On Critical Pedagogy

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Giroux focuses on five crucial elements associated with critical pedagogy. First, he presents an overview of the term as it applies to schooling and to larger cultural spheres. Second, he analyzes the increasingly empirical orientation of teaching, focusing on the culture of positivism. Section Three examines some of the major economic, social, and political forces undermining the promise of democratic schooling in both public and higher education. Giroux then outlines increasing attempts by both right wing and liberal interests to reduce schooling to training and students merely to customers. Finally, the book focuses on the legacy of Paulo Freire and issues a fundamental challenge to educators, public intellectuals, and others who believe in the promise of a radical democracy."--Pub. desc.

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Critical Pedagogy in Dark Times
Schooling and the Culture of Positivism
Rethinking Cultural Politics and Radical Pedagogy
The Promise of Critical Pedagogy in the Age of Globalization
No Bailouts for Youth
Higher Education and the Politics and Pedagogy of Educated Hope
Neoliberalism and the Politics of Public Pedagogy
Rethinking Education as the Practice of Freedom
Does Critical Pedagogy Have a Future?
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Henry A. Giroux holds the Global Television Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University, Canada. His books include Against the Terror of Neoliberalism, The University in Chains, and Youth in a Suspect Society.

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