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- A: Aveley, William St. John Aubyn, Esq. third

son of Sir John Aubyn, Bart. of Chevance, Sept. 10.-At Hempstead-court, near Gloucester, Cornwall, to Anne Dorothy Barrett Leopard, the Rt. Hon. Lady John Somerset, a son.

eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Barrett Leonard, 23. At Clumber, her Grace the Duchess of New- Bart. of Bell House, in the same County. castle, a son,

4. By special licence, at Highclere, Hants, by the 21. The lady of Lieut..Col. Hogg, of the Hou. Hon. and Rev. George Herbert, brother to the East India Company's Service, a son.

Earl of Carnarvon, Philip Pusey, Esq. eldest son - At Chiswick, the lady of Lieut.-Col. H. F. Ca. of the Hon. Philip Pusey, of Pusey, Berks, to vendish, a son.

the Hon. Lady Einily Herbert, youngest daugh- At Sutton-park, Bedfordshire, the lady of H. ter of the Earl of Carnarvon. Russell, Esq. a danghter.

5. At St. Mary's, Lainbeth, Henry Bicknell, Esq. 25. At Broad Oak, Kent, Mrs. Walker, of three of Great Surrey-street; to Eliza Lydia, eldest children, two girls and a boy.

daughter of John Tabor, Esq. of Lothbury, - At Conway, North Wales, the lady of Sir David banker. Erskine, Bart. a daughter.

8. At Audley, Staffordshire, Henry Holland, MD. 27. At Cheltenhain, the lady of Capt. Hyde of lower Brook-street, to Margaret Emma, Parker, of the Royal Navy, a daughter.

danghter of James Caldwell, Esq. of Liuley 28. In Upper Cadogan-place, the lady of Thomas Wood. Maling Welsli, Esq. a daughter.

- By special licence, at St. James's Church, by - At Pansvarlden. Herts, the lady of the Rt. the Rey. Mr. Hobbins, Viscount Mandeville, to Hon. Lord Glammis, a son aud heir.

Miss Sparrow, daughter of the Right Hon. Lady Oct. 2.- At Lackham House, Wills, the lady of Olivia Sparrow, of Brampton Park, HuntingLient. Col. Tuffnell, a son.

doushire, and niece to Lord Gosford. Imme3. At Fair Oak Lodge, the Hon. Lady Paget, a diately after the ceremony the new married daughter

couple set off for Lord Cawdor's seat in Nortb - At Mortimer House, Clifton, the lady of A. G. Wales. Harford Battersby, Esq. a son.

9. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Dr. Theodore 4. 'The lady of James Bishop, Esq. of Woburo. Gordon, Physician to the Forces, to Elizabeth place, Russell.square, a daughter.

Bruce, daughter of the Rev. Patrick Barclay, 5. The lady of Col. Woodiord, of the Coldstream and niece to Sir Robert Barclay, KCB. Gnards, a daughter,

At Fetcham, Sir Jahleel Brenton, Bart. to Har. 8. At Englefield Green, Lady Elizabeth Tolle- riet, youngest daughter of the late James Bren-' mache, a daughter.

ton, Esq. of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

10. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Oliver Crawford, IN SCOTLAND,

MD. FTC. of Dublin, toJulia Maria, daughter At Minto House, Roxburghshire, the Countess of of the late Samuel Wachope, Esq. of Demerara. Minto, a son.

12. At Monmouth, William Jolin Bagshawe, Esq. IN IRELAND.

Barrister-at-law, of the Middle Temple, eldest At Ballan, in the Coupty of Carlow, a poor woman

son of Sir William Chambers Bagsbawe, of the nained Nowlan was delivered of tive children,

Oaks, in the County of Derby, to Sarah, second three males and two females, who lived three

daughter of the late William Partridge, Esq. of

Monmouth, days.

19. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Henry Dona

das Scott, Esq. of Fludyer.street, to done Lind. MARRIAGES.

say, eldest daughter of Charles Bank bead, MD. Sept. 24.-At Hampton ('ourt Palace, by special

of Lower Brook-street. Grosvenor-square. license, the Earl of Liverpool, to Miss Chester,

Lately at Tavistock, the Rev. Edward Atkyns sister to Sir Robert Chester. The ceremony was

Bray, BD. FAS. Vicar of Tavistock, to Anua performed by the Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Loa.

