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for New Romney, and alderman of 18. Sir William Robinson, bart. Tower Ward.

brother to the lord primate of Irea 19. Lieutenant-gencral fir Robert land. Rich, bart. colonel of the 4th re- Lately, at Lyons, the hon. and giment of foot.

rev. lord Edward Seymour, deau of 29. Andrew Coltée Ducarel, efq. Bath and Wells, brother to the duke LL. D. F. R. and A. SS. com- of Somerfet. milfury and official of Canterbury, 9. Maria Antonietta, queen of &c.

Sardinia. June 7. George earl Pomfret. October 7. John lord Dormer, 9. Lady of the rev, fir Thomas aged 93. Boughton, hatt.

9. Rev. fir John Cullum, bart. : 29. Harriet viscountess Mount- 12. General Cuthbert' Ellison,

aged gi. fulv. Dorothy viscounte?s dow- 18. At Naples, the right hon. ager Powerféourt.

Humphry Morrice. i. General Jaines Oplethorpe, 21. Henry Robert Trevor, broe the oliest general in England, aged ther of viscount Hampden. 87.

23. Robert Henley Ongley, lord 5. Charles earl of Portiore. Ongley, late M. P. for Bedford

6. The bithop of Lubec, duke of shire. Holstein-Oldenbouryh.

29. Sir William Wake, bart. late 10. Lady Audley.

M. P. for Bedford. - Matthew lord Fortefeuc. 31. His serenc highness the land

17. Margaret Cavendish Harley, grave of Heffe Caffel. duchess dowager of Portland.

November 5. Sir Walter Blount, 23. Sir Henry Tichborne, bart. bart. 27. Mrs. Jenkinson, mother of 6. Prince George of Mecklenthe right hon. Charles Jenkinson, burgh Strelitz, brother to the qu¢en. and of Mrs. Cornwall, wife of the 10. Sir Alexander Dick, bart. right hon. Charles Wolfran Coins 11. George lord Elibank. wall, speaker of the house of com 14. Sir George Coghill, bart.

M. P. for Newport, Cornwall. Auguft 8. Lady Moore, relict - Lewis Philip, duke of Or. of the late admiral sir' John Moore. leans, first prince of the blood in

9. The infant don Lewis, bro. France; succeeded by his fon the ther to the king of Spain.

duke of Chartres. 25. Sir Charles Kemys Tynte, 15. Lord Rutherford, a lieuté

nant in-the nary. Right hon. fir William Lynch, 17. Lieut. gen. Henry Lister. K. B.

19. Hon. and rev. Géo. Talbot, 26. George viseount Sackville, D. B. uncle to earl Talbot and lady

September 7. Hon. Mary Judith Dinevor. Locks, eldest daughter of lord So. 20. Sir James Wright, bart. late mers.

governor of Georgia. - Counters of Hadington.

- Rev. Richard Burn, LL. D. George carl of Aberga. author of the Justice of Peace, and

Ecclefiaftical Law.
Thomas Reynolds Ducié, 23. — Sandys, esq. nephew

and heir to lord Sandys.
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lord Ducie.

25. Richard Glover, csq. author esq. to be commissary of the comof Leonidas, Medea, &c.

missariat of Caithneis and Suther. - Mr. John Henderson, of Co- land. vent-garden theatre.

- John Temple, esq. to be con30. Countess dowager Cornwal. sul general to the United States of lis.

America. See Public Papers. December 2. Sir Gilbert Heath- March 13. The earl of Bective, cote, bart.

fir Skeflington Smyth, bart, and 6. Mrs. Catharine Clive, the ce. David Latouche, eiq. to be privy lebrated actress.

counsellors of Ireland. 9. John Baptista Cipriani, F. R. April 14. Mr. William Callon, A. the celebrated painter and de- to be letter-founder in ordinary to figner.

his majetty. 11. Anne countess of Corke and 19. The earl of 'Leven, to be Orrery.

high commissioner to the general ar. 12. The princess Charlotte Wils sembly of the church of Scotland. helmine of Heflc Darmstadt, con- 20. The honour of knighthood sort of prince Charles of Meck- on James Douglas, elq..coolul gelenbourg Strelitz, brother to her neral at Naples. Inajelty.

