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terns for cutting out overy sort of Wearing Edmeston's Sacred Lyrics. 12mo. Vol. Apparel. Price 5s.

III. Letters to Lord Byron, on a Question of Politics and Political Economy. Poetical Criticism. Third Edition, 8vo. An Enquiry into the present State of the By the Rev. W. L. Bowles. 78.

Statute and Criminal Law of England. Novels and Tales.

By John Miller, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn.

8vo. 98. 6d. Tales of the Drama. By Miss Ma

The Situation of England in regard to : cauley. Body and Soul. Crown 8vo. 128.

Agriculture, Trade, and Finance, with a Bracebridge Hall; or the Humourists. Comparison of the Prospects of England By Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. 2 Vols. 8vo. and France. By Joseph Lowe, Esq. li. 4s.

Theology. The Fortunes of Nigel. By the Author Testimonies of the Truths of Natural of Waverley. 3 Vols. post 8vo. 11. Ils. 6d. and Revealed Religion. Extracted from

The Historical Romances of the Author the works of distinguished Laymen. By of Waverley, containing Abbot, Monas- the Rev. James Brewster. 12mo. 58. 62. tery, Ivanhoe, and Kenilworth. 6 Vols. Sermons on the Christian Character, with 8vo. 31. 128.

Occasional Discourses. By the Rev. The School-fellows, a Tale. By Miss Charles James Hoare, AM. 10s. 6d. Sandham. Foolscap 8vo. sells at 4s. 2d.

Sermons. By the Rev. J. W. CunningTales and Dialogues, in Prose and Verse. ham, AM. Vicar of Harrow. 8vo. 10s. 68. By Jefferys Taylor. 6 Plates, 18mo. half The History and Conversion of a Jewish bound, 3s.

Boy. 12mo. 45. 6d. Vargas; a Tale of Spain. In 3 Vols. The Seasons contemplated in the Spirit 12mo. 18s.

of the Gospel. Six Sermons. By the Rev. The Refugees, an Irish Tale. By the Thomas Gillespie, Minister of Cutts. 12.o. Author of Correction, &c. 3 Vols. 12mo. 45. 6d. IL ls.

Plain Sermons on the Relative Duties of No Enthusiasm ; a Tale of the present the Poor. By Arthur B. Evans, Jun. Times. 2 Vols. post 8vo. 12s.

MA 12mo. 4s.

Biblical Fragments. By Mary Anne Poetry and the Drama.

Schinmelpenninck. Vol. II. Crown 8vo. The Poetry contained in the Novels,

78. 6d. Tales, and Romances of the Author of Waverley. Foolscap 8vo. 9s.

A Summary of Mosheim's Ecclesiastical Halidon Hill, a Dramatic Sketch from Rev. Ć. T. Collins, MA.

History, cient and Modern. By the

2 Vols. 8vo. Scottish History. By Sir Walter Scott, 11. ls. Bart. 8vo. 68.

Christian Fellowship ; or, the Chureh Songs of Zion, being Imitations of

Member's Guide. Psalms. By James Montgomery. 12mo.

By the Rev. J. A.

James. One Vol. 12mo. 58.

2. The Duties of Church wardens exThe Grave of the last Saxon; or the Legend of the Curfew, a Poem. By the vered to the Clergy and Churchwardens of

plained and enforced. A Charge deliRev. W. L. Bowles. 8vo. 6s. The Satires of Aulus Persius Flaccus, Diocese of London, in the Year 1821. By

the Archdeaconry of Colchester, in the Translated into English Verse. By. W. the Rev. J. Jefferson, AM. and FAS. late Gifford, Esq. with Notes and Illustrations, Archdeacon. Price 2s. and the Latin Text. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Nonsense Verses ; with an Introduction

Voyages, Travels, and Topography. and Notes. By James Harley. 12mo.

Travels in Georgia, Babylonia, Persia, 48. 6d.

&c. By Sir Robert Ker Porter. Vol. II. The Poetical Works of James Hogg. Plates, &c. 41. 145. 6d. 4 Vols. foolscap 8vo. Il. 10s.