Eliza, daughter of Jolin Kempe, Esq. New Kent

Road, and widow of Charles Alfred Slothard, don. - At Cheltenham, Patrick Wallace, Esq. Com.

the celebrated Antiquary. mander of the Orient East Indiaman, to Jane,

IN SCOTLAND. ooly daughter of Col. Sir John Sinclair, Bart, of

At Redhall, Benjamin Digby, Esq. of MountJoy. Punbeath. 25. At Mary-le-bone Church, Fras. Gordon Camp:

square, Dublin, to Sophia, second daughter of bell, Esq. of Troup, in the County of Banft and

the late Vice Admiral' John Inglis, of AuchinGlenlyon, in the County of Perth, to Maria,


At Midto-house, Captain Charles Adam, RN. to only danghter of the late Major Gen. Dutt, of Carnousie, in the former County.

Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Patrick 26. At Chichester Cathedral, Watkin Hom fray,

Brydone, Esg. Esq. of King's-hill, Moumouthshire, youngest son of the late Sam. Homfray, Esq. of Coworth

DEATHS. House, Backs, to Eliza Lee Thompson, only daughter of the late Thomas Lane Thompson, Lately at Fern Hill, Berks, aged 39, Sir Theophilus Esg, of Nottingham-place, and grand daughter John Metcalfe, Bart. of Henry Lee, Esq. of North Wales, Chichester. Lately the Rev. Sir Jolin Fagg, Bart. of Mystole. - At Hampton, Matthew Crawford, Esq. of the Sept. 22.-At Dawlish, Robert, the eldest son of Middle Tenrple, Barrister at Lave, to Louisa Ma. Sir Robert Chester, of Bush-hall, Herts. tilda, youngest daughter of the late Colonel 24. In Chesterfield-street, in her 65th year, Mrs. Montaru, of Lackbam-honse, in the County of Harriet Milles, sole surviving daughter of the Wilts, and Kingsbridge in the County of Devon. late Rev. Dr. Milles, Dean of Exeter. 30. Jolin Skeggs, Esq. of Farnborough, Kent, to - In Arundel-street, Strand, Louis Henri Scipio

Mary, grand daughter of General and Lady de Griinoard de Beauvoir, Count de Roure, and Frances Morgan, of Crofion Hall.

Marquis de Girisac. This nobleman, who was Lalely at Huish, Devonshire, by the Rev. J. Tre. related to the Irish Peerage, in right of his

fusis, the Right Hon. Lori Rolle, to the Hon. mother the Countess of Catherlough, was more Louisa Trefusis, sister to Lord Clinton.

distinguished by the independence of his cha. At Gretna Green, Jesse Ainsworth, jun. son of J. racter than by his descent; at the commence.

Ainsworth, Esq. of Wickenball, to Hannah, ment of the Revolution, he espoused the Re. youngest daughter of Robert Lees, and niece of

publican cause, from the most disinterested Colonel Lees, of Oldham. The lady was made molives, nor could any offers of emolument and a ward in Chancery on the day on which the honours induce him to forego those principles, marriage took place.

when Napoleon had fixed himself on the impeOct. 1.-At Bishop Wearmouth, Colonel Browne, rial throne. The Count frequently employed bis

530 Regt. KCH. to Louisa Aune, second daugh- pen, and was the author of many anonymous ter of the Rev. Dr. Gray. Prebendary of Dur- political prodnctions and barangues. His Nou. bam, who performed the ceremony.

veau Maitre Anglais, published at Paris, 1816, - At Waltoni, near Liverpool, William Ripley, shows him to hare been profoundly acquainted Esq. of Liverpool, late on the 53d Regiment, to with the English language. Isabella, voungest daughter of the late J. Parr, - In consequence of a fall on board the Cornwall Esq. of Fir Grove, in the County of Lancaster, East Indiaman, Charles de Bable, Captain Goth Regiment, and Chevalier of the French Order of arms of her father, who accompanied her, just the Legion of Honour.

after they were taken up by a boat from the - At his residence, New Place House, Southamp- Gaugrs. ton, Thomas Conway, Esq. aged 56.

