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which the average importation of 28 years ted, soon after Michaelmas, by the call of affords, together with the increase of popu. landlords for their arrears-that in conse lation, the augmented quantities the artisan quence much corn will be forced into the is enabled by cheapness to consume, and market and the price kept down. When the decline of agriculture, are enforced by these the first effects are passed over, the the view presented by the coming harvest. market will be more sparingly supplied ; The long drought has all but destroyed the the price will rise, and the grand problem, crop of beans, peas, oats, and barley, on whether the kingdom does, or does not prothe light lands; and the wheat has by no duce enough for its consumption, will be means escaped severe injury. We have solved. In any event, the ensuing year lying under our eye, at the moment we thus will probably be a year of much speculawrite, a tract of land, which last year, at tion, for the low rate of the interest of mo. this time, exhibited the most exuberant ney will invite adventure not less than the growth. The barleys and oats, which ad- circumstances attending the nature of the join the fields of hay recently got up, are commodity and the larger field it affords. scarcely less brown than the shorn grass-- The hay harvest has been favoured by the blade very rarely exceeds six inches in the absence of that moisture which is so height, except where very early sown; and, indispensable to the other branches of vege. on lifting up our eyes, we see as much soil tation. The upland crop has all been got as verdure. Nor is this an uncommon case up without a drop of rain falling upon it, -the whole light land districts are in the and the meadows are now cutting. The sea same state ; to which is to be added the cond crop must, however, be rendered ex. anusually foul condition of the land. We ceedingly short, and in many parts there certainly never witnessed such a garniture will be none at all. The drought has also of red weed, carlick, docks, and thistles, retarded the sowing of turnips; and where as now serve to diversify the colour and re- sown they will, of course, be much injured, duce the value of the various crops. Nothing though the breadth is comparatively small. gives so painful or so positive a proof of The meat markets have exhibited nearly the farmer's self-abandonment and hope. the same appearances as noticed in our lastlessness : but so it is. A very little longer a stagnant price and a slack demand. Mutcontinuance of the drought will render the ton 2s. 6d. per stone ; beef 3s. at Smith barley scarcely worth the expense of hare field. At York wool fair, hog-wool sold at vesting, and in any event the quantity must 13s. to 16s. Hog and ewe at 12s. 6d. to be incalculably shortened. These facts, so 14s. Inferior ditto at lls. per 'stone of pregnant with evil to the farmer, add strik 15lbs. The price of butter in the provin. ingly to the chance of open ports before the cial markets is considerably raised within a barvest of 1823. Our view of the subject week, from the drought. is, that the distress will be much aggrava

June 22.



