Problems in Elementary Physics

H. Holt, 1896 - 194 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 1 - Measures of Length. 10 millimeters (mm.) 1 centimeter (cm.) 10 centimeters 1 decimeter (dm.) 10 decimeters 1 meter (m.) 10 meters 1 dekameter (Dm.) 10 dekameters 1 hectometer (Hm.) 10 hectometers 1 kilometer (Km.) 10 kilometers 1 myriameter (Mm.) 1181.
Σελίδα 2 - Measures of Weight 10 milligrams (mg) =1 centigram eg 10 centigrams =1 decigram dg 10 decigrams =1 gram g 10 grams =1 dekagram Dg 10 dekagrams =1 hektogram Hg 10 hektograms =1 kilogram Kg...
Σελίδα 161 - Remembering that the joint resistance of two (or more) circuits in parallel is the reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals of the resistances of the several branches, we have: Fig.
Σελίδα 156 - ... and the projection of one on the other — is retrograde, or in the same direction as the motion of the hands of a watch.
Σελίδα 124 - A' MB' are similar, and A'B'^B'M AB BM' So in this case, as before, the size of the image is to the size of the object, as the distance of the image from the mirror is to the distance of the object from the mirror.

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