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Omw 105(2) (N.Y.App.Div.) Designation of I. INTER VIVOS.

road for improvement by county and state aid .

does not relieve town of obligation to make Om4 (N.Y.App.Div.) Intention and delivery ordinary repairs.-In re More, 421. both essential.-Farmers' Loan & Trust Co. v. Om 113(1) (N.Y.Ct.CI.) No recovery on theWinthrop, 456.

ory of breach of contract for work done prior Own 28 (2) (N.Y.App.Div.) Securities received to comptroller's approval of contract. Col. by trustee under power of attorney during arusso v. State, 510. donor's lifetime held complete gift, but those 113(4) received after death not complete gift.-Farm-structing work done in accordance with con

(N.Y.Ct.CI.) Contractor, reconers' Loan & Trust Co. v. Winthrop, 456. tract, entitled to additional compensation.

Cuzner Const. Co. v. State, 179.

Extra expense held not "increase in quantim2, (N.Y.Sup.) Method of determining value ties, or extra work performed, or extra matestated.-Pett v. Spiegel, 650.

rial furnished."-Id. Five-year purchase applied in valuing good On 113(4) (N.Y.Ct.CI.) Subsequent execution will of corporation.-Id.

of contract authorizes recovery of cost of work

previously done.-Colarusso V. State, 510. GUARANTY.

Om 120(2) (N.Y.Ct.CI.) State not liable for

damage caused by water overflowing highway III. DISCHARGE OF GUARANTOR.

during unusual flood.-Wood v. State, 340. mm 67 (N.Y.Sup.) Indorser discharged by failure to give notice of dishonor of secured checks

V. REGULATION AND USE FOR TRAVEL. as agreed.-Gerstein v. Weisbrott, 240.

(B) Use of Highway and Law of the Road. V. RIGHTS AND REMEDIES OF GUARANTOR.

Om 184(2) (N.Y.Ct.CI.) Evidence held to show

automobilist's negligence and state's freedom Om 105 (N.Y.App.Div.) Coguarantor, paying

from negligence.-Miess v. State, 343. pote, can recover contribution, notwithstanding extension of note.-Barnes v. Cary, 83.

(C) Injuries from Defects or Obstructions. HABEAS CORPUS.

Omw 187(3) (N.Y.Ct.CI.) State's assumption of 1. NATURE AND GROUNDS OF REMEDY. liability for “defects” in highways construed. 23 (N.Y.Sup.) Whether parole should be 187(3) (N.Y.Ct.CI.) State liable for defect

Wolf v. State, 754. revoked within parole board's discretion, and in highway maintained under patrol system.not reviewable by habeas corpus.-People ex Easterbrook v. State, 896. rel. Ackron y. Hunt, 537.

Om 192 (N.Y.Ct.CI.) State liable for defects in II. JURISDICTION, PROCEEDINGS, AND highways other than those in surface.-Wood v. RELIEF.

State, 340. ww83 (N.Y.Sup.) On return of writ, prisoner Em 193 (N.Y.Ct.Cl.) State held not liable bemay deny material allegations, or allege facts cause automobile șkidded on ice, when there showing detention is unlawful.- People ex rel. had been po previous accidents' or notice of Haupt v. Lasch, 416.

danger.- Easterbrook v. State, 896. Unverified answer alleging that return failed

mm 194 (N.Y.App.Div.) Highway officers must to state cause for detention held not to raise guard against defects which can be reasonably issue, and detention presumed regular.-Id.

anticipated.-Roberts v. Town of Eaton, 360.

197(3) (N.Y.Ct.Cl.) Automobilist, failing HARMLESS ERROR.

to put on chains after seeing ice on road, held

contributorily negligent.-Easterbrook v. State, See Appeal, m1033–1064.


211 (N.Y.App.Div.) Finding that failure HEALTH.

to erect barrier was negligence held warrantII. REGULATIONS AND OFFENSES. ed.-Roberts v. Town of Eaton, 360. Om 32 (N.Y.App.Div.) Refusal of inspector of,

Omw211 (N.Y.Ct.CI.) Evidence held to show plumbing to act on application held arbitrary.' state's negligence in failing to maintain barrier -Chapin v. Hogan, 641.

was cause of accident, and that decedent not Statute relating to approval of plans for negligent.-Wolf v State, 754. plumbing and drainage construed.--Id.

Fact as to state's negligence and decedent's Duty of board to approve plumbing plans contributory negligence inferred from circumcannot be delegated.-Id.




