Transactions of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama

The Association, 1900

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Σελίδα 268 - There is no profession, from the members of which greater purity of character, and a higher standard of moral excellence are required, than the medical ; and to attain such eminence, is a duty every physician owes alike to his profession and to his patients.
Σελίδα 23 - Further prevention of cruelty to animals in the District of Columbia," which he has so strenuously and misguidedly advocated in the last two Congresses.
Σελίδα 278 - tis the draught of a breath — From the blossom of health to the paleness of death, From the gilded saloon to the bier and the shroud : — Oh! why should the spirit of mortal be proud?
Σελίδα 278 - Oh, why should the spirit of mortal be proud? Like a swift-fleeting meteor, a fast-flying cloud, A flash of the lightning, a break of the wave, Man passes from life to his rest in the grave. The leaves of the oak and the willow shall fade, Be scattered around and together be laid; And the young and the old, and the low and the high, Shall moulder to dust and together shall lie.
Σελίδα 23 - It hardly needs to be pointed out that this would seriously interfere with or even absolutely stop the experimental work of the Bureau of Animal Industry and the three medical departments of the government — the army, the navy and the marine hospital service.
Σελίδα 76 - Resolved, That the thanks of this association are due, and are hereby tendered, to the Fire Department of the city of Detroit, for the.
Σελίδα 23 - Columbia," which he has so strenuously and misguidedly advocated in the last two Congresses. It is Senate Bill No. 34. Twice the Committee on the District of Columbia has, also unfortunately and misguidedly, reported the bill with a favorable consideration. It is speciously drawn to seem as if it were intended only in the interest of prevention of cruelty to animals, but the real object is twofold : 1, to prohibit vivisection, and, 2, to aid the passage of similar bills in all the state legislatures.
Σελίδα 368 - It is in the power of man to cause all parasitic diseases to disappear from the world...
Σελίδα 512 - ... lemon juice. The urine is drawn every three hours and is measured. It is tested for albumen and iodin. I begin to administer liquid food after eighteen hours, beginning with a little hot chicken broth or squeezed juice of broiled steak. In three days I remove the vaginal packing and the uterine gauze. The vaginal packing is renewed but the uterine is not unless the septic symptoms persist. The cul-de-sac dressing is taken out in a week and is replaced by fresh gauze of 5 per cent, strength. These...
Σελίδα 532 - The mortality of convicts, even in the best regulated prisons where especial attention is paid to sanitary requirements of such buildings is three times as great as among workmen in mines, confessedly one of the most dangerous occupations." Confinement lowers the vital force and causes the system to yield more readily to disease. That disease which brings death to more convicts than all others combined is consumption. Rohe says it causes from 40 to 80 per cent. of these deaths. His estimate is for...

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