameprice of corn would ultimately descend to ly, that the farmer must look for his remu. or near to the cost of the continental growth, neration to a reduction of his expense, inwith the expenses attending the importa- stead of an elevation of price. This doction to this country.

If then wheat can be trine, we are happy to see, is confirmed by now purchased at Hamburgh for about so able an authority as Mr. Curwen, who 32s. Ed. and the cost of transit be estic in the late meeting of the Abbey Holm

Vol. VI.- Mon. Reg.



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per cent.

Agricultural Society of Cumberland, de- 34 millions ; and this, it might be said, clared himself to that effect. “ We are, would be difficult to distribute : but let the said the honourable gentleman, “part of one government say they would compel the great family of Europe: no nation could ex. funded proprietor to contribute his share, ist of itself, therefore we cannot expect nor and he for one would say take it off in should we desire that agriculturists alone taxes ; this would save to the country 15 should flourish. At this time the manu

The real property was at a facturer is in full employment, and this is charge for taxes, &c. of 30 per cent. ; in occasioned by the low price of victuals: food some cases perhaps more ; now if the fundis not half of its former price, therefore the holders should restore 15 per cent. they would operative manufacturer can do with a great all be then bearing a fair proportion.” These deal less wages than he formerly had, the remarks were followed by a recommendaconsequence of which is, that their employ. tion to petition, and especially, that the ers keep them in full work ; but, on the fundholder may be subjected to the poor'scontrary, should prices again rise, should rate, to which effect resolutions were adoptthe scale again preponderate in favour of ed. Mr. Curwen has this year, like Nr. the agriculturist, down goes the manufac- Coke, suspended the meeting at his own turer. No nation can exist long in this house. state of things; and the only remedy which s

We may now speak of circumstances apI think will put a stop to it is steady prices." pertaining to agriculture rather than to poliMr. Curwen then proceeded to argue from tical economy, of which our former observathe principle of the general depreciation ef- tions have principally partaken. The harvest fected by the change of the currency, and is every where complete, except in the exadopted by Ministers in their proposi- treme northern and eastern parts of the tion to lower the rate at which importation kingdom. Wheat is fine in quality, and is permitted from 80 to 70 shillings :—from certainly a full average crop, well got in this principle, we say, Mr. Curwen inferred generally. Barley will be under the avethat funded property should be subjected rage, and deficient in quality, owing to the to the same depreciation which land had curious second growth that succeeded the suffered, and he took his stand upon the rains. This has not only kept back the fact, that as the depreciation was the act of cutting, but occasioned two entirely separate the government, so it was their duty im- crops as it rises, the first being dead ripe partially to subject every species of property while the second was yet as perfectly green. to its operation. "Without being accused Hence the first was cut too late, and the seof spoliation,” he observed, " or of wish- cond too soon. Oats are a moderate saming to touch upon the property of indi- ple, few partaking of the same evil. Beans viduals, he thought they would be justified are a short crop, and the turnips early sown, in calling upon the legislature to remedy particularly the Swedes, have been taken off this crying evil. The 38 millions of divi- by the fly, so that the quantity will not be dends were equal to or even more than all near so abundant as last year. The wool the real property of the country, and the trade is very flat, owing to a large supply at latter had seven millions of poor rates, not York fair ; however, there was but a small to mention innumerable other reductions, to quantity brought back, yet the demand was pay, whilst the former escaped without the slack and dull. The Meat markets conleast reduction. The 38 millions ought tinue to fall. Beef in Smithfield, the very in his opinion to be subject to poor rates, best, fetched no more on Monday than but not to tithes, repairing of roads or 38. 4d. the supply large, and the market. bridges, as these spring out of the nature of very heavy ; Mutton remains much the property, but the poor rates do not. The same, but Lamb is cheaper. proceeds from the funded property would be August, 1822.


