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ever-there's knavery in all crafts, “praise be blest!” leaped to his feet, save mine." “ Avaunt, avaunt, whi- shouted, “ redeemed redeemed! ther wilt thou carry me!” exclaimed won from the clutches of the auld the deacon ; “ that man hath perfect enemy, and set on my feet at the blessedness, who walketh not astray fire-side of my sworn friend, William in counsel of ungodly men.”

<< Oh!

Warpentree. But, Oh! man, I have that I could mind a prayer now, got such a fright this blessed evening when a prayer might be of service, as will gang wi' me to my grave." and no be borne away owre the fiend's Fright !” said Marion, “ what left shoulder, like holy Willie gaun could have frightened ye in the douce home with a customer's web.” « The Kirkgate of Dumfries; the kirk at man's demented,” muttered the El- your lug, the kirkyard at your elder ; “possess’d by a demon--fairly bow, and the fear o'God afore ye, possess'd-here, Baillie, bear thou his and a gallant bowl of brandy punch heels, I'll bear up his head, and let in your hand. I feel the smell of the us carry him home, and deliver him spilt mercies yet, ye donard bodie; up to the admonition of dame Ma- what fiend made ye coup the creels, rion." And lifting aloft the weaver and scream yon way?" “ Woman, as they spoke, away they marched — woman,” said the elder to his spouse, but not without speech or resistance. “ bridle thy unruly tongue, and curb « A fiend at my head, and a fiend at thy irreverent speech-this man my feet! Lost beyond redemption! hath, peradventure, seen something Lost beyond redemption! Oh! if I which he will do well to disburthen maun be doomed, let me lie in my his conscience in describing.”. “I grave like other sinners, and no be shall make bauld to tell ye,” said the borne away to be picked by the fiend deacon of the weavers, " how it hapbehind the stake and ryse dyke that pened, and whereabout; but, Oh! divides the foul place from purgatory, man, never let sinful flesh pride itlike a gled picking, a cock-bird.” self again in the joys of this world. Their entrance into the chamber be- Who would have thought that a man side dame Marion, seemed at first to like me, a bowl of reeking punch in augment his terror-he shut his eyes, one hand, and buttered short cake in and clenched his hands in the reso- the other; the town clock chapping lute agony of despair. “ Ah! the eleven, a glass in my head, the paveblack pit, and the burning fire, wi' ment aneath, and my friend's door fiends to torment me in the shape of open before me, should in ae moment holy Willie Warpentree, and that be spoiled and bereaved of all in wicked body Baillie Burnewin. A which he had sinfully prided. Oh! she-fiend too! Na, then there's nae William Warpentree-flesh and redemption for me, I'm in the hol- blood-flesh and blood.” Here he lowest hell, I'll warrant me!” and half wiped away the moisture of Marion's unclosing his eyes, they wandered haggis from his face, muttered, with something of a half insane and « Grace be near me, I'm barely come half suspicious scrutiny around the to my senses yet-Lord, I'll never elder's apartment.

forget it-how can I-I'm a doomed At this irreverent allusion to her- creature, that's certain.” The elder self and her sex, the yoke-fellow of enjoined him to tell why he was disthe elder exclaimed: “ Ungracious quieted—the elder's wife desired to and graceless body, I'll she-fiend know what elf or brownie had scared thee !” and lifting up a spoonful of him out of any little sense he ever the fat liquid in which the haggis had laid claim to; while the Baillie debeen immersed, she threw it fairly in clared it would be a droll tale that his face. This application was much would recompense him for the privamore effectual than the grave in-. tion of the spilt punch. quiries of her husband; the liquid, “Oh ! hard, hard !” exclaimed the too cool to scald, and yet hot enough deacon of the weavers; “I maun be to make flesh feel, caused him to utter frightened out of my senses ae mia scream. “Weel done, she-fiend !” nute with the Packman's ghost, and said the blacksmith, “ if a woman's fairly die in describing it the next." wit brings nae a man to his senses, I “ The Packman's ghost!” exclaimed wot nae what will.” The afflicted the three auditors, at once gathering weaver opened his eyes, exclaimed, round the affrighted deacon. “ Yes !


the Packman's ghost,” said he;'“ give soul take my een from it, and straight me leave to breathe, and I shall tell towards me it came. I think I see ye.