13. Captain John Sayers, of Yarıouth, Com26. James Griffiths, Esq. of Stamford Hill, Slid. mauder of the Ranger Revenue Culler, lost in dlesex, and of Doctor's Commons, London, for a gale, off Happisburgh, with twenty-nine of 38 years one of the Common Council for the his crew, all the persons then on board. CapCity of London.

tain S. had coinmanded the Ranger 15 years, 27. At Clumber, her Grace the Duchess of New- 14. Aged 84, Mrs. Welsh, only sister of the late

castle, after having been delivered, on the pre- Sir R, Welsh, of Eltham, Kent. ceding Tuesday, of twins, a boy and girl, the 15. At East Sheen, Surrey, in his 61th year, Wil. latter of whom was still boru, and the former Jiam Gilpin, Esq. died Octo 7. Grace was Georgiana 16. Aged 61. Thomas Boycott, Esq. of Clement'sElizabeth, daughter of E. M. Munday, Esq. lane, Loinbard-street, banker. of Shipley, in Derbyshire; was born June 1, At her house, on the Adelphi Terrace, in her 1789; and married July 18, 1807. She bad 99th year Eva, Maria, relict of the late David borue 16 children, Il sons, and 5 daughters, Garrick, Esq., who expired suddenly while of whom pine sons and three daughters are now sitting in her chair. Notwithstanding her exliving. The remains of her Grace, and those of traordinary age, she bad so little previous indis. her infant son and daughter, were interred, on position of any kind, that she had intended to the 18th Oct. at Bothsamsal church, about four be present that evening at the re-opening of miles from the family seat at Clumber.

Drury Lane, of which Theatre she was a con29. At Matlock, in her soth year, the Right Hon. siderable shareholder.

Lady Delaval, of Ford Castle, Northumberland. - In York-street, aged 79, Sir Matthew Bloxam. 30. In Nelson-square, in her 42 year, Lady Aldis. Aged 75, Mr. Sturtevant, glover and hosier, Lud. October 1.–At the Amiralty, G. Pace, Esq. Lieut.

gate-street. Just before his death be complain

ed of a sudden pain in his chest, and while a RN. He was sitting at the telegraph, of which he was director, at one o'clock, when he fell

surgeon, who had been sent for, was bleeding on the floor in an apoplectic fit, and expired

him, he expired. at about eleven o'clock the same night.

18. At his house, Tyudal.place, Islington, Mr.

Francis Rivington, of St Paul's Church Yard. - At his seat, Westaere High-house, in the coun

19. At his house. Whitehall-place, aged 29, Henry ty of Norfolk, Anthony Hamond, Esq. in his Sist year.

Nugent Bell, Esq. Student of the Inner Temple.

This gentleman was author of the Huntingdon 2. At her mother's house near Bognor, Catherine, wife of the Rev. C. J. Bewicke, of Hallaton-ball,

Peerage, a work in which he gave an interesting

narrative of the proceedings by which he conLeicestershire. - Suddenly, at Loders, in Dorsetshire, in his 71st

ducted the claims of the present Earl.

19. In Leicester-square, Thomas Mackenzie, Esq. year, the Right Hon. Sir Evan Nepean, Bart.

MP. High Sherif for that county, formerly Secre

20. At Kenpington-place, Vauxhall, Philip Henry tary to the Admiralty; and late Governor. Geo. of Bombay. His remains were deposited, on the

Savage, Esq. son of Admiral Savage, late Capt. 16th, in the family vault at Loders. Dorsetshire.

of the 521 regt, and of his Majesty's Ist regt. of

Life Guards, aged 55 years. 3. Aged 22, Catherine, daughter of Capt. J. Laskey, and nicce to Col. Dickinson, of Bath.

Lately, Mrs. Aubrey, relict of Col. Thos. Aubrey, 4. Ai Bury, in his 93d year, John Godbold, Esq.

formerly MP, for Wallingford, one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace, and

SCOTLAND. one of the Depaty-Lieutenants for the county of At Glenalbert, Perthshire, in her 100th year, Mrs. Suffolk.

