Between the Living and the Dead: A Perspective on Witches and Seers in the Early Modern Age

Central European University Press, 1999 - 186 σελίδες
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The author, one of the most highly respected scholars of historical anthropology, has undertaken extensive research on folk beliefs related to communication with the supernatural sphere. In this book, she examines the systems of such communication known by early modern Hungarians, and the role these systems played in the everyday life of the village. New types of mediators are identified such as "the neighborhood witch, " the healing witch, and the demons seen in dreams. Representing a major contribution to the most up-to-date international research, Eva Pocs draws on significant East European material and literature not previously coordinated with that from the West. In so doing, she makes a valuable contribution to a subject that has recently attracted the attention of several leading scholars.

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Eva Pocs is a professor at Janus Pannonius University and a renowned scholar of historical anthropology.

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