Travels in Syria and the Holy Land. The Mohawks ; a Satirical Poem, with By the late John Lewis Burckhardt. 4to. Notes. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

21. 88.

BANKRUPTS IN ENGLAND. Where the Town or City in which the Bankrupt resides is not expressed, it will be alırays in London or the Neighbourhood. So also of the Residences of the Autorneys, whose names are pluced after a [. T distinguishes London Commissions, C those of the country.

Furlong, W. and J. Furloug, Bristol, baberdash. Gazette-May 25 to June 18.

ers. (Williams, Lincoln's-inn. c

Grafton, J. Lapworth, Warwick, tanner. (Ed. May 25.--Brooke, Robt. Walcot, Somerset, com- munds, 8. Symond's-inn, Chancery-lane. C. mon-brewer. (Jenkins, New-inn. C.

Illingworth, H. A. Fowey, Cornwall, merchant. Courthope, F. W. Lantbourne chambers, Fen. (Bourdillon, Bread.sireet, Cheapside. (.

church-street, timber-inerchant, [Pearson, 26, Port, E. J. Rugeley, Stafford, chemist. (Stocker, Change-alley, ('ornhill. T.

New Bosweil-court, Lincolu's.inn. C. Croxen,' w. B. Burton Lattimer, Northampton, Ports, W. Sheerness, linen-draper. (Osbaldoston, miller. (Velson, 7, Burnard's-inu. €.

London-street, Fenchurch-street. T.

try. C.

Tyler, William, Kimbolton, Huntingdon, currier. Pickman, W. East Ilsley, Berks, grocer, [Wilde, [Forbes, 5, Ely-place, Holborn. C.

College hill, Doctor's Commons. T. Wood, Wm. Brumby, Lincoln, jobber. [Mason, Riddlev, T., J. Brown, and W. Staw'port, South New Bridge-street, Blackfriars. C.

Blyth, Northumberland, common-brewers. Day 28.--Cardwell, E. Horbury-bridge, York,

[Francis, Sun-court, Cornbill. C.

Saunders, J. Holland-street, Bankside, factor. inukeeper. [Battye, Chancery-lane." C. Chetbam, J. stockport, Chester, money-seriveber.

[Hutchison, Crown-court, Threadneedle-street.

T. (Lowe, Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane.

Statham, J. Collyhurst, Lancaster, dyer. (Apc. Collins, J. and R. Capell, Northampton, common.

pleby, Gray's-inn-square. C. carriers. [.!rves, 69, Chancery-lane. C.

Young, D. Leeds, merchant. [Tottie, 33, Poul. Johnson, S. Skinner street, Bishop-rate street, cabinet-maker. (Young, New Coru Exchange,

June 11.-Bethell, T. Poole, painter. [Holme, Mark-lane. T.

New-inn. C. Latter, Jas. Windsor, oilman. (Hindmarsh, 7,

Billington, J. Manchester, shopkeeper. [AdlingCrescent, Jewin-strect. T.

ton, Bedford-row. C. Long, D. Andover, Hants, gun-maker. (Bous. Boyd, s. C. Oxford, wine merchant: {Bridger, 5, field, Bouverie-street, Fleet-street. C.

Anzel-court, Throgmorton-street, C. Stonali, G. Box, Wilts, tailor. (Poole, Gray's. Braabury, R. Stone, Slatford, dealer. [Barbor, ion-square. C.

Fetter lane. C. Twycross, Isaac, Westbourn, Sussex, feliuonger. Brammall, G. Sheffield, merchant. (Duncan, 8, [Uude, 44, Bedford-row. C.

Holborn-court, Gray's-inn. C.

Cobb, 14. Graveney, Kent. farmer. (Lowe, South. June 1.-Bradshaw, J. Ecclesball, Stafford, but.

ampton-buildings, Chancery.lane. C. cher. [Edmunds, Exchequer-otřce of Pleas, Haines, J. Lubenham, Leicester, baker. (MonLincoln's.inn. c.

trion, 12, King's Arms-yard, Coleman-street. C. Goulden, J. Goulden's-place, Hackney-road. car. Husband, Robt. Plymouth, mercer. (Makinson, penter. [Nerton, 37, Old Broad-street. T.

