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5, the quantity brought forward by public There were two public sales this foresale consisted of 954 casks and 484 bags, noon, 139 casks 120 bags Berbice and Jaand such was the heavy state of the mar- maica Coffee, which went off at nearly the ket, that a considerable proportion was previous currency; good middling Berbice, taken in : the Demerara and Berbice, being 130s.; fine ordinary grey taken in at 116s. much wanted by the grocers for the home a 118s.; good middling Jamaica sold low, consumption, sold freely, and at rather 124s. : 13 casks 212 bags St. Domingo higher prices : all other descriptions were suld pearly 2s. higher than on Friday, fully exceedingly heavy, and rather lower. Good recovering the prices of this day week, good ordinary coloury St. Domingo in bags, ordinary 94s. 6d. a 95s. 6d. ; fine ordimixed and a little broken, sold at 988. ; nary 96s. 6d. The prices of Coffee may the casks were taken in at 978.

be stated nearly the same as on Tuesday On the 5th, there were four public sales last, with the appearance of an improving of Coffee, 602 casks and 472 bags, consist- demand. ing of a great variety of Coffee, and some ex- Tallow.— The price of Tallow, after hav. tensive fine parcels both of Jamaica and of ing been maintained for some time (exceptBerbice: a parcel of St. Domingo and ing a temporary depression on the 4th inst.) Porto Rico Coffee forming a complete began to decline after the 8th, and a very criterion of the market; the ordinary de- great change has now taken place. Last scriptions of Jamaica 2s. lower, good ordi. week one of the monied men for the ad. nary Jamaica coloury and sugary, sold at vance declared his determination to effect 948. ; good ordinary broken, 90s.; fine or- sales of his stock remaining on hand, redinary, a little brown colour, sold at 1038. 'ported to the amount of about 5,000 and 104s.; good and fine middling exten- casks, which offer not being immediately sively at 132s. a 134s. : good and fine or. closed with by the other speculators, the dinary Porto Rico, 99s, a 100s. ; good or. whole was disposed of to the most eminent dinary St. Domingo in casks taken in at importers of Baltic produce, and who 978. a 97s. 6d. ; fine ordinary in bags sold have sold largely parcels for arrival: as at 99s. Generally the Coffee market was this sale gives to the latter the opportunity 25. a 3s. lower than on the preceding Tues- of throwing more Tallow on the market, day; and, from the highest prices about a and aiding the speculation for the decline, month ago, 10s. per cwt. lower on all de- it has produced a great change, particularscriptions of British plantation : the Fonly when joined with the fact of the misunreign had not fallen in proportion.

derstanding among the speculators. Şeve. In the following week the public sales con- ral parcels of yellow candle Tallow were sisted of 976 casks and 1,361 bags. British yesterday sold at 40s. ; to-day, the 19th, the Plantation and Porto Rico sold at a fur- market is still lower, 40s, a 39s. ther decline of 2s. and St. Domingo full ls. Oils have of course been affected by the per cwt. lower. The market was consi. Tallow market. Greenland has now fallen derably affected by the public sales declared. 21. to 31. ; and owing to the mild season On the 12th, there were three sales, 372 few parcels have lately been sold. All casks, 28 bags, chiefly Jamaica descrip. other common Oils are heavy and lower. tions; the whole sold heavily at a further By public sale, the 13th inst. 105 tuns pale reduction of 2s. a 3s, per cwt., making a Southern Oil, 241. to 25l. 15s. decline in the ordinary descriptions of Tobacco.—There is more business doing Coffee, 4s. a 5s. per cwt., and in the fine in Tobacco; it is calculated that nearly -23, a 3s. per cwt. within the week; good 1,000 hhds. have changed hands, chiefly ordinary Jamaica, 90s. ; good ordinary fine descriptions, which are scarce, and in coloury, 91s. ; fine ordinary, 958. a 99. demand for the French market. By pub6d. ; middling, 127s. a 127s, 6d. ; good lic sale this forenoon, 17 hhds. St. Dominmiddling, 1308. 6d.

go, only two or three hhds were sold, and at The following is the latest report of the very high prices, good 16d. a 18;d. market, being that of the 19th.

