The diarian miscellany: consisting of all the useful and entertaining parts, extr. from the Ladies' diary, from 1704 to 1773. With additional solutions and improvements. By C. Hutton, Τόμος 2


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Σελίδα 310 - 25 pounds, and x for the required height ; then, by the laws of motion, — will be the -velocity of the ball arrived at the plane of the horizon ; and (if Defaguliers's experiment, Philof.
Σελίδα 269 - Landen fent us a true method; but the calculus being fo pperofe, it was not wrought out. And no method appearing to us yet elegant enough for a place, it will be next year before we...
Σελίδα 259 - SP the perpendicular on the tangent at A. Let AR be the radius of curvature; from the point a in the curve infinitely near A, draw am, an parallel to AS, AR. Let C — velocity in the curve, c •=. velocity in the circle.
Σελίδα 375 - But thefe four, when ST exceeds a certain limit, are impoffible. - Belides the two cafes above, there are other particular ones; fach as, when all the three lines meet in a point, or when two of them are parallel, &c. But thefe, being much eafier than the above, need not, I prefume, be indited on.
Σελίδα 253 - Obferving л horfe tied to feed in a gentleman's Park, with one end of a rope to his fore foot, and the other end to one of the circular iron rails...
Σελίδα 161 - C, 8; — the line AB being 33 feet long; — it happens, on a certain day in the year, that the end of the shadow of the staff A passes through the points В and С ; and of the staff B, through A and С ; and of the staff C, through the point A. To find the sun's declination and the elevation of the pole, or day, and the place where this shall happen.
Σελίδα 16 - Then if the fum of thefe numbers be divided by 7980, the remainder will be the year of the Julian period required. Or, The cycle © 18 mult, by 4845 = 87110^ The fum of Golden numb.
Σελίδα 146 - He now continually bears directly upon him, in a right line ; when coming up with him, it appears that the Don had sailed 8 leagues during the chace, and that the said admiral was 7 leagues distant from him when the chace began...
Σελίδα 366 - Ihe'sfure to pay my fcott ; And yet for what no mortal e'er can tell, Unlefs her courage rife from living well: The which to tame, that I may live in quiet...
Σελίδα 383 - ... mean apparent semi-diameter and moon's mean horizontal parallax, and N and n any two numbers in the required ratio of the densities of the sun and earth respectively.

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