Memorials of the Late War ...: Memoirs of the war of the French in Spain, by M. de Rocca. Narrative of the battles of Quatre Bras, Ligny, and Waterloo. Death of Napoleon Bonaparte

Constable & Company, 1831

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Σελίδα 304 - The Prince of Orange immediately reinforced this brigade with another of the same division, under General Perponcher, and, in the morning early, regained part of the ground which had been lost, so as to have the command of the communication leading from Nivelles and Bruxelles with Marshal Bliicher's position.
Σελίδα 310 - Count Dornberg. I am also particularly indebted to General Lord Hill for his assistance and conduct upon this, as upon all former occasions. The artillery and engineer department were conducted much to my satisfaction, by Colonel Sir G.
Σελίδα 310 - Byng, set an example, which was followed by all ; and there is no officer, nor description of troops, that did not behave well.
Σελίδα 307 - ... cannonade upon our whole line, which was destined to support the repeated attacks of cavalry and infantry, occasionally mixed, but sometimes separate, which were made upon it. In one of these the enemy carried the farmhouse of La Haye Sainte, as the detachment of the light battalion of the German legion, which occupied it, had expended all its ammunition, and the enemy occupied the only communication there was with them.
Σελίδα 305 - Maitland and Byng, as they successively arrived. The troops of the 5th division, and those of the Brunswick corps, were long and severely engaged, and conducted themselves with the utmost gallantry. I must particularly mention the 28th, 42d, 78th, and 92d regiments, and the battalion of Hanoverians.
Σελίδα 305 - We maintained our position also, and completely defeated and repulsed all the enemy's attempts to get possession of it. The enemy repeatedly attacked us with a large body of cavalry and infantry, supported by a numerous and powerful artillery ; he made several charges with the cavalry upon our infantry, but all were repulsed in the steadiest manner.
Σελίδα 308 - I continued the pursuit till long after dark, and then discontinued it only on account of the fatigue of our troops, who had been engaged during twelve hours, and because I found myself on the same road with Marshal Blücher, who assured me of his intention to follow the enemy throughout the night...
Σελίδα 318 - About three ounces of reddish fluid were contained in the left cavity, and nearly eight ounces in the right. The lungs were quite sound. The pericardium was natural, and contained about an ounce of fluid. The heart was of the natural size, but thickly covered with fat. The auricles and ventricles exhibited nothing extraordinary, except that the muscular parts appeared rather paler than natural. Upon opening the abdomen the omcntum was found remarkably fat, and, on exposing the stomach, that viscus...
Σελίδα 311 - Billow upon the enemy's flank was a most decisive one; and, even if I had not found myself in a situation to make the attack which produced the final result, it would have forced the enemy to retire if his attacks should have failed, and would have...

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