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granted) at three o'clock a. m. in the premises (not my tenements and her
green, green month of June.-" But reditaments), I assure him on the
such a thing is not to be thought of, word and honour of a gentleman, for
Sir! therefore in she goes!”-You're so the late king's most excellent ma-
quite out, my sweet Miss !-Nina jesty was graciously pleased to desig-
never stirredi Oh! fie! Sir-I'll nate your most humble servant in a
not read a word more of your certain commission (not of the peace)
naughty book.”—Nay! do but lis- bearing his own sign manual
ten! Because—because-she nei- really believe I have it now in my
ther saw nor heard any thing of them pocket. I'll read it, if it will gratify,

i. e. the cabbages and the wits!) you at allno! I hav’nt-l'ın afraid
La! Janus.” Indeed it was al- it's up stairs--never mind
most impossible that she should I say, tliat on the honour of a gen-
either view or be viewed for her tleman, I will do as much for every
room was, as the politer circles say, tittle he has advanced in the fore-
backwards ; nor was it much easier mentioned two excellent articles-I
for her to hear their Lyxan hymns, can't offer fairer: can I? And now
for I can make oath they never stray- having made a capital defence of my
ed within twenty streets of her situa- precise, and correct, and ingenuous
tion ! -I hope, madam, I have excul- style, I shall be for the future ingenu-
pated my heroine from any charge of ous, correct, and precise, as hard as
indelicacy." Yes, Sir!' but how ever I can!
came you to trouble us and your You've made yourself extremely
story, with this impertinent episode?" agreeable, most silent reader ! all this
That you should ask me why--- and I, time; and as a reward, you and I
in return, make my intent lucid. will go and gaze on Nina and all her

Those niceties and particularities doings in propriis personis; and thenof narration which are to be found in either keep dumbness thereon, or myself—and all other authors of value whisper a little in the ears of some of and credibility, are the tests, the our heartest (a word desiderated Lwitnesses, the vouchers, for the au- knows how long !) of our heartest thenticity of the tale--for every tale is friends, just as decorum and sense of or ought to be (after a fashion) his- delicacy, and all that sort of thing torically true (look into the Schle- shall indicate. See - here we are in gels! will ye?): you feel assured that Grosvenor Square ! " And is the the relater has actually been present house here, Janus ?" No, Sir! but it at the scenes he places before you. is not a great way off. This turn, if It is first hand-fire new! To illus- you please, now! we are arrived! I trate ; in recounting the manner of have the key of this wall-door-pooh X.'s detention of z. during a prosy -postern I mean—and here weargument, I write," and with such “ Here! Mercy on us-why here speeches he (X) dexterously seized lives Lord

Hush! for your with his sinister hand a button of Z.'s life! Step in quickly-Stand close doublet-it was the fifth button behind this bouncing laurel on the left, counting from the bottom." Now till I've relocked-There !-What a does not this subtle circumstantiality refreshing spot of summer greenery put the fact that, such conference in the centre of barren brick and took place, beyond doubt?-for Portland stone! The lovely cool of why should X. grapple Z.'s button, its shade (frigus amabile) pours save to prevent Z. from escap- around the revel-fevered nerves, ing; and assuming that Z. attempted to leave a given spot and person, it

As glass-bright showers

On the fainting flowers. follows tolerably logically, that Z. must have been on the spot, and with The sweet dew which maketh the the person he essayed to quit

. Is not grass all grey, is not yet licked up by this very clever reasoning ?--And if the fourth hour's thirsty sun; and the the ingenious gentleman who has high swaying trees, and the bushy been twice didactic on the Elgin mar- shrubs seem covered with a light bles would have the kindness to con- azure bloom. One little bird is sider the force of my conclusions as awaking-peep-peep-at intervals. enfeebled by the rottenness of my Hark! another! a thrush! with how

