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nock, Devon; at Bexhill, Sussex; rebuilding the chapel at Tilberton Edgmond, Salop; "at Whittington, Worcester; repewing the church of St. Peter, at Ipswich, Suffolk; rearranging seats and rebuilding galleries in the church at Leighton Buzzard, Beds;

rearranging part of seats and building gallery in the church at Battisford, Suffolk; rebuilding the church at Norton Bavant, Wilts : at Cressage Cround, Salop; at Rogate, Sussex; and at Old Swinford, Worcester.


and object of the Society, in reference to the existing wants of the Church shall be explained to the people.

This admirable institution was constituted at a meeting held at Edinburgh, December 4, 1838, Bp. Walker being the President: but its objeets and plan, as well as its intimate connexion with the Church, will best appear by extracting the following, being * Canon XL. of the Episcopal Church in Scotland, as revised, amended, and enacted by an ecclesiastical synod, holden for that purpose at Edinburgli, in August and September, 1838."

CANON XL.--For establishing and main

taining a Society in aid of the Church.

Whereas, in the primitive Church, and by apostolic order, collections were made for the poorer brethren, and for the propagation of the Gospel, it is hereby decreed, that a similar practice shall be observed in the Scottish Episcopal Church. Nor ought the poverty of the Church, nor of any portion of it, to be pleaded as an objection, seeing that the Divine commendation is given equally to those who, from their poverty, give a little with cheerfulness, and to those who give largely of their abundance. For this purpose a society, called “The Scottish Episcopal Church Society," shall be formed; the objects of which shall be,

Ist. To provide a fund for aged or infirm clergymen, or salaries for their assistants, and general aid for congregations struggling with pecuniary difficulties.

2dly. To assist candidates for the ministry in completing their theological studies.

3dly. To provide episcopal school. masters, books, and tracts for the poor.

4thly. To assist in the formation or enlargement of diocesan libraries.

To promote those important purposes, a certain day shall be fixed on annually by every diocesan synod, when a collection shall be made in every chapel throughout the diocese, and the nature

The first Annual Report is now before us. The Committee consider the objects in the first clause of the Canon as those most urgently demanding attention, and refer to the 5th Regulation explanatory of that clause, that, " the principal object, to be included under general aid for congregations struggling with pecuniary difficulties' shall be, to assist them in furnishing the incumbent with such an income as may be sufficient for his support.'" And, as lamentable proof of the necessity of aid from some source, they add, that “ By the statistical returns appended to the Report, it will be seen, that of 32 incumbencies described, not one has reached 801. yearly: that many are under 401.: and that in several the incomes strictly derived from the congregations have been merely nominal,** Besides the above, there are upwards of ten incumbencies, of which the stipends vary from 80l, to about 1001.; but where the incomes are by no means permanent or secure, and where great difficulties are frequently experienced in providing for the necessary expenditure, and in keeping up the decent performance of divine service.” One very painful consequence of this poverty must be apparent,--the utter incapacity of providing, in addition, a salary for an assistant when the incumbent is compelled, by age, sickness, or infirmity, to discontinue the whole or part of the duty. It has been the chief object of the Committee to assist those among the clergy who have been lowest in the scale of income. They have appropriated about 7001. to that purpose, distributed among 32 incumbents, to

bring up their incomes to 801. each; and have aided congregations in procuring assistants, to the extent of 1251."

The whole expenditure of the Society in 1839, in promoting its fourfold excellent and important objects, was 12971. 58. 2d. Its income, from Annual Subscriptions, was about 5001; from Congregational Collections, 10621. 148. 6 d. About 19001. was received in donations ; but as these were given chiefly in lieu of Annual Subscriptions, it was obviously necessary to invest them for the future benefit of the Society. The small amount of the several sums named,—the pittances that are regarded as an important aid, and the fewness of considerable contributors, speak but too plainly of the poverty of the country, and of the difficulties which a poor, wholly unendowed Church must have to contend with in such a country-a Church, which, if on the one hand, it scarcely any where counts the mass of the poor among its members, to burthen it; yet, on the other, includes few, comparatively, of the affluent sons of commerce and manufactures, to aid it, out of their increasing abundance; has not, as with us, a hierarchy and clergy enabled, by the pious liberality of antiquity, to take a large share in every Christian work; but is mainly composed of the gentry of old family and very moderate resources, scattered here and there on their hereditary but little profitable properties,--or else, with still smaller means, only renting the lands they cultivate,-and of iheir servants and labourers. It must certainly be lamented, that of the few of Scotland's wealthy nobles and successful professional men, who are members of this pure and apostolical branch of the Church, not all have yet seen and acknowledged their obligation to “ show piety at home and to requite their holy spiritual “ Parent,” by largely aiding her necessities, and strengthening her to preach the Gospel to the poor; but it should be remembered, that under the unfortunate ecclesiastical condition of that country, these (besides the support of their own Episcopal Chapel)have all considerable legal burthens to sustain on behalf of that establishment to