Margaret Low, relict of James Stewart, Esq. of 5. Near Oswestry, Henry Andrews, Esq. While Tullock, near Blair, who was Captain in one of

shooting, he had discharged one barrel of a the Athol regiments, under Lord George Murdouble barrelled gun, and was in the act of re- rav, and carried the royal standard of Charles loading it, when the other discharged its con- Edward, at Culloden. Mrs. Stewart, had a pertents in his head, thereby causing his imme- fect remembrance of that unfortunate Prince, diate death. Mr. Andrews had served in most whom she saw at Dunkeld, in 1745. of the battles of the Peninsular war, and received At Scone, the seat of his brother-in-law, the Earl of Several wounds.

Mansfield, the Very Kev. George Markbam, DD. 5. At Hereford (at the house of his father-in-law, Dean of York, second son of the late Most Rev.

Thomas Skyrme, Esq.) in his 324 year, John Dr. William Marktam, Archbishop of York, Jarvis, Esq. one of the Deputy Assistant Com- who died 1807. Dr. Markham was appointed to missaries lieneral in the Ariny.

the Deanery of York in April, 1802, on the death 6. At his son's, Sloane-street, in his 71st year, Sig. of Dean Fountavne.

nor Carlo Rovedino, well known for his musical At Edinburgh, in St. James's-square, Lieutenanttalents as a Bass-singer. Signor Rovedino came Colonel Smith, late of the 19th regt. to this country in 1777, when he made his debut

IN IRELAND. at the King's theatre. He afterwards went abroad, and acquired high celebrity in Italy,

At his Villa, near Clontarf, Viscount Frankfort Paris, &c. In 1791 he returned hither, and re

de Montmorency, one of his Majesty's Right mained at the King's theatre for 23 years,

Hon. Privy Council, Vice-President of the Dub. At Notton-lodge, near Chippenham. Lady Call,

Jin Society, &c. He is succeeded in his titles relict of Sir John Call, Bart. of Whiteford, Corn

and estates by his son, Raymond Lodge, a minor. wall.

At Dublin, aged 87, Lady Anastasia Browne, relict Lately, at Ramsgate, the Rev. John Owen, Rector

of the late Sir George Browne. of Paglesbam, Essex, Preacher at Par-street

At Largan, Charles Brownlow, Esq. of Brookchapel, London, and Secretary to the British

street, Bath, father of C. Brownlow, Esq. MP. and Foreign Bible Society.

for Armagh. 9. At his house, Cumberland-place, New-road,

ABROAD. William Dickinson, Esq. formerly of Musk bain At Florence, aged 14, the second son of Viscount Grange, near Newark, in the county of Not. Dillon. His death was occasioned by falling tingham, and one of his Majesty's Justices of into a resorvoir of water, in the garden, at the Peace. This gentleman was author of two which melancholy event the Viscountess his professional works, " A Guide to the Quarter mother was present. Sessions," and "A Practical Exposition of the At Morges, near Lansanne, shot byhis gun going off Duties of a Justice of the Peace;" of which lat. as he was getting into his carriage, Charles, the ter work he completed an improved Edition just youngest son of Col. Dixon, of Rainham, Nor. before his decease,

folk. - In Exmouth-street, Clerkenwell, in bis 80th At Donav, John Zachary Fonnereau, Esq. late of

year, Mr. Richard Earlom, the celebrated mez- the 20th regt. foot. zotinto engraver.

At Calcutta, in his 27th year, Capt. Edward Studd, 11. Aved 18, Sarah Hay, daughter of Thomas Jen. second son of the late Mr.J. L. Studd, of Swatea

kins, Esq. of Catherine-court, Trinity-square, field-ball, Norfolk. who was drowned by a boat upsetting in her At Rome, ('arlinal Charles André Pelagallo. passage to the Isle of Wight, She expired in the At Rome, Cardinal Gabrielli, in bis 74th year.