(London, June 21.) We have now to notice the commence- and to foreign countries.” This includes ment of that change in our commercial such acts as were passed between the reign system to which we have had frequent oc- of Edward III, and the date of the Act casion to allude. Of the bills introduced of Navigation, 12th of Charles II; and by the recommendation of the Committee which, though inconsistent with, or su. on Foreign Trade, three have already perseded by subsequent acts, have hitherto passed both Houses, and wait only the remained unrepealed. The acts thus reRoyal sanction to become laws : a fourth pealed are some hundreds in number. is in the last stage of its progress through The second bill, “ An Act to repeal the Upper House, and yet the public seems certain acts, and parts of acts, relating to not to have paid that attention to them the importation of goods and merchandise,” which their importance demands, not only cancels statutes, and parts of statutes, subfrom the effect of their enactments, but as sequent to the reign of Charles II, in the commencement of a new system, and as order that other regulations relating to im. the first instance in which practical statesmen portation may be consolidated, and comhave avowedly acted on the more liberal prin- prised in one act. This act repeals the ciples of political economy. The first and 3d, 8th, 12th, and 14th sections of the act least important of the three bills, though of navigation, and several other acts, and much the longest, is “ An act to repeal di- parts of acts, from Charles II, to the prevers ancient statutes, and parts of statutes, 80 sent time, which it was necessary to can. far as they relate to the importation and ex- cel, to make way for the enactments of the portation of goods and merchandise, from third bill" An Act for the encouragement of navigation and commerce, by re. 57,000 bags. 11,000 bags of the above gulating the importation of goods and mer. were sold in the last of the four weeks, the chandise, so far as relates to the countries depression in the prices tempting buyers ; 1 or places from whence, and the ships in yet there was such a disposition to sell that which, such importation is made." While there was a general reduction of Ad. a Ada this new bill maintains the general princi- per lb. ple of the act of navigation, it enacts dis- Sugar.-We regret to say, that the su. positions adapted to the altered situation of gar market is not only extremely languid, the world. By the former act South Ame. but that there has been a most alarming rican produce was to be imported only diminution in the delivery of about 1000 from certain ports in Spain or Portugal, hhds. weekly; nay, in the week ending or in Portuguese and Spanish ships. By June 4, the deliveries were 1800 casks this bill, “ goods of any place or country less than in the corresponding week of in America, or the West Indies, belong. 1821. This great falling off is ascribed to : ing to, or which have belonged to Spain, the refiners giving up working, which many may be imported direct from the place of of them have actually done, and discharged growth, in ships of the country. No im- their workmen; and unless the government portation is permitted in foreign ships from does something by way of bounty, or other any port in America or the West Indies encouragement, the valuable trade of rewhere British ships are not admitted. On fined sugars for exportation will be lost the whole, we are inclined to think, that to this country. The value of refined sue, both in the selection of the enumerated gars, exported during the first three months.. articles, which must be imported exclusive- of 1822, was 393,5371. of which 214,000, ly in British ships, or in ships belonging were to the Mediterranean, to Hamburgh to the place whence the commodities come, 120,0001 to Bremen 200001. and to as well as in the relaxations which it al. Ireland 19,0001. The prices of Museo-lows of the law with regard to Holland, vades rather gave way early in the week, &c. it will be acknowledged to have been and there were few purchases reported by: drawn up with great wisdom and sound private contract, as the buyers waited the knowledge of the true principles of com- event of the public sale advertised for yes. merce. Mr. Wallace having deferred the terday : it consisted of, 591 hhds. 19 tierces “ warehousing bill to the next session, it and 50 brls. St. Lucia sugars, and, con does not require any notice at present. trary to the general expectation, the whole ;

The reports of the markets have been so sold freely, fully supporting the previous uniformly unfavourable, during the last market prices : low brown 508. a 518., the month, that we shall have little occasion remainder according to quality 548. a 66$. ;. to go into detail.

the market since has been more firm than. Cotton.--The accounts from Liverpool for several weeks preceding. In refined and the manufacturing districts having been goods there is little alteration : the finer generally unfavourable, the market has qualities are in good demand for home been very languid ; and though no general consumption, and at steady prices; the reduction can be stated, yet purchases purchases made for export are still inconmight be made a shade lower. In the siderable. Molasses are to-day 258. At week ending the 18th, the purchases were public sales this week nearly 1000 chests 450 bales, all in bond, viz. 100 Pernams fair Havannah sugars were brought forwardi 114d; 30 Bahias 91d; 80 Boweds 8 d. a the whole sold heavily at a further reduce 9d, for good fair 10, and very ordinary 8d.; tion of 1s. a 2s. ew stained Sea Island

very ordinary White, fine ........375. a 378. 6d. 8£d.; and about 250 Bengal 5 d. good

middling. .335, 6d. a 36s. fair, to 5 d. for good.


.253. a 26s. The public sale on the 18th, fair mid- By public sale this forenoon, about dling Bahia, 193 bags, were all taken in 2000 bags Bourbon sugars sold at the preat 9 d. a 10d., no offers.

vious prices ; ordinary yellow and fine This day (the 21st) there has been a sale brown 19s. 6d. a 21s.6d, low and damp at the India-house of 1000 bags of Surat, brown 178. 6d. a 18s. 6d. and 400 Bourbon. The Surats (being or. Average prices of raw sugars, by Gam dinary to good in quality), were all sold at 5fd. a 6d. per lb., being a reduction of May 25.

32s. 8 d. d. a 4d. per lb. upon the sale in February June 1...

.32s. Cd. last; of the Bourbons about one half were


.33s. 840. sold at the extreme low prices of 91d. a

.32s. 54d. 111d. for the common qualities up to


30s. Itd. real fine, and the remainder bought in at Coffee.- In the week ending June 4th, eda llfd. per lb.

