The New American Arithmetic, Μέρος 2


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Σελίδα 23 - To change dollars and cents to cents, or dollars, cents, and mills to mills, remove the decimal point and the sign, $. 5.
Σελίδα 61 - The least common multiple of two or more numbers is the least number that is exactly divisible by each of them.
Σελίδα 113 - Multiply as in whole numbers, and point off as many decimal places in the product as there are in both multiplicand and multiplier. DIVISION. Divide as in whole numbers, and point off...
Σελίδα 13 - Multiplication is the process of taking one number as many times as there are units in another.
Σελίδα 99 - RULE. Write the multiplier under the lowest denomination of the multiplicand ; multiply every number of the multiplicand by the multiplier, and bring the several products as they occur to ths next higher denomination ; write down the remainders, and carry the integers to the next product. EXAMPLES OP MONEY. 1. Multiply £191 17 8i £913 11 9;} by
Σελίδα 97 - If the number of any denomination in the subtrahend exceed that of the same denomination in the minuend, add to the number in the minuend as many units as make one of the next higher...
Σελίδα 34 - To reduce fractions to their lowest terms. A fraction is in its lowest terms when its numerator and denominator are prime to each other; that is, when both terms have no common divisor.
Σελίδα 76 - Rule. — Multiply the number of the highest denomination given by the number required of the next lower denomination to make one of that higher, and to the product add the number, if any, of the lower denomination. Proceed in like manner till the whole is reduced to the required denomination.
Σελίδα 22 - Reduction is the process of changing the denomination of a number without altering its value.
Σελίδα 107 - DECIMAL FRACTIONS. 175. A Decimal Fraction is a fraction whose denominator is 10, or the product of several 10's. Decimal fractions are commonly expressed by writing the numerator only, with a point (.), called the decimal point. before it, care...

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