(London, August 24.) There is nothing in the occurrences of prints that the accounts from that coun. the last month, as far as commerce is con- try strongly confirm the opinions we had cerned, that calls for any particular obser- formed. vations. We are not aware that any con- The piracies committed in the West Insiderable change has taken place with re- dies afford subject for very serious consispect to the state of commerce, either for deration. That they might be greatly the better or the worse. We have more checked, if not wholly stopped, we take than once hinted our apprehensions with for granted; but as the government must respect to the risks of entering too largely be presumed sincerely to wish to protect into speculations for the South American commerce against such lawless agmarket, and we now see from the public gression, there must be some paramount


reason for not employing those means The demand for Muscovades has been which seem to be in its power. Whether, very steady this week, and though no geas some suspect, it is withheld by an over- neral advance in the prices can be stated, strained respect for the territorial rights of yet the market is more firm, and the sugars Spain, we do not pretend to guess ; but as from 528. a 57s. have realized higher rates. part of the island of Cuba is said to be the In refined goods there is no alteration, grand resort of those freebooters, and as the quantity at market is quite inconsiderthis fact itself is a proof that the Spanish able, and the few buyers have difficulty in Government, if not unwilling, is unable to finding the small parcels which have been chastise them, we confess we should not be wanted during the week ; there is however sorry if the British Government were to no improvement in prices. —Molasses have take the task upon itself, (as America did been steady 26s. 6d, a 278. with Amelia Island,) and we should be There have been considerable enquiries still more pleased if the matter ended with after Foreign sugar by private contract, the acquisition by the British crown of particularly yellow Havannah, but no sales the noble island of Cuba, towards which to any extent are yet reported. By public America is already stretching out her po- sale on Wednesday, 760 bags Bengal lypus arm.

sugars sold at full prices, ordinary white, Cotton.— The market has not expe- 30s. 6d. a 31s. 6d., middling 32s. 6d. a rienced any remarkable variation, either in 33s. the demand or price during this month. The statement reported in our last is The sales in four weeks, from July 23, to contradicted, and it is affirmed that no reAugust 20, were 1400, 1500, 1600, and duction is intended upon the duty in West 1900 bags. The particulars of the sales India Molasses. of this last week are, in bond-455 Per- Average prices of raw sugars from Ganams sold, ordinary 104d., good 11d. ; 30 zette. Bahias, good 10d.; 10 Paras, middling July 27..

.30s. 4 d. 8 d. ; 10 Boweds, good, 8 d.; 50 Surats,

Aug. 3.

.318. 04d. very ordinary 5fd., good fair 6 d., good


.283.10 d. 6 d.; 1050 Bengals, ordinary and fair


.28s. 1 d. 5 d. and 5fd.. good 5 d. a 6d.; nearly the Coffee.-The market has on the whole whole for export ;-and, duty paid, 60 fine been very animated and satisfactory during Demeraras 10d. a 11d. Of the 380 the last month, with the exception of a temTF Demeraras offered by public auction, porary depression, which we shall notice 200 only sold: the ordinary dingy 84d. below. In the week ending July 27, the and 8}d., middling with stain 8ğd. and 9d. public sales consisted of 1063 casks, and and fair, clean and bright, 94d. and 9 d. ; 2246 bags, the whole of which went off the remainder were withdrawn at 10d. with briskness, at prices generally_2s. per and 104d. for which they are now held. cwt. higher; good ordinary St. Domingo

The report of yesterday's markets states 105s. to 106s. ; coloury, 106s. 6d. to but little variation. The purchases from the 1078. 6d. ; good ordinary Brazil, 104s. 6d. 16th to the 22d instant, inclusive, exceed to 105s. On the 30th, there were three 1200 packages, viz. 730 Bengal, 5 d. a public sales, and the market seemed heavy ; 6d. in bond; 70 Surat, 64d. a 6 d. ditto; but the coffee was chiefly ordinary and da22 Upland, 83d. ditto ; 350 Pernambucco, maged; but fine qualities supported the 10d. a 11d. ditto ; 63 Para, 8td. a 8 d. previous prices. In the following week, ditto ; 60 Demerara, 10fd. a Ild. duty the public sales were again considerable, paid.