which, on grounds of conscience, they have never united themselves; and moreover, they are continually called on for their benevolent assistance towards the extension of the established religion, which, so long as the mass of the people depend on it for their spiritual nurture, neither good policy nor Christian feeling can allow them to refuse, however they may lament the erroneous constitution of the Kirk. The amount raised for this Society by the Congregational Collection, -upwards of 10001. from seventy-five Congregations,-being very far above the proportion raised in England by a Royal Letter,--which is rarely 40,0001. from 10,000 or 11,000 Churches,shows the willing mind of our brethren of the North generally to do, out of “their deep poverty," what they can for the common good, and for the maintenance and extension of that Church to which they have clung, and which they have preserved untainted in doctrine or discipline, in spite of difficulties, discouragements, and positive persecution.

Is it too much to express a hope, that notwithstanding the various and almost never-ending calls on us for pecuniary aid, something, (and but a little is, in this case, something considerable,) may still be spared for such a cause by wealthy England ? Excellent as are the objects of the Society, its constitution still more recommends it to the Churchman, often grieved at home by the exceptionable and unecclesiastical agency by which the good work he is engaged in must be carried on. Founded by the Synod of the Church itself, as the Report justly states, “ It forms a part of the canon law of the Church itself, and whilst it calls for the aid and cooperation of the laity, as office-bearers, delegates, and members of committee, still it is in all points strictly under the control of episcopal jurisdiction. It may be considered as the Church acting through a Committee, or the Church itself resolved into a Committee." Surely no institution can with more justice appeal to the Apostle's exhortation : * As we have opportunity let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith."

THE CLERICAL CIRCULATING LIBRARY. We have been intending for some are unable to purchase them, with the tiine past to call the attention of those best standard works of divinity. The among our readers who reside in and library of Sion College is restricted to near the metropolis, to this spirited the incumbents of the city parishes; and and useful undertaking of Mr. Dar- the few other theological libraries ling, the bookseller. While almost which exist are confined to modern every street presents a circulating works of divinity, and these, for the library for the purpose of supplying most part, of a particular school. We the worst novels and romances of the sincerely hope that the present underday, and furnishing a sale for books taking may be successful, and that and magazines, which could not find a Mr. Darling may receive a large acpurchaser from their own merits, we cession to the number of respectable believe that this is the first attempt that subscribers who have already favoured has been made to supply those, who him with their support.

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Degrees conferred, October 29. Clarke, S. St. John's Coll.

Colville, F. L. Trinity Coll.
Seymer, H. K. late Fell. of All Souls (g.c.)

Cooke, J. Balliol Colí.

Cookes, H, W. Worcester Coll.

Cooper, R. Wadham Coll.
Taylor, Rev. C. Brasennose Coll. Cozens, R. Pembroke Coll.
B.C. L. by commutation.

Cox, J. E. University Coll. Sewell, R. C. Fell, of Magdalen Coll.

Debary, T. Lincoln Coll.

Dobinson, L. Wadham Coll.
Cotton, Rev. G. H. Worcester Coll.

Dorville, T. Worcester Coll.

Durell, J. D. New Inn Hall. Gordon, E. Oriel Coll.

Fidler, J. New Inn Hall. Roberts, Rev. D. Jesus Coll.

Ford, G. J. Exeter Coll. Simeon, J. Christ Church.

Gower, E. F. L. Christ Church.
Thomas, Kev. R. J. F. Christ Church.

Hill, R. Worcester Coll. (g. c.)

Hodgson, 0. A. Magdalen Coll.
Barber, J. Worcester Coll.

Howell, w. C. Brasennose Coll. Bostock, J. Brasennose Coll.

Lloyd, R. Merton Coll. Garrow, G. W. Worcester Coll.

Longmire, J. L. Lincoln Coll. Gay, H. W. Exeter Coll.

Maclaine, W. O. Wadham Coll. Palmer, L. H. Christ Church.

Morgan, N. Brasennose Coll. Reeve, J. F. Wadham Coll. (g. c.)

Mozley, A. Oriel Coll.
Toms, W. Worcester Coll.

Paravacini, F. Worcester Coll.
November 12.

