The Making of Strategy: Rulers, States, and War

Предња корица
Williamson Murray, MacGregor Knox, Alvin Bernstein
Cambridge University Press, 31.05.1996. - 680 страница
Most writing about strategy - the balancing of ends and means by rulers and states in conflict with their adversaries - has focused on individual strategic theorists or great military leaders. That approach has its uses, but it normally ignores the messy process through which rulers and states have actually framed strategy. Understanding how that process has worked or failed to work in the past is nevertheless of vital practical importance to strategists, and of the greatest interest to students of strategy and statecraft. The Making of Strategy is about the strategic process. It consists of seventeen case studies that range from fifth-century B.C. Athens and Ming China to Hitler's Germany, Israel, and the post-1945 United States. The studies analyze, within a common interpretive framework, precisely how rulers and states have made strategy. The introduction emphasizes the constants in the rapidly shifting world of the strategist. The conclusion tries to understand the forces that have driven the transformation of strategy since 400 B.C. and seem likely to continue to transform it in the future.

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Introduction On strategy
Athenian strategy in the Peloponnesian War
The strategy of a warriorstate Rome and the wars against Carthage 264201 BC
Chinese strategy from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries
The making of strategy in Habsburg Spain Philip IIs bid for mastery 15561598
The origins of a global strategy England from 1558 to 1713
A quest for glory The formation of strategy under Louis XIV 16611715
To the edge of greatness The United States 17831865
The road to ideological war Germany 19181945
The collapse of empire British strategy 19191945
The strategy of innocence? The United States 19201945
The illusion of security France 19191940
Strategy for class war The Soviet Union 19171941
The evolution of Israeli strategy The psychology of insecurity and the quest for absolute security
Strategy in the nuclear age The United States 19451991
Conclusion Continuity and revolution in the making of strategy

Strategic uncertainties of a nationstate PrussiaGermany 18711918
The weary titan Strategy and policy in Great Britain 18901918
The strategy of the decisive weight Italy 18821922

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