and a reduction of Is, to 2s. took place, At Liverpool, in the four weeks ending but the market recovered at the close of the August 17th, the sales were 32,550 bags, week. On the 6th instant, two public and the arrivals 52,000 bags. The mar- sales again consisting chiefly of very ordiket was heavy, not having recovered the nary broken and damaged coffee, could pressure of the recent great importations. hardly be taken as a criterion, yet consiThe prices were generally fd. lower, and dering them as such, the prices were higher, the inferior descriptions of Bowed and Or. with a general and extensive demand. It leans Id. lower.

must be observed, however, that very few Sugar.-At the end of the last, and com- parcels of good coffee had lately been mencement of the present month, the mar- brought forward, the great demand for exket was languid, and rather heavy; to. portation having nearly cleared the market wards the middle of the month the request of good and fine descriptions. The report for Muscovades rather revived, the holders of the following week was still more favourevinced much more firmness, and though able, the public sales, though very extenno general advance on the prices could be sive, having gone off with great briskness, stated, yet purchases could not be made and all descriptions, except the very ordion such low terms as before. The demand nary, from 2s. to 4s. per cwt. higher. afterwards became less brisk, but the pre. On the 13th, there were four public vious prices were fully maintained.

sales, 215 casks, 452 bags; the whole sold

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with great briskness, fully supporting the Oils. The market remains at nominal advance we have stated, and in some in- quotations for Fish Oils; the holders are stances, coloury coffee obtained a further demanding an advanced price for Greenland improvement ; 400 bags good ordinary Oil, but the business done is quite inconsiBrazil sold 1058. a 106s., coloury 108s.; derable: in the absence of accounts from fine ordinary foxy Jamaica 1148. a 1178.; the fisheries, holders look with confidence 49 bales Mócha for home consumption, of to the uncommonly late reports respecta much better quality than has lately ap- ing this year's success; the buyers on peared at market, sold at 101.

the contrary infer good weather, and a faThe same state of things continued for vourable fishing. It is reported some spethe week following, the sales large, with a culators have contracted for large parcels, small improvement in the price ; but on the but the rumour at present rests upon slight 20th, though there was only one sale of 159 authority.–Seed Oils are lower, and heavy casks of Jamaica, and 28 casks of St. Do. at the reduced quotations. mingo, the sale, contrary to general expec. Silk. There is a considerable advance tation, was heavy, and the greater part was in Italian Silks ; Bengals and Chinas bear taken in. Prices were 1s. to 2s. lower than a premium ls. a ls. 6d. on the last East on the preceding Tuesday. On Tuesday India sale prices. and Wednesday this week, the market was Corn.- Aggregate averages for the last very heavy, and a slight depression in the six weeks :prices took place. On Thursday, the de- Wheat 42s. lld. Rye 18s. 100. mand again revived, and a considerable Barley 198.

Beans 26s. sale went off with spirit, nearly realizing Oats

183. 9d. Peas 263. 9d. the prices of last week for Jamaica coffee ; the Demerara and Berbice sold freely, at

FOREIGN COMMERCE. prices 28. a 3s. per cwt. higher.

Hamburg, 10th August.Cotton. Still The public sale yesterday, 142 casks 7 very dull, and declining in price.-Coffee. bags ; Jamaica and Berbice coffee went off As many hoiders of the most considerable with considerable briskness at very full parcels, lately arrived, still keep back from prices; middling Berbice, in extensive the market, and many orders were comparcels, 128.s. and 130s.