Middle Temple. C. Harunan, Jas. Lower Thames-street, merchant.

Olley, T. Clare, Suffolk, maltster. [Stevens, 9, (Clutton, High-street, Southwark. T.

Gray's-inn-sgnare. C. Holden, J. Manchester, calico-dealer. [Ellis, 43,

Quilter, H. Leicester, victualler. (Holme, New. Chancery-lane. C.

inn. C. Holden, o. Clitheroe, Lancaster, calico-manufac- Shipway, Thos. Tidworth Warren Farm, Hants,

turer. (Ellis, 43. Chancery-lane. C. Johnson, Wm. Gainsburgh, Lincoln, maltster.

shrep.dealer. (Pousfield, Bourerie-streel, Fleet

street. C. [Stocker, New Boswell-court, Carey-streei, Lin- Willing, s. Plymouth, corn-merchant. (Wright, coln's-inn. C.

Juner Temple. C. Kelson, T. Lyncombe, Somerset, innholder. [Per

June 15.--Bateman, A. Bristol, victualler. (Poole, kins, Gray's-inn. C. Large, J. Maiden Bradley, Wilts, banker. (Slade, Bel, J. Sutfolklane, wipe-merchant. [Paterson,

Gray's inn-square. C. 1, John-street, Bedford-row. C. Leigh, Geo. Wincham, Chester, dealer in coals.

Old Broad-street. T. (Huxley, Pump-court, Temple. C.

Boardman, R. Liverpool, merchant. (adlington,

Bedford row. Merryweather, Sam. Longbam, Hants, maltster.

C. [Holme, 10. New.ion. C.

Cox, J. Pensford, Somerset, mealmau. [Dix, 10, Murrow, T. Liverpool, money-scrivener. (Black. Fotherwill, m. Cannon-street road, Middlesex,

Symond's inn, Chancery.inne. C. stock, Temple. 'c. Probyn, J. M. Long-lane, Bermondsey, surgeon.

ship-owner. Nind, Thrugmorton-street. T. (Niblett, 2, New-court, Cruiched-friars. T.

Gould, W. and F. Grea-ley, Maiden-lane, Wood. Raine, J. Great Coram-street, Brunswick-square,

street, hosiers. [Arden, 15, Clifford's-inn. T.

Hales, W. N. Bilston, Stafford, mercer. [Wil. merchant. [Dlagrave, 4, Symond’s.ina, Chancery-lane. c.

liams. 9, Old-buildings, Lincoln's.inn. c. Wilson, T. S. Methley, York, malster. [Walker,

Harris, N. Southampton, coach-master. [Wills,

Bert!ord-row'. T.
Exchequer-office. Č.
Worthington, E. Stanzate-street, Lambeth, mait.

Huntin ton, J. Snow-hill, jeweller, [Mayhew, ster. [James, 8, Walbrook. T.

19. Chalicery-lane, T.

Jenkins, T. Lianvithen, Glamorgan, dealer. [Gre"June 4.-Coppard, J. sen. Mitchan, drug-grinder. gory, Cleinent's in. C. (Pocock, 27, Lincola'sing fields, T.

Maldock, C. F. Plymouth, linen-draper. [Hine, Goodare, W. D. Wimbourne Slinster, Dorset, Essex.conrt, Teniple. C.

common-brewer. [Mirchin, 3, l'erulam-build- Naish, F. Twerton, Somerset, clothier. (Adlingings, Gray's-ipo. T.

ton, Bedford-row. C. Hirsi, Jos. Greave, York, merchant. [Battye, Pelerin, H. F. Llod's coffee house, insuranceChancery.unc. C.

broker. (Evans, Hatton-garden. r. Lewis, R. King-street, Sobo, chair-maker. (King, Rashbrook, W'. Lavenbam, Suffolk, farmer. (Chil. Grai's-inn-rynare. T.

ton, 7. Chancery-laue. C. Mathews, E. Colleze hill, Upper Thames-street, Spoor, M. North Shields, Northumbrland, up

merchant. (Richardson, Lincoln's.inn. T. holsterer. [Francis, Sun.court, Cornbill. C. Para ise, J. Newcastle-street, Strand, jeweller. Trixg, H. and J. Ratcliff. Hertford, timber mer.

