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Klengel, Cramer, Potter, 184-Gries. Paris, 293.

bach, Bochsa, Mortellari, 185—Royal Patents, (M. R.) 13, 29, 45, 61, 77, 93.

Academy of Music, appointments of, Pekin, Ferd. Mendez Pinto's account of,

and offers from, professional men, 273 347.

-Opera arrangements, Miss Paton's de. Pettrich, sculptor, 483.

but, 274—Leoni Lee, new publications, Phrenological system, 197—requires great

Moschelles, Perry, Stiebelt, 275_Me. study, 200.

vers, Barnett, Miss Paton, 276---Music Picture-dealers, 358.

Meetings, 378—Singers, Madame Cam- Pig, roast, dissertation on, 245.

porese, Mrs. Salmon, Miss Stevens, 379 Pinto, Ferd. Mendez, 343 - his account of

-new musical publications, 580- Derby the Gigauhos, 346—of Pekin, 347.

and Norwich Music Festivals, English Poetry, 356—its essence, 278.

Vocalists, 473—Mr. Beill, Madame Poetry.

Camporese and Mrs. Salmon, 474 Wanderings in June, by John Clare, 5,

Miss Corri, the late Mr. Corri, Catalani, The Inconstant Lady ; a Sonnet, 9.

475-Miss Paton, new publications, 476 Parting, 20.

-musical intelligence, Mr. Bochsa, 573 The Downfall of Dalzell, by A. Cun.

cultivation of English music ; Singers ningham, 27.

Knyvett, Terrail, Evans, 574- new Sonnet to the Nightingale, 52.

publications, 575.

from Jodelle, 62.

My Father's House, 549.

Hymn to the Morning, 71.

Myahology, popular, Swedish, 221. Song, The banners are waving,' 84.

The Sick Man's Summer Evening, 113.

Sonnet to the Skylark, 116.

Naples, sketch of, No. II. 78mLargo del

- A Still Place, 116.

Palazzo, 78_Chiatamone, 79— Villa

The Mariner's Song, 132.

Reale, 79—Corso, 80, No. III. 224—

Lycus the Centaur, 141.

the Paludi, Poggio Reale, 224—the

Ode to a Sparrow alighting in Serjeant's

Rubeolo, and Sebeto, 225—Strada Nuo-

Inn, 148.

va, streets in the city, 226--advantages Sonnet to Elia, 151.

and disadvantages of Naples, 228. John Corson's Chaunt, 153.

Napoleon, O'Meara's work on, 53—his

May Macfarlane, 156.

attachment to Josephine, and Maria The Funeral of Eleanor ; a Ballad, 172.

Louisa, 54—his character of Madame

Song from the Opera of Gil Blas, 187."

de Staël, 55–Murat, 56_King of Prus-

• Fare thee well,' 196.

sia, 58.

Sonnets from Desportes, 205, &c.

Narrative of Nathan Adamson, 152.

Arethusa to Lycotas, from Propertius,

Niemeyer, Dr., his travels, 166—his re-


marks on the English Universities, 167.

The Tale of Tarpeia, 211.

Nonnus, account of, 336—his poetry, 338. Sketch from Nature, 217.

" It's hame, and it's hame,' by A. Cun-

Ochino, Sermon of, translated by Queen

ningham, 220.

De Bruce, 233.

Elizabeth, 554.

O drink and gang hame, love,' 235.

Ohiopyle, the Falls of, 48.

The bold Shoemaker, 235.

Old Actors, by Elia, 349-Suett, 349-

Farewell of Felix Macarthy, 240.,

Munden, 350.

Sonnet, "How sweet the wood shades

Old Seaman, the, 559.

the hot summer hours,' 244.

O'Meara, his Napoleon,' 53—Lord Lion-

• Forest Flowers,' 248.

donderry's intention of prosecuting, 285.

• Ere I had known the world,'

Opium Eater, Confessions of an, 512.


Orford's Royal and Noble Authors, addi.

Hymn to the Sun, 276.

tions to, No. IV. Earl of Worcester, 149

The Ass, 278.

-Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, 150—

No. V. Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury,

Two Peacocks of Bedfont, 304.

6 On Tweed Stream sat a Scottish

218–No. VI. Queen Elizabeth, 553.

Maiden,' 312.

Gentle Hugh Herries, 312.

Painters : Claude, Poussin, Rembrandt,

The Cameronian Song, 314.

Velasquez, 359-Carracci, 490—Del

Eustace de Ribaumont; a Ballad, 325.

Piombo, 491–Raphael, Corregio, Van-

Sunrise; a Sonnet, 335.

dyke, 492-Claude, Rembrandt, Pous-

Translations from Nonnus, 337.

sin, 493— Wilkie, Hogarth, Reynolds,

Story of Ampelus, from Ditto, 339, 440.


Charlie Stuart, 348.

Painting, 337-historical, 358-French, On the death of Ronsard, from Jean

298—Mr. Angerstein's Collection, 489

Bertaut, 362.

-nudities in pictures, 493.

To the Cardinal Bourbon, from Ditto,


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Stanzas from Jean Bertaut, 365, &c. Scotland, 286--Greece, defeat of Chours.
Farewell to Italy, 387.

chid, loss of Corinth by the Greeks ;
On Cock-fighting, by Dr. Wild, 396. Congress, 382_-Spain, execution of
The Last of Autumn, by John Clare, Elio; Portugal ; France, trial of Ber-

ton, &c. 383–Domestic Intelligence,

Translations from Sceve, 414.

Mr. Canning, New Marriage Act, 384

Des Autels, 416. --Spain ; Opening of the Extraordinary

The Sailor's Lady, 427.

Cortes, 477–Report of Banos to the
Low Germanie, 429. .

Cortes ; proposed new Levy, 478-De-
Awake, my Love,' 455.

ficiency in the Revenue ; Portugal, Oath
The Falling Leaf, by Montgomery, 477. taken by the King; complaint of the
Midnight : a Sonnet, 494.

Prince Regent of the Brazils, 479—
On a Sleeping Child, two Sonnets, 497. Manifesto, 480--Greece, loss of the
Translation from Quintus Calaber, 511. Turkish Naval Expedition, defeat of
Fancy : a Sonnet, 536.

the Turks at Souli ; France, conduct of
"O come my bonnie bark,' 542.

the Ultra Government, 481-Execution
· The tree that built my bonnie bark,' of Berton; Ireland, 482_Spain : Con-

stitutionalists, defeat of Quesada, O'Don-
Philosophy, 552.

nell's Proclamations, 576—the Spanish
The Voyage, a Dramaticle, 556.

Regency; disposition of England to-
Lines to an Unknown, 562.

cowards the Peninsula ; France, B. Con-
Hymn, by Montgomery, 565.

stant's trial ,577-arrest of Mr. Bowring,
Sonnet, ' I never pass a Venerable Tree,' 578-French Funds, Congress atVerona,

South America, Dublin, 579-Lord
A Wish, 568.

Mayor's Dinner, Trials for Libel, 580.
Poets, Lives of, Armstrong, 241-Smol.
lett, 327–Jago, 419–Darwin, 520.
French; see Fronch.

Quotations, remarks on, 24.
Politeness, French, 302.
Popularity of Scott, Byron, &c., causes of,

Retsch, artist, 287.

Portmore, family of the Earl of, 265. Retz, Cardinal, anecdote by, 458.

Portraits, on the diversity of opinion re- Review of Halidon Hill, 174—Les Ma.
specting, 321.

chabees, 341_Bracebridge Hall, 436m

Presentiment, a fragment, 517.

Sir Marmaduke Maxwell, 460.

Pretensions, French, 293.

Reynolds, Sir J., 494.

Prints, 357-remarks on, 489.

Riding, specimen of Cockney, 500.

Processions, theatrical, 39.

Roast Pig, dissertation on, 245.
Prussia, King of, Napoleon's opinion of, Rochester, J. Wilmot, Earl of, 150.

Royal and Noble Authors. See Orford.

