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Peintre-Graveur tolerably illustra simplicity, the science, the truth of ted!!!But if, thrice happy! the fai- Holbein, and the always vigorous, ries sung at your birth, and the for- often sublime fertility of Tobias mer is your aspiration, listen to the Stimmer 42. 't spis advice of Horam, the son of Asmar, This bare enumeration, brief as it

I beg pardon listen to the advice is, may perhaps cause some alarm to of him yclept by the gods-(my little the Student, and distrust of the posgirl is reading the Tales of the Genii sibility of annexing characteristic close by my side, and my eye caught ideas to such a Babylonish entanglethe ) yelept by the gods Janus ment of unwonted sounds: but be of Weathercock, and by men Thomas good cheer, and turn diligently the Rugg!

leaves of Fuseli's Pilkington (second 1 Youth of promise ! be it your first edition, 1810); regarding as apocrystudy to clear your mind out tho- phal all' articles, having neither iniroughly, so that it may be a pure tial asterisks, nor conclusive F's. apartment wherein the giants of old The six Discourses of the learned shall have due honours. Beware of Keeper, (4to. 1820) will warm and dreaming of errors in those mighty elevate your fancy, and stimulate beings for, at the least, two years; and your exertions ;- and therein the seesteem it much, if in so short a pro- cond lecture is to be perpetually con-bation you view the shadow of their sulted as the most correct chart of glory afar off The great 'planets of your exhilarating voyage yet laid modern art, under whose aspects we down. may always walk in safety, are these; - Let me also place on your study |_ Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo, table the works of Sir Joshua-and Raffaëllo, Tiziano, Correggio, Pous- trouble not your head about the futile sin, Rubens, and Rembrandt. And cavillings, and the commixture of inthey have their attendant stars, their voluntary and wilful misrepresenta moons; Luino, Gio.di Bologna, Giulio, tions against that judicious and acute Tibaldi, Perino, Polidoro, Primatie- writer, which have been much discio, Tintoretto, Paolo, Parmigianino, 'seminated by hasty, half-dipped, and Gaspar, La Sueur, Bourdon, Van- avowedly prejudiced persons, doubtdyké, Diepenbeke, Watteau, Elshei- less, with a sordid view to pull down mer, &c. (How their names relish Art from her lofty Quadriga to crawl i in the mouth!) All these are compo- on her belly and eat the dust of the nents of one grand harmonious sys- 'earth all the days of her life. Blind tem.

owls and cuckoos! but we lose ourThe lights of Germany and the selves somewhat in making mention low countries seem to belong to an- of their barbarous noise. other hemisphere, or if mysteriously The first movement of an ardent

connected --with links too fine for and sincere mind on perusing the such poco curante eyes as mine. above books, will be to pant after Their designations are hard and (both metaphorically and literally) cramped as their emanations - Franz engravings from the pictures selected von Bockholt, Zingel, Israel van as most marked with the features of Mecken, Martin Schöngauer, Al- their respective parents, - against brecht Durer, Lucas Cranach, Lucas which consummation several obstavan Leyden, Burgmair, Altorfer; or, cles are arrayed. One grows from strange and preposterous ;-Karl Van - the slight touch that rather hints at, Mander, Bloemart Heynz, Hans than describes and defines, the picAbach, Goltzius, and Bartholomew "ture in question; as where for inSpranger. There were other great 'stance a « Christ's Agony," by Durer, masters, whose inventions (truly so is mentioned in Fuseli (Lectures, termed) lie for the most part buried page 87), without any token to disin heavy German Biblical epitomes eriininate it among four or five repreand translations from Livy and Jose- sentations of the same scene by the phus. Switzerland claims them, and same artist. Another originates in envies Italia her Raffaello" and the print-vender; who is (generalGiulio the less, when possessing the ly speaking) rather acquainted

* N. B. No connection with any person of the same name formerly at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden.



with engravers than their proto, mirth-that scoffing !-must be estypes.