Rum, Brandy, and Hollands. There The public sales of coffee after Tuesday is some bustle in the market, on account of last week were considerable, 632 casks and Brandies being quoted considerably higher 2,149 bags; the British Plantation descrip- in France : an improvement of id. per .tions supported the previous currency : the gallon must be quoted here, and more busiSt. Domingo sold ls. a 28. lower, ordinary ness doing: a parcel, old landed, favourite to good ordinary, 92s. a 94s. 6d. Yester. mark, sold at 33. 22. For Rums there is day, on account of rather favourable re- rather more enquiry, but the purchases reports by the Flanders mail, the request re. ported are at prices a shade lower.-In vived, and for good ordinary St Domingo Geneva there is no alteration. in bags, 96s, was realized. At the public Spiccs.-E. I. Company's sales, Nov. 11. sales last week, 1704 bags Cheribon Coffee Saltpetre, 1,000 tons Company's sold, 23$. sold, ordinary brown 90s. a 92s. ; good or. Gd. a 26s. 64. ; do. Private Trade, 23s. 6d. dinary, 93s. good ordinary pale, 95s. a a 26s. 6d. ; Pepper, 540 bags, Company's 98s, 6d.

Black, 6d. a d., 980 bags scratched;

đó. 4,650 Private Trade, 5d. à 6 d.; Cin- 44d., best 44d.--Rice is still in request.namon, 364 bales, 1st quality, 78. ld. a Tobacco. Prices and demand as before. 78. 2d.; 186 scratched ; do. 48 do. 2d Tea. 350 quarter chests of Campoy and do. 55. 10.; 502 scratched ; do. 289 do. Congou ; about 600 chests of various sorts 3d do. 48. 7d. a 45. 10d. ; 96 scratched; of green teas have arrived from PhilaCloves, 12 bags, 45. a 4s. 2d. ; Mace, 74 delphia.--Sugar. Hamburg refined have casks 1st quality, 5s. 2d. a 58. 4d. ; 35 do. been but little enquired for this week, and 2d do. 45. 7d. a 4s. 11d. ; 88 do. 3d do. may perhaps be purchased a trifle lower; 3s. 103. a 48. 4d. ; Nutmegs, 352 casks, treacle is unchanged. Except some small ungarbled, 3s. Id. a 3s. 2d. ; 154 scratch- parcels of fine white Havannah at 10d. and ed; Cassia Lignea, 71. 58. a 81. 28. ; very white Bahia at 8d. to 8 d., there Cassia Buds, 171. 55. a 181. 1s. ; Ginger, have been but few purchases of raw sugars, 158. ; Sago, 463. a 498 ; Oil of Cassia, 5d. and the prices have consequently declined a å 6d.


Amsterdam, 9th Nov.--Cotton and To. FOREIGN COMMERCE.

bacco in little demand, and prices dull.Riga, 31st Oct.— Tallow. The prices Coffee, in two auctions of fine West India are merely nominal ; viz. white crown can- descriptions this week, the prices again dedle tallow, 110 r. ; yellow ditto, 112 ; soap clined; for Surinam in bales 154 stivers, tallow 100.- Flux has maintained its prices: ditto in barrels 154 stivers ; middling Chethe last purchases were on the following ribon has been sold at 124 stivers, and may terms, Thiesenhausen and Druiana Rack- still be had at that price.-Spices. Pepper itzer, 44 to 45 r. ; Badstub cut, 384 to and pimento not only maintain their prices, 39 r. ; Risten Threeband, 30 r. ; tow 114r. but the latter bas been sold at 3 to 4 florins -Hemp of all kinds is nearly sold, Pass higher.—Rice of the best quality is in entirely so, yet without much influence on good demand ; fine white Carolina is held the prices last paid; viz. clean, 101 r. ; at 44 to 45 sch. Flemish.Tea is in te. Ukraine Outshot