Jamaica declined from 38. to 58. the cute At Liverpool, from the 18th of May to, and Dominica from 1s. to 28., and in the the 15th of June, the sales were only following week there was a further decline 25,050 , bags, and the arrivals nearly of 2s. per cwt. The public sales in these

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two weeks were considerable. On the 11th Hemp.-By public sale on Tuesday, 60 there were three public sales, the Porto tons sound St. Petersburgh clean Hemp Rico sold 28. a 38. higher, the St. Domingo sold 351. 155. a 361. 10s.; it was of an in at foriner rates ; good ordinary Porto Rico ferior quality, soft. In Flax little doing. 1045. a 1068. 6d., fine ordinary 1078. a Tallow, &c.—The demand for foreign 108s. 6d. middling 1178. 6d. a 120s. ; Tallow has become languid ; the prices middling Dominica 1208. a 120s. 6d. good must again be quoted lower : for yellow and fine middling 124s. a 130s. 6d. ; or. cardle Tallow, parcels here, the nearest dinary to good ordinary St. Domingo 98s. price is 358., and for arrival 36s. & 100s. In the following week, though By public sale on Tuesday, 35 casks Si. the public sales amounted to 1,684 casks beria Tallow realized good prices, 325. ® and 1,273 bags; the whole sold briskly, 333. 3d. and in general at prices 1s. to 28. per cwt. Palm Oil. By public sale this forenoon, higher ; but at three public sales on the 307 casks Palm Oil, chiefly 223. a 23s. 18th the prices declined again ls. to 2s. and the market was heavy ; middling Do.

FOREIGN COMMERCE. minica sold at 123s. to 123s. 6d. ; a large · Archangel, May 10th._Four vessels parcel of good middling Berbice was taken from foreign ports have already arrived, a in at 1298. to 130s. ; good middling Ja- circumstance unparalleled so early in the maica 1808. to 132s. 6d. There have been season : on the other hand, very few barks very extensive public sales of coffee brought have yet come down from the interior, but forward this week; the whole bas gone off most of them are in the neighbourhood, and with considerable briskness, and at full only detained by contrary winds. There is prices.

every appearance that, contrary to the usual This forenoon four sales were again course of things, our summer prices will be brought forward ; the quantity appeared to lower than in winter. Our last accounts be too considerable even for the present say that the Mats this year are of very good great demand: the prices were a shade quality, and that the supply will be greater lower, and the market dull, yet no general than was at first expected. reduction in the prices can be stated.

Riga, 24th May.-Flax. The prices Tea.--A good deal of sensation has been last paid were, for Thi-enhausen and excited by the accounts of the suspension Druiania Rackitzer, 45 r. ; grey ditto 40r.; of the trade at Canton, in consequence of cut Badstub, white 38 r. ; grey 36 r. ; an affray between some sailors of the Risten Threeband, 294 r. a 30 r.- Hemp. Topaze frigate and the Chinese. A con- Clean Ukraine has been bought at 100 a siderable advance has taken place in the 105 r. ; Polish ditto, 105 a 106r. ; but prices since the conclusion of the India very little has been doing in it ; inferior sale which commenced on the 4th instant. sorts on the contrary have not only conThe advance has been Id. per lb. on Bohea; tinued in constant request, but higher prices 2d. to 24d. on Congo, and 24d. to 4d. on have been given for them, viz. Ukraine, Twankay. The market yesterday and to- outshot, 85 r. ; Polish ditto, 87 r.; Ukraine day has been rather damped, by favourable Pass, 75r. ; Polish, 77 a 78 r.; and at intelligence up to the 19th February, when these prices there are more buyers than the differences with the Chinese authorities sellers. Polish Torse may be had at 47 r. were in a fair way of being arranged. -Hemp Oil, at 93r. meets with but few

Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.--The purchasers.-- Potashes. We have lately reRum market is extremely depressed, and ceived some supplies. Purchases might fine qualities are offered at further reduc- have been made at 33 r. but there are few tion without facilitating sales to any extent. buyers.—Herrings. 13 Cargoes having ar. The low prices of Brandy have revived rived in a short time, the prices have been the demand, and an improvement of 2d. per rather depressed : Bergen in beech barrels gallon has taken place. Geneva without are offered at 72 r.; in fir barrels at 70 r. ; alteration:

at which prices however there have been Spices. There is a considerable re- considerable sales. No sale has yet been vival in the demand for Pepper, and few effected of the cargoes of Salt lately arrived, sellers of Company's at 64d. By public the purchasers refusing to give the prices sale this forenoon, 83 bags Pimento, mid- hitherto paid. While Havannah Sugars dling quality, sold at 8£d. good 8 d. have been sold at 17 cop. at from 4 to 6