(C) Dying Declarations. (C) Alteration, Vacation, or Abandon

2203(1) (N.Y.App.Div.) Rule as to admis. ment.

sibility of dying declaration stated.-People v. mw72(5) (N.Y.App.Div.) County Court with- Mikulec, 551. out power to appoint commissioners to deter-203(3) (N.Y.App.Div.) Evidence held inmine necessity for alteration of road to be im- sufficient establish belief of impending proved.--In re More, 421.

death and abandonment of hope. -People v.


X. APPEAL AND ERROR. Cm 991/4 (N.Y.App.Div.) Statute relating to disbursement of moneys by town authorities m338(!) (N.Y.App.Div.) Error in admitting held inapplicable to moneys recived by county deceased's statement held prejudicial.- People from state; “moneys."-In re More, 421. v. Mikulec, 551.



Insurance For caseg in Dec.Dig. & Am.Dig. Key-No.Series & Indexes see same topic and KEY-NUMBER HUSBAND AND WIFE.

II. INQUISITIONS. See Divorce; Dower; Marriage.

On 26 (N.Y.Sup.) Commitment, not followed

by appointment of committee, prima facie eviI. MUTUAL RIGHTS. DUTIES, AND LIA dence only of subsequent incompetency.-MarBILITIES.

tello v. Cagliostro, 703. 3(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Husband entitled to de Commitment followed by appointment of comtermine where home should be.-Wendt v. mittee conclusive evidence of subsequent inWendt, 46.

competency.--Id. 14(2) (N.Y.) Rights in estate by entireties not inherent.-In re Dunn's Estate, 236 N. Y.

III. GUARDIANSHIP. 461, 141 N. E. 915.

em33(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Appointment of com14(5) (N.Y.) Bond and mortgage to hus- mittee on petition of state official held constiband and wife from sale of land held by the tutional.-Martello v. Cagliostro, 703. entireties were held in common.-In re Blumenthal's Estate, 236 N. Y. 448, 141 N. E. 911.


fees and support of children not ordered witbOm278(1) (N.Y.App.Div.) Agreement pur- out evidence.-In re Warren, 586. porting to relieve husband of duty to support

Special guardian to be appointed on request wife cannot be collaterally attacked. - In re for allowance for children's support and attorWarren, 586.

ney's fees.--Id. Separation agreement valid, unless set aside. Incompetent under duty to provide for family. -Id.

-Id. en 279(2) (N.Y.App.Div.) Improvident sepa-lo 70. (N.Y.App.Div.) Court has general juration agreement may be set aside.-In re War- risdiction over property of incompetent perren, 586.

son.-In re Warren, 586. Courts may not reform separation agree Summary disposition of substantial sums out ments.- Id.

of incompetent's estate improper.-Id. Costs and disbursements, but not attorney's fees, allowed in separation action.--Id.

VI. CONTRACTS. Ca 279(2) (N.Y.Sup.) Under separation

73 (N.Y.App.Div.) Voluntary agreement, justice has no power to increase

separation support on child reaching majority.--Mead v.

agreement, made with incompetent husband, Mead, 356.

valid until impeached.-In re Warren, 586. Support under separation agreement not re

Cm73 (N.Y.App.Div.) Adjudication of incomduced on child reaching majority.-Id.

petency held notice to world.-Prudential SoEm 279(6) (N.Y.App.Div.) Wife barboring son

ciety v. Ray, 614. disobeying husband,' held to violate separation agreement.-Haskell v. Haskell, 881.


Cm 80 (N.Y.App.Div.) Husband not liable to ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN.

pawnbroker loaning money on ring intrusted to See Bastards,

insane wife.--Prudential Society v. Ray, 614.


VIII. CRIMES, See Municipal Corportions, 366–489. m86 (N.Y.CO.Ct.) On proof of sanity, de

fendant must be returned to court having juINDEMNITY.

risdiction of criminal charge.-People ex rel. See Guaranty.

Beldstein v. Thayer, 633.

See Parent and Child.

Cum 90 (N.Y.App.Div.) Remedy of wife, desirII. CUSTODY AND PROTECTION. ing relief from inequitable separation agreewww17 (N.Y.App.Div.) Removal of members of ment, made with incompetent husband, stated. board of child welfare discretionary.-Jones v.

-In re Warren, 586.
Dutchess County Board of Child Welfare, 235.


See Bankruptcy.
Cw114(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Plaintiffs, who will sus-

tain special damages, entitled to restrain viola-
tion of zoning resolutions.-Cohen v, Rosevale See Trial, Eww194–278.
Realty Co., 95.