As I came out to the street, it yet-the breeks of hodan grays there was a slight fall of snow; the the Packman plaid, and the Kilmarway was as white afore me as a linen nock bonnet; the hair of my own web-a light glimmered here and head, gray and thin thongh it be, there the brightest was in the home raised the bonnet from my own brow. of Lowrie Linchpin, the Haunted Oh! William Warpentree, could I House ye ken; the carle lies in a de- have remembered but three words of parting state. As I looked o'er to thy prayer which seven times to mý his window, I thought to myself, the knowledge ye havé poured out before minister or some of the elders will the men who'swear by the wolf's be there, doubtless, and a bonnie head and shuttle in its mouth, I death-bed story he'll make on't, if he might have come off crouse pertells the truth. And then I stood chance, and triumphant. But the and thought, may be, on the wild world winna credit it-I tried to stories the neighbours tell of sights pray- I tried to bless myself, I could seen at midnight around his house- neither do the one nor the other, and how he cannot rest in his bed, but curses and discreditable oaths came converses with his dumb horse to to my lips; I shall never dare to sing drown darker thoughts; while atween a psalm, or speak of a thing that's his own house and the stable, the holy again.” shadowy fingers of an auld Pack- T'he deacon's story had proceeded man are seen plucking at him. A thus far; Marion had with a light golden pose Auld Linchpin got by foot, and a diligent hand, and an nicking the pedlar's thrapple, else ear that drank in every word of the there are many liars. There was my narrative, replenished the table with douce gudemother, ye mind her weel a noble haggis reeking and rich, and Baillie, many a mutchkin of brandy distilling streams of amber from you and auld Brandy burn, and John every pore; while from the collops Borland, and Edgar Wright, and scored a smoke thick and savoury ane I winna name emptied ahint her ascended : and a table of inferior size hallan. Aweel thae days are gane, exhibited an ancient punch bowl, and my gudemother too; but mony a curiously hooped and clasped, flank time she told me, when she was a ed by a brace of gardevines, filled to stripling of a lassie, that the auld the corks with choice gin and brandy. Packman (nae other name had he) Upon the whole looked the elder and was seen coming laden, horse and Baillie with a strong wish that the man, along the lane to the house of deacon's adventure with the pedlar's Lowrie Linchpin. He was never apparition would come to a close. more seen; but his horse ran master- A hurried foot in the street, and a less about the fields, and mony a mighty rap, rap, rap, at the door, ride she and Peg Lawson, and Nell equal to the demolishing of any orThomson had: their daughters are fine dinary hinges, accomplished the good madams now, and would nae like to man's wish. Ere Marion could say hear that their mothers rode round “Come in,”-in started an anthe town meadows on a stray horse; cient Kirkgate dame, her hood awry, but its true that I tell ye.”

and a drinking-cup, which her hurry “And now," said the deacon, “I had not hindered her to drain, though am come to the present concernment. she found no leisure to set it down, I stood looking at old Ne'er-do-good's was still in her right hand. She stood house, and thinking how soon he with her lips apart, and pointed tomight be summoned, and what a wards the haunted house of old black account he would render; when Linchpin, half choked with agitation lo, and behold! what should I see and haste. “ The saints be near coming towards me from auld Low- us, woman; have ye seen a spirit rie's, but a creature,—the queerest also?” said Baillie Burnewin.--"Spicreature that een ever saw: I thought rit," said the dame, an interrogatory, I should have sunk where I stood, suggesting words which she could with dread, and yet the worst had not otherwise find ten times worse not happened. I could nae for my than a thousand spirits.I would ram Vol. VI.


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ther face all the shadows of sinners me a hot face, clad in a penitential which haunt the earth, than sit five garment on the cutty stool.” During minutes longer by the bedside of auld this outpouring of remonstrance and Lowrie; the fiends have hold of him, wrath the good man found leisure there's little doubt of that-for he's for reflection ; he rose ere she contalking to them, and bargaining for cluded, assumed his hat and mantle, a cozie seat in the lowing heugh—its and saying, “ I will go to the couch fearful to hear him-and what can of this wicked man, but wicked have brought the evil spirits around should I be to hold out the hope that him already—naebody will dispute an hour of repentance will atone for possession, and then he thinks the an age of crime-It's but casting prePackman is at his elbow, and be- cious words away, ane might as well

gins to speak about the old throat- try to make damask napery out of cutting story: but his wife, a wick- sackcloth thrums, as make a member ed carlin and a stout, lays ever her for bliss out of such a sinner as hand on his mouth and cries out, Lowrie Linchpin.” “he's raving, sirs, he's raving !"- When the elder entered the dying But I think I'm raving myself.- man's abode he found him seated in Come away, Elder Warpentree, and his arm chair, pale and exhausted, try and speak solace to his saul, his clothes torn to shreds, and his though it be a rotten and a doomed hair (as lint, white and long, as if ane; he may as well gang to hell it had waved over the temples of a with the words of salvation sounding saint) scattered about in handfuls; in his ear.