The Rev.John Cumins, to the Rectory of Racken. W. Vaux, to the Rectory of Patching-with-Tarring, ford, Devonshire.-The Rev. Jonu Nolan, to the Sussex.-The Rey. S. Orcher, to the Rectory of perpetual Vicarage of Torpoint, Cornwall.--The Lewanick, Cornwall.-The Rev. C. Kipliug, to Rev. H. W. Winfield, to the Rectory of Tyring. the Rectory of Colston, Leicestershire.-The Rev. ham.cum-Filgrove, Bucks, with that of Battlesden- J. Graham, MA. Fellow of Queen's College. Cam. cun. Potsgrove, Bedfordshire.--The Rev. Henry bridge, to the Vicarage of Holy Trinity, MickieTattam (Hector of St. Cutlibert's, Bedford), Chap- gate, York, Patron, the Lord Chancellor. lain to the English church at the Hague. - The On September 2, Buckley churclı, in the Reca Rev. H. Varasour, to the Rectory of Stowe St. Ed. tory of Howarden, Cheshire, was consecrated by ward's, in the county of Gloucester.The Rev. W. the Lord Bishop of Chester. The building, which Pritchard, MA. Jare of St. John's, Cambridge, and is in the Gothic style, and has a lofty tower, is Chaplain to the Duke of Sussex, to the Vicarage built of very durable stone obtained in the neigh. of Great Wakering, Essex, Patron the Bishop of bourhood. The architect is Mr. John Oates, of London, and the Rectory of Great Yeldlam, in the Halifax. same county, Patron Sir W. B. Rush.-The Rev.


D. Mushet, Coleford, Gloucestershire, T. Sowerby, Bishopwearmouth, Durham, iron-maker ; for an improvement or im- merchant; for a chain, upon a new and provements in the making or manufactur- improved principle, suitable for ships' caing of iron from certain slags or cinders bles, and other purposes.-Aug. 29. produced in the working or making of that R. Vazie, Chasewater, Mine Kenwyn, metal.-Aug 20.

Cornwall, civil engineer; for an improve. W. Mitchell, Glasgow, silversmith; for ment in the compounding of different spea process, whereby gold and silver plate, cies of metals.—Sept. 3. and other plate formed of ductile metals, H. Burgess, Miles's-lane, Cannon-street, may be manufactured in a more perfect and London, merchant; for improvements on expeditious manner, than by any process wheel-carriages...Sept. 3. which has hitherto been employed.--Aug. 24.


Paris. Hamburg. Amsterdam Vienna. Nuremberg Berlin. Naples. Leipsig. Bremen 18 Oct. 15 Oct. 17 Oct. 5 Oct. 14 Oct. 12 Oct.

II Oct. 1 Oct.



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London 25.35 36.103
Hamburg • 1824

561 1041
Vienna.... 149
Franckfort. 33
Augsburg. 249
Genoa...... 472

1471 Leghorn.

Lisbon. 535 394
Cadiz....... 15:55 93)
Naples. 432
Bilbao. 15:55
Madrid. 15.65 93


112 112]

994 | 1051



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Frankfort on the Main}





IN THE TWELVE MARITIME DISTRICTS. From Sept. 24 to Oct. 22. Amsterdam, C. F.

By the Quarter of 8 Winchester Bushels,

.12-7 ..12-3 Ditto at sight.

from the Returns in the Weeks ending

.12-4 .. 12-0 Rotterdam, 2 U.. ...12-8..12-4

Sept. | Sept. | Oct | Oct.

21 28 5 12 Antwerp


Wheat 40 640 540 5 395 Hamburgh, 2} U

.38-0..37-7 Altona, 240.

4 .38-1..37-11

Rye - 17 7119 420 0 20 Paris, 3 days' sight... .25-60.. 25-45

Barley 25 11 26 10 27 0 26 1

Oats 18 11 18 3.18 0 18 7 Ditto..2 U

..25-90.. 25-75

Beans 23 621 4 24 11 25 0 Bourdeaux

..25-90.. 25-75


25 8.26 10 27 11 28 1 .158..157

Corn and Pulse imported into the Port of Petersburg, ruble, 3 Us..... 9

London from Sept. 25, to Oct. 21. Vienna, ef. flo. 2 M

10-24..10-19 English | Irish Foreign Total Trieste, ditto.... 10-24.. 10-19 Wheat 31,137

31,137 Madrid, effective... .364..364 | Barley 16,985

(16,985 Cadiz, effective......