chewed utterly. That inventionDuring my noviciate I used to that device-all epithets are too howander about in great distress, seek nourable—that TRICK of imbecile and ing every where for what I could not indurated grovellers to drag down find-Giulio Romanos. At last my and belute in their miry pool, all good (nay! but bad) angel-or-- that is exalted in moral principle, Bartsch, thrust me against portfolios deep in feeling, and generously deof Bonasoni, Ghisi, Æneæ Vici, over- voted in action Cast it out-loath passed by me at least twice a day for and spit upon it-believing that your the previous six months! Thence trusting love shall at the end work did they pour beyond control of my out its own reward. purse. The third and most insupe Is this the chosen room dedicated rable let, is the depressing fact,- to carved and painted poetry ?-Very that from many pictures (and those good !-Its height I take it is about highly desirable) no prints whatever fourteen feet, six inches-pity it had have been made! or so inadequately not three more-but we must darken as to illustrate with the light of a your windows for the space of nine dark lantern, as our friend Malowny feet upwards from the floor at least ! wittily conceiteth. Perhaps the men- Would we had a sky-light! Your tion of these difficulties was unneces- carpet is too spotty and dazzlingsary, as their existence possesses crew be contented with a sober ash-grey dibility from the witness of this pre- drugget. We shall do now I fancy sent paper--for truly were the pur- so let the men bring in the pedestals. suit open" to the meanest capaci- Hollo! without there! (a mighty ties," the herein proffered assistance scraping and shuffling, stamping, would be officiously, needless. puffing, bumping, wheezing and grunt

Dear reader! I assume the fact ing, is heard in the hall the door opens that you are a man of observation and and various ponderosities are borne in reflection; and having ventured to lay and set doon, as wrongly as usual. down that proposition, I deem it not Janus and Collector bestir themselves fool hardy also to assume that it has with shoulder and voice, and the things not 'scaped you, how shamefully dis- are at length arranged. C. orders proportioned is the facility of rolling the men something to drink, and they down hill, to the toil of straining up! retire uncouthly grateful.). Don't laugh, if you please! but apply Come, Sir! the work warms, much this incontrovertible circumstance to is done, but more remains to do! beauty and deformity in the plastic (This is a clever contrivance, isn't it? and graphic arts. Hard to climb, Look! these larger pedestals open, and slippery, is the high-heaven-piercó and are shelved to hold all the porting tower of the former,—but easy- folios-you will have.) The altars easy-Oh! how easy to dive into the are ready, but where are the gods? murky dungeons of the latter. In at Mazzoni's and Papera's, I trow!

, plain English, imbue and saturate "Ah! dear W. now your taste and your mind with the ever-varying, judgment are indispensable ! direct endless loveliness of the antique my choice, thou male mundane statues. Submit yourself to their in- muse!"--Hither for such purpose am fluence as a child to its parents-let I come !-First the Deity of the Belthem again be divinities to you vedere shall from this loftiest state brush away every pitiful doubt of overlook the apartment; his own their transcendent excellence - trem- consecrated temple-Royal Apollo ! ble to blaspheme their celestial ra. The unshorn Phæbus! King of the diance, lest thou be thrown into the fiery arrow and tough string! hell of Egbert Hemskerch where Whom e’en the gods themselves fear when nought is, save the moppes and he goes mowes, and chatterings of apes. If Through Jove's high house : and when his we would reach any worthy degree

goodly bows either of perception or execution in He goes to bend, all from their thrones arise any noble art (and what art is not And cluster near t'admire his faculties. noble, if understood and followed in

Homeric Hymn to Apollo. its height ?) that wretched vice of a On this low caken couch let us profligate age--that carping !_not spread the leopard skin whereon


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Hermaphroditus is wont to recline The ambrosial aspect, which beheld instils
the inexplicable, bewildering attrac- Part of its immortality; the veil
tion of his delicate limbs;-though Of heaven is half undrawn ; within the pale
perhaps, his twin brother, surnamed We stand, and in that form and face behold
of the mattrass, may better please the What mind can make, when Nature's self

would fail;
visual ray. But no!

And to the fond idolators of old
Sweet flowers of equal bloom, Envy the innate flash which such a soul
Invidious praise or blame

could mould.
Shall never sunder ye!

We gaze and turn away, and know not Far be it from me to disturb those where, fair poppied lids with paltry techni- Dazzled and drunk with beauty, till the cal bickerings :-sleep on in your in- heart nocent nakedness,-unconscious of Reels with its fulness; there for ever gazing admiration! Sleep on in the there shrine of your coy grace! God-like Chain'd to the chariot of triumphant art, conjunctions, sleep on! *

We stand as captives, and would not deAnd do thou !" Saturnian Aphro- Away!--there need no words, nor terms

part. dite ! or whatever name may more delight thine ear,-Cyprides, Venus, The pastry jargon of the marble mart,

precise, or Astarte --Cytherea with the vio: Where Pedantry gulls Folly, we have let crown,—do thou, O genial queen,

eyes : pour round thy son the sanctuary of Blood, pulse, and breast, confirm the Darthy benumbing beauty ! - For here, dan shepherd's prize! over his rest, will we erect the bend- For my own humble part–I cari ing statue that enchants the world! truly describe her intense power over (Where breathes the wretched man me, as that of the moon on the restthat can resist the force of Venus less tides ;-a Syrenic song—à fasciswimming all in gold ?') Do the rap nating agony-an extacy sharper than tures of Byron seem exaggerated? scourges à most blighting loveliThere too the goddess loves in stone, and

ness -and--thou! gentle girl! (I fills

reck not of men, “ the daily world's The air around with beauty; we inhale true worldlings ! ” woman alone hath

The following lines, by the lamented Keats, illustrate the precious Florentine gem representing this a mixture of wonderous mood.”

