A Compleat System of General Geography: Explaining the Nature and Properties of the Earth ...

Stephen Austen, 1734 - 898 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 785 - ... 3. There is a certain place of the earth, at which if two men should chance to meet, one would stand upright upon the soles of the other's feet, and neither of them would feel the other's weight, and yet they both should retain their natural posture.
Σελίδα 791 - NAPLES, f1tuated in a very low Valley ; and yet the Sun is nearer to the Inhabitants thereof, every Noon by three thoufand Miles and upwards, than -when he either rifeth or fetteth to thofe of the faid Village.
Σελίδα 794 - ... do always bear upon one and the fame point of the compafs. 4. There is a large and famous country on the continent of Africa, many of whofe inhabitants are born perfectly deaf, and others ftone-blind, and continue fo during their whole lives ; and fuch is the amazing faculty of thofe perfons, that the deaf are as capable to judge of founds, as thofe that hear, and the blind of colours, as thofe that fee. 5.
Σελίδα 797 - ... of the other three, that a man may travel on foot from it to any of the other three, in the...
Σελίδα 788 - Sim-Dial be duly erected, the Shadow will go back feveral Degrees upon the fame at a certain time of the Year, and that twice every Day for the Space of divers Weeks, yet no ways derogating from that miraculous returning of the Shadow upon the Dial of Abaz in the Days of King Hezekiab, Solution.
Σελίδα 636 - The days of the one are equal to the nights of the other ; hence the shortest day to the one is the longest day to the other.

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