The Young Algebraist's Companion: Or, A New & Easy Guide to Algebra; Introduced by the Doctrine of Vulgar Fractions: Designed for the Use of Schools ... Illustrated with Variety of Numerical & Literal Examples ...

G. Keith & J. Robinson, 1751 - 238 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 107 - Reduce compound fractions to simple ones, and mixt numbers to improper fractions ; then multiply the numerators together for a new numerator, and the denominators for. a new denominator.
Σελίδα 124 - If three quantities are in continued proportion, the product of the extremes is equal to the square of the mean.
Σελίδα 168 - B. $550 per annum. 3. There is a fish whose head is 9 inches long, and his tail is as long as his head and half his body, and his body is as long as his head and tail: what is the whole length of the fish? Ans. 6 feet.
Σελίδα 223 - If it be required to extract the square root of a vulgar fraction, reduce the fraction to its lowest terms, then extract the square root of the numerator for a new numerator, and of the denominator for a new denominator; or, reduce the vulgar fraction to a decimal, and extract its root.
Σελίδα ix - Tis in my pow'r, and I their deadly foe ; The proverb holds, that to be wife and love, Is hardly granted to the Gods above. See how the madmen bleed : behold the gains With which their...
Σελίδα 51 - It shows that the number before it is to be divided by the number after it. The expression 6 -H 2 = 3 is read, 6 divided by 2 is equal to 3.
Σελίδα 165 - A man was hired 50 days on these conditions. — that, for every day he worked, he should receive $ '75, and, for every day he was idle, he should forfeit $ '25 ; at the expiration of the time, he received $ 27'50 ; how many days did he work...
Σελίδα 130 - ... things equal to one and the fame thing are equal to one another...
Σελίδα xiii - No monftrous height, or breadth, or length appear ; The Whole at once is bold, and regular. Whoever thinks a faultlefs piece to fee, Thinks what ne'er was, nor is, nor e'er fhall be.
Σελίδα 33 - Sum over the common Denominator ; and if it be an improper Fraction, reduce it to a mixt Number (by Cafe 2.

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