, 87 t. ; Polish ditto, 88 ; quest only for small parcels, and the prices Ukraine Pass, 85; Polish ditto, 87 r.; hardly keep up-Sugar, raw seems to have Torse, 45 r.—Seed. The importation of fallen to the lowest point, as all the parcels sowing linseed is estimated at 30, or 35,000 now in the market are firm in price ; viz. barrels, which will not hold long at the fine brown Surinam 6ld., yellow and bright present prices, viz. 74 to 7 r. especially as yellow 7d. to 7d. ; fine Havannah, 7d. to it does not appear that we are likely to 8d. ; refined goods are dull, as the shipping have much farther supply.-- Salt. Scanty season is drawing to a close, and orders importation and brisk demand have caused sensibly decrease.-Dye Goods in general a rise in the prices of some descriptions; in good request. A large parcel of Indigo viz. St. Ubes to 78 r. ; Liverpool to 70 r. ; has been bought by one of our houses at rock-salt to 105 r.

the current price.--Dye Woods, especially Hamburg, 9th Nov.-Cocoa is rather St. Martin's, much enquired for; many more steady in price.-Coffee. Though orders are also received for Shumac, in very little has been doing this week, yet the consequence of which all these articles prices of good and perfectly clean qualities maintain their prices. have been fully maintained.—Gum Senegal France.—The purchase of foreign tohas been more in demand, and the prices bacco for the use of the royal manufachave improved ; but dye goods in general tories, which was fixed for the 26th of Nohave but a very limited sale.-Spices. veniber, must be delayed, because the samThere is no demand for pepper ; but many ples have not arrived in time. The 11th orders for pimento; East India ginger of December is the day now fixed for remaintains its price, inferior 4d., middling ceiving proposals, from 10 to 12 o'clock.

WORKS PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION. Indian Essays, on the Manners, Cus- tion of Walton and Cotton's Angler, with toms, and Habits of Bengal. In one V0- the various River Fish given in the highest lume, 8vo.

style of Wood Engraving, from original The Fourth Volume of the Preacher, or Paintings by A. Cooper, Esq. RA. and Sketches of original Sermons, chiefly se- Mr. W. Smith ; besides a great variety of lected from the Manuscripts of Eminent other entirely novel Embellishments. Divines of the last Century, for the Use of Quotations from the British Poets, being Lay Preachers end Young Ministers ; to a Pocket Dictionary of their most admired which is prefixed, a familiar Essay on the Passages, alphabetically arranged. Composition of a Sermon,-a Letter to a A Collection of Poems on various Sub. Young Minister on Preaching the Gospel, jects. By Helen Maria Williams : with &c. &c.

some Remarks on the present State of Mr. J. Major's highly Ilustrated Edi. Literature in France.

proper Indexes.

A Letter to Mr. Canning, on the-Com- A Volume of Sermons by the Rev. Sa mercial and Political Resources of Peru; muel Clift, of Tewkesbury. setting forth the Claims of tha: Country The First Number of Mr. Fosbrooke's to be recognised as an Independent State. Encyclopædia of Antiquities and Elements

The Past and Present State of the Agri- of Archæology, dedicated by permission to culture of the County of Surry. By James His Majesty: the first Work of the kind Malcolm. ,

ever edited in England. · Travels through the Holy Land and A Treatise on Navigation and Nautical Egypt. By William Rae Wilson, of Kel- Astronomy, adapted to Practice, and to the vinbank, North Britain. In 8vo. Illus. purposes of Elementary Instruction. By trated with Engravings.

Edward Riddle, Royal Naval Asylum, Views of Ireland, Moral, Political, and Greenwich. Religious, comprising the following Sub- A new Edition of the Progresses of jects; Education, Religion, National Cha- Queen Elizabeth. Two Volumes are finishracter, Church Establishment, Tithe. ed at the Press; and the Third is far adChurch of Rome in Ireland. Presbyterian. vanced. The Volumes are entirely new The Union, Rebellion, &c. &c. By John arranged ; and will be accompanied by O'Driscol, Esq. In Two Volumes, 8vo.