Indigo.— The quantity arrived for the months credit; yellow, likewise on credit sale 9th proximo little exceeds 2,000 at, 114. cop., chests : there is little alteration in the Hamburgh, 8th June.-Coffee. Though prices.

the greater part of our divers spring supLogwood. The late arrivals from Ja- plies has arrived, yet except the inferior maica sell at 91. 98. per ton.

sorts which have been a trifle lower, all de. Oil.-By public sale on Tuesday, about scriptions have maintained their prices, 70 tons Sperm Oil, 401. a 421. ; 42 tons with a brisk demand. Above 35,000 lbs. Southern Oil, 20% 65. a 201. 158.

of damaged Domingo has been sold by auction at 104d. to 11fd. ; the best sold union between the South German States, to even at 11 d. tollfd. By private contract the hoped for conclusion. Meantime the the following prices have been obtained : second Chamber of the Assembly of the good ordinary Domingo, 11 d. to 11fd.; States of Baden, resolved on presenting an fine ordinary ditto lipd.; fine ordinary address to the Grand Duke, in which they Porto Rico, 124d.; small middling ditto request him to take measures of reprisal 12 d.; middling ditto, 134d.; good mid- against those states whose prohibitory sys. dling ditto, 13 d. to 14d.-Indigo con- tem is most injurious to Baden, and tinues in demand, and some purchases have particularly against France, and to this been made of it, as well as of Gum Senegal. end to cause a law to be laid before the -Corn. Even by the mode of public auc- Diet, by which-l. The importation of all tion which was again had recourse to last French produce, without exception, shall week, very little wheat could be sold, and even be wholly prohibited, and the transit duty this at the low price of 77 rix dollars for on such produce raised so high, as to be good Upland ; another parcel of fine heavy equivalent to a prohibition_2. To adopt Mecklenburg was sold by private contract similar measures against Rhenish Prussia, at 77 rix dollars.

if the Prussian Government does not take Lemberg (in Austrian Galicia), 26th off the enormous duties: and 3. To proMay. The new Russian tariff has spread pose similar measures against Holland and cousternation among our linen manufac. England. turers, and the glass manufacturers of Bo- This proposal was adopted unanimously hemia. Another circumstance equally by the Chambers, and the Grand Duke unfavourable to our trade is, that at the honoured this address with his entire apend of this month the new Russian tariff is probation. to be in force in Bessarabia, in the room of The Leipzig Easter fair, which at the the late provisional admiuistration of the commencement did not appear likely to be customs which levied only a duty of from a good one, has, it seems, turned out much 3 to 6 per cent. on the value of the goods better than could possibly have been exe to be imported. The merchants at Brody pected, considering the effects of the new have profited as far as possible of this short Russian tariff, and the disturbed state of interval, to send all the stock on hand, of Greece. Formerly a fourth part of the refined sugar, by speedy conveyances to purchases at the fairs were made by Greeks Bessarabia. The importation of our Mo- and their agents. Of course this branch of ravian cloths to that province is now quite trade is wholly destroyed. put a stop to, for the importation by way Hamburgh, June 15.-Coffce in great of St. Petersburgh cannot avail us. It is demand, and prices very firm.-Corn in possible that some alterations may soon demand on speculation, on account of the take place in the Austrian tariff, for sealed continued drought.- Tobacco in request, orders have been sent to all the principal and prices improving.-Tea more in de. custom houses, with directions to open mand, and rising in price.-Sugar. Little them on the 1st of June.

done this week; the prices of refined, unFrancfort, June 15.-Fresh difficulties altered ; raw rather duller, especially or, appear to have arisen in bringing the ne. dinary white Havannah and Brazil. gociations at Darmstadt, for a commercial

WORKS PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION. Napoleon in Exile ; consisting of his A new Edition of the History, Topoown Remarks, and Conversations, Anec- graphy, and Antiquities of Islington, with dotes, &c. collected during Three Years' 20 Plates. By Mr. Nelson. Intercourse; with a Narrative of the Pub. A History of a severe case of Neurel. lic and Private Events of his Life, Cha. gia, commonly called Tic Douloureux, oce racters of his Generals, &c.

cupying the Nerves of the Right Thigh, Macuilean, a Tale of the last Century. Leg, and Foot, successfully treated , with By P. Croily. 8vo.

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