.35 ..36

Oats 20,298 1,650 21,948 Bilboa..... .364


81 Barcelona.

Beans 6,715

6,715 Seville..

Pease 6,210

6,210 Gibraltar.


Malt 21,055 Qrs.; Flour 27,817 Sacks. Leghorn

.47 ..474

Foreign Flour—140 barrels. Genoa.


Price of Hops per cwt. in the Borough. Venice, Ital. Liv.. .27 ..50 Malta

Kent, New bags ...45$. to 84s.

.45 Naples

40s, to 50s. ..394

Sussex, ditto

Essex, ditto .42s. to 60s. Palermo, per oz.

..117..118 Lisbon

Os. to Os. .524..52%

Yearling Bags .

Kent, New Pockets 50s. to 54s. Oporto

..514..524 Rio Janeiro

Sussex, ditto. 40s. to 58s. ..............48 ..46 Bahia

.458. to 72s. ..50

Essex, ditto Dublin

0s. to Os. ..94 ..93

Farnham, ditto Cork

Os. to 0s. .94

Yearling Pockets

Average Price per Load of

Hay. Clover. Straw. PRICES OF BULLION.

£. 8. £. $. £. $. £. s. £S. At per Ounce.

Smithfield. d. £.

3 0 to 4 4..3 0 to 4 10..1 10 tol 16 Portugal gold, in coin 0 0 0.0 0 0

Whitechapel. Foreign gold, in bars 3 17 6 .0 0 0

3 8 to 4 6..3 10 to 4 8..1 10 to 1 16 New doubloons .. 3 13 6 ..0 0 0

St. James's. New dollars 0 4 9..0 4 94 35 to 44..3 10 to 4 4... 5 to 1 14 Silver, in bars, stand. O 4 114..0 0

Meat by Carcase, per Stone of 8lb. at The above Tables contain the highest Newgate.- Beef ....ls. 8d. to 2s. 6d. and the lowest prices.

Mutton..]s. 8d. to 2s. '4d.

Veal....25. 4d. to 4. 4d. Average Price of Raw Sugar, exclusive

Pork....28. Od. to 3s. 8d. of Duty, 328. 31d.

Lamb...0s. Od. to Os. Od. Bread.

Leadenhall.-Becf...,ls. 6d. to 2s. Od.

Mutton..ls. 8d. to 2s. 4d. Highest price of the best wheaten bread

Veal ....3s. Od. to 4s. Od. in London 7d. the loaf of 4 lbs.

Pork ....25. 6d. to 3s. 8d.

Lamb...0s. Od. to 0s. Od. Potatoes per Ton in Spitalfields. Ware .£2 10 0 to 4 0 0 Cattle sold at Smithfield from Sept. 27, Middlings. 1 10 0 to 1 15 0

to Oct. 21, both inclusive.
Chats .. 1 10 0 to 0 0 Beasts. Calves. Sheep. Pigs.
Common red 0 0 0 to 0 0 0 14,609 1,824 117,900 1,860

In each Week, from Sept. 30 to Oct. 21.
Sept. 30.

£. $.

£. s.

$. d.

Oct. 7.

Oct. 14. Oct. 21. $. d. 8. d. $. d. $. d. 8. d. 8. d. 8. d. Newcastle, 40 0 to 46 6| 39 6 to 46 9 | 38 0 to 45 635 0 to 44 3 Sunderland 44 0 10 46 6 41 6 to 42 637 6 to 0 0 36 6 to 44 0

8. d.


By Messrs. WOLFE and EDMONDS, No. 9, 'Change-Alley, Cornhill.

(Oct. 21st, 1822.)

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100 50


100 County

£. s. £. ..

£ Canals.


350 100|Southwark



100 Ashby-de-la-Zouch

1482 100|Do, new

67 107kp.c.

1700 50 Ashton and Oldham 100 4 101



3000 100 Basingstoke.......

1260 100 Do, Promissory Notes 103

54,0001. Do, Bonds.. 40 2 54,0001. Waterloo



100 Birmingham (divided) 580 24 2000 25

Annuities of 81. 34

5000 60 Bolton and Bury:

120 5
477 250
Annuities of 71. 30 5

5000 40 Brecknock & Abergavenny 80

958 150
Bonds, ..........

