Alexander the Great: Man and God

Pearson/Longman, 2004 - 343 σελίδες
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He conquered most of the known world and thought himself a god. However, he also died a paranoid, alcoholic wreck at the age of 33...after which his entire empire collapsed. So, just how great was Alexander?

  • New material in the paperback on the army and Alexander¿s treatment of exiles
  • Huge interest in Alexander driven by Oliver Stone/Colin Farrell motion picture
  • Accessibly written for general reader, not scholar
  • New portrait of the single most important figure of the ancient world ¿ reveals the real Alexander, warts and all
  • Fascinating account of a massively colourful if ultimately destructive life
  • Provides new interpretations of the question of Alexander¿s corruption and paranoia
  • Fully illustrated - brings alive the age as well as the man

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Ian Worthington is Professor of History, University of Missouri-Columbia. He is the author of many books on ancient Greek history including Persuasion: Greek Rhetoric in Action and Demosthenes (Routledge).

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