The History of Indonesia

ABC-CLIO, 30 Σεπ 2005 - 232 σελίδες

Culturally and politically, Indonesia is one of the more complex countries in the world, with 336 ethnic groups speaking 583 languages and dialects. It is only recently that these people have been contained within one political framework. Throughout most of history, Indonesia's inhabitants were divided politically in many different ways as a bewildering array of kingdoms and empires rose and fell within the region. Since independence in 1945, one of the challenges Indonesia faces is constructing a unified national identity. Through six chapters, Drakeley discusses Indonesian history beginning with settlement and social development in 5,000 BCE, through the Colonial Era, the Independence Movement, the Sukarno Era, and the Soeharto Era, to the 2004 elections.

Ideal for students and general readers, the History of Indonesia is part of Greenwood's Histories of Modern Nations series. With over thirty nation's histories in print, these books provide readers with a concise, up-to-date history of countries throughout the world. Reference features include a biographical section highlighting famous figures in Indonesian history, a timeline of important historical events, a glossary of terms, and a bibliographical essay with suggestions for further reading.


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1 Early History to the Coming of Islam 5000 BCE1600 CE
2 Indonesia during the Colonial Era 16001940
3 The Struggle for Independence 19001949
4 The Sukarno Era 19451967
5 The Soeharto Era 19661998
6 Indonesia after Soeharto 1998
Notable People in the History of Indonesia
Bibliographic Essay
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Steven Drakeley is Professor of Humanities at the University of Western Sydney.

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