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Vignettes by Mr. Branston, A Work upon the Trees and Shrubs The Annual Biography and Obituary that will live in the open Air of Great Bri- for the Year 1823. Vol. VII. Containing tain throughout the Year; to consist of Memoirs of celebrated Men who have died Coloured Figures and Descriptions, under in 1821-22. the Title of Dendrologia Britannica. By A Portrait of Mrs. Hannah More, from Mr. Watson, of Hull.

a Painting by H. W. Pickersgill, ARA. The Confederates, a Story, in Three Vo. Letters from Spain and Portugal, by the lumes.

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the Civil and Political State of the PeninIllustrations of Mr. Moore's Loves of sula ; Pictures of Manners and Customs, the Angels, from Designs by R. Westall, &c. Esq. engraved by Mr. Charles Heath.

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FOR OCTOBER, 1822. Vaval Academy, Gosport.

GENERAL REPORT. This month has been remarkably wet, month. The prevailing SW. winds brought windy, and overcast ; the quantity of rain up a continual flow of turbid vapour from caught in the pluviameter near the ground the Atlantic Ocean, over which the atmoamounts to 64 inches in depth. With the sphere no doubt met with great perturbaexception of last December, which must be tions, for even here we had strong gales, still in the recollection of those who pay with frequent storms, from that point of any attention to meteorology, more rain the compass on five different days, and fell here this month than in any other more than two-thirds of the above quantity during the last seven years.

of rain. The time that the rain was falling is The Auctuations of the barometer are equal to ten days and nights ; but it has almost incredibly numerous ; and althouço? rained more or less on 28 days of this the aggregate of the spacer describe!


the rising and falling of the mercury is not has been temperate (excepting three or four great for a very wet and windy month, yet mornings, when hoar frost appeared before the changes in the barometrical coluinn sunrise), yet not wholesome, from the geamount to 31, which are equal to a daily neral humidity and impure state of the changes

lower stratum of air. The upper currents of air, which on se- The atmospheric and meteoric phenoAveral days passed over us at right angles mena that have come within our observawith the lower winds, produced much sheet tion this month, are one anthelion, one lightning from the passing clouds in the solar and three lunar halos, sixteen me

evenings, which sometimes ad a pretty teors, five solar and two perfect lunar
effect in the bright moonlight. The mean rainbows, lightning in the evenings of the
temperatures of the air and spring water 3rd, 4th, 6th, 12th, 19th, and 20th, and
are now nearly similar; and about two- 10 gales of wind, or days on which they
thirds of a degree higher than in October have prevailed, namely, 1 from NW. 2
1821. In consequence of the prevailing from N. 2 from SE. and 5 from Sw.
vapour and warm winds, the present month

October 1. Calm and overcast with Cirrostratus sun's rays are withdrawn from our view. A clea.
In the day : light rain by night.

sky by night, followed by hoar frost.
2. AM. as the preceding, and two winds, the 15. Foggy early, succeeded by a rainy day and
apper one from SW.: PM. rain at intervals. night, and variable winds.

3. AM. foggy and overcast, and some light rain: 16. Hainy and overcast; and windy by night.
*PM. two winds at riglic angles, and fine, except 17. A gale from the North, with low scud tin

about two honrs in the evening, when large and midnight, when it cleared up.
"lofty Cirrocumuli sprang up around the horizon, 18. Hoar frost early, succeeded by a sunny day,
and discharged their electrical contents--the lights with light variable winds: rain by night, when the
ning passed off 10 the NE.

maximum of temperature of the air for the last 24
4. A very heavy dew early, and foggy most of hours occurred, being the first time this autumn.
the morning, succeeded by Cirrostrati, which 19. A wet day and night, with but little inter.
swept the earth in their passage: sunshine early mission, and a gale from SW. in which quarter se-
in the afternoon, when an Anthelion was observed veral Nashes of lightning were seen between 7 and
in a dense Camulostratus cloud about N.by E.: E. 8 o'clock. A rainbow at mid-day.
opposite to, and of the same altitude as the sun': 20. A continuation of the gale, and a very stormy
PM. Jight rain at intervals, two winds, and much day: lightniog froin the passing clouds in the
lightning from the passing clouds in the evening. evening, and sonje showers in the vight.