23. Mr. Frederick Polydore Nod18. Sir Charles Frederick, K. B. der, to be botanic painter to the


- 25. The rev. Thomas Warton, PROMOTIONS in the rear 1785. B.

B. D. of Oxford, to be poet laureat.

30. Matthew Goffer, jun. esq.
Fanuary'12. Ralph Woodford, to be viscount of the isle of Jerley.
esq. late envoy extraordinary to the James Stewart, efq. to be com-
court of Denmark,, to be commit- mifary clerk of the commissariat of
sary to treat with the commiflary of Dunkeld.
the Catholic king concerning new May 14. Thomas Stevenson, esq.
arrangements of commerce, pursue 10 be ferjeant at arms in ordinary 10
ant to the definitive treaty concluded his majesty.
between the two crowns at ler June ri. Marquis of Carmar.
sailles, the ad of Septen:ber, 1783. then, to be governor of the itlands

21. Sir Charles Middleton, bart. of Scilly,
Edward Hunt, John Henflow, Geo.. 25. Charles Whitworth, esq. to
Marsh, George Rogers, William be minister plenipotentiary to the
Palmer, William Campbell, Edward king and republic of Poland.
Le Cras, John Laforey, Henry James Walker, esq. to be mar.
Martin, Charles Proby, and Henry shal of the King's Bench.
Duncang esqrs. to be commissioner's - Alexander Christie, jun. clerk,
of the navy.

to be the commissariat of Lauder. February 9. The earl of Glen- July 2. Richard Bourke, otherdore, to be a privy counsellor of wife De Burgbo, csq. to be a baro. Ireland.

net of Ireland. 15. John Pownall, esq. to be a William Godfrey, esq. to be the commissioner of the customs.

fame. - Hon. John Luttrell, to be a - Edwin Francis Stanhope, esq. commissioner of the excise.

to be a commissioner of the duties 19. John Campbell Sutherland, on falt.

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5. Randal William earl of An- counts, fir William Musgrave, bart. trim, to be viscount Dunluce, and William Mollefon, esq. the other earl of Antrim, of the kingdom of comptroller of the army accounts, Ireland, with remainder to his or the comptrollers of the army acdaughters and their heirs male. counts for the time being, John

Elizabeth dowager baroness Thomas Batt, and John Martin of Longford, to be countess of Leake, esqrs. to be commissioners Longford, of the kingdom of Ire- for auditing the public accounts. land, with the dignity of earl to - The rev. John M-Farlane, to her heirs male.

be his majesty's almoner in ScotThe dignity of earl of the said land. kingdom to the following noble. 30. Joah Bates, esq. to be a men :

commissioner of the customs. John viscount Carlow, to be earl August 3. Lord viscount Dal. of Port Arlington.

rymple, to be envoy extraordinary Barry viscount Farnham, to be and minister plenipotentiary to the carl of Farnham.

court of Berlin. Simon viscount Carhampton, to 13. Earl Cowper, and his issue, be earl of Carhampton.

allowed by the king to take the title John viscount Mayo, to be earl and arms of a prince of the Holy of Mayo.

Roman Empire, conferred on him And the dignity of a viscount of by the present emperor of Germany, the said kingdom to the following the 31st of January, 1778. noblemen :

29. Charles Bowen, esq. to be Thomas lord Dartrey, to be vis- gentleman usher extraordinary to count Cremorne.

the prince of Wales. Archibald lord Gosford, to be September 24. William Fauquier, viscount Gosford.

esq. to be secretary and regiller of Ralph lord Clonmore, to be vis- the order of the Bath. count Wicklow.

27. Rev. and hon. Edward VeSt. Leger lord Doneraile, to be nables Vernon, to be canon of the viscount Doneraile.

cathedral of Oxford, The dignity of a baron of the - Rev. George Prettyman, D. said kingdom to the following gen- D. to the rectory of Sudburn, cum tlemen :

capella de Orford, in Suffolk. Cornelius O’Callaghan, esq. to October 1. George Cherry, esq. be baron Lisinore.

to be a commissioner of the victual. Right hon. Charles Tottenham ling office. Loftus, to be baron Loftus. . 11. Hon. Edward James Eliot,

Sir Cornwallis Maude, bart, to to be remembrancer of the court of be baron de Montalt.

exchequer Richard Malone, esq. to be ba. - Robert Blair, M. D. to be ron Sunderlin. .

professor of astronomy at Edin- James Balmain, esq. to be burgh. commissioner of excise in Scotland. 15. Edward Tucker, jun, efq, to

Henry Boult Cay and John Vi. be secretary and provoit marihal vian, eiqrs. to be folicitors of the general of the islands of Bermuda. excife in England.

