An Essay on Mathematical Language: Or, An Introduction to the Mathematical Sciences

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Σελίδα 194 - A young hare starts 40 rods before a grey-hound, and is not perceived by him till she has been up 40 seconds ; she scuds away at the rate of 10 miles an hour, and the dog, on view, makes after her at the rate of 18. How long will the course continue, and what will be the length of it from the place, where the dog set out ? jJns.
Σελίδα 299 - When first the marriage knot was tied Betwixt my wife and me, My age did hers as far exceed As three times three does three ; , But...
Σελίδα 123 - If a footman travel 130 miles in 3 days, when the days are 12 hours long ; in how many days, of 10 hours each, may he travel 360 miles ? Ans. 9|f days. 5. If 120 bushels of corn can serve 14 horses 56 days, how many days will 94 bushels serve 6 horses?
Σελίδα 189 - In the latitude of London, the distance round the earth measured on the parallel of latitude, is about 15550 miles ; now as the earth turns round in 23 hours 56 minutes, at what rate per hour is the city of London carried by this motion from west to east ? Ans.
Σελίδα 190 - A father divided his fortune among his sons, giving A 4 as often as B 3, and C 5 as often as B 6 ; what was the whole legacy, supposing A's share 50001.
Σελίδα 153 - IK compound arbitration the rate or price of exchange between three, four, or more places, is given, in order to find how much a remittance paffing through them all will amount to at the laft place ; or to find the arbitrated price, or par of arbitration, between the iirlt place and the laft.
Σελίδα 145 - ... merchants paid as much as 16 lawyers; and 8 lawyers as much as 12 tailors ; how much money did each class pay ? Ans.
Σελίδα 190 - If a quantity of provisions serves 1500 men 12 weeks, at the rate of 20 ounces a day for each man, how many men will the same provisions maintain for 20 weeks, at the rate of 8 ounces a day for each man ? 55.
Σελίδα 317 - ... be the firft member of the root required. Then raife this root to a dimenfion lower by unit than the number that denominates the root required, and multiply the power that arifes by that number itfelf. Divide the fécond term of the given quantity by the product, and the quotient mail give the fécond member of the root required.
Σελίδα 124 - A wall, to be built to the height of 27 feet, was raised to the height of 9 feet by 12 men in 6 days ; how many men must be employed to finish the wall in 4 days at the same rate of working ? Ans.

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