[l'osser. 27, Partlett's-buildings, Holborn. T. chants. (Hewitt, 19, Tokeulouse-yard, LothRobertson, Jolie, Od Broal-street, merchant. bury. T. (Knight 24, Basinghall-street. T.

Watson, W. Meina-place, Surry, brewer. (VanYoung. W. North Banli, Regent's park, St. Mary. dercom, Bush-lane, Cannon-street. T.

le-bone, an I John Green, Camden-town, deal. era. [('arlon, High-street, Mary-le-bone. T.

June 18.--Abbott S. 'umuning.place, Pentonville,

merchant. (l'ovill, Bide.court, New BridgeJune 8.- Baillie, J. Aylesbury.street, Clerken. stre-1, Placktriars. T.

well, iron-founder. [Martindale, 14, Bedford- Beaumont, T. S. and John Beaumont, Leicester, flue, Russell.square. T.

bakers. (Jeves, 69, Chancery-lane. c. Bishop, Rob'rt, Aston-road, Biriningham, brass. Bolton, Wm. Banuary, Oxford, and T. Bolton, founder. Holme, Now.in. C.

Grimsbury, Northampton, coal-merchants. Coburn, T. Whitney, Oxford, woolstapler. (Bous. Mevrick Red Lion-square. C. fick Bunveric-street, Flee!.street. C.

Chasey, Thos. Last Pemard, Somerset, butcher. Ellis, Thos. (ruokel-lane, dr: -Eniter. (Clution, [Curfoot, Inner Temple. C. ix.srret, Southwark. T.

Henderson, R. Lowthian Gill, Cumberland, corn. Hushes, T. (l'Osvedor-row, I helsea, linen draper. dealer. [Addison. Verulam-buildings, C. [Popkin, Jean-striel, Soho-smare. T.

Lawry, J. Puukerhill, Couberlaud, lead-ore. Jackson, S. li.s. South Ivon. All Saints, Norfolk, miner. (Clenneil, Stapic-inn. C.

jobber. [Wright, King's Bench-walk, Temple. Lyall, G. North Shields, Northumberland, mer. ('.

'chabt. (Francis, Sul-court, Cornbill. t. Jermyn, D. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, merchant. Perll, W. Brom.ard, Hereford, builder. (Wil(Sivnine, Frederich's-place, On Jewry, C.

liains, 9. Lincolu's.inn. C. Jones, J. ('oruley. Salop, lime-burner. (Hilliard, Ralfs, J. Freshwaier, Southainpton, cora-dealer, Grays-iun-squire. C.

(Sewell, Newport, Isle of Wight. C.

1822.] Sequestrations-Births-Marriages Deaths.
SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS. Ruthven, J. and Sons, J. Ruthven, and A. Ruth.
Gazette-May 25 to June 18.

ven, prioters, Edinburgh. SO

Cowan, R. and Sons, A. Cowan, and J. Cowan, Campbell, D. and A. Campbell,


grain-merchants, Glasgow. Nasmyth, A., J. Brown, and J. Pollock, stationers, M Douall, A.,

and T.

M'Chlery, ship-owners, Dra. Edinburgh

more. Hill, P., F. Bridges, P. Hill, jun. and C. Smith, Maxwell, D.jun. merchant, Dundee. booksellers, Edinburgh,

Rae, S. baker, Kirkcudbright. Steven, H. merchant, Girvau.


R. wright, Cambaslang.



- Grafton, widow of Henry Augustus, Duke of 14. At her house, Duke-street, Westminster, in

Grafton, and daughter of the very Rev. Sir Rich. her 97th year, Margaret Pankes, relict of H.
Wrottesley, Bart. Dean of Windsor.

