Terraforming: Engineering Planetary Environments

Society of Automotive Engineers, 1995 - 544 σελίδες
Although terraforming (the transformation of a hostile planetary surface and atmosphere into an aerobic environment suitable for humans) is a futuristic concept, it is no longer science fiction. In fact, a significant number of researchers are now taking the concept seriously enough to devote some of their time to exploring its possibilities. This book presents an up- to-date review of the entire field, while it is still possible to do so in a single volume. This book is the first technical-level book to review in detail the conscious modification of planetary environments, including the possibilities of stabilizing Earth's biosphere and of making other planets habitable. Contents include: glossary; introduction; contained, uncontained, and terraformed biospheres; some guidelines for the study of terraforming; planetary engineering on the earth; the ecopoiesis of Mars; the terraforming of Mars; the terraforming of Venus; terraforming: alternative methods, fringe concepts, and ultimate possibilities; photographs, drawings, and tables.

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