5. AM. fine : PM. heavy rain, with a South West 21. Sunshine and showers at lutervals, and two wind.

rainbows. A perfect Lunar Iris appeared here to 6. Sunshine and a brisk westerly gale in the the NE. in a black passing rain-fraught cloud, at morning : PM. overcast with Cirrostratus, beneath five minutes before 7 o'clock, PM.; its diameter which low and black thunder clouds passed from along the earth's surface measured 81° 34', and its SW., and discharged a few flashes of lightning in apex was upwards of 26° above the horizon, while the evening, followed by rain. About 3 o'clock, the moon's altitude was only 740, and her distance PM. a faint rainbow appeared, nearly half of it westward of the meridian 20°; the moon not towards the North was not painted on any visible having come to her first quarter, and her light con. cloud, yet the prismatic colours in that part (a sequently faint, no prismatic colors were obJight blue sky) were perfect, though faint, com. served in this iris. Showers in the night, with pared with the other part of the bow in the passed broad sheets of lightning; one of the flashes was off Nimbus, the sun at the same time shiping in a near, had a bluish tinge, and smelt very sul. clear space.

phureous : besides these phenomena, two meteors 7. Overcast nearly all day: rain and a gale from were seen between the showers. 'SW. by night.

22. Fair, with Cumuli in the day, and patches of 8. A stormy morning, and a continuation of the Cirrostratus, with much dew in the night. From gale: PM. fine, and mostly a clear sky. -3 meteors 10 till 12 o'clock PM. a low arc of light appeared in the evening, one of which at 11 o'clock passed about 160 on each side of the magnetic North; over in a NW. direction, and in its descent exhi- during which time six meteors felt nearly perpenbited vearly the same colours and appearance as a dicularly in that quarter-this light m'y have been sky-rocket

a faint appearance of the Aurora Borealis. 9. AM, sunsbine, and low passing beds of Cir. 23. Overcast and windy in the day: heavy rain Tostratus : PM. rain.

and a gale from SE. by night. 10. A fine morning: showery and windy in the 24. A continuation of the gale, with rain most afternoon; and a clear sky and 2 meteors by night. of the day and night.

11. A slight hoar frost before suprise, followed 25. A fine day, with Cumuli, and the lighter mo. by a fine day, with the exception of a light shower difications of clouds : a dewy night. at noon : overcast by night.

26. Sunshine and a humid air: heavy rain in 12. Fair, with the lighter modifications, and pre. the afternoon and erening. At 7 hours PM. a per. railing Cirrocumuli, with two winds, the upper fect Lunar Iris appeared to the northward in a *onc from sw.-the crossing of these winds pro. passing Nimbus--the moon's altitude being upduced lightning from the passing clouds for 3 wards of 30°. the diameter of the iris was sinall, hours in the evening: rain at intervals in the and its apex low. night.

27. A fine sunny day, except a few drops of rain 13. Rain throughout the day, and a gale from at 3 hours PM., when a perfect rainbow appeared SW., then from NW.-he barometer sank daring with vivid colours to the NE. : a very white moon. the former gale, and rose rapidly with the latter: light, and occasional appearances of light and a cloudy night, and one bright meteor to the south- lofty Cumuli, which is not common after sunset, ward.

28. As the preceding day Dearly, with the addr14. Fair, with a cold northerly gale-immediately tion of a solar halo, and nearly opposite winds : after sunset a condensation of the atmospheric air overcast and rain by night: when the maximum in the rooms without fire cominenced, and in- temperature of the air for the last 24 hours occreased with the cold, and by 9 o'clock PM. the curred. streams of water ran copiously down the inside 29. Overcast and light variable winds by day : of the windows: this appears to arise from the cloudy by night, and some light rain. cold current without rushing in upon the con- 30. AM. foggy and overcast : light rain in the fined and warmer air in the rooms, when dew is afternoon--a fine moonlight, a lunar halo, and evidently formed on the glass windows (as being much dew. colder and more transparent thau any other part) 31. Av. fair : PM. overcast-thunder clouds in the same manner-ás la the open air after the about in the night, and a little light rain.


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