while his wife, a stern and stout old Sore groaned the devout man at dame, pinioned him down in his seat, this ungracious and untimely sum- and fixed upon him two fierce and mons; he looked on the smoking threatening eyes, of which he seemed supper-table ; "he thought on the to be in awe. “ And what in the wretched and the worthless being, fiend's name brought auld Wylie for whose soul's welfare he was called Warpentree here at this uncivil hour, to minister by prayer and supplica- when we have more distress than tion-- and despairing of success in heart can well endure," said she of his intercession, he threw himself the haunted house; “ are ye come to into a chair, pulled it to the head of steal our purse under the pretence of the table, laid aside his cap, and prayer, like bonnie Elder Haudthespread forth his hands like one ready grup? de'el may care if ye were all to bless the savoury morsel before dancing on the morning air in a St. him. The Christian spirit of the Johnstone cravat, the land would be messenger, reinforced by strong drink, well rid of ye.” “Woman, woman," came down like a whirlwind. “ Á said the elder, in a tone of sorrow bonnie elder of God's kirk, indeed, and Christian submission, “ whereto sit down to his smoking supper, fore should ye asperse the servants with his full-fed cronies aside him of Him above; I come not here to and leave a poor soul to sink among take, neither come I hither to steal, the fathomless waters of eternity. but I come to one sick and subdued Had it been a douce and a devout in spirit, sick even unto death, for person that was at death's door, the the hand of the enemy will soon be haste might have been less; but a upon him. Oh man!” said he, adbeing covered with crimes as with a dressing the dying person, “ if ye garment, whose left-hand clutched had seven years to live, as ye may men's gold, and whose right-hand have but seven minutes; if your soul wrought murder, it's a burning shame was as pure as the unfallen snow, ! and a crying scandal, not to fly and now descending at your window, inseek to save, and send him the road stead of being stained as with ink, of repentance. A bonnie elder, in- and spotted as with crimson, I say deed ! () my conscience, Sir, if I'm unto you repent—repent-cast thy, but spared to Sunday—if I stand nae self in the ashes-groan and spread up and proclaim ye for a sensual and thy hands night, and

morn, and noonselfish man, who shuns the dying tide-thy spirit will find it all too man's couch for the sake of a savoury little to‘atone for thy follies, for thy supper, may the holy minister give faults, and form.“ Devil! wilt

thou talk about the Pedlar also," ex- linen, and silver in his pouch, and claimed Dame Linchpin, placing her gold in his purse. I was poor, and hand as she spoke on the mouth of my mind was prone to evil.” Here the elder; “ its enough that my own he clenched his teeth, wrung his poor old demented husband should hands fiercely for a moment, his upbraid me with planning and plot- colour changed, his lips quivered, ting on't, without thy uncivil tongue. and he said, in a low and deterOh sirs! but I am a poor broken- mined tone, “I see him, there he hearted mad old woman, and my sits; there he sits; a thousand and words should not be minded to my a thousand times have I seen him character's harm;" and she covered seated and watching, and he will her face with her hands and wept have me soon: ah, it's he--it's he! aloud.

My dog Tippler sees him too, and “ Aye, aye !” exclaimed her hus- the creature shivers with fear, for he band, “ I'm coming-I'm coming - lapt his blood as it streamed o'er my will ye not indulge me with another wife's knuckles upon the floor.” The little-little-year-I have much to dying man paused again, and he settle-much to do, and much to said, “ Wife, woman, fiend, why say, and I'm not so old-what is come ye not when I call? Wipe seventy and eight?—there's twenty my brow, woman, and clear my een, in the parish older, and my limbs are and let me look on something that strong, and my sight's good-I can seems as a black shadow seated besee to read the small print Bible side me:” and passing his own hand without glass, and that's a gallant over his eyes, he looked steadfastly brag at my time of life. Weel, weel, on the elder, and uttering a cry of all flesh is grass, the word says that, fear, fell back in his chair, and lay, and I shall fulfil it-but wherefore with his palms spread over his face, am I not to die in my bed like my muttering, “ I thought it was somedouce father? ye will never punish thing from the other world; and it's an old man like me—its bad for the ten times worse; an elder of the kirk! land when the gallows sees gray an elder of the kirk! He's come to hairs. Prove it! who will prove it, hearken my disordered words; to I pray thee ?-who shall tell that I listen to my ravings, and bear witslew him for his gold ?--how my ness against me. Oh, farewell to wife plotted his death, and helped the fair, and the honest, and the me bravely to spill his blood, and spotless name that my father gave rifle his well filled pack?-Ah, mony me. The name of my forbears will a bonnie summer day has she gone be put in a prayer, made a proverb gaily to kirk and market with the in a sermon, and hallooed in a psalm ; price of our salvation on her back, the auld wives as they go to the kirk She gave a gallant mantle from the will shake their Bibles at the naked pack to the proud wife of Provost walls, and the haunted house, and Mucklejohn; the wife's good luck was say, blood has been avenged.” The ended: she gave a plaid to Baillie shudder of death came upon him; he