Roberts, —, Magdalen Hall.

Scotland, J. St. John's Coll.
Sewell, R. C. Fell. of Magdalen Coll.

Strong, H. Magdalen Hall.

Stuart, A. B. Brasennose Coll.
Burgess, Rev. W. J. Exeter Coll.

Trenow, F. G. St. Johu's Coll.
Ellman, Rev. E. B. Wadham Coll.

Walsh, W. P. Worcester Coll. James, Sir W. C. Bart. Ch. Ch. (g. c.)

White, J. Lincoln Coll. Slocock, A. Trinity Coll.

Whitehead, T. C. Wadham Coll.

Wodehouse, T. Balliol Coll. Alexander, G. E. Trinity Coll.'

November 19. Ashurst, J. H. Exeter Coll.

M.A. Barlow, C. G. T. Balliol Coll.

Downing, H. Trinity Coll. Biggs, A. University Coll.

Phillott, H. Christ Church. Boys, E. Wadham Coll.

Ridley, W. H. Christ Church (g.c.) Burder, G. Magdalen Hall.

B.A. Cartwright, F. G. St. Mary Hall.

Cartwright, W, Brasennose Coll. Chittenden, T. K. St. John's Coll. Empson, J. W. Brasennose Coll.

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Kent, W. A. Oriel Coll.
Radford, W. Exeter Coll.
Smith, W. Exeter Coll.
Welch, J. Queen's Coll.

October 10.
The Rev. W. W. Woollcombe, M.A.
Fellow of Exeter College, was admitted
to the office of Pro-Proctor.

Brasennose College. --The Trustees of W. Hulme, Esq.'s, estates will, on Dec. 23, nominate and present to Acton Trussell, P.C. cum Bednall, Staffordshire, from those who are or have been exhibitioners on his foundation, and have graduated B.A. Testimonials to be sent to T. Markland, Esq. Manchester, on or before Dec. 19.

A Dyke Scholarship in St. Mary Hall, tenable for six years, and worth 401. a-year, is vacant. Testimonials to be sent to J. Randolph, Esq. Milverton, Somersel, on or before January 1.

October 29.
The Rev. C. P. Eden, M.A. Fellow of
Oriel College, was approved as Public

Examiner in Literis Humanioribus, and
W. F. Donkin, M.A. Fellow of University
College, as Public Examiner in Disciplinis
Mathematicis et Physicis.

The Hon. A. P. O. Liddell, B.A., and H. W. Acland, B.A. of Christ Church, were elected Fellows of All Souls.

November 21,
Dr. J. R. Kenyon, Fellow of All
Souls, is appointed Assessor of the
Vice-Chancellor's Court.

H. Randall, Scholar of Trinity College, and W. E. Buckley, of Brasennose College, are chosen Fellows of Brasennose

c. G. Price, of Jesus College, is elected Fellow of that Society.

R. C. Smith, Scholar of Pembroke College, is elected to the Boden Sanscrit Scholarship

An election to a Fellowship in Lincoln College, will take place on Dec. 11. Candidates to wait on the Rector with their testimonials on Dec. 5.

Degrees conferred, November 2. Examiners at the previous Examinations.

R. Shilleto, Trinity Coll.
La Motte, G. G. Emmanuel Coll.

G. Whitaker, Queen's Coll.

J. Tozer, Caius Coll.
Barrington, W. H. Trinity Coll.

J. Goodwin, Corpus Christi Coll. Douglas, A. Magdalene Coll.

The following Students were elected Hamilton, A. R. V. Catharine Hall. Scholars of St. John's College:Tomlinson, J. P. Magdalene Coll.

R. Inchbald. C. Babington.
Wyatt, J. I. P. Magdalene Coll.

F. B. Scott. G. T. Hoare.
November 2.

J. P. Beard. J. C. James.
C. Hardwicke, of Catharine llall, was

W. Burbury.
T. P. Boultbee.
H. J. Bull.

G. Babb. nominated to a Lumley Exhibition.

J. W. S. Watkin. W. Mills. The following appointments were

J. Miller.

G. J. Christian. made :Pro-Proctors.

R. Boteler.
W. Riggott.


C. Braddy. Joseph Thackeray, King's Coll.

T. Bennett.

Mason. W. D. Rangeley, Queen's Coll.

A. Parish.

A. M. Hoare.
Senior Moderator.

G. E. Tate. - Hilly.
A. Thurtell, Caius Coll.

H. Parnell.
Mathematical Eraminers of Candidates. F. J. Gruggen. Platt Scholars.

For SH.W. Cookson, St. Peter's Coll. W. C. D. Deighton. J. W. S. Rugeley. Honours. E. Brumell, St. John's Coll. T. M. Goodeve. J. W.M. Boutflower. Not for J. Mills, Pembroke Coll.