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deep a thrill, like the startling trum- For she sprinkled bright water from the pet of a knightly challenger, doth he stream, shake forth his vigorous notes!—What On those that were faint with the sunny delicious odours fume from that

beam; thicket of roses, and sweet-briar! And out of the cups of the heavy flowers, now the yet drowsy breeze varies, Sheemptied the rain of the thunder showers. and is drowned in the lively perfume She lifted their heads with her tender hands, of lavender-it subsides, and the And sustain'd them with rods and ozier steam of dabbled carnations rises

bands; conqueringly over the screen of lilacs. If the flowers had been her own infants, she And now that the sky is blanching Could never have nurs'd them more tenfast with the reflection of Aurora's derly.* white robe, and Dian's chaste crescent narrows in the clear dawn, you She turns her harmonious face this may descry (a much more poetical way - take your opera glass -- quick ! expression than bald see) the rich It is in your right pocket-I saw you hollyoaks, the endless-hued tall tu- put it there three hours agone, when lips, and the sceptrous wand of fairy

the dark veil of baize cut from your Oberon, the lily

devout eyesight the triumphant legs lifting up

of Noblet, and the petit pied of the As a Mænad, its moonlight-coloured cup

Circëan Spaniard -- Ah! ma migTill the fiery star, which is its eye,

nonne, Mercandotti!

-Now, did Looks through clear dew on the tender sky. you ever?—What long, soft shadowy

Shelley. lashes ! Oh beautiful eyes ! so gentle, But we have no more time to lose, so

yet so brilliant-blessed be the garlet us creep carefully down the bank; den where first I saw your dark blue ! here is a sinuous path of moss and -Sapphires centered with diamond lawny grass leading quite through sparks! My little friend Emily the garden to the mansion, between

S* *** has the twin pair ! very high hedges of privet, honey

The sun, which colours all things, suckle, laurel, box, and holly – is still lingering on the plains of Persia

, . Quietly! quietly! stoop low as

-and her cheek appears pale-yet cross this brief opening-well stole not pale--but only marbly pure. By and lightly !-- we have unravelled the day a rich glow of gold is spread like verdant tangle, and from behind the a glory over those wavy streams of thick leafy wall which flanks the ter- hair which, released from their jewelraced approach (those are its marble led bands and aureate comb, pour steps, gleaming white between the down her sloping shoulders and back, boughs of the dark cedars) we may like a dark, deep waterfall among gaze unseen on the planet of our white hills. One massy lock has guest.-Lo! there she stands ! hang- fallen forwards by the side of her ing from her loftiness to catch the swan-like neck, incense which the enamoured flowers And crossing her round, elàstic waist, offer to her benign divinity in their Hangs down past her round, light knee. gratitude; for grateful they must be My good curious people who stand to her whose presence was their life! outside the garden-gate and wish you and, with the tremulously-sensitive could get in tell me if you have and poetical Shelley,

ever studied the Parma Correggios? I doubt not the flowers of that garden sweet, Ah! miserable, who never truly Rejoic'd in the sound of her gentle feet ; lived, + your countenances are negaI doubt not they fel: the spirit that came tive! Where do you expect to go? From her glowing fingers thro' all their Hey? Home! directly, gentlemen


The Sensitive Plant. (8vo. Olliers.) A poem inspired with the essence, moulded with the breath of love; not the Cupid of the licentious Romans, but the heavenly Eros of Plato. Don't imagine, because i endeavour to do bare justice to the high merits of Mr. Shelley's poetry, that I admire his visionary and chaotic philosophy (as it is misnamed.) Though even on that point I am convinced he has been grossly' slandered.

+ See remarks on this numerous class in the second canto of the Inferno. • But I am guiltless of Italian!" I know it. But the noble Ghibelline recites his verses in eloquent and classic English undefiled, through the lips of his most favoured pupil the Rev. H. F. Cary.

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swine! * for never shall you see with the skin of her poor (reputation's the that inward eye

word, is’nt it?) of her poor reputaWhich is the bliss of solitude,

tion, in such an incurable manner as

to keep her tender and raw in that part the amorous gentility, the intense to the end of her days. Now be a hands, tingling with sensibility to the good girl and sit down.