V. THE CONTRACT IN GENERAL. (A) Grounds and Proceedings to Procure.

(B) Construction and Operation. Cu 137(1)(N.Y.Sup.) Temporary injunction om 146(3) (N.Y.Sup.) Language of policy conrestraining alleged encroachment not issued, strued most strongly against insurer.-Treiger in view of plaintiff's permission.-Novi v. Del v. Commercial Travelers' Mut. Acc. Ass'n of Prete, 86.

America, 410.


na 182 (N.Y.App.Div.) No consideration for Om I (N.Y.CO.Ct.) "Mental defectiveness” de- | mortgagee's promise to pay premium.--Baker fined.-People ex rel. Beldstein v. Thayer, 633. v. Lyons, 879.

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IX. AVOIDANCE OF POLICY FOR MISREP- ww668(10) (N.Y.App.Div.) Whether entry

was made forcibly into securely locked safe held

for jury.-Cherry Creek Nat. Bank v. Fidelity (A) Grounds in General.

& Casualty Co. of New York, 611. 265 (N.Y.App.Div.) False statement in ap- 669(5) (N.Y.App.Div.) Instruction that bill plication held not warranty, in absence of fraud. of sale was not intended to pass title held im-Grubiak v. John Hancock Mut. Life Ins. Co., Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn., 374.

properly refused.-Vollmer v. Automobile Fire 355.

O 669(13) (N.Y.Sup.) Instruction requiring (B) Matters Relating to Property or In- beneficiary to use reasonable diligence to disterest Insured.

cover policy held favorable to insurer.-Treiger

v. Commercial Travelers' Mut. Acc. Ass'n of On 282(13) (N.Y.App.Div.) Representation America, 410. that automobile fully paid for held not false, where note given for part of price; “pay."

XX. MUTUAL BENEFIT INSURANCE. Vollmer v. Automobile Fire Ins. of Hartford, Conn., 374,

(A) Corporations and Associations, Cw286 (N.Y.Sup.) Breach of warranty that m694(3) (N.Y.Sup.) Member of fraternal orinsured had sustained no prior loss by burglary | der not required to resort to courts of order, avoided policy.-Medlin v. Massachusetts Bond- | where it would be useless to do so.-Bray v. ing & Insurance Co., 281.

Grand Lodge, Knights of Pythias, 219.

Em698 (N.Y.Sup.) Use of reserve fund by fra-, XII. RISKS AND CAUSES OF LOSS. ternal order for purchase of land on which to (E) Accident and Health Insurance.

build temple held illegal.-Bray v. Grand Lodge,

Knights of Pythias, 219. mm 455 (N.Y.App.Div.) Death from heart disease aggravated by injury held not within acci

(C) Dues and Assessments. dent policy.-Smith v. Massachusetts Bonding & Insurance Co., 857.

ww732 (N.Y.Sup.) Member of fraternal order

cannot be suspended for refusal to pay unauXIV. NOTICE AND PROOF OF LOSS.

thorized assessment.--Bray v. Grand Lodge,

Knights of Pythias, 219. Om 537 (N.Y.Sup.) Proper and timely notice by beneficiary's son binds insurer.-Treiger v.

(D) Forfeiture or Suspension. Commercial Travelers' Mut. Acc. Ass'n of America, 410.

Om747 (N.Y.App.Div.) Member of union ilFailure of beneficiary's son to give timely no- legally suspended did not forfeit rights by fail. tice of death held not binding on beneficiary. ing. to apply for reinstatement.--Evans F. -Id.

Switchmen's Union of North America, 547.ww539(6) (N.Y.Sup.) Failure to give notice 754 (N.Y.App.Div.) Suspension from union within required time held excused by policy for failure to pay dues, after tender refused, provision; , “reasonably possible."-Treiger v held illegal, and further tender unnecessary.Commercial Travelers' Mut. Acc. Ass'n of Evans v. Switchmen's Union of North Amer. America, 410.

ica, 547. Insured need not notify beneficiary of exist

INTEREST. ence of policy.---Id.


liquidated claim.--General Supply & Construc604 (N.Y.Sup.) Insurer who paid compen- tion Co. v. Goelet, 721. sation under New York law held not entitled to contribution from insurer against liability under III. TIME AND COMPUTATION. Connecticut law.-Exchange Mut. Indemnity Ins. Co. v. Zurich General Acc., Fire & Life em 56 (N.Y.Sup.) Plaintiff held entitled to inIns. Co., 720.

terest to date of referee's report.-Petty. 606(5) (N.Y.Sup.) Insurer who paid under Spiegel, 650. policy protecting against liability under New York law held not entitled to be subrogated

INTERNAL REVENUE. against insurer liable under Connecticut law.- w 8 (N.Y.App.Div.) Testator's intention to Exchange Mut. Indemnity Ins. Co., Zurich have taxes on trust funds paid out of general General Acc. Fire & Life Ins. Co., 720.

estate must be clearly expressed.-Farmers'

Loan & Trust Co. v. Winthrop, 456.

