The Traditional History and Characteristic Sketches of the Ojibway Nation

B. F. Mussey, 1851 - 266 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 225 - This town is the great mart, where all the adjacent tribes, and even those who inhabit the most remote branches of the Mississippi, annually assemble about the latter end of May, bringing with them their furs to dispose of to the traders.
Σελίδα 26 - But even the slight motion of the waves, which in the most profound calm agitates these internal seas, swept through the deep caverns with the noise of distant thunder, and died upon the ear as it rolled forward in the dark recesses inaccessible to human observation : no sound more melancholy or more awful ever vibrated upon human nerves. It has left an impression, which neither time nor distance can ever efface.
Σελίδα 52 - If the last mentioned catastrophe befell him, he is up in a trice, and sends his laugh forth as loud as the rest, though it be floated at first on a tide of blood. It is very seldom, if ever, that one is seen to be angry because he has been hurt. If he should get so, they i would call him a " coward," which proves a sufficient check to many evils which might result from many seemingly intended injuries.
Σελίδα 198 - Thus did the religious zeal of the French bear the cross to the banks of the St. Mary and the confines of Lake Superior, and look wistfully towards the homes of the Sioux in the valley of the Mississippi, five years before the New England Eliot had addressed the tribe of Indians that dwelt within six miles of Boston harbor.
Σελίδα 209 - About thirty Leagues above Black River we found the Lake of Tears, which we named so because the Savages who took us, as it will be hereafter related, consulted in this Place what they should do with their Prisoners; and those who were for...
Σελίδα 223 - For it would not only disclose new sources of trade, and promote many useful discoveries, but would open a passage for conveying intelligence to China and the English settlements in the East Indies, with greater expedition than a tedious voyage by the Cape of Good Hope or the Straits of Magellan will allow of.
Σελίδα 130 - The record is said to be a transcript of what the Great Spirit gave to the Indian after the flood, and by the hands of wise men has been transmitted to other parts of the country ever since. Here is a code of moral laws which, the Indian calls "a path made by the Great Spirit.
Σελίδα 229 - The country around them is extremely beautiful. It is not an uninterrupted plain, where the eye finds no relief, but composed of many gentle ascents, which in the summer are covered with the finest verdure, and interspersed with little groves that give a pleasing variety to the prospect. On the whole, when the Falls are included, which may be seen at the distance of four miles, a more pleasing and picturesque view I believe cannot be found throughout the universe.
Σελίδα 97 - The Ojibways have a great number of legends, stories, and historical tales, the relating and hearing of which, form a vast fund of winter evening instruction and amusement. There is not a lake or mountain that has not connected with it some story of delight or wonder, and nearly every beast and bird is the subject of the story-teller, being said to have transformed itself at some prior time into some mysterious formation — of men going to live in the stars, and of imaginary beings in the air, whose...
Σελίδα 25 - Land of the forest and the rock— Of dark blue lake, and mighty river— Of mountains reared aloft to mock The storm's career— the lightning's shock,— My own, green land, forever!

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