Les recueils de jurisprudence du Québec, publiés par le Barreau de Québec: Cour supérieure, Τόμος 1


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Σελίδα 291 - An officer de facto is one whose acts, though not those of a lawful officer, the law, upon principles of policy and justice, will hold valid so far as they involve the interests of the public and third persons, where the duties of the office were exercised : First.
Σελίδα 236 - The Church of England, in places where there is no " Church established by law, is in the same situation with " any other religious body, in no better, but in no worse
Σελίδα 236 - ... the decision of such Tribunal will be binding when it has acted within the scope of its authority, has observed such forms as the rules require, if any forms be prescribed, and, if not, has proceeded in a manner consonant with the principles of justice.
Σελίδα 188 - ... according to law and not humour. It is to be not arbitrary, vague, and fanciful, but legal and regular, and it must be exercised within the limit to which an honest man competent to the discharge of his office, ought to confine himself.
Σελίδα 537 - The question of timely presentation of a bill of exchange is governed by the law of the place where the bill is payable, and not by the law of the place where it is drawn.
Σελίδα 410 - La Cour, après avoir entendu les parties, par leurs avocats, sur le mérite de...
Σελίδα 236 - Lordships to be unnecessary to pursue this question, because even if this church were to be regarded merely as a private and voluntary religious society resting only upon a consensual basis, courts of justice are .still bound, when due complaint is made that a member of the society has been injured as to his rights, in any matter of a mixed spiritual and temporal character, to inquire into the laws or rules of the tribunal or authority which has inflicted the alleged injury.
Σελίδα 360 - Subject to the provisions of this Act, the interpretation of the drawing, indorsement, acceptance, or acceptance supra protest of a bill, is determined by the law of the place where such contract is made. Provided that where an inland bill is indorsed in a foreign country the indorsement shall as regards the payer be interpreted according to the law of the United Kingdom.
Σελίδα 227 - It shall be a defence to an indictment or informatio'n for a defamatory libel that the publishing of the defamatory matter in the manner in which it was published was for the public benefit at the time when it was published, and that the matter itself was true. 55-56 V., c. 29, s. 299. b> 332. Every one is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to two years...
Σελίδα 210 - La première est que les papes ne peuvent rien commander ni ordonner, soit en général ou en particulier, de ce qui concerne les choses temporelles...

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