Direction that ail inheritance taxes be paid 6221) (N. Y. Sup.) Delay of

12 out of estate held not to include federal estate months in commencing action held valid defense. taxes on trust fund.-Id. -Rahaim v. Rossia Ins. Co. of America, 257.

Federal statute making executor liable for 665(4) (N.Y.Sup.) Insured

prove all taxes held, no

to prevent contribution or definitely amount of loss.--Miller v. Insurance reimbursement from trust fund.-Id. Co. of North America, 295.

Testatrix presumed to have intended to burEvidence held not to establish contents of den estate with inheritance and estate taxes stolen cases.-Id.

only.-Id. 665(8) (N.Y.Sup.) Evidence held not to show waiver of warranty that no prior bur

JOINT ADVENTURES. glary had occurred. --Medlin v. Massachusetts m5(1) (N.Y.App.Div.) Plaintiff's delay held Bonding & Insurance Co., 281.

no defense to action for share of profits.-Per66816) (N.Y.App.Div.) Whether false alta v. Escobar, 714. statements fraudulently made held for jury:- Cm 5(2), (N.Y.App.Div.) Evidence held to sus. Grubiak v. John Hancock Mut. Life Ins. Co., tain finding that commissions were to be equal355.

I ly divided.-Peralta v. Escobar, 714.





Landlord and Tenant For cases in Dec.Dig. & Am.Dig. Key-No.Series & Indexes see same topic and KEY-NUMBER JOINT-STOCK COMPANIES AND by prior action. -Jacob Hoffman Brewing Co. BUSINESS TRUSTS.

v. Klages, 425.

ww735 (N.Y.App.Div.) Issue that was neither 19 (N.Y.App.Div.) Trust property can only determined nor necessarily involved not be reached in equitable action.-Bartley v. An- judicata.-Friberg v. Rockaway Point Co., 804. drews, 227. Massachusetts statute, allowing action at law

XV. LIEN. against trust, has no extraterritorial effect,

Om767 (N.Y.Sup.) Docketed against "Max where trust not created therein.-Id.

Sorcher" held not constructive notice to pur

chaser from “Max Soicher."-Berkowitz V. JUDGMENT.

Dam, 584. See Appeal.

Creditor must see that docketing is in debtFor judgments in particular actions or pro-or's correct name.-Id. ceedings, see also the various specific topics.

PLEADING AND EVIDENCE OF For review of judgments, see Appeal and Er- XXII.


OR DEFENSE. III. ON CONSENT, OFFER, OR ADMISSION. Cm958(1) (N.Y.App.Div.) Examination of recw90 (N.Y.App.Div.) Judgment entered pur- ord and proceedings in other case required on suant to settlement not opened on defendants' plea of res judicata.-People's Gas & Electric failure to make required payments.-Cohen v.

Co, v. City of Oswego, 243.
Orlove, 517.


See Constitutional Law, em 70-73.
(B) Opening or Setting Aside Default.
Om 167(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Default judgment vacat-

JURY. ed on condition that defendant give surety

II. RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY. bond for payment of any judgment recovered. 19(2) (N.Y.Sup.) Questions of fact in quo -Rosenstreich & Ballon v. Scher, 265.

warranto proceeding to review determination

of canvassing board held for jury.-In re BarV. ON MOTION OR SUMMARY PRO

rett, 20. CEEDING.

em 19(71/2) (N.Y.Sur.) Right to jury trial on em 180 (N.Y.App.Div.) Motion for summary “controverted question of fact” relates to isjudgment for unliquidated demand denied.--In- sue on claim.-In re Hanna's Will, 42. terstate Pulp & Paper Co. v. New York Trib-om25(6) (N.Y.Sur.) Cre litor not entitled 'to une, 232.

jury trial before return of citation in compul185 (N.Y.App.Div.) In action on stock sub- sory accounting proceedings In re Hanna's scription, answer and affidavit held to with Will, 42. 'stand motion for summary judgment.-Armleder Motor Truck Co. of New York v. Barnes,