Public Events: Russia and the Porte; Rural sports, a Cockney's, 498–riding,

France, the King's Speech to the Cham- 502-shooting, 504-fishing, 507.

bers, 93—Commotions in the Capital ;

Spain, Address of the Cortes to the

King; Portugal, plot to depose the Sailors, 559.

King, 94—Plague at Algiers ; state of Sappho, 18.

Pauperism in Sussex ; Ball for the relief Scepticism, Darwin's, 525.

of the Irish ; Parliamentary Intelli. Schools, public, 232.

gence, 95-Resolution of the Bank of Sceve, M. French poet, 413.

England, 96_Spain, 187—Tumults at Scott, Sir W., his Halidon Hill, 174.

Madrid, Meeting among the Military, Scottish Dialect, remarks on, 461.

Morillo, 188-Address of the Munici. Scraps of criticism, 563.

pality to the King, 189--the French · Sculpture, 288, 381, 483, 484.

Ultras, Brazilian Constitution, 190- Sea, remarks on the, 390-storm at, de-

Turkey, Capture of Scio, recruits in the scribed, 549.

Morea, South America, 191_State of Seaman, the old, 559.

Ireland, Revenue, Marriage Act, Bank. Sedley, Sir C. Memoirs of, 265.

notes, Breach of Privilege, 192—Spain, Shakspeare, 335.

Resignation and Trial of some of the Shares of Canals, &c. (M. R.) 15, 31, 47,

Ministers, 281---Dissensions in the

63, 79, 95.

French Parliament, 282–Turkey, death Shrewsbury, Duke of, 218.

of Captain Pacha, 282—Insurrection at Sidley family, account of the, 265.

Constantinople, subscriptions for the Siege of Vienna, 367.

Greeks ; Domestic, Prorogation of Par- Sketch-book, excellency of that work, 437.

liament, 283—death of the Marquis of Smollett, Dr. Life of, 327.

Londonderry, 284—the King's Visit to Smugglers, 101.

Soult, Marshal, 116.

Ugliness, 324.
Spiders, 566.

Universities, English, 166_officers at,
Sporting, Cockney, 503.

168-discipline, 168course of study,
Stewart, Walking, 410.

169_lectures, 169—professorships, 169
Stocks and Funds, (M. R.) 16, 32, 48, 64, -difference between their studies and
80, 96.

those of the German Universities, 170
Storm at sea, description of, 544.

-passion for politics, 171.

Style, remarks on, 24-the confectionary

style, 25.

Versification, Darwin's, 527.

Suett, actor, 349.

Vienna, siege of, 367.
Superstitions of the Swedes, 221–of Sea- Villain, meaning of that word in Richard'

soliloquy, 463.

Swedes, popular superstitions of, 221. Virgil, 508, 510.

Voice from St. Helena, 53.

Voyage, the, a Dramaticle, 556.

Tale, of Tarpeia, 209.

Tales : The Haunted House, 63.

Wagner, sculptor, 484.

Harry Woodriffe, 101.

Walking Stewart, 410.

Luke Lorrance, the Cameronian, 309. Water-drinking, 29.

Allan Lorburne, the Mariner, 421. Weather, Observations on, (M. R.) 10, 28,

Second Tale, 537. 43, 60, 73, 87,

Talleyrand, Mad. Anecdote of, 58. Weathercock, see Janus.

Tarpeia, Tale of, 209.

Wine, essay on, 29.

Taste, Academy of, for Grown Gentlemen, Wild, Dr. R., 396 (note) - verses by, on

Cock-fighting, 396.
Thorvaldsen, 288.
Tibullus, 125.

Zion, Montgomery's songs of, 464.

Tischbein's Homer, 287.

Zuccaro, Anecdote of, 359.

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Page 29, motto, for fuxpo 100195, read fuxponosoas.

132, col. 1, line 3, for mass, read map.
132, col. 1, line 19 from bottom, for acts, rcad arts.
188, col. 1, line 17, for Prado, read Pardo.
271, col. 1, line 24, for age of 90, read age of 60.

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