29. Joseph wart, esq. to be re12. Sir John Dick, bart. one of cretary of legation at the court of the co'nptroļlers of the army ac. Berlin.

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November 15. Hugh Eo, ela. Dorítuire-Hon. Lionel Damer, to be envoy extraordinary to the ot s arise.. court of Denmark, with the addi- Derbyilire-Herbert Greenlaich, tional character of minister picnic of Priory. potentiary.

Etes-George Bon les, of Ian23. Right bon. Thor.as 0:de, tead. to be privy courieur.

Glouceterkire-Joon Niblett, of 25. William Gill, e.g. alderman Glouceiier. of Walbrook Ward, to be treasurer Hertioruthire-Im. Phillimore, of of Chrili's Hospital.

Aidenhan. Diterter 3. Augustus Pechell, Hereforchire - Sir Hungerford esq. to be receiver-general of the Holkins, hart. poit-office.

Keri-ion ard Knatchbull, of Pro. 9. Right hon. William Eden, to reader. be one of the committee for the Leiceserfire-Im. Vans, of Belcortideration of all matters relative grare. to trade and foreign plantations, and Lincolníhire-Charles Chaplin, at envoy extraordinary and minister Biankney.. picnipotentiary at le court of Jionmouthshire-Wm. Rees, of St. France for negociating commercial Bride's. arrangements.

Vorthumberland-Sir Henry Lid20. William Boscawen, esq. to del, bart. be one of the commissioners for vic- Northamptonshire-Lucas Ward, tualling his majesty's oavy.

of Gilforough. 27. Daniel Bomeester, eiq. to be Norfolk-Edw. Stracey, of Rackconsul at Minorca, Majorca, and heath. Ivica.

Noringhamshire - Sharbrooke -- Mr. Archibald Davidson, to Lore, of Southwell. be the principal of the college of Osiordlhire - John Leniball, of Glasgow'.


Rutlandiliie-Thomas Falkner, of SHERIFFS appointed for the Year Niorcott. 1785. .

Shropthire - Robert More, of LinBerkshire-Edward Thornhill, of Somersetshire-Richard Cross, of Kingiion.

Brooinfield. Bedfordihire--Wm. Gibbard, of Siafordshire Thomas Sterenson, Sharnbrooke,

of Stafford. BucksTho. Saunders, of Brill. Suffolk-Thomas Gooch, of Ben Cumberland-Edward Knubley, of acre. Wigton.

Hants.-Sir Jn. Whalley Gardi. Cheshire Hon. Wilbraham Tolle. ner, bart. mache, of Woodhay,

Surrey-- James l'ayne, of Chert. Cambridge and Huntingdonshirem fey.

John Crichloe Turner, of Great Suifer-V.. Nclthorp, of Sedg. Stukely,

wick Park, Cornwall-Weston Helyar, of New. Warwick Thire-Joseph Boultbee, of ton, efq.

Baxterley. Devonshire-In. Hen. Southcote, Worcesteríhire - Richard Bourne of Buckland. .

Charlett, of Elmly Catils.

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Wilts.-James Sutton, of Round. Radnor James Price, of Clirow.

way. Yorkúrire — Sir Thomas Turner NORTH WALES. Slingloy of Scriven Park, bart.

Anglesea – Rich. Lloyd, of Mo.

nachdon. SOUTH WALES. Carnarvon-John Jones, of BeyriBrecon-Walter Roberts, of Llanvihangell.

Denbigh-John Twigge, of Bur. Carmarthen-Wm. Lewes, of Lly

has. snewydd.

Flint-Sir Tho. Hanmer, of Han. Cardigan-Thomas Powell, of Nan mer, bart. teos.

Merioneth.—John Jones, of CyffGlamorgan-Stephen White, of ty. Miskin.

Montgomery --Sam Yates, of Lace Pembroke-John Lloyd, of Dale brinemair.



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