Bankes, Esq. of Kingston, Hull, and mother of
26. At her house in Hertford-street, Mayfair, after H. Bankes, Esq. MP.
a long illness, the Dowager Countess Grey, in - At Highgate, Maria, eldest daughter of Williams
her 78th year. Her ladyship was only daughter Domville, Esq.
of George Grey, Esq. of Southwark, in the coun- - Colonel George Evans, fourth son of the late
ty of Durham, and widow of General, the Right Thomas Evans, Esq. of Knightsbridge.
Hon. Charles, first Earl Grey, KB.

15. At Nantwich, in Cheshire, in his 720 year, 27. At Sunderland, in bis 43d year, Henry Fearon, George Cappur, Esq.

MD. This gentleman may justly be said to bave 17. At his residence, in Manchester-square, aced been an ornament to the medical profession, 79, the Most Hon. Francis Ingram Seymour since, to strong intellect, and superior scientific Conway, Marquis and Earl of Hertford. KG. attainments, he united unusual benevolence, Earl o Yarmouth, Viscount Beauchamp, Baron and the most charitable attention to the indi. of Ragley, of Conway, and of Killuitagh, late gent poor.

Lord High Chamberlain of the King's House- At Miurton, near York, aged 43, Barnard Smith, hold, and Lord Lieutenant and Custos RotuloEsq. youngest son of the late Alderman Sinith. rum of Warwickshire. He was boru in 1743,

He served the office of Sheriff of York in 1819. and is succeeded by his only son, the Earl of 29. At his house in Bolton-row, Edward Jerning- Yarmouth, in his titles and rast wealth The ham, Esq.

entailed estates are estimated at rearly 90, 001. 31. At the house of Benjamin Hobhouse, Esq. per anaum. His remains were removed on the Thomas Smith, Esg. of Easton Grey, in the 24th, for interment in the family vault, at county of Wilts.

Ragley, Warwickshire. June 1.-In her 20th year, Elizabeth, eldest daugh- 19. At Sandgate, in Kent, Elizabeth, only surviving ter of the late Joseph Blandford, Esq. of the daqubter of the late Thomas Boone, Esq. ofl.ee, Inner Temple.

in the same county, and niece of the late Chas. - In his 25th year, William Davie, Esq. twin-bro. Boone, Esq. of Berkeley-square.

ther of Sir John Davie, Bart. of Creedy, in the - Mrs. Grosvenor, relict of the late Richard Earle county of Devon.

Grosvenor. Esqof Charborough park, in the 3. Suddenly, at his seat, Englefield-green, Berks, county of Dorset. The circumstances of this

the Rigbt Hon. Viscount Balkeley. In the Jady's death are very remarkable:-she had almorning previous to his disease his Lordsbip tended to give evidence before a magistrate, complained of a sore throat, but intended to against a man of the name of Taylor, for a viohave come to town for the purpose of entertain. lent outrage, as she was taking an airing in her ing a party at his residence in Stanhope-street, carriage; he having insisted upon getting up Mayfair.

bebind to ride, and actually pulled down the 6. At the Grove, near Durham, after a short ill- servant standing there. The prisoner was a

ness, George Stephen Kemble, Esq. aged 65, very powerful man; nor was he secured without The last time of his appearing on the stage was extreme difficulty. On bis examination he rethe 20th of the preceding month, when he per- quested to be permitted to speak with Mrs. G. formed the character of Sir Christopher Curry, when he pleaded so powerfully on behalf of his in Inkle and Yarico.

wife and children, that the Lady was so greatly 6. At Southend, Eliza, wife of the Rev. W.S. affected as to be seized with a fit; went into Gilly, Rector of North Fambridge, Essex.

convulsions; and by the time that 'medical aid
7. At Sudborongh, Northamptonshire, in his 66th could be procured expired.
year, the Rev. Sir Thomas Hewett, Bart. many

years Rector of that place.
At his residence, Pínper-green-lodge, Middle-

At Rhynie, Aberdcenshire, the Kev. James Milne,
sex, Daniel Wilishen, Esq. in his 79ıb year. aged 79.
8. At Ealing-park, aged 72, Mrs. Fisher, relict of

IN IRELAND. the late Cathbert Fisher, Esq.