When Nina entered the room she rosy-finger tops. "Heed them not, fancied for one indivisible dot of time good Janus !

that it was pervaded with the light In dark oblivion let them dwell. which occasionally envelopes the She only is worthy to be heeded--that Paradises of sleep. Her heart felt a she-who shrined in a living frame of sharply pleasing thrill like an electric all odorous exotics and choicer native stroke. Nonsense! the lamp but flared plants, seems scarcely like a being of up with the whirl-blast, and her harp this world !—The interior of the room (it stood near the window) vibrated behind her is yet gilt with the flame under its rude onset. All is the same of her alabaster lamp,-on such a

as when she left it-her door is fast golden ground does the holy Ma- her favourite Leonardo hangs just ilonna repose in the saintly paintings where it did-How silly to have felt of those old Italians, Giotto, Cimabue fluttered !-She gazed on the wily or later still, Pierre Perugine or

eyes of Gioconda, she knew not why. Francia.”—But what sound is that?' The light of the lamp mingled - It is nought but the dashing of the strangely with the light of dawn :jet d'eau, which the wind wafts this the eyes looked at her altogether way! Nay, nay, but Nina turns quite painfully, and the corners of her bright ivory neck into the warm

the mouth curled slightly upwards. gloom of her splendid chamber- It seemed to Nina as if the domed again ! there!' And in truth an echoing ceiling panted forth a nightmare twang as from a full harp-chord at weight; and her breath seemed to this moment seemed to ride with a heave in sympathetic pants! All reswoop from the open glass doors-a miniscences of her former corporeal whistling breeze ran round the life were blotted out; and

projections of the building, and floated sent mystic condition swallowed all in rapid folds over the airy but ample faculties. The colours of the portrait robe of the noble maiden--0), white bloomed into a fresher vividness, and dimpled feet! 0, round ancles—one a splendid iris concealed the features moment, and the cold balcony is for the space of an eyewink. Could vacant.

it be that the imaged lips were indued with the power of evoking like

phantoms? - For lo! they move• Did she throw herself over, Mr. and the eyes closing up narrower and Janus ?'—Excuse me, madam, but narrower--leer amorously at a masI am not accustomed to be interrupte culine head which appeared over her ed with foolish questions, when I take shoulder !-How, and when it came on me to relate one of the most in- there, Nina was unconscious; yet teresting adventures that ever was her specular orbs had remained fastadventured in all London! Another ened to the picture. The apparition was word and I am dumb for ever.-Oh of a man about thirty--the hair black, dear, good, nice Janus, pray forgive and parted on the forehead, was long, me this time: it was quite a slip !' thick and curled ;--one large white Exactly so; but allow me to suggest hand decorated with regal rings ento your discretion that when a young circled the waist of Gioconda ;-the damsel of eighteen makes a slip, it is other pointed at the beautiful human the Dulwich Watteau to Mr. ****** creature before it. It was the very

** (that is the way we paint countenance-the ideal of all the spiers, and poets, and stock-jobbers, are ritual Nina's deep aspirations:-a wont to bet, with goods which never countenance not of feature, but of were and never will be the property mind; and yet the features were of said betters) but she scratches off noble and love-instilling.-A harp

• Mungo said that the only gentleman in White-land was the Hog! “ He no workee ; he eat, he drink, he sleep, he walk about, he lib like a grntleman!

the pre


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me !

twang rung grandly as if from ca- I shall never do it without a bot-
vernous depths afar off-the walls tle of soda.—Fiz—whiz !-wish-
slid around her in long gliding wush-bounce !-Uh! Uh! O my
curves, and her limbs seemed to float breath's gone !-Now give me my
in a glass-smooth cradle of green fiddle-trum--trum--this string's
sweeping waves-her languid lids wrong-Now, let us try-trum-
were drooping with a holy peace; trum-tram- diddle--diddle-diddle
and she saw - What? for hea- ---diddle--very well!
ven's sake? -That, Miss! you Come ! Come! Master Janus ! be
shall never know.

serious for a minute, and tell us what
you mean by sticking up a Pygma.

