Alexander the Great: Man and God

Pearson/Longman, 2004 - 343 σελίδες

He conquered most of the known world and thought himself a god. However, he also died a paranoid, alcoholic wreck at the age of 33...after which his entire empire collapsed. So, just how great was Alexander?

  • New material in the paperback on the army and Alexander¿s treatment of exiles
  • Huge interest in Alexander driven by Oliver Stone/Colin Farrell motion picture
  • Accessibly written for general reader, not scholar
  • New portrait of the single most important figure of the ancient world ¿ reveals the real Alexander, warts and all
  • Fascinating account of a massively colourful if ultimately destructive life
  • Provides new interpretations of the question of Alexander¿s corruption and paranoia
  • Fully illustrated - brings alive the age as well as the man

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Ian Worthington is Professor of History at the University of Missouri. He has published 15 sole-authored and edited books and over 100 articles and essays on Greek history, epigraphy and oratory. In 2005 he won the Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Research and Creativity in the Humanities, in 2007 the Student-Athlete Advisory Council Most Inspiring Professor Award and in 2010 the William H. Byler Distinguished Professor Award.

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