At Bellevue, near Killarney, aged 25, Christina, - The Right Hon. Horatio Walpole, Earl of Or. wife of Daniel Cronin, jun. Esq. and daughter

ford, Baron Walpole of Wolterton, in the coun- of John Coltsman, Esq. of Hinde-street, Mau-
ty of Norfolk, and Baron Walpole, of Walpole, chester-square.
AM. and High Steward of Lynu Regis. 'His

Lordship was born July 24th, 1752, and succeed.
ed his father Feb. 24th, 1809. He is succeeded

After a long illness, succeeded by apoplexy,Prince by his son, Horatio Walpole, now Earl of Or.

Augustus, reigning Duke of Saxe Gotha and Alford.

tenburg. He is succeeded by his brother, Prince 9. At her grandfather's (the Earl of Tankerville,)

Frederick. aged 13, Elizabeth Mary, second daughter of the

At Leghorn, in her 17th year, Mary, youngest Hon. and Rev. William Beresford, and Lady

danghter of Jolin Falconer, Esq. his Diajesty's Anna Beresford, and grand-daughter of the late

Consul General for Tuscany.
Archbishop of Taan.

At Barroda, in the East Indies, in his 31st year, 10. Jane, the wife of John Joseph Gurney, Esq.

and 17th of bis service, Captain John Brough, of Earlbam-ball, in the county of Norfolk.

of the Bombay European Regiment, and com11. At his house, North End, Fulham, in his 430

manding a Division of the Poonay Auxiliary year, John M'Adams, Esq. late of Gerrard-street,

Horse, eldest son of Captain Brough, of the Soho-square.

county of Carlow Militia.


The Rev. H. Champion de Crespigny, instituted Mr.J. Curzon, of Brazenose College.- English Es-
to the Rectory of Stoke Doyle, Northain ptonshire. say, On Moral Evidences, Mr. W. A. Shirley, New
- The Rev. Richard Corfield, to the Rectory of College.-Latin Essay. An revera pra aluerit apud
Upton Parva, Salop - The Rev. J. Briscall, late Eruditiones Antiquorum Polytheisinus, Mr. J. B.
Fellow of Brazenose College, Oxford, instituted to Ottley, Oriel College.
the Rectory of St. Mary, Soutb Kelsey, with Saint Sir Roger Newdigate's Prize.-English Verse
Nicholas, South Kelsey, annexed, in the county Palmyra, Mr. A. Barber, Wadham College.
and Dioscese of Lincoln, on the presentation of CAMBRIDGE -J. H. Henslow, Exq. MA. of St.
the Lord Chancellor.–The Rev. J. Sinclair bias John's, was elected, May 31st, Professor of Mi.
been appointed to the Pastoral Charye of St. Paul's neralogy, in the room of the late Dr. E. D. Clarke.
Episcopal Chapel, in Carrabber's-close, Edinburgh. The other Candidates were, the Rev. Francis
-The Rev. H. Lowther, to the Rectory of Bolton, Luon, MA. and the Rev. Thomas Jephson, BD. of
Cumberland, --The Rev. J. M. Colson, jun. to the St. John's College.
Hectory of Peatling, Cumberland.-The Rev. T. The Chancellor's Gold Medal, for the best En-
Chevallier, MA, Fellow and Tutor of Catherine- glish Poem, by a Resident Under Graduate, has
ball, ('ambridge, elected Lecturer of Great St. been adjudged to Mr. John Henry Bright, of St.
Andrew'n, Ipswich.

John's College-the subject Palmyra.
OXFORD -The Prizes for the present year have The Bishop of Chester has oblained a grant to
been adjudged as follow's :- The Chancellor's raise every benefice in his diocese under 501. to
Prizes, Latin Verse, dipes eb Annibale superata, that amount,

Kept at the Observatory of the Naval Academy, Gosport. The units under “ Clouds" represent the days on which each modification of cloud has appeared.


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VOLTA Con Days of the Month;

Phases of the Moon.

Cirrost ratus.

Evaporation in

Inches, &c.