I. CREATION AND EXISTENCE OF THE w 185 (N.Y.Sup.) On motion for summary

RELATION. judgment, defendant's affidavit held to raise issues requiring trial.-Bloom v. Hershowitz, em 17 (N.Y.App.Div.) Acceptance of rent in298.

consistent with claim that occupant is mere em 185 (N.Y.Sup.) Indorsee of draft held en- squatter.-In re Bunshaft, 177. titled to judgment on pleadings.-Buffalo Por

II. LEASES AND AGREEMENTS IN celain Enameling Corporation v. Paramount

GENERAL. Service Corporation, 301.

(A) Requisites and Validity. XII. CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION IN Cm 29(1) (N.Y.Sup.). Agreement made to GENERAL.

evade rent laws held void.—Cloud v. Costello, Om 533 (N.Y.App.Div.) Income from realty to 300. be divided in same proportion that proceeds of

IV. TERMS FOR YEARS. realty sale were divided.-In re Braasch's Ex’rs,

(D) Termination. 844.

Om 109(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Refraining from issuXIV. CONCLUSIVENESS OF ADJUDICA

ing warrant and dismissal of summary proceedTION.

ing held not fraud on mortgagee of lease, to

warrant setting aside of surrender.- Jacob (A) Judgments Conclusive in General.

Hoffman Brewing Co, v. Klages, 425. en 647 (N.Y.App.Div.) Issue of promised re- Voluntary removal after service of precept newal leases held res judicata by virtue of de- is surrender of lease.-Id. fense in summary proceedings.-Friberg v. Rockaway Point Co., 804.


USE THEREOF. (B) Persons Concluded.

(A) Description, Extent, and Condition. Em702 (N.Y.App.Div.) Issues decided in ac-c124(1) (N.Y.App.Div.) Lessee entitled to tion by one taxpayer concluded in action by an

heat and use of elevator for 24 hours each day other taxpayer.--People's Gas & Electric Co. during busy season.--Halperin v. McCrory v. City of Oswego, 243.

Stores Corporation, 385. (C) Matters Concluded.

Provision of lease relating to operation of

elevator construed.--Id. em713(3) (N.Y.Sup.) Ruling in previous accounting by trustee held not res judicata of rul-(D) Repairs, Insurance, and Improveing in subsequent accounting.---Bank of New

ments. York & Trust Co. v. Harnersley, 35.

Cu 152(2) (N. Y. Sup.) Monthly letting held 720 (N.Y.Sup.) Whether cutting off mort- consideration for promise to repair.-Kilduff v. gage on lease by surrender inequitable settled Devonish, 234. 202 N.Y.S.-64



Landlord and Tenant


(E) Injuries from Dangerous or Defective


See Landlord and Tenant.
>164(1) (N.Y.App.Div.) Stairway of two-
family house held under exclusive control of
tenant on upper floor.–Kisten v. Koplowitch, See Constitutional Law, em 63.

LEGISLATIVE POWER. 521. Om 167(1) (N.Y.App.Div.) Provision that tenant operating elevator would hold landlord free

LIBEL AND SLANDER. from responsibility construed.--Halperin v. Mc-1. WORDS AND ACTS ACTIONABLE, AND (rory Stores Corporation, 385.

LIABILITY THEREFOR. C169(5) (N.Y.App.Div.) Landlord's subsequent repairs not admissible to prove control ing private citizen up to contempt or shame ac

Cw6(!) (N.Y.App.Div.) False statement holdat time of accident.-Kisten v. Koplowitch, 521. tionable.-Cortright v. Anderson, 729. cm 169 (6) (N.Y.App.Div.) Injury by falling 6(2) (N.Y.) Statements lield to affect plainceiling prima facie evidence of negligence. Slater v. Barnes, 107.

tiff's standing in business, and, if untrue, to be libelous per_se.-Brown v. Tregoe, 236 V.

Y. 497, 142 N. E. 159. (F) Eviction.

Om 10(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Publications not “libelCom 179 (N.Y.) Improvements, hardship from ous per se," unless injuring plaintiff's reputaouster, solvency, and readiness to pay loss held tion or credit.-Hills v. Press Co., 678. no defense; "ejectment."-Golde Clothes Shop Essential elements of libelous' publication v. Loew's Buffalo Theatres, 236 N. Y. 465, 141 stated; "libel.”—Id. N. E. 917.