lion's idol to be admired; and hiring Here's a pretty business! to have lodgings for her, and buying jewels, got into the marrow of a story that and a harp, and a Leonardo, and no would have--Mercy upon one knows what besides; and frisking, what a system of philosophy and and skipping about her; and fidgetpsychology should have been dis- ting her gown this way, and twitchclosed in it! -- It would have brought ing her ribbons t'other, and all sorts to light the riddle which has driven of monkey tricks; and then as soon as the world crazy so long, namely the you have got together a tolerable doctrine of_0 Jupiter Ammon! that crowd of spectators, you give her a all the bursting hopes of the public slap on the back-tumble her down should be blasted by the folly of a on the flags, and break her all to bits! bread-and-butter-faced chit, that We say again, what do you mean by ought to haveBy the side of it, Sir?” Most respected Editor! it, the Romances of Fouqué should have mercy on me, and don't look so have been Fables for the Nursery; black! I didn't go to do any harm; the Categories of Kant, Mrs. Love- indeed I didn't! I'll tell you the child's Primmer; and the Analogies truth upon my word! of Novalis, Dilworth's Spelling book.-- You must know I've been grieving But, alas ! I swore that a second in- some time at the unfair dealing of Sir terruption-my oath is sacred-and Walter towards Mr. Francis Tunstall there is nothing for it but that the (The fortunes of Niggle). He introworld must go on-just as it has duced him to us at first with great done for these --How many thousand ceremony, and semblance of almost years ago was this earth created, my parental regard-he painted his mind little boy? I learnt these things so and body in the most flattering colong ago-(if I ever learnt them at lours; and then suddenly without all) Ah, exactly so! nine thousand any visible cause turned his back on seven hundred and sixty three years! him, and never showed him any counquite correct ! a very forward child tenance thenceforwards. indeed-there's a penny for you to Now, Sir! my sister took a liking buy some twopenny tarts with! and to the young man; (and so did a take care not to eat too many at once, great many girls for that matter !) she there's a man!

said it was pity he couldn't find a And now this article, or work, or wife suitable to him—and so- I said paper is to be commenced a second - I'd write him one, and so Sir! time! I declare I feel as if I was That's all, Sir.—“ Yes, Sir. It is set backwards two hours of my life. all indeed! all that you shall ever You shall have my sensations on the speak in this house. Thomas ! show business in a parable. Being dressed Mr. Weathercock down stairs !-Mr. an hour sooner than usual one morn- Secretary!- Erase his name from the ing, for the purpose of obtaining an list of contributors !" interview with an early great man, Oh! pray dear-charming ladies! I discover from a finishing look in do speak for me! I'll never-(The the parlour glass that my clean double dcor recoils, and knocks Janus shirt and neckcloth are starred and backwards down the stone staircase. flowered with chin-blood. Obliged Erit Janus !) to unshirt and reshirt !



Lo from the East's extremest verge

Aurora's pearly car
Advance its buoyant orb, and urge

The lingering mists from far.
Lo from her wavy skirts unfold
The lengthen'd lines of fluid gold ;
Ye pallid spectres, grisly dreams,
That nightly break my rest, avaunt;
Back to your dread Cimmerian haunt,

And fly the cheerful beams.
Boy, bring the lute. Well pleased, I sound

Once more the tuneful string;
Be thine the task to scatter round

Fresh odours while I sing.
Hail, Goddess, to thy roseate ray:
All earth, reviving, owns thy sway

All, all, in glowing vest array'd,
The lowly mead, the mountain's brow,
And streams that warble as they flow,

And softly whispering shade.
For thee an offering meet prepared,

Behold our incense rise;
The crocus gay, the breathing nard,

And violets' purple dyes.
Mix'd with their fragrance, may my note
Upon the wings of ether float.

What muse, how skill'd soe'er, may claim
In worthy strain to emulate
The glory of thy rising state,

And hymn thy favourite name?

Soon as thy bright'ning cheeks they spy

And radiance of thy hair,
Each from his station in the sky,

The starry train repair.
Wan Cynthia bids her lamp expire,
As jealous of thy goodlier fire ;

Upstarting from his death-like trance,
Sleep throws his leaden fetters by ;
And Nature opes her charmed eye,

Awaken'd at thy glance.

Forth to their labours mortals hie

By thine auspicious light;
Labours that but for thee would lie

In one perpetual night.
The traveller quits his short repose,
And gladly on his journey goes.

The patient steers the furrows trace;
And, singing blythe, the shepherd swain
Drives to their woody range again

The flock, with quicken'd pace.

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