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30:38 30.32 3.350.163 43 154
30 27 30 15 30-210 | 63 4554
30-04 29-82 29-330 | 6754 60-5
29.74 29-66 29.700 | 67 52 595

29.80 29.76 29.780 | 70 | 53 61.5 0 29.83 29.81 29.820 72 58 65

29.91 29.83 29 870 | 65 49 57

30-0029-93 29-390 58 39 48:5 9 29.80 2) 6429-72063 45 54 10 29-4423.38 29.410 55 44 49 5 u 29.7629-5829-670 63 49 56 12 29.89 29-78 29-830 | 52 49 50 5 13 29.93 29.89 29-910 || CO 46 53 14 ( 29-93 29.97 20-975 | 72 47 59-5 15 30-02 30-01 30-015 | 68 49 585 16 30-06 30 05 30.055 6249 55'5 17 30-04 30.04 30-0.40 1 75 53 66.5 18 30.14 30.1030-120 || 7255 63.5 19 30.13 30.1630-170 171 53 62 20 30 25 30 23 30.210 174 5665 21 3138 30-34 30-860 | 80 58 69

30:43 30:39 | 30-410 | 77 52 645 28 3*34 30 20 30 270 1 67 49 58

30-12 30-06 30-090 69 51 60

30-03 29 9730-000 | 71 51 61 26 30-06 29.92 29.990 || 65 46 55-5 27 D 30-4 3122 30-230|| 64 57 60-5 28 30-32 30.26 30 290 | 73 52 62-5 29 30 38 30-36 :0.370 70 48 59 30 30+1 30-35 30-380 || 67 5159 131 30-42 30.38 30-400 | 74 33 63.5

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NE to SE
NE to SE

E to SE
E to SE
E to SE

E to N
N to SW
SE to NE


N to NE

S to E
E to NW

N to NW
SE to W

Sto N
NW to NE


NE to E
NE to W
SW to NW

W to SW
W to NW
NW to SW
NW to W

401 050

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55 48 56 55 47 58 56 60 33 53 52


.45 -010

1-05 ...

30-4329-38 30-051 8039 58.90|| 57.5 50:3 61.0

20/21/21 4 2225 016 05 1.610 The observations in each line of this Table, under Barometer, Thermometer, Wind, and Rain, are for a period of 24 hours, begiuning at 8 AM.

RESULTS. BAROMETER | Maximum...... 30-43 May, 220, Wind NE.

Minimum...... 29-38 Do. 10th, Do. NW. Range of the Mercury ·

1.05 Mean barometrical pressure for the Month

30-051 for the lunar period, ending the 20th instant...

29-972 for 15 days, with the Moon in North declination

30.034 for 14 days, with the Moon in South declination

29-840 Spaces described by the oscillations of the Mercury

4-040 Greatest variation in 24 hours ....

0-380 Number of Changes, caused by the variations in the Weight of the Atmosphere....


813° May 21st, Wind N. ( Minimin

3: Ditto 8th, Do. NE, Range......

411 Mean temperature of the Air

.... 58.90 for 31 days with the Sun in Tauris.. 57.30 Greatest variation in 24 hours.....

26.00 Mean temperature of spring water at 8 AM............... 51.81

DE LUC's WHALEBONE HYGROMETER. Greatest humidity of the Air...

äv.... 790 in the evening of the 7th. Greatest dryness of Ditto .............

...... 38 in the afternoons of the Sd and 20tb. Range of the Index

41 Mean at 2 o'clock PM...................

503 at 8 Do... AM............

57-5 - at 8 Do... PM.

.... 61-0 -- of 3 observations each day at 8, 2, and 8 o'clock .... 16:3 Evaporation for the month

6-06 inch. Rain for Ditto with the cauge near the ground............. 1:510 ditto. Ditto with ditto 23 feet high

.... 1.365 ditto. Prevailing Winds, NE.

A SUMMARY OF THE WEATHER. A clear sky, 4; fair, with various modifications of clouds, 17; an overcast sky without rain rain, 4Tota!, 31 days.

Cirrus, Cirrocumulus, Cirrostratus, Stratus, Cumulus, Cumulostratus, Nimbus.
20 21

4 22



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