After a thousand mazes overgone,
At last, with sudden step, he came upon
A chamber myrtle wall'd, embower'd high,
Full of light, incense, tender minstrelsy,
And more of beautiful and strange beside :
For on a silken couch of rosy pride,
In midst of all, there lay a sleeping youth
Of fondest beauty;

Sideway his face reposed
On one white arm, and tenderly unclosed,
By tenderest pressure, a faint damask mouth
To slumbery pout; just as the morning south
Disparts a dew-lipp'd rose. Above his head,
Four lily stalks did their white honours wed
To make a coronal ; and round him grew
All tendrils-green, of every bloom and hue,
Together intertwined and trammel'd fresh :

Hard by,
Stood serene Cupids watching silently.
One, kneeling to a lyre, touch'd the strings,
Muffling to death the pathos with his wings;
And, ever and anon, uprose to look
At the youth's slumber; while another took
A willow-bough, distilling odorous dew,
And shook it on his hair; another flew
In through the woven roof, and fluttering-wise
Rain’d violets upon his sleeping eyes.- Endymion.

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the sensitive touch, the thrilling ap- from her blooming limbs, long stepprehension.!) who now bendest over ping, this shallow page the rich curls of Thou beauteous ankled nameless one, what thy amaranthine hair, do thou! be- country gave thee birth? lieve me for the honour of true natu- Who was the god, or god-like youth, made ral feeling! -A poet worthy of thee blessed with thy love ? soon shall sing, how once of old a What thrilling fingers Grecian maid died for the love of Py- Drew o'er the rounded wrist the elastic ring thius :-unseen his image, save in of gold ? + the mirror of great Phidias. *

Is nature now worn out? or wert I leave to learned fingers and wise hands, thou always, as now, a vision of deThe artist and his ape, to teach and tell sire, the flower of a mind burning How well his connoisseurship understands with the idea of beauty (never to be The graceful bend, and the voluptuous realised, but by its own faint reflecswell :

tion) et prætereu nihil.Frequent in Let these describe the undescribable.

my dreams of day and night do those

Byron. braided locks, “ so simply elegant,”# But we have not time to dwell on arise as from a warm gloom, an these jewels now.

I have five or odorous shroud. That retorted six visits to make before dinner (a neck,--those plump shoulders,- that very common case with authors), and bosom indevirginate! can but just manage to run over the In Fouque's pure romance, The contents of this list, and see if they Minstrel Love, the forms of the are all right.-First, the grand bust Greek divinities (as raised up by of Zeus, with deathless brow bent the magician Ultramonte) interweave forward under the shade of black am- themselves so thoroughly with the brosial curls, awfully beautiful.- brain-fibres of a young visionary, as likest to some huge hill, wood-cover- to become essential to his sanity :ed!-A capital cast-not at all dear their momentary disappearance inat five guineas ! I see but one of duces frightful convulsions ! - I am the crouching nymphs (or Venuses)! not quite so far gone-yet I protest We must have the other, who wards í know not how to pass them by off the foliage-piercing sun-beams even with so desirable an end as brefrom her antelope eyes with the right vity. Let us try again-The Torso hand, while the left compresses the of Eros, usually designated the Gewater froin her crinite veil With nius of the Capitol (at least, it is sò regard to the Antinous, I cannot in Volpato's Arte del Desegno). The bring my judgment to allow its in- bust of the Monte Cavallo Colossus. dispensibility. Suppose, then, we -Ditto of Juno, or Roma with the exchange him for the Two Decii, as Diadem (engraved by Morghen and they are vulgarly called. They are Volpato). The little Capitoline Amore poetical, richer in suggestions. pollo, without drapery, leaning on a Yon bracket must be lowered a foot, stump, the right-hand raised and to show properly that noble helmeted pressed behind the head.-Item. Palhead of Pelides, the terriblest of men! las Athenæ in the helmet with a fixed the loved seducer of Deidamia ! visor, impressed with a ram's head:

Where shall we find a light suffi- Bust, size of life.-Item. The noted ciently pervading for my exquisite group of Cupid and Psyche.--Item. coquette, my alluring bashfulness, The famous Borghese Vase, rough who with such ravishing affectation with the holy madness of the vintage. gathers sidelong the thin robes high-Item. The : Boy extracting the

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Another instance in our time. A young German (Müller) undertook to engrave the noble Madonna del Sisto, of Raffaello. Like a true disciple, he wedded his soul to the object of his choice so completely, that all faculties of mind were absorbed, and finally exhausted. He finished his labour and—died! His heart fracted and corroborate through hopeless love !—The guiltless murderess has a conspicuous place in Colnaghi's room ;—but I rarely look at it :--the desolate fate of the enthusiast is too depressing for my crazy nerves !

