Die Nigritier: eine anthropologisch ethnologische Monographie. Th. 1

Wiegandt, Hempel & Parey, 1876 - 526 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 194 - My later investigations have confirmed me in the opinion, that the valley of the Nile was inhabited by an indigenous race, before the invasion of the Hamitic and other Asiatic nations; and 'that this primeval people, who occupied the whole of Northern Africa, bore much the same relation to the Berber or Berabra tribes of Nubia, that the Saracens of the middle ages bore to their wandering and untutored, yet cognate brethren, the Bedouins of the desert.
Σελίδα 32 - ... the eye could reach, following the bend of the river, fallen masonry. Both stopped dead in utter astonishment, looking like men at once frightened and bewildered, the missionary's usually calm and impassive countenance growing one moment deadly pale, the next flushing a deep crimson. So great was the shock, so totally unexpected the event — for he had perfectly believed in what the Amatonga had said — that the tears stood in his eyes.. Here, then, was a confirmation of all his theories. Here>...
Σελίδα 32 - We are close to the end of this belt of forest-land, and shall soon solve the mystery, if there be one.« »There is a considerable sheet of water here, and why should it exist? Can we be near some large kraal?
Σελίδα 516 - Those portions of the skeleton, however, which hud been exposed above the surface of the clay, were partially consumed by the fire, and a layer of wood-ashes and charred bones, varying in thickness from two to six inches, indicated that the burning had been continued for some length of time. The fire appeared to have been most destructive around the head of the animal. Mingled -with the ashes and bones was a large number of broken pieces of rock, which evidently had been carried to the spot from...
Σελίδα 269 - Humboldt'« gerne zu dem meiiiigen: »dass Völker sehr verschiedenartiger Abstammung in gleicher Roheit, in gleichem Hange zum Vereinfachen und Verallgemeinern der Umrisse, zur rhythmischen Wiederholung und Reihung der Bilder durch innere geistige Anlagen getrieben, ähnliche Zeichen und Symbole hervorbringen können2).
Σελίδα 516 - ... and in an entirely helpless condition. The animal's fore and hind legs, untouched by the fire, were in a perpendicular position, with the toes attached to the feet, showing that the ground in which the animal had sunk, now a grayish-colored clay, was in a plastic condition when the occurrence took place.
Σελίδα 34 - The day-dream of my life realized. I stand among the ruins of the cities of old ; but where they begin, or where they end I know not. The forest has re-asserted her old rights, torn from her by the hand of civilisation,
Σελίδα 516 - ... which was covered by twenty feet in thickness of alternate layers of sand, clay, and gravel, one of the arrow-heads lay underneath the thigh-bone of the skeleton, the bone actually resting in contact upon it, so that it could not have been brought thither after the deposit of the bone," a fact which he was careful thoroughly to investigate.
Σελίδα 234 - Zoll heraus pro Jahrhundert (sehr begreiflich, denn diese hatten Nilschlamm von solchen Feldern, auf denen der Bauer das Wasser nicht so lange stehen liess als ein anderer!), thut 30 Jahrtausende! Es wäre wahrlich an der Zeit, dass dieser hundertmal in den Lehrbüchern der Geologie wiedergekäute Unsinn ein- für allemal ausgemerzt und vor den Augen der Wissenschaft nie mehr ein Argument citirt würde, mit dem man höchstens noch einen leichtgläubigen Laien berücken mag.
Σελίδα 516 - The two arrow-heads found with the bones — " were," in the words of Dr. Koch himself,1 " in such a position as to furnish evidence still more conclusive, perhaps, than in the other case, of their being of equal, if not older date, than the bones themselves ; for, besides that they were found in a layer of vegetable...

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