Poor's Manual of Railroads, Τόμος 8

H.V. & H.W. Poor, 1875

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Σελίδα 599 - January, 1873, the question arose as to the meaning of the term mineral lands in the acts of Congress of July 1, 1862, and July 2, 1864...
Σελίδα 445 - ... payable quarterly on the 1st days of January, April, July, and October, in each year to stockholders of record.
Σελίδα 756 - ... mortgage — the company being authorized to issue its own bonds to an amount equal to the government as a first mortgage on the line. The original act provided that the charge for government transportation should be credited to it in liquidation of its bonds; and that in addition, after the road should be completed, 5 per cent. of the net earnings should also be applied to the same purpose. The act...
Σελίδα 20 - York for thirteen years, 1862 — 1874. Commercial Failures in the US in the years 1857, 1861 and 1873. The Railroads of the United States ; their Mileage, Cost, Receipts, Expenses and Dividends. Railroads in Default; Full exhibit of each to December, 1874. -The Railways of all the chief countries of the world. — Comparative exhibit of mileage, cost, &c. The Parities of Exchange ; tables of value of US Gold ($1 to $100,000) in the principal European moneys — Sterling, Francs, Reichsmark, etc.
Σελίδα 11 - EQUIPMENT OF A ROAD. From our long experience in Car Building, and our facilities for doing work, we are enabled to give entire satisfaction in every particular. We are also extensively engaged in building Iron Vessels and Iron Steamboats, Steam Engines and Boilers, and Machine Work in general.
Σελίδα 20 - ILLUSTRATIONS: Twelve original designs of Buildings for City and Country Banks; elevations, ground plans and descriptions of each, prepared expressly for this volume. Engraved fac-similes of the New Coins of 1874, of TURKEY, SWEDEN, AUSTRIA, GERMANY, MEXICO, etc., including the new twenty cent piece of the UNITED STATES. Engraved Views of the Mint of BRAZIL ; the new Bourse of BRUSSELS ; and of uew Bank Buildings in PHILADELPHIA, MONTREAL, and other cities.
Σελίδα 674 - Company is hereby authorized and empowered to construct, build, and maintain bridges over and across the navigable waters of the United States on the route of said railroad between New Orleans and Mobile, for the use of said company...
Σελίδα 227 - ... of tons of coal have been shipped from that point, principally for consumption in the Eastern and Middle States. In 1850, the company bought that portion of the commonwealth's improvements extending from Broad and Vine Streets in Philadelphia, to, and including, the inclined plane on the west of the Schuylkill, and the Columbia bridge over the river. In 1858 the Lebanon Valley Railroad, 54 miles long, extending from Reading to Harrisburg, was merged into the main line. Within the past two years,...
Σελίδα 675 - McCLELLAN, J. The Mary Lee Coal and Railway Company having made default in the payment of the interest on its bonded indebtedness, the trustee in the mortgages executed by said company to secure its said indebtedness, seasonably after such default made, filed a bill in the city court of Birmingham praying the appointment of a receiver "with full power and authority to demand, sue for, collect, receive, and...

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