pleted from the sale of a large quantity from Spices.-East India Company's sale, Brazil, at the close of last week, very little August 12.-1,291 bags Pepper, black, has been doing this week. There is very Company's, at 7d. scratched ; 5,130 ditto, little Domingo on sale, and good ordinary private trade, sold 6fd. a Cid.; 1,000 tons with a little colour and not broken, cannot Saltpetre, Company's, at 26s. scratched; be had under 114d.; fine ordinary ditto 1,445 ditto, private trade, sold 20s. 6d. not under 12d.; and pale ordinary with a 24s. ; 538 bales Cinnamon, Ist quality, some broken, not under 114d. to 113d. sold 78. Id. a 78. 7d.; 12 ditto, scratched; Havannah and Portorico, the middling and 126 ditto, 2d quality, sold 6s. ld. ; 425 good middling sorts of which continue in ditto, scratched; 174 ditto, 3d quality, demand, are nearly cleared off. Of fine sold 5s. ld. a 5s. 2d. ; 210 scratched; middling Dominica and Berbice, a good 1 bag Cloves, sold 3s 11d. ; 12 ditto deal has been brought to market, but the scratched ; 12 casks Mace, Ist quality, sold middling qualities are rare. Fine middling 5s. 1d. ; 188 ditto, scratched; 4 ditto Nut. Jamaica, for which there are many orders, megs, ungarbled, sold 3s. 70. ; 496 ditto, is scarcely to be had. Dyewoods of every scratched; Cassia Lignea, 61. 158. a 81. 2s.; description have been in general demand, Ginger, lls. 6d. a 13s. ; Sago, 14s. a other articles dull..Spices. Pepper finds 49s. 6d.; private trade, Cloves, Bourbon, buyers at last week's prices, but the holders 28. 3d. a 38. ; Amboyna, 2s.6d. a. 3s. Ild.; keep back. Pimento is more sought, and Nutmegs, 2s. 9d, a 3s. 6d. ; Mace, 4s. Cd. the prices have risen a little, as our stock is a 63. 2d.

short.-Rice remains firm in price as the Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.—The de demand continues; the inferior sorts are mand for Rum continues languid ; the pur- most inquired for.-- Tobacco; in most dechases lately reported are quite inconsidera. scriptions more business has been doing. ble, yet the holders have evinced no dispo- There have been sold by private contract, sition to sell at any reduction. The prices about 40,000 lb. Portorico in leaves, of Brandy are entirely nominal ; Geneva 40,000 lb. ditto in rolls, and about 50 has improved.

hhds. of Virginia and Kentucky.-- Tca; the Hemp, Flax, and Tallow.—The prices 1,283 chests Haysanchin 189 quarter do. of Foreign Tallow have been very steady, and 419} do. Haysan, and 564 do. Imperial, the nearest quotation for yellow candle, 378. imported from Providence, have already

met for parcels here, and for late arrivals 37s. with purchasers.—Sugar. Hamburg refined Gu. and 38s.- Hemp is in limited supply, met with a brisk sale this week at a trifling and a considerable improvement in the price reduction in the price. Our stock of lumps. has in consequence been realized.-In Flax is greatly reduced ; good middling will there is little variation.

fetch 84d. Treacle sells readily in large



parcels at 10d. There is rather more de- raine Pass, 80 to 81 r.; Polish ditto, 83 r. ; mand for raw goods, but this has no influ. Torse, 49 to 48 r.Hemp-oil, is offered ence on the price, as new supplies continue at 90r.--Sugar. White Havannahs have to arrive.