; Proudfoot, and proud was he no long- tried to start from his seat; he held er; he was found drowned in the Nith out his hands like one repulsing the on the third day: it was nae sonsie to approach of an enemy, and uttering wear the silks and satins, and fine a loud groan expired. “I have been raiment, of which a dead man was the at many a death-bed," said William owner. Weel, weel, woman, if ye Warpentree, resuming his seat at his will tell of me, even tell - all that ye supper-table, and casting a look of can say is easily summed. Hearken, sorrow on the diminished haggisand I will disclose it myself. He “but I never was at the marrow of came with his packs and his pillions this :-and for the collops filled with rich satins and fine twined scored."

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What time the grey fly winds her sultry horn Milton.
He had such a skirmishing, cutting kind of a slashing way with him in
his disputations, thrusting and ripping, and giving every one a stroke to
remember him by in his turn,-that if there were twenty people in com.
pany,-in less than balf an hour he was sure to have every one of them


against him.

It'And now the outlines of the little, or else Nina will certainly chimneys and house-tops began to catch cold by standing so long in the cut ever more sharply and sharply vapoury dews of morn. against the æthereal back ground,- The gas was now. waning fast; so and the eastern gate of heaven, were the patrole and watchmen. “ soon, soon to glow with a bloody With creaks, rumbles, get-whut's, blush,” reflected a heart-cooling, and the smell of matting, cabbages, moony radiance from its marble &c., market carts slowly progressed valves,-when Nina L, unable to to The Garden ! from the delightsleep, from the united ponderosity of ful villages of Isleworth, Twickenher heart, and the atmosphere and ham, and Turnham-green. Several tired with contemplating the bronzed noticeable men with black silk stockHymens, whose hands supported the ings, were returning from a high luxuriant draperies of her virgin bed, court-plenary of literature and raised up her fragrant head froin the French wines one might see at a lace-trimmed pillows of down.- glance that they were famous in puns, Without waiting to descend the steps poetry, philosophy, and exalted criin a regular and moral manner, she ticism! 'Briefly, they were the wits threw herself out on the thick leo- of London ! One of them “ soaring pard skin ; and hastily induing her aloft in the high region of his fancies, pearl-coloured slippers, and wreath with his garlands and singing robes ing her round arms and sweeping about him," chaunted in the ringing shoulders in a cashmeer,--the white- emptiness of the streets," Diddle, didankled one moved timidly (though dle dumpkins." Nina no doubt shrank alone) over the painted-velvet car- within her shadowy bower (if you pet towards the aristocratical semi- can call a room nine-and-twenty feet circle of emblazoned windows which long a bower) from the hazy vision of formed the southern end of her vo- these vigilants ;--for though succes. luptuous salon à coucher. Her flexible sive and inimical images might disfingers turned the pliant locks of the turb the unity and completeness of centre one, and regardless of ap- her idea (which complex accumulapearances (i. e. passengers) she leant tion of images, troublesome to be out of her balcony like the Venetian disentangled, put in place, and ladonzellas in Paolo Veronese, or (to belled, is usually, and absurdly reduce my comparison to the level of termed the act of forgetfulness; beyour comprehension, Mr. Simkins !) cause the said forgetfulness proceeds like Miss O'Neill in Juliet.—Though not from action but its mathematical on second thoughts I believe I shall reverse, all which is extremely irrecross out this last touch, because she levant in hoc loco) yet the peculiar leant like no creature I ever saw; build of the house, its striking porexcept herself-stop a bit! Has Par- tico, and the lofty stained-glass winmegiano ever painted the kind of sub- dow might stick more barbed in ject? N-9-n-no! I'm afraid not! their brain. The owner's name might Why then Sir, he ought to be easily be found in the Court Guide, treated exactly as your baulked curi- and then the public be extremely reosity dictates:- for depend upon it freshed with the incident of Nina L. you have no chance of coming within displaying her pretty self, half naked ! nine hundred and seventy-three de- (the good-nature of the ladies and grees of her longi-altitude I mean!- the-what's the word of the men But we'll proceed with this tale a will take this trifling addition for

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