'+ No one who knows any thing of any thing, can apply the above imperfect pinch of character to any statue but the misnomed Grecian Shepherdess, or Venus Kallipyga.

# The simplex Munditiis of Flaccus, is thus feelingly rendered by Elton,

Thorn from his Foot-Item. Pho- surface obliquely from the top: the cion. Bust.-Item. The tremendous gentlest projections are thus brought warrior of Agasias, nick-named the up, while the back-ground remains “ Fighting Gladiator."--Item. The in a tender demi-tint. Little Venus, Mus. Brittan. Torsb, The enumeration below hath mo of the highest period of art.-Item. allurement, but pardon it for utility's The youngest daughter of Niobe, sake. I will begin, more' Hesiodi, Bust." And finally, lastly, to con- with far-heard Jove !--the sublime clude.”Item. The Huntress of the head of Jupiter Ægiochus, in which Ortygian groves ! to whose glory and I almost regard as supernatural the memory we will, so please you, quality of intense observation, com chaunt the following Homeric hymn, parison, and technic grasp, evidenced venerable Chapman's version.--My by the junction and harmonization work always goes on better after a of opposing essences, activity and resong! Does not your's?

pose, the unbroken bloom of youth, Diana praise, muse !--that in darts de- and deep council of age.

* Next in lights

worth, but not in size, I rank the Lives still a maid, --and had nutritial rites fragment (but a nose, mouth, and With her born-brother, the far shooting sun, chin)of Apollo (2773). The large high That doth her all-of-gold-made chariot run breasted Minerva (1647), or rather In chase of game, from Meles, that abounds Aspasia flattered with her attributes, In black-brow'd bulrushes, (and where her hounds

a gem of unsurpassable refinement. She first uńcouples, joining there her horse), ladium (to be studied with a mag

The exquisite Diomedes with the PalThrough Smyrna, carried in most fiery course To grape-rich Claros : -where (in his rich nifier). Hercules (Theseus) with the home

Marathonian Bull. The Hercules And constant expectation she will come)

and Iole of the Palais Pitti. Female Sits Phæbus that the silver bow doth bear, crouching, with a laver (6266). The To meet with Phæbe, that doth darts trans, grand Front of Serapis, or Pluto. | fer

The dancing Bucchus (4290), justly As far as he his shafts—as far then be

deemed, by Mr. Cumberland, the ne Thy chaste fame shot, O Queen of Archery! plus ultra of Greek art. The porten

You are now provided with a noble tous Sphinx (51), still and minacious band of tutelaries, and I heartily as a growing storm-cloud. Heracles envy you the virgin delight of con- destroying the blood-feasting cranes templating them by lamp light, froin of Stympalus-he kneels by the the ease of your morocco fauteuil haunted lake, and looses the thrilling But pleasures require intermission string on the obscene fowl, vainly and variation, therefore it is neces- beating with loud wings the air. sary to convert that chiffoniere into Near the Theban hero we will place a little store closet for Tassie's ca. his latest friend, Philoctetes, left meos. and intaglios (or rather a se- lonely in rude sea-girt Lemnos, wasta lection out of his immense catalogue). ed with lean disease, and tortured Suppose you put in the following as with the poison of the serpent's nest eggs they are among the finest, tooth! Squalid, naked, the miserboth in scientific drawing, harmony able creature' lies drooping over the of composition, grace of outline (in putrid wound, cooling its fever with which they stand unrivalled from the à bird's wing,-a situation of derestoration of art in Italy, down- solate wretchedness too heavy for wards), and masterly workmanship. pity. Turn to one whose name has To appreciate these qualities, atten- brighter associations --dark-haired tion must be directed to throwing Sappho,-she that felt the stings of them into a forcible and appropriate Cupid's either arrow! the twi-flamed chiaroscuro, and the general rule is, torch, therefore so soon, alas, burnt that the light should stream over the out! The Lesbian is placed on an

* In the history of the fine arts among the Greeks, their development was subjected to an invariable law of separating, in the most rigid manner, every thing dissimilar, and afterwards combining and elevating the similar, by internal excellence, to one indepen dent and harmonious whole. Hence the various departments, with them, are all confined within their natural boundaries, and the different styles distinctly marked.

A. W. Schlegel. + Thoughts on Outline, 4to. 26 plates.' 1796.

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