been purchased, according to the quality, Frankfort on the Oder, August 1st.- at 15% to 16 copecks ; yellow ditto, at il The late St. Margaret's Fair has turned cop. and six months credit; good ordinary out, in general, uncommonly good. Far refined of our own manufacture may be more goods have been brought both from bought at 24 cop. The prices last paid for the interior and from abroad than in for. Salt were: Terravecchia, 83 r. ; Cagliari, mer Fairs : the sellers have been satisfied 804 r. ; reddish coarse Cette, 76 r.; Hieres, with the great demand and the buyers with 72 r. the reasonable prices. Foreign and Prus. Copenhagen, Aug. 13.—The trade in sian cottons and woollens, ordinary and corn and in all kinds of merchandize is very middling Prussian cloths, and leather, have dull. Several cargoes from the West Inmet with the best sale. Linen and silk dies have already arrived, but the demand goods, especially those of Elberfeld, sold to is very slack and the prices low. advantage, as did also foreign and Prussian Amsterdam, 10th Aug --Cotton. The jewelry and hard-ware, iron, glass, and demand is trifling, and our stock has been wood articles ; Lyons silks were so much lately increased by fresh supplies.—Coffcc. in request, that four times as much might The prices have not only kept up, but West have been sold as were at the fair. Of un- India is about # stiver higher than last manufactured goods, as horse-hair, bristles, week.-Dyewoods, &c. with the excep:ion feathers, hides, firs, wax, &c. there was a of Indigo, which meets with a ready sale, large supply at the fair, which was for the at advanced prices, these articles are dull, most part sold at good prices. Wool, of and woods about #florin lower.-Spices. which there was more than on former oc- On the whole there is little doing, but the casions, sold at the following prices, per price steady, so that 17td. to 18d. are paid, stone, viz. improved 14 to 17 rix dollars; for fine brown pepper, and 594 to 00 forins fine country wool, 8 to 10 ditto ; middlingfor Jamaica Pimento.-Ricc. Carolina is 6 to 7 ditto ; ordinary, 3} to 5 ditto. worth 42 to 45 shillings Flemish.--- Tobacco.

Nuremburg, Aug. 1.- The summer fair Only about 200 hhds. of Maryland and has been far better than any preceding one. several small parcels of Kentuckey have There was a large quantity of English cot- been lately sold, and it is difficult to obtain ton manufactures, which sold well.

the market prices.Tea. No purchases Riga, July 29.-Flax sold at the fol. have been made except for home consumplowing prices : Marienburgh crown, 44r; tion at the current prices.-Sugar. Refined ditto cut, 38r. ; white Thiesenhausen and goods continue to meet with a rapid sale, Druiania Rackitzer, 45 r. ; cut Badstub, but raw sugars are dull and cannot be dis38r. ; Rister Threeband 29r.-hemp. posed of but at depressed prices; fine SuThe prices last paid were, Ukraine clean, rinam and Havannak are again 4d. lower 98 r. ; Polish ditto 100r. ; Ukraine outshot, than last week. 89 to 88 r.; Polish ditto, 91 to 90 r. ; Uk

WORKS PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION. Thc Works of the Rev. W. Beveridge, A New Volume of the Bombay TransDD. Bishop of St. Asaph, Edited by Thos. actions, Illustrated by numerous Plates. Hartwell Horne, MA. in 9 Vols. 8vo. Views of Ireland, Moral, Political, and

Anatomical and Physiological Commen. Religious. By John O'Driscot, Esq. in taries. By Herbert Mayo, Surgeon and 2 Vols. 8vo. Lecturer in Anatomy. No. 1.

An Explanation of the Five Books of A Treatise on Conchology, in which the Moses ; in which it is attempted to render Linnaan System is adhered to, and the Sacred History as interesting and familiar Species that differ in form, &c. are put into as possible to the youthful Mind. Divisions.

A System of General Anatomy. By A Concise System of Mensuration ; con- W. Wallace, MRIA. Lecturer on Ana. taining Algebra, Practical Geometry, Tri. tomy and Surgery, &c. &c. gonometry, the Mensuration of Surfaces The History of Rome, from the earliest and Solids, Land-Surveying, Gauging, &c. Period to the Termination of the Empire. with proper Tables, adapted to the Use of By Charles Mills, Author of the History of Schools. By Alex. Ingram, Mathematic the Crusades, in 10 Vols. 8vo. cian, Leith.

Travels through the Holy Land and Mr. Elmes's Memoirs of the Life and Egypt. By William Rae M'ilson, Esq. Works of Sir Christopher Wren.

1 Vol. 8vo. with Engravings.

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