10(2), (N.Y.App.Div.) Article charging can. Reliance on court order, since reversed, in didate with intent to line up with gamblers held taking possession of premises, held no defense libelous per se.-Cortright" v. Anderson, 729. to ejectment by tenant.--Id.

Om 10(3) (N.Y.Sup.) Newspaper articles, Purchaser sued in ejectment by tenant unlaw- charging county fuel administrator with favor. fully evicted cannot claim equitable lien for itism, held not libelous per se.-Hills v. Press value of improvements.-Id.

Co., 678. Purchaser making improvements with knowl-cm 13 (N.Y.App.Div.) Article charging prohiedge of pending appeal from order giving pos- bition candidate was wet actionable, if loss of session against tenant cannot claim lien for election resulted.-Cortright v. Anderson, 729. value.--Id.

On 19 (N.Y.App.Div.) Article considered as a Annulment of relation of landlord and tenant whole.-Cortright v. Anderson. 729. by issuance of warrant giving possession to pur-Eww19 (N.Y.Şup.) Test is whether language chaser held no defense to tenant's action.-Id. imports criminal or disgraceful charge; “libel." Ejectment appropriate remedy for recovery

-Hills v. Press Co., 678. of possession of leased premises by tenant.-Id.

Each publication construed in light of pe

culiar facts.-Id. VIII. RENT AND ADVANCES.


MALICE THEREIN. Bmw 196 (N.Y.Sup.) Holdover tenant held liable ww48(1) (N.Y.Sup.) Newspapers entitled for rent and reasonable value of entire prem- comment on matters of public concern.-Hills ises.-Goelet v. Fuchs, 263.

v. Press Co., 678.

Omw 48 (2) (N.Y.App.Div.) Principles applicable (B) Actions.

to private citizens applicable to officers and Em 226 (N.Y.Sup.) Municipal Court not au-candidates, with exception as to fair criticism. thorized to require defendant to pay rent prior -Cortright v. Anderson, 729. to final determination.-Bernstein v. Ginsburg, 48(2) (N.Y.Sup.). Newspaper comment, to 280.

be privileged, must be confined to matter of

public interest.-Hills v. Press Co., 678. IX. RE-ENTRY AND RECOVERY OF POS- Om 48(3), (N.Y.App.Div.) Fair criticism of acts SESSION BI LANDLORD.

of candidate permissible.-Cortright v. Ander

son. 729. On 278/2 [New, vol. IIA Key-No. Series) (N.Y.Mun.Ct.) Summary proceedings will

Right to criticize does not authorize false lie against tenants of apartments erected since statements..or unjustifiable inferences.-id. September 27, 1920.–Building Co. of Coben basis held sufficient.-Id.

That criticism of candidate has reasonable Bros. v. Levy, 181. Statute extends protection of emergency

Principles applicable to private citizens aphousing laws only to tenants of premises com- plicable to candidates, with exception as to

fair criticism.-Id. pleted prior to September 27, 1920.-Id.

Cm 48(3) (N.Y.Sup.) Newspaper articles m278/2 [New, vol. IIA Key-No. Series] (N.Y.Mun.Ct.) Emergency housing legis- itism, held privileged.-Hills v. Press Co., 67$.

charging county fuel administrator with favorlation not applicable to new buildings in course ww501/2 (N.Y.Sup.) Exceeding limits of fair of construction on September 27, 1920, or com- 1 criticism is libel.-Hills v. Press Co., 678. menced thereafter.-Arcutel Realty Corporation v. Ruskin, 635.

IV, ACTIONS. Em 2781/2 [New, vol. IIA Key-No. Series) (N.Y.Sup.) Tenant, living on premises

(B) Parties, Preliminary Proceedings,

and Pleading. and renting furnished rooms on weekly tenancies, entitled to protection of emergency rent 280 (N.Y.) Complaint held to state a cause laws.-Nystad & Krassner v. Zerbe, 25). of action for libel if libelous per se.-Brown v. C314 (N.Y.Sup.) Mortgagee of lease has no Tregoe, 236 N. Y. 497, 142 N. E. 159. right to redeem after tenant surrenders lease-80 (N.Y.Sup.) Test to sufficiency of hold. - Jacob Hoffman Brewing Co. v. Klages, pleading where no special damage alleged, 425.

stated.-Hills v. Press Co., 678. Application to redeem should be made within 86(1). (N.Y.Sup.) Office of "innuendo" one year and one day after forfeiture.-Id. stated.-Hills v. Press Co., 678.



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