60,0001. Chelmer and Blackwater.: 93

400 100 Chesterfield 120 8


1500 J00 Coventry 1070 4 & 3 500 100 Barking


300 100 Croydon.......

3 3
4546 100 Commercial ..


5 1000 100 Derby...

140 6
600 100


20603 | 100
Branch ......


100 Ellesmere and Chester 63

35751 133 Great Dover Street.


1 19 492 100 Erewash

1000 58
231 100 Highgate Archway..


2393 50 Forth and Clyde 470 20 1297 100|Croydon Railway...

1000 65 Gloucester and Berkeley,

Surrey Do...

1000 60 old Share 1960 100 Severn and Wye Do.

1 101 3762 50 Do. optional Loan....

60 Grand Junction 2-15 10 11,800 100

Wuter Works. Grand Surrey

54 3

100 East London..

97 10 2 3900 Do. Loan

5 60,0001.
-Grand Junction


2 101 4500 Grand Union ....


1001 Kent ....

35 1 10 2000 100 Do. Loan 100 5 19,3271. London Bridge..

2 101

1500 Grand Western...

3006 100 South London

800 Grantham...

145 8
749 150| West Middlesex


2 51 75-10 Huddersfield

13 101
6312 100||York Buildings.



100 Kennet and Avon ....... 18

171 25,328 100 Lancaster ... 27 1 11,699 100

Insurances. Leeds and Liverpool...... 365 12 2,879 100 Albion ..........


2 101 2000 500 Leicester


Atlas ............

G 25,000

50 Leicester & Northampton

Bath ...

575 40 Union

1895 100Biriningham

1300 23


1000 Loughborough

3500 170


30 3

2:30 Melton Mowbray,


40 2 101 4000 100 Mersey and Irwell


12 12 6

40,000 50 Monmouthshire 170 8 2109 100| European


50,000 20 Do. Debentures

43,5261. 100||Globe

135 6 1,000,0001. 100 Montgomeryshire

70 2 10 700
100 Guardian


100 Neath.

410 25


6 40,000 50 North Wilts

1770 25 Imperial

98 4 101 2400 500 Nottinghain

100 12

150 London Fire.


4 3900 25 Oxford

32 17:20
100 London Ship


31.000 25 Peak Forest

2400 100 Provident



100 Portsmouth and Arundel

2:120 50 | Rock

1 19 2) 100,000 20 Regent's..

12,294 Royal Exchange

10 1745,1001. Rochdale .......

60 2 501
100 San Fire..

170 9 10 56) 12: Sun Life

23 10

10 4000 100 Shropsliire


123 | Union

40 18 1500 200 Somerset Coal..

107 10

771 Stafford & Worcestershire. 70)

700 140

Gas Lights. Stourbridge


30) 145 Gas Light and Coke (CharStratford on Aron 17

tered Company)

71 4 8000 50 Stro:dwater -1945 Do. New Shares

65 101 3 12 4000 50 Swansea


100 City Gas Light Company

117 5 12 1000 100 Tavistock

350) 100 Do. New

62 2 16 1000 100 Thames and Medway.....


Bath Gas ...


161 2500) 20 Trent & Mersey, or Grand

Brighton .......


1500) 20 Trunk .... 1910 75 1300 200 Bristol

25 106, p.c.

2500 20 Warwick and Birmingham 230

1000 TOK 11

1000 50 Literary Institutions. Warwick and Napton

980 100 London

27 Wilts and Berks..

6 10
14,288 Russel ....


2388 Wisbech..


105 Surrey........



30gs Worcesterand Birmingham 26 10


Auction Mart


15 1080 50

British Copper Company 52 2 10 1397 100 Bristol

2209 146 Golden Lanc Brewery

80 Do. Notes 5 20-3241.1 100'|Do......


347 50 Commercial

87 3 101 3132 100 London Commercial Sale East India

100 Rooms


2000 150 East Country


1038 100 Carpatic Stock, Ist Class .. 92 10 4 London 118 4 10 3,114,0007. Jen Do...

2d Class .. 79 West India 0 11,200,0001. 100. City Bonds


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1000 75gs

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