Reviews and Discussions: Literary, Political, and Historical, Not Relating to Bacon

C. K. Paul & Company, 1879 - 419 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 282 - I shall despair. — There is no creature loves me ; And, if I die, no soul will pity me : — Nay, wherefore should they ? since that I myself Find in myself no pity to myself.
Σελίδα 276 - Before them of the ten years' war in Troy, And our great deeds, as half-forgotten things. Is there confusion in the little isle ? Let what is broken so remain. The Gods are hard to reconcile : 'Tis hard to settle order once again. There is confusion worse than death, Trouble on trouble, pain on pain, Long...
Σελίδα 276 - And their warm tears: but all hath suffer'd change: For surely now our household hearths are cold: Our sons inherit us: our looks are strange: And we should come like ghosts to trouble joy. Or else the island princes over-bold 120 Have eat our substance, and the minstrel sings Before them of the ten years' war in Troy, And our great deeds, as half-forgotten things.
Σελίδα 273 - Come from the woods that belt the gray hill-side, The seven elms, the poplars four That stand beside my father's door, And chiefly from the brook that loves To purl o'er matted cress and ribbed sand, Or dimple in the dark of rushy coves, Drawing into his narrow earthen urn, In every elbow and turn, The filter'd tribute of the rough woodland.
Σελίδα 278 - I THOUGHT to pass away before, and yet alive I am ; And in the fields all round I hear the bleating of the lamb. How sadly, I remember, rose the morning of the year ! To die before the snowdrop came, and now the violet's here.
Σελίδα 280 - But here will sigh thine alder tree, And here thine aspen shiver; And here by thee will hum the bee, For ever and for ever. A thousand suns will stream on thee, A thousand moons will quiver; But not by thee my steps shall be, For ever and for ever.
Σελίδα 285 - One walked between his wife and child. With measured footfall firm and mild, And now and then he gravely smiled. The prudent partner of his blood Leaned on him, faithful, gentle, good, Wearing the rose of womanhood.
Σελίδα 278 - Now, tho' my lamp was lighted late, there's One will let me in : Nor would I now be well, mother, again if that could be. For my desire is but to pass to Him that died for me.
Σελίδα 281 - I BUILT my soul a lordly pleasure-house, Wherein at ease for aye to dwell. I said, " O Soul, make merry and carouse, Dear soul, for all is well.
Σελίδα 283 - So when four years were wholly finished, She threw her royal robes away. 'Make me a cottage in the vale,' she said, 'Where I may mourn and pray. 'Yet pull not down my palace towers, that are So lightly, beautifully built: Perchance I may return with others there When I have purged my guilt.

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