Alaska Salmon Fishery: Hearings Before the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, House of Representatives, Seventy-fifth Congress, Third Session, on H.R. 8344. February 1 and 2, 1938


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Σελίδα 53 - 5. Has the United States any right, and if so, what right of protection or property in the fur seals frequenting the islands of the United States in Behring Sea when such seals are found outside the ordinary three-mile limit?
Σελίδα 44 - States in attaching to their coasts an extent into the sea, beyond the reach of cannon shot.a *30 "^Considering the great extent of the line of the American coasts, we have a right to claim, for fiscal and defensive regulations, a liberal extension of maritime jurisdiction ; and it would not be unreasonable, as I apprehend, to assume, for domestic purposes connected with our safety and welfare...
Σελίδα 64 - ... territory not exceeding two marine leagues in width at the mouth are within this limit ; and that included in this territorial jurisdiction is the right of control over fisheries, whether the fish be migratory, free-swimming fish, or free-moving fish, or fish attached to or embedded in the soil. The open sea within this limit is, of course, subject to the common right of navigation ; and all governments, for the purpose of self-protection in time of war or for the prevention of frauds on its...
Σελίδα 32 - All that can reasonably be asserted is, that the dominion of the sovereign of the shore over the contiguous sea extends as far as is requisite for his safety, and for some lawful end.
Σελίδα 1 - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled. That it is hereby declared to be the policy of the Congress...
Σελίδα 20 - I think it may be unequivocally affirmed, that every doctrine, that may be fairly deduced by correct reasoning from the rights and duties of nations, and the nature of moral obligation, may theoretically be said to exist in the law of nations; and unless it be relaxed or waived by the consent of nations, which may be evidenced by their general practice and customs, it may be enforced by a court of justice, whenever it arises in judgment...
Σελίδα 53 - Sea, and what exclusive rights in the seal fisheries therein, did Russia assert and exercise prior and up to the time of the cession of Alaska to the United States?
Σελίδα 45 - In case of bays the three marine miles are to be measured from a straight line drawn across the body of water at the place where it ceases to have the configuration and characteristics of a bay. At all other places the three marine miles are to be measured following the sinuosities of the coast.
Σελίδα 32 - ... use all necessary force to compel compliance, and if it shall appear that any breach or violation of the laws of the United States...
Σελίδα 39 - The high contracting parties declare that it is their firm intention to uphold the principle that three marine miles extending from the coastline outwards and measured from low-water mark constitute the proper limits of territorial waters.

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