The diarian miscellany: consisting of all the useful and entertaining parts, extr. from the Ladies' diary, from 1704 to 1773. With additional solutions and improvements. By C. Hutton, Τόμος 5


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Σελίδα 305 - ENIGMA VII. the banks of fair Severn I once did abide, Well known to Miss Fanny and Miss Hetty Lloyd ; At the forest of merry Sherwood did appear, When Cockle, the Miller of Mansfield, came there ; At Exeter city I'm sure to be found, And there with the ladies I oft take a round. Go to Bath, or to Bristol, I'm sure to be there, To wait on the ladies, Don John, or Monsieur. To Wales, 'mong the Welshmen, a visit I make, Where I look lean and bare, and as poor as a rake. If you cross o'er from Wales...
Σελίδα 103 - I'll tell you my pedigree, tho' it will make You think me too hard and fevere : From the very fame tribe that I prifeners t*ke.
Σελίδα 165 - The moft celebrated author* now among us, have contributed to promote the reputation of the Ladies...
Σελίδα 306 - Traverse the most part of the country quite through. Into people's back yards and courts do I creep, And in every place where I come I do peep ; And if I find there what I found not before, I presently add what I found to their store : If you ask what this store is, I'll leave you to guess — Sometimes it is more, and sometimes it is less. Some show me respect in the highest degree, While others against me do rail bitterly ; But these I despise, for I very well know My master...
Σελίδα 18 - I'ma blade of mighty wrath, Whene'er provok'd I sally forth; Yet quarrels frequently decide, But n'er am known to change my side, Tho e'er so much our party vary, In all disputes my point I carry. Thousands by me are daily fed, As many laid among the dead. I travel into foreign parts; But not in coach convey

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