The subject for the Norrisian Prize Honours. (J.R.Hutchinson, St. Joh.'sColl. Essay is—« Both in the Old and New Eraminers of the Questionists.

Testament everlasting life is offered to G. Whitaker, Queen's Coll. in Classics. mankind only through Christ.” W.W.Harvey, King's Coll. ) in Divinity &

November 4.
W.D. Rangeley, Qui's Coll. S Mor. Phil.

The Rev. J. Graham, D.D. Master of
Examiners of Classical Tripos. Christ's College, was elected Vice-C'han-
J. H. Jerrard, Caius Coll.

G. J. Kennedy, St. John's Coll.

The Scatonian Prize was adjudged to E. Warter, Magdalene Coll.

the Rev. T. E. Hankinson, M.A. of VOL. XXI. NO. XII.

5 D

Corpus Christi College. Subject>" The
Ministry of Angels.”

November 13.
Lord Lyndhurst was elected High

Steward, in the room of the Duke of
Northumberland; the numbers being-
For Lord Lyndhurst . . 973

Lord Lyttelton .. 488



St. David's, October 18.

Rochester, November 8.


Degree. College.

University. Diocese. Andrews, E. . .

B.A. Trinity

Cambridge St. David's Bowen, w, C. ..

St. David's Lampeter St. David's Davies, D. .. !

St. David's Lampeter St, David's Edwards, D.. ...

St. David's Lampeter St. David's Evans, T. . . .

St. David's Lampeter St. David's Hutchinson, J. . . .

B.A. St. John's Cambridge Rochester Marshall, H. J.. ..

B.A. Pembroke Oxford Rochester Pearson, w.. ...

B.A. Exeter

Oxford Rochester Row, C. A. .

B.A. Pembroke Oxford Rochester Wigan, W, L.

B.A. Christ Church Oxford Rochester

PRIESTS. Collins, W. L.

B.A. Jesus

Oxford St, David's Dalton, S. N. . . .. .. . B.A. Cajus

Cambridge Rochester Evans, T. . . .


Dublin St. David's Evans, T. . . . . . . . .

St. David's Lampeter St. David's Felix, H. ...

St. David's Lampeter St. David's Field, e. K.. .. .,

St. Edmund Hall Oxford St. David's Gwynne, E. H. A.. ..... B.A. St. John's Cambridge St. David's Hilton, C. J. . . . . . . . . M.A. Jesus

Cambridge St. David's Jones, E. . . . . . . . . .


Oxford St. David's Jones, J. G. . . . . . . . .

St. David's Lampeter St. David's Morgan, D. . . . . . . . .

St. David's Lampeter St. David's Morgan, J. D. . . . . . . .

St. David's Lampeter St. David's Parnell, G. D. i . . . . . . B.A. Downing Cambridge Rocbester


Chester, December 13 i York, December 20.

The Rev. CHARLES DICKINSON, D.D. to the Bishopric of Meath.


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James, c.



Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese. Patron. Alford, C. R. . Rugby District Ch. Warwick Worcest. Trustees Annand, A. . . Roade, P.C.

ezo. Northam Paroch S Duke of Grafton & £70 Northam. Peterb. }

· Rector of Ashton Awdry, C. : Am

Worthin, R. cum
Wolston, C.

Salop Hereford New Coll. Oxford Balfour, j Cheltenham, St.

250 Glouc. G. & B. Trustees Benn, w. .. Corney, R.

Cumb. Chester Earl of Lonsdale Blackmore, R.. Charles, R.

160 Devon Exeter Rev. J. Blackmore Buckeridge, A. N. Kennerleigh, R.

Gov. of Creditou's 110


Exeter Charity
Carrick, G. M. . Sowerby, St. George's York York Vicar of Halifax
Cartwright, J. H. Westbury, v. 238 Wilts Salisbury Precentor of Salisb.
Caswall, e. ..

Stratford-under- } 80 Wilts Salisbury D. & C. of Salisbury

the-Castle, P.c.
S Whitehaven, Holy los

Holy}250 Cunb. Chester Earl of Lonsdale
Dymock, T. F. . Hatch Beauchamp, R. 167 Somerset B. & W. Rev. T. F. Dymock
Everard, E. J. •{
Wodo Didmarton, R. ]

250 Glouc. G. & B. Duke of Beaufort

Dalton, T.

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